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A teen guy finds love with his older sister
A Boy In Babeland

Lee Hunter was the only boy in his immediate family. He lived with his 6 sisters (all older than him) and his mother. His father had died shortly after he was born and his sisters had not gone off to set up home alone, but all stayed at home for his mother after they had grown up.

His oldest sister was 6 years older than him and the ages came down a year at a time. In order of oldest to youngest they were:

April at 24 years old. She had shoulder length hair, dyed deep red, and a set of breasts that anyone would love to have, really firm and big. She was fit and always at the gym to keep her tight body at its best. She was really outgoing and loud, but had never found the right guy.

Dawn was the next at 23 years old. She had very dark shoulder length hair and her breasts were a little smaller than April's but still a great size. She too went down to the gym a lot and was just as fit as her older sister. She was the more shy of the sisters but still had no problem with going out.

Stacey was next, 22 years old with long blonde hair. Her breasts were a moderate size but she had the most perfect legs you could imagine, long and sleek. She was the fittest of the lot due to the fact she danced a lot and hoped one day to go pro. She was the flirt of the gang, never one to back away from anything or anyone.

Patrisha (Trish) was next. 21 years old, she too was blonde, but her hair was shorter than Stacey's. Her breasts were also very large, only just smaller than April's. Again, like her sisters, she was a gym freak and was in really good shape. She was sort of in between the personalities, not really shy or flirtatious.

Stephanie (Steph) was next at 20 years old. She had hair like Dawn, really dark, but much longer. Her breasts were big and she had a wonderful habit of only wearing tight fitting tops. She never went to the gym, but was just naturally blessed with a perfect figure that all the others were jealous of. She was one of the outgoing gang who stuck together a lot more than the others.

Kim was the youngest, only 19 years old. She had blonde hair that flowed down to the middle of her back, and she had great breasts that sat on a thin body. She went to the gym like the others and it showed on her. She had a perfect hourglass figure and a really tight ass. Like Dawn, she was a bit shy.

Then there was Lee, the only boy. 18 years old, short brown hair he kept cut close to his head. His body was in good shape, not the muscles of Arnie or anything, but not fat either, just a normal guy. He ran for an hour a day to keep himself fit. He hadn’t had any luck with women since he was, well, any age.

"Hi Lee. Good day planned?" April's voice came into Lee's ears as she made her way into the living room dressed in a tight fitting, white, cotton T-shirt and tight jeans.

"Nope, you?" Lee asked back.

"Just the same as always, gym then TV".

Lee looked at the clock, 9:00 AM and April was already off to the gym. "You are crazy you know that don't you?" Lee said, smiling, as his oldest sister grabbed her gym bag and packed her stuff into it.

“What do you mean crazy? I'm just err... focused." April smiled back at her seated brother before looking at the bright sun outside.

"Look April, anyone who goes to the gym at 9:00 AM is crazy. I run for 30 mins at 11:00 AM then again at 4:00 PM and that's plenty for me" Lee said shaking his head.

"Well little brother," April said as she moved over to stand right behind him. "Maybe if you did come to the gym with me you wouldn't be soooooo.... fat." April joked as she leaned down and gave his ear a little lick.

"Hey, I'm not fat!" Lee said in mock anger at his sister who smiled and nodded derisively at him before grabbing her bag and heading for the door.

"I'll be gone for about 2 hours. Mum and the others are still in bed so be quiet will you? They had a bad night. See you later."

"Yea see ya." Lee said. He watched his sister’s sexy ass sway out the door, before he settled back to watch some more TV.

An hour later and it was Steph who was the next to show her face.

"Hi Steph." Lee said as he saw her walk into the room.

"Hi Lee. April gone already?" She asked.

Lee nodded yes.

"I don't know how she and the others do it, do you?"

"No idea." Lee said watching TV.

"I mean, I never go to the gym and look at me, I'm fine." Steph said pointing out the obvious to her knowing brother.

"You have no idea." Lee said quietly, admiring her body as she gave a twirl.

