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Helping out like a good neighbour should...
Chapter 2

It was pretty late the next morning when I woke up, images from the day before still fresh in my mind. I rolled over and looked at the clock. 11:13. Well, that’s to be expected when you stay up ‘til the wee hours of the morning, watching the video you made while spying on your neighbours’ kid. Ah, little Jaime Taylor, the 13-year old girl next door. I had stayed up until about 4:30, watching and re-watching the video I had made of her the night before, dressed scantily in her bra and panties, then topless and masturbating on her bed! I couldn’t get enough of the sight of her young, nubile body, her perky little breasts with their large, erect nipples. Jesus, here I was, only awake for about 2 minutes, and already my cock was at attention, just waiting for another touch of her little body.
I got myself out of bed and pulled some boxers on, then headed over to my office, the room with the window overlooking Jaime’s bedroom. I went to the window, peeking between the blinds, hoping to catch even just a glimpse of her, but of course the room was empty. She was probably out at the mall or something with her friends.
Feeling more than a little disappointed, I headed downstairs and started to make some coffee. As I scooped the coffee into the filter, I went over what happened yesterday, glancing at the kitchen table where less than 24 hours ago, I had been balls deep inside Jaime’s mother, Laurie, a woman who made it clear what she wanted, and then took it. I finished with the filter, then poured in the water, closing the lid and turning the maker on. Thinking about Laurie got quite a reaction out of my lower body, my cock throbbing with the memory of her surprisingly tight pussy.
I made myself some toast, and grabbed an orange, sitting at the table in the exact spot I had filled Laurie with semen. Breathing in deeply, I thought I could still detect a hint of her scent in the air, the musky, intoxicating smell of a slightly older woman’s sex juices. I finished my toast and looked at the orange, not feeling very hungry. Not for food anyway. I had never felt so bewitched by a woman before, much less two! Well, I guess you would say one woman, and one child. I was still battling with feelings of shame over Jaime, knowing she was barely out of the dolls and tea party stage of her life, innocent to the sexual interactions between men and women. Or was she?
She seemed to have a pretty good idea the other night what she was doing, her hand down her panties and caressing herself to orgasm. But I guess getting yourself off, and actually experiencing anything sexual with another person are two very different things. I doubted if she had ever seen a real life, erect penis before, much less touched one. I was surprised with the feeling of intense jealousy this thought created, as if she was already mine to claim, when she had no idea how I felt about her, how crazy her little girl’s body was driving me.
I got up and set the orange back in the fruit basket, grabbing my coffee mug and pouring myself a nice, hot cupful. I added some cream and sugar, stirred it up, then headed outside onto the patio. I sat down in one of the chairs, putting my still-too-hot coffee on the table beside me. I grabbed the remote off the table and turned the stereo on, streaming music from my computer inside. I sipped my coffee, enjoying the sounds of AC/DC pumping out of the speakers, and noticed that the breeze blowing through my yard was quite a bit cooler than it felt yesterday. I looked at the sky to the west, and frowned when I saw how dark and ominous looking it was. No half-naked little girl in my pool today, I thought to myself. I could hear thunder rolling in the distance, but still far enough not to be a problem yet.
I decided to clean up a bit, getting up and moving the mower I had left on the lawn yesterday. Thankfully it hadn’t rained last night, so nothing had gotten soaked or blown around. I parked the mower in the shed and shut the door, then gathered up the glasses and tray from the other day and took them inside, dumping them into the sink. I headed back outside to sit and drink my coffee, but a crack of thunder that sounded much closer made me change my mind. Storm must be moving damn fast, I figured, but at least the rain will be good for all my damn grass.
I took my coffee and headed inside, transferring the music to my inside speakers, set up in the front room. I curled up on the loveseat, watching the darkening sky through the bay window. I noticed most of my neighbours across the street were away at work, probably most of them on my side of the road as well, and thought about how nice it was to finally be able to take some time off work, to relax for some of those hot summer days, instead of breaking my back working.
I walked to the window and craned my head to see down the road towards the Taylor’s, looking for Laurie’s Mercedes but not seeing it. Must have gone shopping, I thought. Another bit of thunder rolled through the sky, sounding right overhead now, as the first little droplets of rain started to drip against the window. I picked up the phone, thinking I should give Melissa a call, should probably have called her yesterday. But that might not have been such a good idea with all that happened!
I dialled her number and listened to it ring, thinking I was going to get her voicemail. But just before the voicemail kicked in, she picked up, giving me an excited, “Hi babe! God, I was wondering when you were gonna’ call me!”
“Hey sweetie,” I replied into the handset, surprisingly happy to hear her voice, “Sorry I didn’t talk to you last night, got busy doing some paperwork. You know how busy summer is for us.”
“Yeah, I know, you’ve got to keep things running smoothly for those morons,” she said jokingly, “But it’s okay, I know you were thinking of me. Maybe having a second look at that video I left you, huh?”
I had totally forgot about that. I was so wrapped up in the video I had made of Jaime the other night, I completely forgot about the sexy video that Melissa had recorded for me while I was at work on the last day she was here. But I wasn’t about to tell her that. Uh, sorry hun, I was busy jerking my cock to that little girl next door. You know, the one that barely has tits and I’m pretty sure is bald as can be between her thighs? Yeah, I don’t think that would have gone over too well.
“You know it babe,” I lied, feeling very ashamed with myself, “God I can’t get enough of your smokin’ hot body, I watched it over and over. I can’t wait to be inside you again.” This elicited a giggle from her, and then a sad sounding sigh. “I feel so bad that we aren’t together too often.” She said, “I know how neglected you must feel, and I can’t wait to feel your body against mine again, baby.” I knew my cock hadn’t been neglected lately, Laurie had seen to that, but I was missing Melissa quite a lot.
