This is my first story, let me know what you think.
My adventure takes place at my place of employment, which is a bank located inside of a grocery store. I’ve been here for a little over a year and I must say working inside of a grocery store is very interesting. You tend to meet a wide demographic range of people. Eccentric people, bitchy people, thieves, and so on but my favorite types of people are the so called “soccer moms” who come in and buy groceries. The great thing about the area that I work in is it’s very liberal. People aren’t shy about themselves and don’t hold back anything, and this includes the way they dress. This brings me to those mothers that I admire so much. They sometimes choose attire that doesn’t seem fitting of a mother. You wouldn’t even think that these women have children the way they parade themselves around, but I’m not one to complain.

Although, there is one woman in particular who frequents the grocery store every couple of days or so. She was a pretty red head who looked like she was in her late 20’s maybe early 30’s, she had green eyes, a milky white complexion, She stood at about 5’4, and she had a great body. Now when I say great body I mean she had a thick juicy ass that faintly bounced with every step she took if you paid close enough attention. Her breasts are roughly a C cup and those definitely bounced with every step she took. Apart from all that, what really caught my eye was the way she presented herself. She wasn’t the typical mother I was used to seeing around here, on the contrary, she presented herself less provocatively but still gave you a taste of her curves with her fitted dresses or slacks and blouses. Needless to say this particular woman gave me an erection anytime she came in the store to shop. This has been going on since the day I started working at the bank, it never failed, she truly had a hold over my cock and she didn’t even know it.

After a while I just couldn’t handle the constant unanswered erections anymore I had to approach her somehow. Planning the approach was the easy part. Being a banker forces me to try and talk people into opening accounts with us, so I figured I can use that to my advantage. The hard part of course was the execution of my plan. Every time I would see her I’d get nervous, which is something I’m not entirely used to considering my social nature. So then I’d put it off and make an excuse to not talk to her. My erections were starting to grow weary of my procrastination. But there was nothing I could do or say to myself to muster up the courage to get this over with. Then I just decided I needed some air so I took my break and stepped outside.

After about 5 minutes of collecting myself I noticed on the corner of my eye that she was walking out. She was pushing her cart which seemed too full for her to be pushing alone. Quite honestly it didn’t seem like she could even see over her stacked up cart of groceries. I don’t know what came over me but I just forced it out of me and asked, “Ma’am, do you need help pushing that thing?” She abruptly stopped, panting a bit. Today she was wearing a button down blouse that had the top two buttons un-done, along with khaki slacks. By the way of her panting her breasts heaved with every breath she took making it look like they were ready to undo the rest of her buttons. She looked at me and smiled and said “sure, if it’s not too much trouble this thing weighs a ton”. I happily obliged and walked it over to her SUV. From there she insisted that she had it handled and that she would put everything away but I wasn’t about to lose a chance to get some points in with this pretty thing. I began to load her groceries into her vehicle. I joked with her a bit saying, “wow, are you feeding an army with all these groceries?” She laughed and shook her head, “my husband and kids blow through everything in a matter of days so I’m in the store constantly” she said. “Well I work in the bank and I’m here pretty much every day so if you ever need help feel free to ask” I said. She smiled and thanked me. “My names Kathy by the way” she introduced herself. “Nice to meet you Kathy, I’m David” I replied. I finally knew her name and heard her sweet voice. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I really hope she didn’t notice my giddiness.

Since that day I would constantly see her and she would now look over at me and smile and wave. It was simple but just being acknowledged by her gave me a sense of accomplishment. Even though my real goal was to fuck her, I didn’t know if that was ever going to happen considering she has a husband and kids.

One day as I was taking a break outside again it was like déjà vu. She walked out again with an oversized cart and low and behold I was there to help her. She let me take the cart to her SUV with a sigh of relief as if a weight has been lifted from her. Again I loaded up her stuff and finished in a matter of minutes. She looked at me and said, “You are definitely a life saver, I can’t tell you what a workout it is for me to push this thing around the store”. “Like I said, anytime you need help you know who to call” I said to her. She then did something I wasn’t expecting. “I need to repay you for helping me out somehow, how about I take you out for coffee sometime?” I kind of just stood there and let her words marinate a bit in my mind. “If you don’t want to I totally understand I just wanted to show my gratitude” she said. “Helping you out wasn’t a big deal I was happy to do it you don’t need to take me out, besides wouldn’t your husband mind?” I said with a smile. “He’s actually in Chicago for work plus it’s just coffee, I insist it’ll be my pleasure” she persistently replied. “Ok, then let’s do it, I get off work around 4 pm every day so anytime after that works for me” I told her. She said “Great, how about we go out today then, I’ll just go home and unload this stuff and freshen up” I told her ok and that I can pick her up after I get off and she happily agreed. She gave me her number and then got in her SUV and took off. I looked at the paper with her number on it and I still couldn’t wrap my head around all this.