"Hi you two." Dawn came walking in past her sister, sat on the sofa next to Lee and grabbed the remote from him.

"Hi." Both Lee and Steph said together.

Soon all the women were up and rushing around the house. Trish, Dawn and Kim all quickly rushed off to the gym after breakfast leaving Lee, Stacey, Steph and their mother, Marie, in the house. Being Saturday, none were at work and, as usual, the house would be hectic with all 8 coming in and out of rooms at irregular intervals.

When the whole family was together, they sat around the TV with their dinner. Lee, April and Mum sat on the sofa, Stacey sat on the chair next to them, Trish, Dawn and Kim were all on the floor (their favorite place when eating or watching TV, currently doing both).

When they were all finished April and Lee got up and took everyone’s plates into the kitchen putting them in the sink, to be washed later, before returning to their seats.

"That was great Mum, really nice." Kim said, to which all the others agreed.

"Thanks, I do my best." Marie said to her kids. It was so nice that they had all stayed with her when normally they would have flown the nest.

The house they lived in was a nice size. It had 3 large bedrooms, an attic conversion, a big kitchen, a large living room and a big garden. The bedrooms had been divided up between the girls with Kim, April and Dawn sharing one room and Steph, Stacey and Trish sharing another. Marie had one to herself and Lee had the attic all to himself.

"Well it was excellent Mum but, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the loo." Lee said getting up and heading for the stairs.

April watched her brother walk out the room and waited until he had gone upstairs before excusing herself and following.

Lee opened the bathroom door and walked straight into his oldest sister.

"Oh, sorry April didn't see you there." Lee said, apologetically, as he stepped past her. With the tight space between them Lee had to squeeze past April who made no attempt to move out of his way causing him to brush roughly against her massive breasts.

"That's a hard thing to do." April said, smiling, and pressing forwards a little bit, into her brother.

"What is?" Lee asked as he finally got past his voluptuous sister and stood on the top of the staircase and looked at her for the answer.

"To miss me." April smiled, showing and licking her canine teeth like a vampire would before biting a victim's neck.

Lee smiled back and shook his head as he walked down the stairs. “God what is she doing” he thought as he reached the bottom step and opened the door to the kitchen.
Back at the top April was leaning against the door to her bedroom thinking about her brother. She didn't know why, but recently he had been having a real effect on her. But not the sort a brother should have on his sister.

Soon all the girls had dispersed. Steph and Trish were up in their bedroom, Stacey and Kim were in Stacey's bedroom and Dawn was out at the gym. Lee was up in his room listening to his CD's when April came in

Lee didn't hear her enter as he had on a pair of headphones and loud music. April smiled as she walked up behind him and kneeled down so her breasts were just behind his head about an inch away. April watched her brother slowly nodding his head to the music that was playing in his ears. She slowly placed a hand on his shoulder and he spun around quickly not realizing that April's massive breasts were right behind his head he pushed his face right into them.

"OHHHH" April moaned as she felt his face press between her thick cotton covered breasts but he equally quickly, pulled back and away.

"God April, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were there." Lee told his sister, almost pleading with her.

"Oh no, it’s my fault. I shouldn't have been so close to you." April said as she moved her breasts around under her top rearranging their positions until she was satisfied with them.

She looked up to see Lee watching her. Not seeing she had looked he carried on until she moaned slightly, this brought a red flush to Lee's face as he realized she had caught him.

April had always been close to Lee, maybe more so than with her sisters. After all, he was the youngest and dad had died soon after he was born so he had had no male influences in his life to talk to. He was rather isolated in the family. April had taken over as a sort of surrogate parent when she was 14, since their mother was 18 when she had her and now had 7 kids to look after. She had needed help. April was more than pleased to take some responsibility in their looking after, thus allowing Marie to go off to work.

