My 3rd story in the series
Sarah opened eyes to see me and imogeon looking back at her with a look in her eye that only someone who wanted something could have we didn't know what she waned just yet but we were soon going to find out.
"what do we have hear?" 
"what the fuck does it look like sarah!!" I screamed at her.
"well it looks like some pretty good blackmail material." she spoke with an evil grin from cheek to cheek.

We were getting dresses now with the door closed and locked just so anything like that didn't happen again we were in an awkward silence that was only broken by imogeon's phone buzzing.
"Who text you?" I asked with a strong sound of curiosity in my voice.
"that she wants a threesome and that she took pictures and she is going to post them on facebook if we dont!"
I could tell that she was upset the dissapointment was written from one side of her face to the other.
"oh...." I struggled to come up with more words to finish my sentence.

"Imogeon would you like to go down stairs so we can get our class sheets for tomorrow so we know were to go beforehand."
She gave a shy nod before getting upto leave but not before reaching her hand out for me to take it. We walked through the school hand in hand even passed Sarah I said hey to Andy as we passed him but not alot more. We couldn't of been much further now we could see students everywhere with there lesson sheets In there hands. Finally we could see the line for our sheets but also we could see that It was huge and would take atleast 40 minutes to get through so we just left the building to go for dinner.

"What do you want to eat?"
"do you mind if we get a takeaway and just go to bed." she asked with a sad tone to her voice.
I just nodded as my silent agreement I too needed to relax after the day I had. We started to slowly head back to our room still holding hands I had rung the take-away on my phone they said that they would deliver before 20:00 it was now 19:45 hmmm not a large window of time. Outside of our door was our takeaway and a note that read...

-dear James and imogeon-

I know I said I want a threesome I actually don't I want Andy I want him so bad I would love for him to be mine If James can convince him to have sex with me then I will be very happyand won't have to use the pictures I took!!

-Sarah xx-

"imogeon go inside and wait I will be with u soon I need to go talk to Andy."
I opened andys door open without thinking of the consequences and saw him there pants around his ankles masturbating. I told Andy everything and of course he agreed he told me he liked her aswell. I walked back on our room to meet imogoen on the bed eating rice watching tv. I told her about Andy, she sounded ecstatic I saw a sparkle in her eye from earlier that day when she told him that they were going to make love.

He lay down next to his new girlfriend he put his head on hers and drifted off before she did. James woke up with something wrapped tightly around his dick. He lifted up the covers to see imogeons beautiful eyes staring back at him. She lifted her lips from around his dick to give him a kiss good morning he realised that while she is giving him pleasure why not just go into a 69 position.

He picked her up spun her around and sat her pussy on his face he could sleep her and he liked the smell of her she smelled tasty and couldn't help know what she tasted like so he gave her a quick lick, hmm she tastes good sorta like sweet and sour sweets hmmm really tasty. He could fell he throat contracting around his seven inch dick causing him more and more easier. So to pay her back he sucked her clit in between his teeth and started to role it about between them it sent pleasure throughout her body. He did this o cd more causing her to cum but that didn't stop him going fo it he went for It as if he was a dog and there was a puddle on the floor.

Her cuming caused her to moan Into his cock making him follow suit in cuming, after both of there orgasms subsided James picked her up and walked into the shower with her and put her on a feet started to run the water and began scrubbing her clean of her sweat from that experience on there bed. When he finished she did the same to him. When they both thought they were clean they got out got dressed and headed out of the door to maths witch they had together although they were going to be late they were still going to try and get seats next to eachother.

They got into there maths room sat down next to her like they planned to, imogoen thought it would be funny to run her hand along his penis just before the teacher called him up to the front were everyone could see his tent. He stood up and heard the female teacher gasp Knowing he had an erection he faced away from the class so no one else could see it exept for the teacher he answered the question right then started walking back to his place to tell imogeon how cruel that was. He aat down and startled taking but all she did was laugh and laughed at him. He there and then that it was going to be a long year!

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2011-10-30 03:18:36
Wtf was this? Gibberish? If your dislexic I'd or mentally challenged I'd understand. If not, never write again.

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Too short and disconnected

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great story. spell-check more often though

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