“When are you coming back?” I asked, hoping to feel her warm body against mine soon.
“Well I’d come back now but I’ve got a class on Friday, so there’s really no point in me leaving just yet,” she replied. “But I’ll definitely be home all weekend. And I’ll be sure to make it up to you.” My horny brain thought of all kinds of hidden meanings in that sentence. “But, for now I’ve got to go, I have to meet some people to study.”
“Yeah okay, I understand babe,” I sighed, “No point in going to school if you’re not going to try your hardest. Make sure you call me later, okay?” She blew me a kiss through the phone and replied, “Definitely. And maybe we can make a nice video together, that I can watch when I’m all alone.” I heard the naughty tone in her voice and smiled, blowing her back a kiss. “Love ya babe, talk to you soon.”
We each hung up our phones and I stood at the window, sighing and looking out the window as the rain really started to come down. I was all mixed up emotionally, so excited for my next chance at having Laurie, or watching Jaime pleasure herself, but so ashamed at what I was doing to my relationship with Melissa. I really did love her, I just couldn’t control the animal urges those two gorgeous females next door brought out in me. With a sigh, I put the phone back in the cradle and headed upstairs to get dressed. I threw on a pair of jeans and a white tee, wondering what I should do with my day, when I noticed out the window that Laurie’s car was just pulling into their driveway. The rain was really coming down hard now, and I figured even though she only had a few dozen feet to walk to the front door, she was probably going to get soaked.
As both doors opened, I noticed she wasn’t alone, and looking closer saw that it was Jaime, the little one who was causing all the throbbing in my shorts. They only had one umbrella, and Laurie handed it to Jaime, then they both ran to the back of the car, popping the trunk. I watched as they struggled to lift out a heavy box, Jaime trying to lift and hold the umbrella at the same time. A thought flashed into my head, and I figured this was a good chance to get close to her. All thoughts of infidelity flying right out of my mind, I ran downstairs and slipped my shoes on, opening the door and running across the lawn.
I thought the rain was coming down hard before, but it seemed like the instant I opened the door, someone turned the taps on full. I ran over to Laurie, the rain pounding off the car and driveway.
“You need a hand there, ma’am?” I yelled, so she could hear me. She turned to see who it was, then gave me a huge smile when she noticed it was me. “We’ve got this big, heavy box,” she yelled back at me, “The guy at the store put it in the trunk, but it’s too heavy for us to lift!” I gently pushed her aside, guiding her under the huge umbrella Jaime was holding, where she would stay relatively dry. With the rain just pouring over me, I grabbed the box, which I now noticed contained a game table of some kind, and hefted it up on one arm. Damn thing sure was heavy.
Laurie slammed the trunk shut and the two girls ran to the front door. I ran right behind them, not because I was worried about being soaked (that ship had already sailed), but I didn’t want the box to get too wet, and rip open outside on the walkway. Laurie unlocked the door and opened it, ushering Jaime inside and holding it open wide so I could fit in with the box. Stepping into the foyer, dripping water everywhere, I set the box down on the mat in front of the door, as Laurie closed the door against the relentless rain and howling wind.
“Wow!” she cried, “Where the hell did that come from?” Even though both females were quite wet, despite the efforts of the umbrella, they both looked hot as hell and very desirable. Laurie’s long tanned legs looking great in a very tight pair of shorts, her shirt a little damp and clinging to her more than ample chest. Jaime looked even better, her legs exposed underneath a short, pink skirt, and her small budding breasts sitting high and perky in a white tee. My heart was racing just standing so near to them.
“I thought that storm was far away, but it sure moved up quick,” I told them, dripping all over their floor. “Well, I guess I’ll put this wherever you want it, then I’ll be heading back home.” Laurie took my hand and pulled it away from the box, letting it lean against the wall.
“You’ll do no such thing!” she cried, “It’s blowing like a hurricane out there! You might get hit with something just crossing the yard! You’ll stay here until the storm is over, won’t you David?” She gave me a smile and a wink, promising good things if I stayed, and I didn’t want to let her down. “Well, I guess I could stay until the storm lets up a bit,” I agreed, gesturing to my soaked and dripping clothes, “But I’ll end up flooding the room anywhere I go.”
That’s when Jaime piped up, “Oh, we could put his clothes in the dryer, couldn’t we mom? Couldn’t he wear something of daddy’s until they’re dry?” I’m not sure if it was just the way she said daddy, or the thought of stripping down so close to her, but my heart pumped about a gallon of blood between my legs just then, my cock jutting up like flagpole.
“Well, that’s a good idea baby-girl,” Laurie answered, “But daddy isn’t anywhere near as big as David, I don’t think his clothes would fit.” She gave me a wicked smile as she said it, memories of being inside her flashing through my head. “But, I’m sure daddy’s robe, the big red one, would be big enough. At least until his clothes are dry.”
“Oh I don’t want to be a bother,” I protested. “I can just wait here.” Laurie shook her head, pushing me towards the stairs, forcing me up them. “Don’t even suggest it,” she warned, walking me up to the landing. We headed down the hall to the double doors leading into their master bedroom, and she pushed me inside. “You get those wet clothes off,” she ordered, looking me up and down, “And I’ll throw them in the dryer.” She shut the door to let me change, though I’m sure if Jaime wasn’t standing right behind her, she would have ripped them off of me herself. I pulled the tee off over my head, then undid my soaked jeans, and peeled them off my legs, my boxers coming next, and rolled them all into a big ball. I stood there nude, my erect penis throbbing like crazy. I opened the door just a crack, and threw the ball of clothes onto the floor, then shut the door.