Four o’ clock couldn’t roll around fast enough. I was like a child waiting to go home and find a new toy on my bed. Only I was hoping I’d end up getting her in bed. But, that’s my wishful thinking acting up again. Four o’clock finally struck and I couldn’t have bolted out the door fast enough. I rushed to my car and turned the ignition and began moving. I dialed her number as I was driving out of the parking lot. After a few rings I heard the familiar voice saying, “Hello?” I said, “Hey Kathy it’s me David I’m leaving work right now”. She said, “Ok cool, my address is 4355 Sentential St I’m not too far from the grocery store so I’ll see you in a few!”. We both said our byes and hung up. Even though we were just going out for coffee I felt like this was a dream come true. I was about to have coffee with the same woman that gave me constant erections, who not to mention, was a mother as well as a wife. I needed to calm down before I reached her house, I was almost there and my dick made a tent in my slacks.

Finally I made it to her house, I recognized the same SUV she was driving in the drive way. My cock seemed to subside as well thankfully. I got out of my car and walked slowly up to the house. I knocked a couple of times and waited for the door to open. After a couple of seconds she opened the door and there she stood, and she wasn’t wearing her usual dressy casual wear. She was sporting grey tight yoga pants, flip flops, and a pink tank top that showed her cleavage. I almost became hypnotized but I quickly snapped out of it. She told me to come in so she can get ready, she said she’d been busy cleaning and picking up her kids from school and dropping them off at their grandma so she hadn’t gotten dressed yet. I stepped in her house. It was a nice little place it was very clean, smelled like roses, so I guess she was a very busy girl. “Have a seat on the couch while I get ready, do you mind if I shower real quick?” She asked. I said, “No go ahead I’m not going anywhere” with a chuckle. She smiled and went to the bathroom.
I heard the water begin to run. The thought of Kathy being naked mere feet away from me behind a closed door excited me. I was a man possessed. I waited a few minutes until I knew she’d be wet and fully in the shower before I had the brilliant idea to be a peeping tom. I made my way to the bathroom and to my surprise the door was slightly ajar and I could see steam coming out. I peeked through the crack in the door and I could see a faint outline of her body through the mirror behind the curtain. There was too much steam for me to see anything remotely interesting, then I decided to crack the door open a bit more. I was looking directly at her faint figure through her almost see through curtain. Even though it wasn’t real clear it was still a rush. I began to caress my thick cock through my pants and this was definitely the hardest I’ve ever been in my life by far. What I did next was truly unlike me by far.

I was so consumed by the idea of her lathering up her body, glistening with water, that I couldn’t handle it anymore. I began to undress. I started to unbutton my work shirt, then my tank top. I unstrapped my belt and shed off my pants, then my boxers. Lastly off came my shoes and socks. I was completely naked. My cock at full attention, I sported a thick 8 inch piece of meat that was about ready to find its way into Kathy’s sweet hole. I knew what I was doing was wrong, I knew she had a family, I knew I was taking advantage of the situation, but……I didn’t care. I slowly opened the door and I walked in tip toeing. I started to open the curtain from behind so she wouldn’t see me right away. I stood for a second to admire her body. Her head was tilted back under the spray of water washing off shampoo from her hair. Her body was better than I could ever imagine. Like porcelain, it was practically sparkling under the water, her nipples were thick and pink. Her ass looked extremely tight and good enough to spank.

That’s when I began step in the shower with my cock bouncing in front of me ready to tear this little vixen’s pussy apart. I slowly started to put my arms around her waist and I nestled my head on her shoulder. She was definitely startled and tried to turn around but I kept her in place. “What the fuck are you doing you pervert!?” she yelled. I began to softly speak in her ear, “look, I’ve never been one to pull some shit like this ever but this goes to show that my infatuation with you is beyond strong” I told her. She stood quiet. I poked her with my cock a bit. “Do you feel that?” I asked her. She shakily replied, “Yes, yes I do”. “I’ve been getting hard like this every time I saw your sexy ass walking past my bank” I confessed. “Whether you like it or not, I’m going fuck you, you can call the cops when I’m done but I made a vow to myself that I will have my chance with you”. I guess she was a bit taken back because I could see her mouth open in awe. She finally let out it out, “Please don’t do this it’s wrong, I’m married with kids please”. But to no avail she knew her pleas were useless.