Not much had changed now that they had all grown up. April, not having outside work, mostly stayed at home and looked after the place. Dawn was a hairdresser, Stacey was a waitress, Trish was a shop assistant, and Steph and Kim were at Uni. Lee had left school and hadn't really bothered about a job. His sisters and his mother had said they made plenty enough for him and April to live on as long as they made sure the house was clean when they came home. Naturally they agreed and the arrangement was made.

"So what are you listening to then?" April asked her embarrassed brother, who was desperately trying to cover his growing erection under his hands.

"Nothing much. Did you want something?" he asked hoping she'd say no and leave. Unfortunately for him, she didn't.
"Yes, actually, I did. Could you give me a hand with the washing up please? That’s our job, remember?" April said while putting her hand on Lee's. The one that covered his crotch.

"Sure, just wait a few mins will you?" Lee said quickly trying to push her hand away from his crotch.

"Lee, come on, Mum said we need to get it done now." April lied. What had actually happened was their mother had said it needed doing before they went to bed, but April was desperate to get her brother to stand up erection intact.

"OK, I'm coming." Lee told his sister. Luckily, he had stalled long enough to get his boner down. Standing he turned off his CD player and turned to face his sister who was almost visibly disappointed that his erection was gone. "Shall we?" Lee asked walking past his sister who got up and followed close behind him.

Once downstairs they got to work on the dishes, April washing and Lee drying. April kept getting little glances of her brother looking at her impressive breasts, causing her to start to get hot and push out her chest slightly more every time he looked. Lee would cough and try to not look but his eyes were drawn to her and she knew it. April was now really hot and her tight cotton knickers were starting to get wet as she continually teased her little brother. Finally she thought it was time to give him a real show he wouldn't forget.

Dropping a fork to the back of the sink she quickly leaned over the sink of soapy water to grab it. Not being the tallest person in the world and having such huge breasts she pressed them into the water making sure they were covered about halfway up the cotton T-shirt that, as you can imagine, became almost see-through instantly. She had a quick look at Lee who was looking at her curved, tight, supple ass. Smiling she wiggled it at him and that snapped him out of it. Realizing he had an erection, he sat on a nearby chair to finish the drying.

April watched him sit and knew the reason. She then pulled herself back from the water and stood up straight.

"Oh shit!" she exclaimed loudly, causing Lee to look up quickly at her. His eyes were met with the sight of her massive breasts half showing through her soaked top, her nipples hard with little droplets of water falling from each.

"What happened?" Lee asked almost laughing at April as she stood hands on hips in front of him.

"I must have dropped them into the water when I leaned in for the fork. Shit! Look at me" she said as she cupped her breasts and pressed them together for her brother’s enjoyment.

"Oh wow. You better go get changed. I'll finish drying these, up you go" Lee said as he admired his sister.

April nodded but didn't move from the spot, she just slowly rubbed her breasts a little more obviously at him and watched his reaction or, should I say, his cock’s reaction. She watched as it throbbed underneath his tracksuit pants. Realizing his sister was watching him he quickly covered himself and crossed his legs his face going bright red once more.

April smiled before turning and giving him a good view of her ass before walking off to the stairs and out of sight. Lee watched her every move before composing himself and quickly finishing the drying.

After he had finished Lee made his way upstairs to check on April, secretly he wanted to see if she had changed yet. Lee arrived at April's door, which was left slightly open. Poking his head around he saw his sister, who stood facing him with just a small pair of white cotton knickers on that were cut into a V high over her hips and tight into her pussy (they resembled a thong in design) and some long white stockings.

Lee almost choked as he saw her massive breasts on display to him like this. They looked big when she had on a tight top, but loose they were even better. She had high firm breasts (a full DD cup at least) with no sag at all. Just like the sort you see on porn actresses when they have had repeated augmentation surgery and enlargements, but hers were natural. She had the most perfect breasts he had ever seen with large nipples that just fitted her size perfectly (not that he had seen any real ones, but he did look on the net). Lee shot back to reality when he heard April say something to him. Not knowing what it was, he just answered, "Yes I did finish up," while looking away from her.

