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When Aria and Emyd start to fall for eachother...
"Admit it," Aria laughed as she slammed her cards down on the table. "I've won again, haven't I?" Emyd's mouth twisted. Damn, he thought I was so sure i would have her this time!!
"Yeah.." Emyd sighed as he threw the cards on the table.
"Oh my gosh, you suck at this game!" Aria jokingly teased.
"Yeah, well im tired.." Emyd said as he got up and pushed his chair in.
"Excuses, excuses" Aria shook her head playfully. As Emyd went to grab a soda from the fridge, Aria packed up the cards.
"You need a tutor or something Em seriously.." Aria chuckled.
"Don't call me 'Em', thats short for Emily" Emyd complained.
"Ok, Ok..... Em" Aria laughed.
"Ok thats it your gunna get it girl!" Emyd said as he grabbed her, threw her on the couch, and started tickling her.
"Hey, whaa... NOT FAIR!" Aria got in-between high pitched giggles.
"I wanna apologie" Emyd said without stopping.
"Okkk.. ookk im sooorrreeee!!" Aria shrieked.
"Fooorr??" Emyd pushed.
"For calling you Em!!" She finally said. And at that Emyd stood up, laughing to himself.
"Your evil" Aria muttered.
"Maybe so, but your just as bad" Emyd walked into the kitchen.
"What you doing tonight?" Aria asked form the living room.
"Nothing, i think ill just stay here" Emyd called back. Aria smiled to herself.
"Heyy Aria are these your baby pic's on the fridge?" Emyd laughed.
"Aww your so cute" He said in a hig pitched voice.
"Nooooooooooooo!!!" Aria cried as she ran into the kitchen to try to reclaim some of her dignity.

"Ok honey so don't stay up too late, don't watch any scary movies, don't eat too much junk food.." Aria stood in the driveway, next to her car which contained her dad, mum and enough clothing for an African tribe..
"Yes mum i know, im 18 ok?" Aria stated. "Now go, or you'll miss your plane.
"Ok I love you!!!!" Her mother yelled as the car backed out, honked and drove away.
"I thought they would NEVER leave" Aria said as she walked back into her house, and into the living room to finish off a packet of potato chips.
"Hey gimme some" Emyd laughed as he snatched the packet form her, and reached his arm as far up as he could reach, which was about a head taller than Aria could reach. She tried jumping, buuut noo.
"Come on give them back, how old are you supposed to be? hmm? 19 so give them back" Aria whined.
"Cmon, im just having a bit of fun" Emyd make an innocent face. Aria just looked at him, with her hands on her hips.
"Fine you can have them" Aria said with a wave of her hand, and went to see what else there was to eat.
"Neh, i don't like original, i like bbq" He said. Aria smiled secretivly.
"There were bbq, but i licked all the flavouring off them..." Aria called out.

"That wasn't funny!" Emyd said brushing his teeth.
"Well, at least i told you, cause I was gunna let you eat it" Aria joked. At this Emyd brushed his teeth faster.
Later when he had finished, they were both sitting on the sofa watching a movie. But then it started to get a bit awkward as a sex scene came on. Aria turned her head.
"Emyd?" Aria asked in a small voice.
"Yerr?" Emyd turned to her.
"Emy, umm are you a virgin?" Aria couldn't believe she had just said that.. she origionally didn't have anything to say to him, but she didn't want there to be that awkward tension in the room.
"Ummmm" Emyd said as he ran his fingers through his jet black hair.
"......yes" He replied.
"oh" Aria thought he wasn't a virgin.
"What about you?" He asked curiously.
"Yes, im a virgin" She replied, suddenly embarrased.
"Huh, would've thought that mongrel, Sam had tried something by now.." Emyd said dryly.
"Emyd!" She yelled, and hit his arm.
"Well, he sleeps with any girl he can get his hands on?" Emyd rose up in his defence.
" Yes, well i found THAT out just yesterday, he was sleeping with that Sandy chick" Aria choked.
"Oh, im so sorry Ari" Emyd said, his eyes turning soft. He hugged her.
"Anyways, im going for a shower" She quickly stood up, out of his grip and ran up-stairs. When she got to the shower, she undressed and got under the steaming water. After about 5 mins, when she was soaping herself up, she accidently got a bit on the tiles, the soap and the running water quickly mixed, and Aria slipped, and fell, and knocked herself unconcious.

When Aria awoke, she lay in her bed, wrapped up in her sheets, naked.. She sat up and clutched the sheets to her chest when she saw Emyd was in the doorway, he looked away untill she was covered.
"What happened?" Aria asked in confusion.
"You slipped and fell, i was wondering whhy you were taking so long" Emyd chuckled grimyly.
"Im naked.."
"i know.."
"You didn't look?
"Promise, i didn't do it purposfully" He said. Aria secretly wished he had. he walked over to her and sat on her bed, Aria pulled up her feet so he could sit on the bed.
"Are you ok?" he questioned as he inspected her head.
"Im fine" Aria insisted as she moved her head away from his hand.
"I was.. I was worried" Emyd said concerningly.
"You were?" Aria asked.
" No"
"Of course i was silly" Emyd chuckled. He tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear, and sighed.
"It kind of sucks that your in University" Aria stated.
"Yeah, and the only class we had in high school was Geography" Emyd laughed.
"Yeahh.." Aria said.
"Remember that time how you put a thumbtack on the teachers chair?" Emyd asked.
"VERY original" Emyd teased.
"He didn't fall for it though.." Aria sighed.
"You know what?" Emyd asked, leaning fowards.
"What?" Aria said, looking up.
"I always looked foward to Geography..." Emyd said as he leaned in and brushed his lips with hers, sending sparks through Aria's whole body, as he kissed her with more passion, Aria kissed back hungrily, as the door of Arias room opened, casting light all around the room.
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2013-11-15 21:09:15
This is good plz continue to part 2

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2011-12-31 13:40:30
these r kinda stupid names


2011-10-31 07:20:59
haha what if i don't like jb? heres part2 anyways :P

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2011-10-31 01:04:07
hmmm where in that story was cum swallowing???at least be honest with headlines if you want people to read it.. good headline for this is no ending, no sex,and stupid names
i give negative for the tease effect and the lies on headers

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2011-10-30 23:27:41
Give us part two and we'll give u Justin bieber. (nobody tell him it's a trick, ok?)

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