I stopped talking and began to work my fingers through her body. I began caressing her belly with my right hand all while working my left hand up to her breasts. She let out a little sigh. I knew she was beginning to enjoy this. I then worked my right hand down to her slit, he warm, moist, soon to be ruined slit. I rubbed my middle finger between her pussy lips rubbing across her clit. Her head shot back a bit with her mouth gaping open, this time from pleasure. Then I began to rub her entrance so I could get a bit of my finger in there. I slowly wriggled my middle finger through her hole and slowly inside of her. For a woman who has kids she was a lot tighter than I anticipated. Nonetheless I dug deeper and deeper until I was buried knuckle deep. With my left hand I began to pull and tweak her thick nipples gently, then giving her a hard squeeze every so often just to see her reaction. She jumped and let out a quiet “oh”. In my mind I still couldn’t believe what I’ve done, or how I put myself in this position. I knew I was fucked after this but the only thing keeping me going is finally getting what I wanted from her.

After playing with her pussy and nipples for what seemed like forever I had to tear myself away. I turned her around so I could see her beautiful face. Her red hair was bunched up behind her, water dripping down her body and off her nipples. We just stared at each other, than finally she looked down at my cock. Her reaction was priceless, almost like a kid with a new toy. I put my hand under her chin and raised her head and said to her, “you like it?” She just looked at me with a blank expression. Then she blurted out, “I don’t think it’ll fit”. Right then I knew she was mine. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her with such passion, water still falling over our bodies. I took her hands and held them above her head and used my knees to part hers just so my cock can rub against her pussy. She moaned in my mouth as the tip of my head moved across her clitoris repeatedly.

I then broke our kiss so I could shut off the water. I wanted her in bed. “Where’s your bed room?” I asked. “Umm….that’s….where me and my husband sleep, I don’t know if I can do that” she said. I then grabbed her by her hair and tugged. “That’s too bad, now lead the way” I told her with dominance in my voice. She quickly got out of the shower and grabbed my hand to lead the way. We got to a stair case and she took me upstairs. We got to her door and she stopped, turned around and just looked at me. “I don’t know about this it feels wrong” she confessed. I then walked up to her, meshing my body up to hers, and kissed her with a long deep kiss forcing my tongue into her mouth. Then I grabbed her by her delicious round ass and lifted her up. She put her arms and legs around me, my cock nestled between the lips of her warm inviting cunt. I began to open the door to her and her husband’s room and walked over to the king sized bed. I stood over the foot of the bed for while grinding my cock between her legs, still keeping our kiss solid without missing a beat.

I began to lay her down onto the bed leaving her legs dangling off the end. I looked down at her, her body still wet with beads of water on her chest, her legs, and pink pussy. This is actually the first time I fully looked at her pussy. It was neatly trimmed with a line of red hair leading down to her entrance. Her lips were pink and puffy, my favorite. Her legs were milky white and smooth her feet were nice and had a pedicure with white nail polish. This truly was a thing of beauty, a work of art. I then moved to my knees between her legs, lifting them up and spreading them. I slowly moved my face towards her lips. “No, please don’t do that I don’t even let my husband do that it’s disgusting” she told me. I just looked at her and smiled, then I flicked her clit with my tongue and a shock was sent up her spine when I did that. A few more flicks had her ass off the bed. Something tells me this slut hasn’t been properly fucked before and I knew I’d have her hooked once I finished with her.

I was hungry and the only thing that could satisfy me was eating Kathy’s pussy. After teasing her cunt for about 20 minutes I decided enough is enough. I devoured her pussy my mouth assaulted her lips with force. I sucked on her clit and pulled it with my lips, I grinded it against my teeth gently. This sent her up the wall. “Ahhhh holy fuck!!!” she screamed in pleasure. She writhed and wiggled all over the place, my mouth was not leaving this pussy just yet. I had to force her down because she was bucking wildly, her legs tightened up around my head almost suffocating me. After half an hour of eating her out I felt her pussy begin to pulsate and her sweet nectar flowed into my mouth. She was delicious.