“Good, I’m going to take these downstairs and get them dried,” Laurie’s voice came through the door, “Mark’s robe should be in the bathroom.” I turned to the bathroom, then felt how wet I still was and called out to Laurie, “Are there any towels Laurie? I should probably dry off a little better before I put the robe on.”
“Oh no, I’m doing laundry today and we don’t have any clean ones in there,” she answered, her voice fading as she headed down the stairs, “Jaime is going to get you one from her bathroom.” I heard the stairs creaking faintly as she took my clothes down to the basement. My heart was pounding like crazy. Here I was, completely nude, my cock as hard as a rock, and the little girl that I haven’t been able to get off my mind was bringing me a towel. There was a quiet knock at the door, then Jaime’s shy voice. “David? I have a towel for you.” I reached for the doorknob, then hesitated. Don’t do it, I told myself, Don’t be stupid, not with her mom so close. I ignored the voice and opened the door wide, watching with pleasure as Jaime’s eyes flew wide open, her mouth hanging in a little O, as her stare locked onto my rigid shaft, pulsing and twitching, the head shiny and velvety soft. My mouth dry with sheer terror and excitement, I reached out and took the towel from her hand, her gaze never leaving my thick, throbbing cock.
“Thanks Jaime,” I said, her head snapping up at the sound of her name, her face blushing the deepest crimson I had ever seen, “I appreciate it.” I stepped back, making sure to keep her view of my cock clear, and slowly closed the door. I sat down on the soft carpet, holding my head in my shaking hands. What was I thinking? This girl was making me crazy! What if she tells Laurie I just showed her my cock? No one would believe it was an innocent mistake. I waited for the sounds of Jaime calling her mom, of Laurie running up the stairs, but all I heard was Jaime walking across the landing, and then the soft sound of her bedroom door closing.
Standing back up, I dried myself off, and headed into the bathroom to put the robe on. I checked the hook on the back of the door but it was empty. Same with the countertop, the towel racks and the hook on the outside of the shower door. Where the hell was Mark’s robe? The answer came to me a second later as the door to the bedroom opened, and in walked Laurie, holding a long, red robe in her hands.
“Looking for this?” she asked mischievously, her eyes widening as the roamed up and down my naked body, focusing between my legs. I walked closer to her, and reached out to take the robe, but she snatched it away at the last second. “Hmmm, I’ve decided I like how you look now, much better,” she purred, pressing her chest up against mine. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, exposing her neck, as I leaned my head in, pressing my lips against her throat, sucking hard and running my tongue along her sensitive skin. Her body shuddered in pleasure, a moan escaping her lips as she dropped the robe to the floor. I moved my lips up her neck to her jaw, just below her ear, sucking and nibbling, as she reached down between my legs, grasping my hot, rigid member in her cool hand.
“Mmm, are you ready for me again?” she murmured, gasping in pleasure as I sucked her earlobe into my mouth, running my hands down her back, and grasping her firm ass cheeks. “Didn’t you get enough yesterday, you naughty boy?” She put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me away from her, drinking in the sight of my hard, naked body. She motioned for me to wait where I was, and went and locked the bedroom doors. She tried turning the knobs, making sure they were locked, then headed to the bed and sat down on the edge. She smiled at me and patted the mattress next to her. “Come sit down,” she ordered, “I have a special surprise for you.” I walked over and sat next to her, leaning in to kiss her, my hungry hands cupping her soft breasts. She laughed and peeled my hands off her chest, pushing me away from her.
“I need you to sit in the middle, up against the headboard,” she told me, motioning to the head of the mattress. I did as she said, sitting square in the middle of the bed, my engorged member waving proudly in the air, the tip slick with precum. “Now close your eyes,” she whispered in my ear, “And, no peeking!” I closed my eyes tight, my body tingling with anticipation, wondering what she was about to do with me. I heard her open a drawer of her nightstand, and I turned my head toward the sound. “Uh-uh, keep ‘em closed!” she chastised. I made sure to squeeze my eyes shut tight enough for her to see, wondering at the metallic clinking I heard as she moved up the bed toward me. I clued in about a half second too late, realising what the sound was just after the cuffs snapped around my wrists. My eyes shot open, my head moving from one side to the other, trying to pull away from the bed, but held quite securely by the steel cuffs.
“Isn’t this a little too naughty, what with your daughter being across the hall?” I asked Laurie, not sure if I liked being held down like this. “Oh, don’t worry about her,” she replied, moving to the far wall, where a small mini-stereo system had been set up, “She’s in her room, probably gabbing on the phone again. You know how 13 year olds can be.” Oh, how I wish I knew that 13 year old. Laurie turned on the stereo, browsing through the list for a moment before selecting a song. She gave me a huge smile as Def Leppard came on, Pour Some Sugar On Me flowing out of the speakers. She moved to the foot of the bed, her body swaying seductively in time with the music.
“I thought maybe you’d like a little show,” she purred, her hands sliding up and down the front of her body, pushing her shirt up. I figured since I couldn’t really do anything, I had better just lay back and enjoy the show. As the song picked up, she slid out of her shirt, her breasts just about bursting free of her bra. Her hips were moving seductively, grinding her mound against the post of the bed, hooking her thumbs into her shorts and sliding them down. I groaned at the sight of her, almost naked in a little red bra and g-string. My cock twitched appreciatively as she twirled to the music, then climbed up onto the bed, straddling my thighs.
She was kneeling over my lap, her body bent backwards, her hands caressing her breasts as they thrust up in the air. Her hips were gyrating in a slow, sexy movement, rubbing the tip of my cock up and down the front of her silky panties, soaking the thin material with precum. She was moaning loudly, rubbing herself harder against my member, her wet panties clinging to her plump pussy lips. My head lolled back, and I let my own moan of pleasure join hers. It was sexy as hell! I couldn’t do anything, other than move my legs a little, the cuffs digging into my wrists as my back arched, a lovely mixture of pain and pleasure. She straightened up, her hips still gyrating against me, her hands massaging her heaving breasts, when she undid the front of her bra, letting it fall away, her gorgeous tits bouncing free.
