Second chapter of my new series
Driving down to oxford i couldt stop thinking about that amazing blowjob i was given as a leaving present off of Molly, my friends kid sister. I have always thought she was gorgouse but neger acted upon it as i thought it would ruin our relalationship as friends and mine and andys as best buds. But now she has started something that i have dreamt about for ao long i cant believe it happened, i was just stood in the guest bedroom cracking one off when she walked in and swallowed my dick and to top it all off she told me that she wanted to do it for almost a year!

Anyway we were about an hour from oxford and i needed petrol so pulled over at the nearest service station exactly the same time as what looks to be 2 more students.
"james, look what just pulled up!"
"i know dibs on the brunette!"
"fine by ke bud."
The brunette was stunning about 5'6 a nice height for a girl she looked to be about 110 pounds again just right and a nice pair on her aswell ant least high C's. Oh and god were her lips just to die for so red and juicy just the sort u just want to kiss with or without permision. We started walking towards the servce station for something to eat as i had forgotten to eat when at Andys and fancied a macdonalds breakfast hmmm bacon wrap. 

Walking Andy tells me to play it cool around the girls not more than 5 seconds later he falls on his arse over the kirb, causing me to break down in laughter aswell as the girls we all sit on the floor laughing at im.
"hi im sarah" the blonde says with her hand extended.
"hey, im james and the fish out of water there is Andy." 
The brunette yet to stopp gigling taps the blonde on the shoulder signaling for her to tell me her name.
"oh and this is imogeon."

Hmm thats a nice name im glad i got dibs on her i stand up to help Andy up itroducing him to the girls we all head in for a bite to eat so andy and sarah go fimd us some seats while me and imogeon go and order the food. As were queing up in line we start a friendly convorsation i find out she is going to oxford for her first year there, same as me what a coincidence. Starting to chat more she tells me how se and her boyfriend just broke up because she caught him in bed with a prostitute his reason was she let him do anal. I tell her how my last relationship ended and i cant help but notice a grin spread across her face as i tell her im single.

We order our food and try and find the other two, she spots them before i do and points them out we go andsit down and see them staring into eachothers eyes they dont even notice were back! 
"having a staring contest guys!" i say as politley as i can :)
"oh shit, sorry didnt know you were back."
We spread the food and start to eat sharing general conversation about stuff like what course were studying and family just plain simple stuff. Sarah takes all the rubbish to the bin before we all go to the toilet. Outside the toilets we ask eachother to wait for one another they agree and that they might want to swap cars. Just pullong my fly down a let loose of my stream and start a friendly conversation about the girls.
"hmm james i think i might ride woth sarah you got a problem riding with imogeon."
"nah no problem atall mate i was gonna asj the exact same thing."
And with that we finished up and washed our hands to walk out to find thay they finished before us 
"WTF!" i thought as i saw them waiting.

"imogeon do you want to come with me because Andy wants to go with Sarah." i give woth a wink.
"sure james we can carry on our conversation from before."
We walked towards the cars before splitting off into one anothers cars. Starting up the car i told Sarah to follow me to oxford getting her thumbs up we left, imogeon put on a radio station that i cant seem to remember but played current music unlike somenof the shit kn the air now'a'days.

"so james do you like me?"
Wow that was something i sure as hell didnt expect wtf was i supposed to say ye of course your a fuking godess no i had to play it cool.
"erm yes i think your very goodlooking."
"then why didnt you kiss me earlier."
"because im a shy person and didnt think you liked me."
"did Andy tell you that him and sarah kissed while we were getting food."
"that lucky bastard!" i thought to myself.

"so...." she said not knowing what she meant i gave her a puzzled look.
"oh for fuck sake!" she mumbled before pulling my head in for possibly the most passionate kiss of my entire life. 
"what was that for." i uttered from my mouth.
She just gave me a wicked smile before pulling out her phone most likely to text sarah.

The rest of the ride to oxford was u eventful exept the odd text off of Andy or a cheaky grin off the beuty sat next to me. No more converation what so ever exept when she took my number but didnt give me hers. We pulled up outside the university staring in awe at the main building just so graceful. We enterd the main doors to be greeted by an elderly woman wearing tweed clothing and cicular glasses and no make up the looms of a librarian.
"students if you would like to follow me you need the keys to your room you will all have a roomate."
Hmmm a roomate i was hoping i got a girl.

Imogeon and sarah were ahead of us as some ugly twat thought they were cute so let them cut in. They were given there keys off to there room, me and andy were up. 
"mister James Daniels you have room 213 B your roomate allready has her key." 
Did she just say HER!

Slowly walking to my room with andy behind atleast we were next door to eachother he got 213 A. Finally we reached our rooms opening my door to a girl i had gotten to know over the last hour prancing around in her u derwear oh shit im suprised she didnt see my knob when she turned.
"JAMES were roomys!" she screamed running to me jumping open armed
Kissing me as she wraps her arms and legs tightly aroind me.
Whispering in my ear...
"James, were going to make love tonight and your going to like it."
OMG if she couldnt feel my dick before she sure as shit can now.
I put her down and put on a seriouse face.
"well, lets just get one thing straight. We need to put these beds together." 
"oh goody!" 
Moving the beds together i turned around to see imogeon stood before me in all her naked glory.
"are you going to get naked or are we not doing this."
i was out of my clothes on a new world record easily.

I pushed her on the bed and lined up my dick to her pussy and started to push.
"oh you seem really big james i dont know if you will fit."
"well i could take ot out and go down on you."
"are you FUCK going to take it out of me."
I started to get into a rythm as i actually did fit in.

By the look of her face she looks like shes enjoying it. 
"oh james you fill me up so much i hope you never take it out."
"oh james im gonna cum!"
"OHOH JAMES" she moaned into the pillow she came right there whike i was pounding away at her me getting much closer. She finally finishes but clenches her pussy one more time just semding me over the edge. And me ejaculating in her set her off on another massive orgasm. 

Finally were both finished and she gives me a kiss another one of her extremely passionate kisses saying.
"oh James were going to have so much fun."

Oh shit i left the door open we both turn to see sarah stood in the doorway all flushed and exited somewhat.

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