I unlatched my mouth from her now red swollen lips. Her body was still shaking a bit. I looked at her and said, “This is only the beginning Kathy, just wait until I’m buried balls deep inside of you” She just laid there panting waving her hand signaling that she couldn’t take another assault like that. I laughed and walked out of the room to get some water, I brought her a cup too and as soon as I gave it to her it was gone in two seconds.

I got on top of her and began to kiss her softly. I started at her tummy. “Please not now” she said, thinking I would go back down on her. I told her to relax. I kissed her tummy again, then I used my tongue to swirl it around her belly button. I slowly worked my way up to her chest kissing in between her breasts. Then one by one I would take each of her nipples in my mouth to suck on them, pulling them with my lips, biting them gently. All the while my cock was rubbing between her legs I purposely slid my shaft up and down her lips. I looked up at her and her eyes were closed tight and her teeth were gritting. I suddenly stopped, got off the bed, and looked at her. She finally opened her eyes and asked, “What?” I bent down and gave her a peck, and then I whispered in her ear “how am I going to get my cock to fit in you without some lubrication?” I hinted. She understood what I meant and got off the bed and down to her knees on the floor like a good little slut.

She gently took hold of my thick shaft and slowly moved her hand up and down. Her manicured hands were soft and felt amazing and so small wrapped around my cock. My complexion was a bit darker then hers so the way my cock looked against her creamy white hands was a beautiful site. Then I grabbed her by the back of the head to nudge her to take my hard meat in her mouth. She reluctantly did it, kissing it at first, and then taking just the head in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my large thick mushroom head. It felt amazing. “Look at me while you suck my cock baby” I demanded. Her green eyes looked right up at me. She had such a beautiful face, it looked even better with my cock in her mouth. She then began to get a little bolder and tried taking more in her mouth. She gagged at first when she got about five inches in. I told her to relax her throat, almost like swallowing food. After a few tries she began to get the hang of it and more and more of my cock began to disappear down her throat. She loved it, she loved my reaction, she loved the way my cock looked all wet and glistening from her mouth, she was breaking out of her shell slowly but surely.

Finally I pulled my hard dick from her warm mouth and grabbed her by her arms to stand her up. Then I gave her another deep long kiss. I grabbed her by the hips and pushed her towards the bed until she fell back and bounced on the mattress. I told her to move up and lay with her head on the pillow. I then climbed into bed and slowly began to kiss up her body once again. I got to her lips and I kissed her a couple of times before I got back on my haunches. I looked at my dark thick cock laid across her pussy, then I spit on her pussy to lube her up. The moment I’ve been waiting for. I was finally going to fuck Kathy and I was going to give her everything I got. I grabbed her legs and spread them, and then I used my hips to guide my cock to her entrance. Without using my hands I finally lined up the head of my cock with her warm wet hole. I pushed in slow, real slow. She was very tight I couldn’t believe it. I continued to apply more force behind my hips. Finally my cock broke through the barrier and my head was inside of her. “Damn Kathy, you almost didn’t let me in, how are you so tight?” I asked. She replied, “Well, my husband and I don’t have sex much anymore since he’s always gone and I’m always busy with errands and the kids”. Then I looked in her the eyes, with confidence I told her, “I’m going to change that for you”.

I began to push the rest of my cock into her inch by inch. Her lips stretching over my shaft while I still had a firm grasp on her legs spread wide. I had about five and a half inches in her before I felt her pussy resist me, her cervix. She winced and quickly shot her hand up and put it against my abdomen to stop me. I told her to relax; with a little work her pussy will be able to take all eight inches. I continued to push, she felt some discomfort, her face scrunched up and her hands were grasping the sheets. I let go of her legs and lay on top of her. I whispered in her ear softly, “almost in baby, just stay spread for me”. She did just that, her legs spread wider for me, her knees bent with her soft feet resting on my ass. Six inches gone….seven inches….then with one final thrust, I had my whole cock buried in her. I laid there for a second allowing her to get used to the deep intrusion. She had one hand grasping her bed sheets with the other hand grasping my back and scratching me with her nails. I put my hands under her shoulder blades and gripped her shoulders firmly. She looked at me in disbelief. “What….the….fuck, your fucking huge” she said still gripping the sheets and my back. “I wouldn’t say huge….just bigger than your husband” I said laughing.