"Great but I didn't ask that. What I asked was: DO YOU LIKE THE VIEW?" April said the question slowly and deliberately like she didn't care that her brother had just walked in on her with no top on, which of course, she didn't.

"Err... Hhmmmm." Lee was stumped for an answer. How do you answer your SISTER asking if you like the view after you have just been staring at her massive naked breasts?

"Well?" April pressed, not making any attempt to cover herself from view.

"I'm sorry April I thought you were changed.” Lee apologized as he took a quick glance to see if she was covered yet, which she wasn't.

"Its ok, I don't really mind you know. You are my brother and that makes me feel safe with you. So don't be embarrassed" April tried to reassure her brother who took her words in and looked back briefly before turning away again.

April thought it was cute that her brother was so embarrassed to see her like this. But this is what she wanted, what she desired, what she craved. Walking over behind Lee, April placed her hands around him pressing her massive breasts into his back and her thin cotton knickers into his ass cheeks; they were about the same height so she gave his neck a little kiss and began dropping her hands down towards his crotch. Realizing what she was doing Lee hurriedly moved away from her, ran out of the room and up to his, slamming the door closed and locking it.

April smiled as she heard the door lock. She grabbed the door to her room and slowly closed it. At the same time Lee sat on his bed. His heart was pounding; a thousand questions were running through his head. He laid back and tried to make sense of the situation.

It had been 2 days since the bedroom incident involving April. Lee had done his best to avoid her, but now the others were at work and Uni so they were all alone together in the house.

"Lee, we have to talk or something, we have to get over this." April's soft voice came through her brother’s door, he tried to ignore it. "Lee you know I'm not going away. Just open the door please and we'll sort this all out."

Lee apprehensively unlocked the door to his room and slid it open slightly, just enough to peak out. April was stood facing the door, hands on hips, a thin, white, cotton T-shirt covering her perfect body and a pair of stone-washed jeans wrapped around her long toned legs. The light from the bright sun reflected her features immaculately; she was a true sex goddess.

“Come on little brother just open the door." She asked him sweetly, her voice making him shudder and open the door without realizing it.


April walked in and over to her brother’s single bed, positioned at the far end of the room, her trainers making the floorboards squeak as she crossed them. The light from the open window above her cascaded light onto her beautiful ass as it swayed side to side as she walked. Lee closed the door not wanting to look back at his sister as she went by him and to his bed.

"What do you want April?" he asked still not looking at her just at the white door in front of him.

"To talk Lee. We really need to get things out in the open don't you think?"

"Well, I'm not sure there is anything to get out really."

"Bullshit Lee you know there is."

"What, uuumm, what is there to get out exactly?" Lee asked slightly angrily as he turned and looked at his sister for the first time. She was sitting on the edge of his bed, knees together, leaning back in a stream of sunlight coming through the window highlighting her body with shadows and light.

"The way we feel maybe? Why you have been avoiding me so much lately is another one." April shot back leaning forwards off the bed making her breasts fall over her body casting it in shadow.

"I...I don't know what you mean" Lee stammered as he took a long look at his sister. His cock, to his regret, starting to harden as he saw her leaning off his bed.

"You know exactly what I mean little brother. You have been avoiding me for the last two days, since we were in my room. So why?" April asked, flicking her hair from her face and leaning back again pushing her breasts out again.
"I…I." Lee looked for something to say but words failed him.

"You what Lee?" April was trying to pressure an answer from her nervous young brother.

"I'm just embarrassed about seeing you, that's all. I didn't know how you'd react."

This was not a very convincing story. True, in part, but not convincing and April knew it. "Lee, that's not all of it, is it?" April asked as she opened her legs slightly more, giving her brother a better view at the crotch of her jeans.

"Yes." Lee gulped as his oldest sister sat in a more erotic pose only 10 feet away.

"What about when I came up behind you and pressed into your back? Were you embarrassed then? Cuz you ran out fast." April was not going to let Lee get away without a proper talk.

