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My neighbour's wife love to suck cock?
Continued from Chapter [01], where Mrs Jenny was stuck in a compromising position with me.

We were both in the room, sitting on the floor next to each other. My fingers were busy digging her willing pussy and her hand was jerking my cock slowly. From her worried look, it seemed that she was not sure what to do nor knew what she wanted. But from her body reaction and the wetness of her pussy, it was definitely positive that she was tempted and wanted it too. And so to reinforce, I pull out my fingers from her pussy and put into my mouth to taste her cunt juice. I moved my finger in and out of my mouth to simulate the action of blow job and asked her, "Tell me, do you like to suck cock?"

She looked at me with starry eyes and whispered, "Well... the truth is .... yes, I love to but...."

I quickly replied without thinking, "Don't worry, sucking is not cheating!" And I almost wanted to laugh at myself for saying something so stupid and it did not make sense.

But I was in for a big surprise when she gladly replied, "Yes, I think so too." At once, I knew that she wanted to hear what she wanted to. She probably wanted me to make the move and make her do it. In that way, she would not feel so bad since it was considered that she was the reluctant party.

I quickly stood up and with my raging hard cock sticking to attention near to her face, since she was still sitting on the floor, and said, "Mrs Jenny, you want to suck my cock!" I then commanded, "Be a good girl, open your mouth now. I want you to suck my cock now!"

She looked up at me, with her mouth slightly open in anticipation or was it in surprise. Whatever it was, I just did not care. All that matters was, she gonna suck my cock no matter what! Without saying a word, I just shoved my cock straight into her waiting mouth and pushed it all in till I hit her throat. She did not protest nor reject but surprisingly, her mouth was able to engulf my entire cock inside. I pulled back and thrust in several times again, quite similar to those deep-throat porn movies. Again, she was still able to accommodate and she seemed to be enjoying it too. I sensed that she loved to be told what to do and that would turn her on!

She seemed to have a rotor tongue as I could feel the sensation of her tongue twisting and circling around the tip of my cock. It was too good to be true that I could feel the boiling cum in my balls, surfing from the base of my cock to the tip, waiting to burst out anytime soon! At the rate she was going, no men could control any much longer. She really knew how to tease you when the next moment, she went for my balls instead and let my overheated cock cool down a little.

She sucked in my scrotum, playing with it by alternating between the two balls and occasionally teasing my cock by licking the underside of my sensitive tip of my cock. While she was sucking my balls, she was looking at me in a seductive way that was hard to resist! She then attacked my cock again but this time, she sucked it at a faster rate. Now I was beginning to see the real devilish side of her.

I knew I was cumming anytime soon and so I held on to her head and fucked her mouth instead. And in my excitement, I ended up grasping her hair instead. I used her mouth as if I was fucking her cunt! I kept pushing and thrusting my hard cock in and out of her mouth in super speed while pulling her hair to hold her head still!

I was beginning to enjoy my domination over her. And since she loved to play the submissive role, I was feeling so good that I did not care as long as I got what I wanted.

The cumming feeling was too great that I did not want to stop and of cause I intended to dump all my cum inside her mouth. Yes, I was bursting any second soon! She did not stop me either and both her eyes were wide-opened, staring at me intently, as if she knew she was going to taste my cum soon. And with a final jerk, I shot several waves of cum inside her mouth. It was a strong ejaculation and I was please with it. I was feeling great that finally, my cum landed inside her mouth. It was something that I would never have dreamed of!

What surprised me was that she even opened her mouth wide and playfully showed me all my gluey cum still stuck inside. I smiled cheekily as I was more than happy that I finally managed to get what I was lusting for. I used my hands to close her mouth and said, "I would love to see you swallow my cum!"

Without much hesitation, she obediently did exactly what she was told and gulped it down her throat and down to her belly. My cock which was dead and lifeless after cumming, was beginning to stir a little after I saw what she had just done. I was telling myself that she would be eating my sperm more often from now on if I played the game right. And hopefully and dreaming of, she gonna be my secret fuck-toy!

"Your cock sucking skill is the best I have ever tried! Where in the world did you learn it from?"

She looked at her watch for a moment and quickly said, "I'm sorry, you need to go now as my hubby is coming home soon! I promise to tell you more next time!"

that was good news to me since she mentioned the word, "next time" and that meant I would have my chance to attack her again soon. But at that moment, I had no choice and reluctantly obliged to fuck off! I picked up her used pick panties and took it along as a souvenir and told her, "I may need it whenever I want to jerk off! I'm sure you won't mind.."

She smiled and said, "You naughty boy!"

I smiled in return and replied, "You prefer naughty boy, don't you? And I playfully pulled down my pants again, exposing my half-erected cock at her face and said Arnold's favorite quote, "I'll be back!" and I quickly moved my ass out from her place, triumphantly!

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2013-04-25 07:20:54
Very nice story. It brought me back to my memories of my neighbor. I was lustfully in love with her. She was separated single mom of 3 kids. One sumnmer day I noticed that the kids would always exit the back patio door a leaving it unlocked. Long story short. I made my way to her room and found her used and clean thongs and bras. I laid in her bed and and jerked myself off what a rush. Never got my wish like your story but I would always know her thongs well and bras well.

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2011-11-10 18:05:12
[lease carry on with this story and waiting for part three

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2011-10-31 00:06:08
Definitelly continue but make tvh next ones much longer.

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