I began to pull out, her lips would not let go of my hard dick. I pulled out maybe six inches before I re entered here again. She winced and gasped in pain and pleasure. I did it again, and then reburied my cock back in this time with a bit more force. After a few slow thrusts my cock was sliding in and out of her a little easier, her pussy juices began to flow heavier. She was in a daze, I could see her eyes closed shut; I could hear her breathing becoming more labored. My thrusts were getting deeper, and harder, and more punishing. It took quite a few strokes to loosen her up a bit before my cock was readily pounding her pussy into the mattress. Her body bounced under me and I began to really fuck her like a rag doll. “Shittttttttt fuckkkk meeeeee!!!” Naturally I obliged, my hips were like pistons going up and down with such ferocity and force I felt like her pussy would never be the same after this. “Ohhh my Goooddddd shit shit shit fuck me like a slutt with that big dick FUCK MEE!!!!!” she screamed.

She wants to be fucked harder, I’ll be happy to. I put her legs on my shoulders and pushed back so her ass was off the bed. I got in a push up position with my arms on each side of her head. “You asked for it bitch” I grunted. I pulled all the way out and rammed it back in, I’d take my cock to the head practically and just stuff her neglected cunt. All you could here were her screams, heavy breathing, and my hips crashing against her pussy with every devastating thrust. Up and down up and down. “AHHHHHH FUCKKKKK OH MY…..SHITTTTTTTTTTT!!!” she was in a trance of pleasure. “SLOW DOWNN I’M GONNAA UGHHH AHHHH” she bellowed again. Her nails dug into my arms as I pummeled her pussy like a man possessed. Her pleas were no use, I was going to ruin her cunt. Her pussy began to really tighten up around my cock, next was that familiar pulsing that she experienced when I was eating her out. This time, it was much stronger.

I slowed down a bit and took her legs off my shoulders getting in a basic missionary position. By now she wrapped her arms and legs tight around me as I made love to her. Her pussy felt extremely hot, like a furnace. Her pussy walls rubbing against my thick veiny shaft was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I started to get off from on top of her and I hopped off the bed. She was confused at first. But I grabbed her by the legs and dragged her to the end of the bed. Her legs rested on my arms with my hands firmly grasping her juicy ass and I guided my cock back into her. “Put your arms around my neck and hold tight” I told her. She did, and then I began to lift her of the bed. “God damn you fucking psycho” she told me. I winked at her and I began to thrust into her mid air. Once I started beating her pussy her arms seemed to tighten around my neck. Her moans increased, the sound of my balls hitting her pussy became louder, her legs dangled on the side of me. I was in complete dominance and I loved what I was doing to this slut. “Oh fuckkkk I’ve never been fucked like this oh my Godd” she yelled. After a few more thrusts I moved back over to the bed and set her down.

By now my cock was ready to spew cum. I wanted to cum in this bitch but I wanted to get one more position in before I finished her off. I pulled my dick out with a loud PLOP. Her juices ran down her pussy and some on my cock. My dick looked like it’s been soaked by a rain storm how wet it was. I then told her to bend over. She was worn out and was slow to turn around but finally I had her on her hands and knees. Her ass was perfect so I gave it a hard SLAP. I did it one more time, and then I bent behind her so I can lick her juices from her pussy before getting back inside her. I then got back on my knees behind her and lined up my cock for the finale. In one stroke I had this cock buried back deep in my slut Kathy. I didn’t waste any time pounding her pussy, at first grabbing her hips and slamming in and out. She had her head buried in the pillow but I could hear the muffled screams, “Oh fuckkkk meeeeee you big dicked mother fucker!!!!. Hearing her talk like this just about put me over the edge, I then grabbed her hair and tugged back with my right hand, I took my left hand and gave her one last SLAP on the ass before I lunged in and kept the whole eight inches of my meat all the way in her. “I’M GONNA CUMM ARGHHHHH” I wailed.

I erupted in her. I unloaded what felt like a year’s worth of cum in her tight, now stretched out pussy. Soon cum was seeping from her pussy while I was still all the way in her and dripping down on her sheets. Finally I felt well spent and I collapsed on top of her with my cock still firmly inside of her. We laid panting trying to catching our breathes. I turned over on my back next to her, my cock making another loud PLOP as I withdrew from her well fucked hole. It was silent apart from our heavy breathing for a few minutes. She turned her head and looked at me. “Wow” was all she could say. I laughed and asked if she was going to call the cops on me. She stared at me, and then down at my now flaccid cock still glistening with cum. “You’re a piece of shit and I should call the cops” she said to my shock. “But….I would just be depriving myself of a good fucking, especially now since my pussy won’t even feel my husband’s cock again thanks to you” she began laughing.

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