I gasped at how erect her nipples were, two stiff little peaks poking up from two large, soft mountains. She leaned forward, rubbing them into my face, moving them just a bit too much for me to latch my lips onto one. She slowed her movements enough for me to lean forward and suck one of her stiff nipples into my hot mouth, moaning as I sucked hard, swirling the tip of my tongue around and around. She ground her pussy hard against my cock, grabbing my head with both hands and holding my face against her chest, sucking in a hiss of air through her teeth as I closed my teeth on her nipple, gently nipping it and running the tips of my teeth up and down its length.
My hips were bucking, jamming the tip of my cock into her soaking panties, aching to slide deep inside her. I moved my mouth to her other breasts, latching on to her nipple and sucking as hard as I could, slurping greedily and biting down on the hard nub. Finally she pulled away from my face, her breasts soaked with my saliva, as she stood up in front of me, her pussy almost level with my face. The music had stopped some time ago, but I don’t think we needed a rhythm section, we were so caught up in our own excitement and lust.
She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her little red g-string, and slid it down her legs, tossing it onto the floor. She stood over top of me, completely nude now, her legs spread to the sides of my lap, and I gasped in pleasure as I saw her pussy was completely smooth. Not even shaved, by the look of it, but it appeared she had gotten a Brazilian. Her plump pussy lips glistened, evidence of her excitement as she stepped nearer to me, placing her hand between her legs and rubbing her fingertip up and down her soaking slit.
“Mmm,” she moaned, slipping the finger inside herself, “Is this what you were looking for baby?” The sight of her hand between her legs, with her now bald pussy, make me think of little Jaime getting herself off the other night, and I just about exploded. I couldn’t take it anymore, I lunged forward, the cuffs stopping me just short of burying my face into her cunny, her scent strong as I breathed in rapidly. With a growl of frustration, I turned to look at the cuffs, searching with my fingers for the safety release.
Laurie gave me a devilish smile and sat back at my feet, spreading her legs wide, her pussy dripping wet, pink and very inviting. “Sorry sweetie,” she chuckled, not sounding sorry at all, “But those are the real deal. Got them from a friend who married a cop.” She winked at me as she reached under the folded blanket at the foot of the bed, holding up a shiny metal key. I stared at her in shocked silence, then struggled again to get free, straining uselessly against the cuffs. She giggled again as she reached under the duvet for another item. “I told you I was going to give you a show,” she said as she pulled out a long, black dildo from under the blanket. It looked very long, I would guess about ten inches, and about an inch and a half wide. It was about as thick as me, but about 2 inches longer.
She took the tip of it, and placed it between her legs, running it up and down her slit, making the head slick with her juices. Leaning back, and lifting her knees she started sliding the long, black dong inside herself. First just an inch, then she would pull it back. Then, she would sink it in about 3 inches, then pull back. She continued like this, until she was taking almost the entire ten inches into her pussy. Her head was thrown back and she was panting loudly, the dildo pumping into her in a slow, steady rhythm. I had watched my girlfriend with a dildo before, but never anything this long before, and I couldn’t believe how excited it made me to watch Laurie take so much inside her. It was maddening, her pussy being fucked right in front of me, mere inches from my aching cock, and I couldn’t do anything about it. My member was twitching like crazy, pumping precum in huge gobs that dripped down its length. My balls ached, feeling so heavy between my legs, full with cum for Laurie.
Then she reached her other hand between her leg, and I noticed she had something slipped onto the tip of her index finger. As she flicked it on, I realised it was a finger vibe. She pressed it into her clit, rubbing the vibrator around in little circles, crying out in pleasure now, as she pumped the thick, black dildo deep into her pussy, pounding it harder and faster, sinking it right down to its artificial balls.
My hips were bucking by themselves, my body going crazy with lust, but being unable to get any release. She pressed the vibe hard against her clit, slamming the fake cock hard into her pussy, as her body started to shake. “Oh fuck I’m cumming,” she cried, her hips bucking like crazy, “Watch me cum, baby!” She cried out loud as the orgasm swept over her, the dildo buried deep inside her, her pussy lips stretched over its dark shaft. Her eyes squeezed shut, and her mouth hung silently open, her breath caught as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed through her body, the only sound other than my own harsh breathing was the humming of the vibrator as it thrummed against her swollen clit. Then her body started convulsing, as she started letting out strained grunts, her hands suddenly coated with pussy juice that was streaming from her slit in small spurts.
My cock felt ready to burst itself, and I wanted nothing more than to bury myself inside Laurie’s cunt and pump her full of my seed, but the goddamn cuffs kept me from doing anything other than drinking in the sight of her now limp body, the sheets soaked where her pussy had gushed, as her breathing slowly returned to normal. She slowly sat up and gave me a very satisfied smile, turning the finger vibe off and tossing it into her open drawer. She oh so slowly pulled the big, black dildo from her pussy, her lips puffy and opened, looking very well fucked.
“So did you enjoy the show sweetie?” she asked softly, “Because I know I sure did.” My only answer was to strain uselessly against the cuffs. She took the dildo and raised it to her mouth, sliding it in, her lips sliding slowly down its hard length, as she sucked up her pussy juices. She licked the rest of her juice off the dildo, then set it down. “Mmm, that’s yummy,” she said, eyeing my pulsating cock, “But I much prefer the real thing.” She leaned over and before I could react closed her lips around the tip of my cock, sucking hard on just the head, her tongue swirling around and around. I let out a deep moan, my hips bucking against her face as I felt the pressure building up. She opened her lips wider, sliding me deep into her mouth, and down her throat. She was sucking as hard as she could, swallowing my cock, her throat muscles rippling along my shaft, as I felt my balls tighten up, ready to burst.
