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What a show
To start my story my name is Gus I live on a 500 ac. ranch in the middle of Texas with my girlfriend Kay . We are both in our 40s and are at peace with our life , we stay healthy working out in our home gym . We keep up the ranch and raise and sell Horses and cattle to keep the wolfs away from the door so to speak . We are self sufficient we have wind mill to keep water in the tanks and we have solar power to keep the power on so we have very few guest coming and going . We have a gate at the road where our driveway turns off the hard top and travels up our 1 mile sandy, grassy drive . Our closest neighbor is 8 or 10 miles away ,and not a lot of friends in the area . We moved here about 10 years ago and found paradise in middle Texas.. We love to be nude we spend our day doing our chores in as little clothing as possible . Last week we were weeding the little flower garden behind the house , I had my tiller and was digging around in the crab grass , Kay was on her hands and knees pulling weeds and singing a song to her self . My tiller shut down and I said shit I'm out of gas , and headed to the garage for the gas can . Finding the can it was empty and asked , Kay if she new where some more was her reply was no . Well I'll go to the store to get some ,you want to go , no she replied just hurry back and lets get this done before dark . She wiggled her shapely tan ass I may want to go jump in the pool and cool off so hurry back .
I went inside and slid on a pair of shorts and shirt and headed for my truck , jumped in an started for the highway about half way down the drive I remembered my wallet laying on the dresser so turning around and headed back to the house . As I pulled up at the house I saw Old Tex my hound he was at the barn door chasing a cat across the yard his dick hanging down about 6" . That old cat must be in heat and he's smelling her , she got her ass up a tree and looking back at her narrow escape , as to say you ain't sticking that thing in me old boy . I went into the house and passed the window , Kay was still on her hands and knees weeding her pretty tan ass pointing back at me , I'm a lucky man I thought to my self . I grabbed my wallet and started back looking out the window I saw Old Tex ambling toward Kay , he walked right up to her upturned ass and berried his nose in her ass , she shooed him away when she jumped . I snickered and grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler , as I turned back looking out the window old Tex was licking Kay pussy from clit to ass hole , her cowboy hat had fallen off and was laying on the ground . Tex was chasing that golden nectar that she had stored in side her pussy . I reached over and grabbed the camcorder and hit record , I was glad I had charged the battery last night .

Tex was loving that sweet juice cumming from that wonderful sweet pussy , I know how he fills she will cum a gallon and will wet every thing around with her juices . He was going to it with his tongue digging out the nectar and she was rubbing her clit , cum was spraying out onto Old Tex and wetting his head and ears . My dick was growing at the show they were putting on and I was glad I was filming this . Almost in slow motion Tex took a swipe from her clit across her pussy lips over her ass hole up her back all the way to her neck walking froward his cock was out its almost 12" long including the knot . That monster slid right into her pussy first try and hit home ( did not pass go and collect $200 ) . This started a perpetual motion of frenzied jackhammering that only dogs and rabbits can do, his hips and tail was a blur as he slammed into her pussy . Her head had found her hat again but it was on the ground as Tex was driving her into the fresh tilled soil .You could see the wet cum on her legs as I zoomed in the camera , Tex was fixing to get his knot in and make her his bitch . As it popped in you could tell that he was cumming and his hips slowed and his tail was like a pump handle up and down , firing rope after rope of cum in side her gut .

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lucky our miniature stud horse and his harem at the corner of the garden , they have free range of the place with the place fenced we let them keep the grass picked down around the house and barn ,all of the mares were standing there some picking grass , mostly just looking at the mating going on between this human that loved and petted them giving them treats , and that dam old dog . Now Lucky must have been looking at the show a little different , because his 14" cock was out and hanging real close to the ground . I looked back at Kay and Tex they were ass to ass he had made his turn and looked to be about done with his bitch . His tail had stopped pumping and it was laying across Kay's back , her head was still in the cowboy hat on the ground ,cum was running down her legs puddling on the ground . I guess ole Tex's knot had shrunk enough to pop out , and a gallon of cum came running out of Kay pussy, her head still on the ground . Old Tex walked over to the shade of a tree, layed down and started cleaning his self not a care in the world .

When I looked back camcorder still on record , Lucky was standing at Kay's pussy with his nose up close and personal . He made a face that horses make when they wind something they want to fuck . He just walked up to her ass and buried his 14" cock in her pussy , him being short legged his cock lined up perfectly with her pussy . She let out a scream and grabbed both hands full of earth , trying to keep her balance , Lucky was driving his monster cock to the hilt in her pussy his little legs bucking and shoving that cock in and out . Kay was scooting across the garden a little every time he slammed home . What a site this show was turning out to be , my cock was so hard , looking down it was in my hand my shorts were on the floor and cum was dripping down my legs . I had cum and could not remember even dropping my shorts .

Lucky had shot a load of cum inside of Kay's pussy mixing with Old Tex's puppy making juice , his flared 14"er was hanging down between his legs cum dripping on the ground , I could almost see inside of Kay's pussy where that monster cock had been , so I zoomed in to catch her as her pussy leaked cum onto the ground . Lucky just walked off went over to one of his mares sniffed her pussy and made a face , nipping her on the ass as they trotted across the yard . My legs were shaking and I'm sure Kay's were , I shut off the camcorder an got the tape out , slid it in my pocket, replacing a new one in the camcorder .I pulled up my shorts and wiped off my legs , Kay was still on her hands and knees in the garden her head in her hat on the ground , I thought, what should I do ? As I started the truck here came old Tex and jumped in the back , his tongue hanging out ears flapping in the wind ,going with his master to do whatever .Me my cock still hard I was in deep thought about how I was going to catch her next mating and get it on film.
to be continued .

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2015-08-23 21:23:48
I loved to watch my ex girlfriend sucking horse cock she loved restrict only reminds me of her she just suck my dick while she was fucking her horses named tiger

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2014-07-07 00:54:14
Watching for the Next Chapter! Hot I also want to read what you & your wife did when you got home from buying gas. I bet that could be a hot story, possibly a Threesome you, her & the pony?

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2014-07-07 00:53:37
Watching for the Next Chapter! Hot I also want to read what you & your wife did when you got home from buying gas. I bet that could be a hot story, possibly a Threesome you, her & the pony?

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2013-08-28 20:23:31
Hey you innocent-john you not so innocent by reading this kind of stuff and then telling people how they are if you don't like it read something else......

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2012-08-08 03:56:12
Who in the right mind would think of hurting an innocent animal like that? I hope you know how sick in the head you are. You need professional help, soon.

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