A group of teenage girls get into a cab...
I'm in town with my best mate Sarah and Amy. We've been out every Friday since I can remember and we're best mates. Sarah always pulls guys in clubs she’s 16 but looks much older and the guys she picks are old enough to be her dad. She's got shoulder length red hair and she wears it in a bun and looks very sophisticated she’s also got big breasts and likes to where tight clothing so we just follow behind her into clubs. My other friend Amy is a totally different story she has no bust to speak of and looks about 10 with her long blonde hair. She’s 13 today and she decided to where the outfit I got her. It's a black pleated mini skirt like the cheerleaders wear and a top to mach. I'm here in my usual clothes just a mid length skirt and a rap-round top I’m 15 in a few weeks and have shoulder length back hair in a bob. We’re going to dance all night and then some my parents don't mind me coming out cause threes no school tomorrow but they have no idea I’m in town with my mates and Sarah well she tends to just leave the house when she likes. I'm not sure about Amy I’ll have to ask here on of these days she's just here and that’s all that matters.

We are the best-looking threesome in the place just as we like it all the attention, all eyes are on us. It makes me feel so sexy. I go to the bar to get the drinks
"Two vodka and orange and a coke ", Amy always drinks coke
The bar man leans in closer to hear me better and I shout again, he makes the drinks,
Wait a minute did he just put vodka in all three??
"One of them is just coke right?"
"Doesn’t matter" I took the drinks over to the girls.
"Where’s Sarah?" Amy just points over to this guy, she’s got her tongue down his throat
"Oh well more for me I pour her drink into mine" and carry on dancing.
The next two rounds are the as I got the same barman and couldn’t be bothered trying to him to change it as he was only charging me half price for them.
Amy can't go to the bar cause she never gets served. And Sarah’s is leaving with that guy.
We follow her outside to make sure she’s going willingly she always is but is always best to check. Damn were outside now and it cold. My nipples are showing through my top. I turn to Amy
"I should of worn a bra” we both start to giggle as we walk, I look at my watch
"We better get a cab because the last bus has gone."
"Are you coming back to mine?"
"Now I’m too tired. Have you had a good birthday?"
"Yeah it was the best" We get to the taxi rank and have to wait an hour before the taxi comes.
"Where you going?" The taxi driver says. I turn to Amy
"We’ll go to yours first"
"No you’ve got to get home or your parents will kill you"
"I need to make sure you get home safe" we always have this argument normally resulting in me dropping here off and getting out last.
"Its my birthday and I say..." damn I didn’t see that coming
"Were going to Town Street first,” Amy shouts to the driver
"Its way cheaper if we do it this way, you know it makes sense" yeah it makes sense all right but she lives all the way out in the countryside and it dangerous out there.
"Hear we are" I get out the car and wave goodbye to Amy
The taxi goes out towards Amy’s it’s about a 30min journey.

"Wake up" I shake the girl in the back of the taxi
"Wake up" she’s not waking. I sit and look at her she looks so cute in here little cheerleader outfit.
I can’t believe she’s been out so late
I lean in towards her to shake her
"You’ve only given me directions this far where next" I shake her again and she start to come around as I’m getting out of the backseat I take a good look at her she looks so tiny and cute.
As I get out the car I must have knocked her skirt because I can now see her knickers, a pair of plain white cotton panties. She looks so innocent. I look up and she’s asleep again. I look around nobody about I get back in the cab and drive around a bit no sing of anybody. I get back into the back seat and shake her again she wakes and stretches and she does her top is pulled tight, tighter than already was. Her small breast push against the fabric and her sports bra pushes up a bit out he top of her little top. She flops forward and I catch her small breasts push against my arm as I push her back against the seat. As she flops back down wicked thought come into my head. Her tight mouth, her beautiful white panties her small breasts I never even notice as she started to come around.
"Where am I?”
"Your in a taxi love"
"Oh" she still seems out of it
"You haven’t told me any more directions, where are you going?" she still doesn’t answer and there thought are back in my head as she try’s to stretch again
I put my hand on her breast I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. As I do blood ruches to my groin the thoughts are back about this little helpless girl in the back of my taxi doing wicked things.
I struck here breast up and down round and round. I lean in and start sucking on her nipple.
"Mmm" she obviously liking it
I carry on and start rubbing her other breast.
I reach behind her and pull her top over her head its pretty easy as she gives no resistance.
I go back to sucking and rubbing the opposite breasts.
I remove he training bra and she wake up as I swap nipples again
"What are you doing? where am I?"
"Stop" I carry on she putting up no resistance as I push my hand up her skirt
"Stop it"
I push her all the way on to her back I climb on top of her I’m so hard I think I’m going to explode all over the place.
"Stop it please stop, what are you doing get off me" she’s starting to get panicky now as I bit her left nipple and ease her panties of
"Now that’s not very nice,” I say as I pull her panties down to her knees
"STOP DONT DO THAT IVE NEVER... DONT NOBODYS EVER.. I want to save myself please don’t ill do anything else just don’t"
I drag her out of the taxi into a nearly field and push her to the floor. Tell her to take off her panties and get on her knees she complies.
"Now open my fly" she reaches for it. I slap her hand
"With your teeth" her face falls into even more horror. I step closer.
"Right, put your and hands behind you back" she complies and leans forward grabs by zip and undoes my fly. Good girls I undo my top button and pull my boxers and trousers to the floor she is in shock shed probably never seen a cock before or if she had not as big and hard as mine
"Aahhhh" she complains as I push her onto it. I grab the back of her hair and push her backwards and forwards on my cock pushing more and more in at a time she starts to gag but I don’t care. She coughs every time I take it all the way out only to have it shoved back in before she’s finished. In and out in and out of that tiny little fast her tight little lips her young almost none existent breast bouncing with the movement. In and out further in and then all the way out and then a bit further in, pushing further into her mouth with each thrust. I’m going to come soon so my speed increases and my victims fear increases as I tell her of the situation.
"Aaarrrggaarraaa" I have no idea what she’s saying but I don’t really care she so small with my big cock shoved to the back of her throat her nose in my pubic hair and my balls slapping her chin I explode down her throat. I pull out for the next blast and put it on her cheeks then on her forehead and in her hair I tell her to lick what she can reach with her tongue.
"Now lip the rest up with your hand and lick it from your finger, pretend there little cocks"
"Good like that" I say as she licks her fingers like a cock hungry slut. She stands up to go retrieve her clothes.
"Where do you think your going?"
"Wha..." she turns around with a startled expression on here face
"Where not done playing?"
"No but I thought..."
"You thought wrong" she runs to her cloths picks up as many as she can and starts to run away I chase her and catch her.
"What’s your name honey?"
"Well from now on its 'slut', ok"
"Yes" I hold her as I reach under her skirt I have a little feel and I then have to take a look to see if its true. It is her pussy is bold. Not shave I can tell I’ve seen freshly shaved pussy's even blonde one and its defiantly bold. Have dragged her back the cab throw her in the back and put her cloths in the boot except her top. I give her that I don’t want to be driving through my neighbourhood with half naked girl in my back seat what would my neighbours think. I turn the cab around and head home.
"Where are we going?"
"You’ll see"

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