“Ohh, don’t stop!” I cried, “I’m gonna’ cum!” But right before the final surge, she pulled her face back, slipping my cock out of her mouth, as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft, very slowly pumping it as she took my balls into her mouth, gently sucking them and lapping at them with her tongue. I felt the pressure in my cock recede, knowing she was holding me off on purpose.
“Oh, you fucking tease!” I cried, trying to thrust my cock back into her mouth, needing so badly to cum it hurt. She smiled at me as she slowly pumped my shaft, huge drops of precum dribbling all over her hand. “Is this a tease baby?” she asked, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. I banged my head back against the headboard as the pleasure was becoming too much. She drew me deep into her mouth again, sliding her lips up and down my engorged member, moving faster now as she caressed my aching balls.
My hands balled into fists, and my teeth clenched tights as I could feel the cum about to burst into her mouth. And then the phone rang. “Fuck!” I let out in an exasperated cry. Laurie’s head pulled back, my cock slipping out of her warm, wet mouth. She listened for a moment, then shrugged when the ringing stopped. “It’s okay babe, Jaime got it.” She told me, moving her mouth back down to finish the job. I was right on the edge, about to spray a gallon of hot cum into Laurie’s waiting mouth, when we heard a door open down the hall.
“Mom!” Jaime’s voice cut through the lust induced haze in my brain, “Daddy’s on the phone!” Laurie gave me a very unconvincingly apologetic smile, reaching for the phone beside the bed. “Sorry, sweetie,” she said, pressing the TALK button, “Won’t be long.”
“Hey honey,” she spoke into the receiver, wrapping her other hand around my cock, slowly pumping it. She listened for a moment, then answered, “Oh nothing much, just watching some of those naughty movies I bought, and doing naughty things to myself.” The voice on the other end spoke for a moment, then Laurie let out a snort, “Well if you’re not going to do it, I guess I have to take care of myself.” She moved over to where I was laying and straddled my hips, putting her finger to her lips, motioning me to keep quiet. “Well you’re the one who’s always too busy, sweetie. I can’t wait around for years to get myself off.” She slowly lowered herself onto me, my cock sliding so sweetly into her soaking, slippery cunny. She dropped right down, burying me balls deep inside her, and I let out a very loud moan, feeling her pussy clenching my shaft.
She smiled at me as she spoke into the receiver, “Look, you’re ruining the scene where the young guy is blowing his load. It’s my favourite scene.” She started moving her hips, her pussy sliding up and down my cock, dripping juices into my lap. I watched her large breasts bouncing as she rode me, fucking me faster and harder, her voice starting to sound a little breathless.
“I’m not discussing this with you right now, Mark.” She was holding the phone to her ear in one hand, reaching between our bodies with the other, massaging her clit as I pumped deep inside her. Her eyes closed, and she bit her lip, to keep from moaning out loud. I had no problem making noise and moaned quite loudly as I felt my balls tightening up. Her hand was moving faster, rubbing her clit vigorously, as I thrust my hips up hard as I could, trying to cram every last bit of my cock inside her.
“Mark, just tell me why you’re calling, so I can finish myself off,” she said irritably. She whimpered as the head of my cock pounded again and again into her sweet spot. “Mmhmm, I’ll take care of it,” she replied to her husband, hitting the END button and flinging the phone away. She finally let out the moans she had been holding in, her hand a blur as it rubbed her clit to orgasm. She cried out my name as she came hard, her hips bucking like crazy. I felt my own orgasm surging, and let out a roar like an animal as my cock exploded inside her, spraying shot after shot of hot, creamy cum deep inside her pussy, coating her insides. She collapsed on top of me, moaning as her orgasm subsided, her pussy pulsating on my organ, squeezing every drop of cum from me. I lay there against the headboard, barely able to breathe, my cock still pumping juice inside of her. The orgasm was so intense, and my body was so sensitive, I cried out in pain/pleasure just at the slight movement of her shifting her hips.
She laid with her head on my chest, both of us getting our breathing back to normal. “Did you enjoy your show?” she murmured, her fingers making light circles through my chest hair. I took a deep breath, and could just nod, enjoying the feeling of my cock softening inside of her, her warm, soft breasts pushed up against my chest. She sat up, her hands on my chest, and gave me a deep, lingering kiss. “Good,” she said, climbing off my lap, warm cum pouring from her glistening pussy, “Maybe I can get a show of my own sometime.” She gave me a wink as she grabbed the key for the cuffs, undoing them and freeing me from her bed. I massaged my wrists, wincing at the deep impressions the metal had made in my skin.
“They don’t hurt too much, do they?” she asked, looking worried. I gave her a smile to let her know I was ok, “Nah, they’re not too bad.” She went into the bathroom and brought me back a small hand towel to wipe myself up with. As I was cleaning my cock of both our juices, I asked her about her husband.
“Did Mark suspect anything was going on?” I asked, “He’s not racing home to find us in bed is he?” Laurie laughed at this, shaking her head. “No, Mark knows I’ve been resorting to machinery and movies a lot lately,” she explained, “It just bothers him that his wife is getting off, and it’s not because of something he’s doing.”
I put on Mark’s robe, watching his wife get dressed, thinking to myself how messed up he had to be, to not be fucking her every day. Laurie bent down to pull her shorts up, and noticed a gob of cum rolling down the inside of her thigh. She wiped it up with her fingertip, and stuck it in her mouth. “Mmm, we taste good together.” She winked at me, then finished getting dressed. “Well, Mark’s mom called his cell, and apparently my sister-in-law never showed up to take her shopping,” Laurie reported, tying her hair back in a ponytail, “So, of course, since old Ma’ Taylor can’t drive herself, I need to go get her, and take her to get some groceries.” Laurie walked over to me, and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her lips hard to mine, the warmth of her body pressed against me creating another stir between my legs. She reached inside the robe, wrapping her fingers around my sticky, pulsating cock. “I’ll be wanting some more of this later,” she purred, giving my shaft a squeeze before closing the robe. We walked out of the bedroom and I headed downstairs while Laurie went to get Jaime. I waited at the bottom of the steps, listening to their muffled voices on the landing above.
Laurie came down the stairs a moment later, giving me an apologetic smile. “Jaime and I are going to head out now,” she told me, grabbing her keys and slipping her shoes on, “But your clothes won’t be dry for a little bit. You don’t mind hanging around here for awhile do you? Once your clothes are dry, you can just throw Mark’s robe in the dirty pile downstairs.” I shook my head, “No, I don’t mind,” I replied, “Do I need to lock up when I head home?” I looked up as I heard Jaime coming down the stairs, watching her young breasts bouncing with each step, and my erection raged double time. I held the front of the robe so my cock didn’t ‘accidentally’ poke through. “No, we won’t be gone long,” Laurie answered, looking through the hall closet for another umbrella.
Jaime gave me a quick look, then blushed crimson and looked away. I noticed she seemed a little breathless, and her skin had a flushed look to it. Just what had she been up to? I waited while she got her shoes on, and opened the door for them as they got their umbrellas ready. “Don’t open them inside, it’s bad luck!” I told them, grinning. Jaime gave me a shy smile, a breathless “Bye Dave,” and ran out the door towards the car.
Laurie opened her umbrella and stood outside, shielded from the car by the door, and leaned in close to give me a kiss. “Bye baby,” she said, smiling at me, “Keep that cock ready for me!” I watched her lovely ass run to the car, and slip behind the wheel, waving as the car pulled out the driveway and vanished down the road. I shut the door, and headed inside, feeling a bit uncomfortable being inside someone else’s house when they weren’t home.
But, I thought to myself, this is the perfect opportunity to snoop around. I headed upstairs, my heart pounding with excitement, even though I knew nobody was home, and wouldn’t be for quite awhile. I stood on the landing, looking at Jaime’s door, trying to convince myself not to go inside. Lustful thoughts overcame logic and I opened the door, heading inside. I closed the door behind me, standing against it, looking the room over, feeling the soft carpet between my toes, taking in the soft purple wall colours, the large queen sleigh bed, the stuffed animals sitting underneath posters of some vaguely familiar young hunk, testament to the young woman who was not quite ready to leave her childhood behind.
I walked around slowly, brushing my fingers over the little figurines and knickknacks she had set up along her desk and shelves. I looked at photos she had framed, sitting on her dresser. One was her in a school picture, most likely from this past year, another her family. It was a casual picture, taken by some lake, her mom, dad, brother and herself, standing on a dock. Such a happy-looking couple, but I knew things were not as they seemed.
I put the picture back as I had found it, and continued walking around the room. I came to her bed, and laid down on my stomach, pressing my face into her pillow, breathing in the scent of that beautiful young girl, detecting a hint of her shampoo. My hips slowly moved against the mattress, as I imagined her small nude body underneath me, moaning with pleasure as I slid inside her warm, virgin cunny. The robe was open, my bare cock head rubbing up and down her soft sheets, leaving little streaks of precum.
Taking a deep breath to control myself, I stood up and finished my circuit of her room. I came last to her dresser, and pulled the top drawer out, my eyes lighting up as I took in the view of her little socks and panties, neatly folded and arranged by style. I picked up the top pair, a lacy purple thong, and held the crotch to my face. I breathed in deeply, my body responding to the scent of a young woman’s sex. I took the panties and stuck them in the robe pocket, telling myself to remember to take them with me.
I was about to close the drawer, when I notice the corner of a small book poking out from underneath a pair of socks near the back. Being careful not to disturb the clothes too much, I lifted the socks and pulled out a small book with a red velvet cover, and a small lock on the side. It was her diary! I took the diary over to her bed and sat on the edge, fumbling to open the lock. Luckily, it wasn’t even a real lock, as it had a latch that popped it open. I flipped through the pages to the back, looking for the last entry. It was dated the day before, and read as follows:
My mouth hung open in shock, the book almost falling from my hands as I read. I couldn’t believe it! That little minx felt my cock rubbing against her ass the whole time, and she loved it! And so much for keeping Laurie’s and my antics on the DL. I felt my ego swelling, knowing how badly this little teenie girl wanted my cock. My cock was swollen and rigid, thinking about how she was thinking of me when she was pleasuring herself. I slipped the purple panties out of my pocket and wrapped them around the tip of my cock, stroking myself as I thought about teaching little Jaime about the joys of sex, showing how to finger herself, how good it felt when I used my tongue on her, and how she would scream with pleasure when she felt my cock slide inside her.
The images were too much and with a loud grunting, I came hard into the panties, soaking the silk with hot cum. I slowed my strokes, my cum soaking into the panties as I wiped myself off. I put the panties back in my pocket and headed back to the dresser, carefully putting the diary back where I had found it. I pushed the drawer closed, and turned towards the door, as the buzzing of the drier announced my clothes were finished. Taking one last look at Jaime’s room, and sighing as I closed the door, I headed down into the basement where the laundry was set up.
Pulling Jaime’s semen-soaked panties out of the pocket, I threw them into the dirty clothes basket next to the washer, then took off Mark’s robe, and tossed it on top. I opened the drier and took my clothes out. As I was getting dressed, I looked out the small basement window, hoping the storm had finished. Well the wind was still blowing like crazy, but it looked like the rain had slacked off, at least for the moment. I finished pulling my clothes on, and ran upstairs, opening the front door and looking out. There was a slight drizzle, but it would barely get me wet in the time it took to run to my house. I got my shoes on, then stepped outside, shutting the door behind me, and running to my door.
As I was stepping inside, the rain started up again, coming down almost as fiercely as before. Well, that was close, I thought. If I had gotten soaked again, I would have had to ask Laurie to dry my clothes again, ha ha. I went upstairs and grabbed myself some Advil, taking two to dull the throbbing in my wrists. I walked into my office, sitting at my desk and looking out the window, staring across into Jaime’s room. The slight elevation of my house compared to the Taylors’, made it the perfect viewpoint for watching my little goddess.
I decided I didn’t want to miss anything that might happen in that room. Grabbing the tripod, I positioned the camera right against the window, using a couple pieces of tape to hold some of the blinds open. I attached the data cable to my laptop, and plugged the power cord into the wall, so I could leave it on without draining the battery. I sat at the desk, looking at the camera’s view on my computer screen. I moved the camera slightly, zooming in a little bit, until I had the perfect view of Jaime’s room.
I opened the menu of the camera, and set it to “Motion Sensor”. Perfect. Now anytime there was movement in Jaime’s room, the camera would switch on automatically and start recording. My cock twitched with the anticipation of seeing her young body nude again, caressing herself to (maybe) orgasm, knowing it’s my cock she’s imagining inside of her. I ran a home security program on my laptop, configuring it to send an alert to my email each time the motion sensor was activated. Now I would always know when she was in her room, even if I wasn’t home, because I would receive the email on my phone. I knew there was a way to set the program up so that I could watch the video on my phone, but I was too tired to even think about trying to set it up.
I leaned back in my chair, a big yawn escaping my mouth. Shit, here I’ve only been up for a few hours, and I’m already exhausted. Laurie sure knows how to work a man hard, I thought to myself, smiling. I went into my room, stripped down to my boxers and curled up on the bed for a nap, making sure my phone was turned on, and placing it next to me on the nightstand. I drifted off, images of Jaime naked on her bed filling my dreams.
I was awoken a short time later, the beeping of my phone cutting through the lovely dreams I was having, signalling motion in Jaime’s room. I bolted up, wide awake, and ran to my office. I checked the clock on my computer, noticing it was very dark outside for 7:30. Then I realised the reason it was so dark was the giant, black cloud covering the entire sky.
I opened up the viewer, watching as the image of Jaime’s room came to life on my screen. My cock immediately hardened at the sight of her, for she looked much as she had the last time I had watched her on my computer. She was dressed only in her delicates again, her breasts pushed together and upward by a scarlet red, lacy bra. Zooming the camera in, I could see it barely covered her nipples. I pitched the camera down some, focusing on her panties. They were the same devilish red as the bra, and covered even less. The front piece of fabric looked as if it barely covered her teenaged pussy, and the straps may very well have been made of floss, for they were almost invisible against her skin.
As she twirled in front of her mirror, I could clearly see her bare ass, those firm cheeks looking very smooth, and very perky. I slipped my cock out of the waist of my shorts, slowly stroking as I watched that little girl checking out her perfect body. I watched for a few minutes as she unpacked some shopping bags, most containing clothes like skirts and tops, but a couple had some more skimpy looking underthings. She put these away in her dresser, frowning a little as she moved something in the top drawer. The diary! My mind panicked. What if she knew someone had looked at it? She would definitely know it was me, how could she not? I sat there with my cock in my hand, watching raptly as she lifted the diary and checked something else in the drawer. Then she replaced the diary, and shut the drawer. I was holding my breath, waiting to see the realisation dawn on her face, seconds before she went running to her mum, crying about the pervert next door who had invaded her privacy.
But she didn’t go running. Her head turned slightly, her gaze staring out the window. I was kind of spooked, it was almost like she was looking right at me. Or rather, right at the camera, but I had made sure there was nothing that would show through the blinds. I watched her beautiful face for another few seconds, still sure that she was about to go running to her mum. Instead, she walked to the door, and opened it, sticking her head out, I assumed calling down to Laurie.
I watched her delectable backside for a moment longer, then she closed the door, turning the lock. Jaime headed over to her desk, opening the bottom drawer and reaching way to the back for something. I couldn’t see what she pulled out, it was small enough to fit in the palm of her hand. She threw whatever it was onto her bed, near the headboard, which was cut off from my view. My cock perked up as she went back to the mirror, checking herself out again. I started stroking myself again, moaning with delight as she undid her bra, letting it fall away from her young, ripe breasts.
She was caressing them, teasing her nipples, pinching them between her thumb and finger. My cock started leaking like crazy, my hand slick as I drank in her beauty, silently praying to see more. My prayer was answered as her other hand slid down her belly, rubbing up and down her thighs, before slipping into the front of those skimpy red panties. She was standing there, legs slightly spread, her eyes closed, as she started massaging herself between her legs, pulling hard on her erect nipples.
Oh, just seeing this much made me want to cream all over the place, I can’t imagine how I would manage to contain it if I was actually doing anything with her. My eyes glued to the monitor, I watched her slow, then stop her touching. She looked at herself in the mirror, and seemed to take a deep breath. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets, as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and slowly slid them down her legs, bending down and throwing them away. My head was spinning, I think I almost had a heart attack. I couldn’t believe it! Jaime was now standing bare ass naked in her room, exposed to my hungry eyes. I zoomed the camera in even more, my hands shaking with the sheer pleasure of seeing her perfect body uncovered.
She had almost no tan lines, the only part of her body not browned by the sun, was the smooth patch of skin between her legs, her beautiful naked pussy with not a single hair on it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I had seen plenty of women before with shaved or waxed pussies, but never one that was naturally devoid of any hair. I couldn’t be sure looking with the camera, but it seemed to me as if there wasn’t even any fuzz. God, I could just imagine how it would feel running my tongue over that perfectly smooth, young pussy, burying my face between her legs, making her scream in pleasure as her juices ran into my mouth.
I could sense my balls tightening up, could feel an orgasm beginning, so I slowed my strokes, lazily caressing my pulsating shaft as I zoomed back out and watched Jaime walk to her bed, laying on her back. She put a pillow under her head, her beautiful strawberry blond hair framing her face, flowing down around her shoulders. Because of the direction she was laying across the bed, her body was facing the window, her feet flat on the bed and her thighs spread, giving my camera a perfect, unobstructed view of her smooth, forbidden sex.
I sat back a bit, feeling a moment of doubt. Could she know I was watching her? I wondered. Is she letting me see her like this on purpose? I remembered the entries in her diary, of how she wanted to “fool around” with me, and how she had touched herself thinking of me. But she’s only 13, I thought, there’s no way she would be that forward. Whether the view was by accident, or design, stopped being important to me, because as I was watching the screen, Jaime’s hand was moving between her thighs, her fingers caressing her bare slit, her smooth pale skin glistening with her juices.
My mouth hung open, a sigh escaping as I took in this beautiful sight. My strokes came faster as I watched her plump, young pussy lips being spread slightly open with one hand, the fingers on the other slowly rubbing the velvety soft skin inside. I watched as her head rolled back, her mouth slightly open, her hips starting to gently gyrate against her hand. I would have literally given my left nut to be in her room at that moment. I imagined I could smell her young sex, hear the moan’s of pleasure as she caressed her child’s body. My balls were nearly ready to burst, watching my little love get herself off, her small fingers now rubbing in small circles around her erect clit.
She was rubbing more vigorously, her hips bucking up off the bed, as she reached out of view for what she had thrown earlier. When she pulled her hand back, my eyes popped open wide in surprise. It was Laurie’s finger vibe! She had neglected to put her toys away after our little fun time, and Jaime must have found it. She had it slipped onto her index finger and turned it on. She held it in front of her face, studying it. I imagine it was the first time she had ever had a vibrator in her hand. I felt almost giddy, knowing I was watching this little girl use a sex toy on herself for the very first time.
She spread her thighs a little further, her perfect pink pussy exposed and dripping wet, and placed the vibrator against her swollen clit. The reaction was immediate. She pushed herself up on her elbow, her mouth wide open and a look of pure pleasure on her face, as her hips bucked harder and faster against the little vibrator. Her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open, she worked the vibe around in little circles, throwing her head back. I could almost hear her moaning as her virgin clit was worked over and over by the miniature vibe.
I was stroking hard and fast now, unable to take my eyes off the computer screen, watching as she worked herself to orgasm. I had never felt like this while masturbating before, even while watching someone. I still felt unsure about Jaime being so young, but as I watched her young body bucking with pleasure, those unsure thoughts came less and less often. I was pumping my fist like mad now, my eyes glued to the image of Jaime pressing the vibe harder against her clit, still barely believing what I was seeing. Jaime suddenly stopped bucking her hips, her thighs pressing hard together, her hand still between them, as her mouth opened in what I knew was a cry of release, as her first orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.
“Ohh, fuck!” I cried, as my cock spasmed, shooting huge jets of stringy cum up from my lap, coating my desk, the computer, even the wall behind it. I came again and again as I watched Jaime cumming hard, seeing the juices leaking from between her legs and running down the crack of her ass. I saw stars from the force of my orgasm, my shaft pumping out shot after shot of hot cream, making a god awful mess of my desk.
I collapsed against the back of the chair, gasping for breath, my cock and hand coated, and sticky, with my cum. I lay there with my eyes on the screen, my breathing ragged, watching as Jaime’s little body slowly started to relax, her legs going limp and hanging over the edge of the bed, an arm thrown over her eyes as her young, pert breasts heaved, her breathing as uneven as mine.
I let my eyes wander over her beautiful body, noticing the dark, wet spot on the sheets of the bed beneath her bum. Her thighs were still slightly parted, and I had a glorious view of the glistening pink flesh of her child pussy. Jaime started to stir, then pushed herself up to a sitting position on the edge of the bed, her hair dishevelled, as she looked out the window again. Her young body was giving off such a wonderful orgasmic glow, and she looked so beautiful. Her body flushed even more, and she gave a small smile towards the window, before getting up and heading to her door. Seconds later the lights went out, and I stopped the recording on the camera.
I grabbed a cloth out of my bottom desk drawer, and started wiping the gobs of sticky cum off of my desk, and computer, thinking about what I had just seen. What did that smile mean? She DID know I was watching, didn’t she? And she put on a show like that, just for me? I wasn’t sure, still couldn’t decide if she had done everything purposefully, showing me that I made her little body just as hot as it made me, or if I was just one of the luckiest guys in the world, with a front row seat to a little 13 year old’s masturbation session.
I sat back in the chair, and thought about my situation a bit more. Yeah, I admit, it was perverted. Only fucking weirdoes get hot looking at little girls, right? Right. Except I didn’t give one flying fuck, because I knew I just had to have myself inside that hot young body. Nothing else seemed to matter, just hoping against hope for a chance to bury myself balls deep inside that child.
I checked the weather on my computer, glad to see it was going back to being hot, humid and sunny tomorrow. Maybe I would have Jaime over for a little private swim, hope that Laurie is busy with something. It was getting out of control, I knew, but I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted that little body all for myself, and I was going to have it....


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