"Yes I was." Lee admitted quietly lowering his head.

"Why did you run off Lee?" April was enjoying this now. She could see her brother was being broken down by her pose and questions. She was finally getting somewhere with him. Lee stayed silent not looking at his sister.

"Lee, little brother, just tell me, will you? We need to get things out. I have a few things I want to say, but I need to know a few things first. So, please, just tell me." April said in her sweetest, most sincere voice. This broke Lee completely.

"I really liked it when you pressed into me and liked it even more when you rubbed your hands down my body, but you’re my sister and we shouldn’t do anything like that." Lee blurted out looking at his sister again who had opened her legs even wider and brought one knee up, resting her foot on the bed.

"Is that all or is there something else you'd like to tell me? The truth perhaps?" April asked as she wrapped her arms around her raised leg pulling it to her massive chest and getting a cute little girl look in her eyes, which melted her brother.

"No, the reason I ran off is, I'm not really experienced with girls." Lee admitted through gritted teeth. He didn't want to say these things, but his sister seemed to have some sort of spell on him. She was getting everything out of him and he could do nothing about it.

"So you’re a virgin then?" April was almost shocked at his admission. She had never thought he was, ok he never brought anyone home with him, but she just thought he went somewhere else with his dates.

"Yes." Lee confirmed her statement sheepishly.

April almost shot off the bed she sat up fully so fast. "But I thought you would have, at least once." It was April's turn to look for words.

Lee just shook his head “no” before looking up at his sister, who was now sitting with her legs dangling off of the bed, her thighs wide apart and her hands between them holding the bed sheets.

"But you've had girlfriends right?" she asked curiously.

Lee again shook “no.”

April was shocked her brother had never had a girlfriend, but he was quite good looking. Why didn't girls go for him? She had to find out. "So you’re telling me you have never had a girlfriend at all?" She asked pressing her breast together as she leaned forward more.

Lee was staring at her sexy body as he answered. "No I haven't."

"Why not? You’re good-looking."

"Thanks, but no one else thinks so." Lee said, looking longingly at his sister's body, his cock rising as he spoke to her.

"I can't believe that little brother." April said smiling as she saw a slight bulge appear in her brother’s pants.

"It’s true. I'm not good-looking. I can't blame girls for not wanting me." Lee said. It was true; he had no real self-esteem and was always too shy to say he liked someone because he was convinced they would not like him back.

"Lee, remember when I said I wanted to tell you something? Well, I'm going to now, ok? Don't freak out, please." April swallowed, she had never had a problem saying what was on her mind, but what she was about to say had her really nervous.

"Go on." Lee said, wondering what she wanted to say.

"Well, I really like you." she said and threw him a timid smile.

"I like you too. So what?" Lee asked his sister, his face showing he didn't get her meaning.

"No little brother, I REALLY like you." April put emphasis on the word as she said it.

It suddenly hit Lee what his sister was saying, she LIKED him.

"April, you... don't know what your saying." Lee was taken back at his sister’s words. He ran his hand through his short hair nervously still taking in the words fully.

"I know what I'm saying perfectly Lee. I want you. I have since you were fifteen." April got off the bed and walked over to her brother who backed away from her advance.

"April, what are you doing?" Lee asked his sister nervously as she pinned him against the door that he had walked back into, trapping his body between hers and the hard cold wood.

"Giving you what we both want." April leaned her head to her brother’s and lightly placed her lips on his. She closed her eyes and traced little kisses along her brother’s lips. Making only minimal contact with his skin she let her tongue slide over Lee's lips before bringing her hands to his face and holding his head still as she moved her head back away from his face. April opened her eyes slowly and looked for a reaction from Lee, who was in total shock at what had happened. April smiled and rubbed her hands over his short hair before placing them around his neck bringing her body tight to his.

Lee could feel his sister’s breasts squashing against him. Her nipples were hard and poking through the thin materials they both wore, into his chest, making his cock harder then ever. "Oh god, what am I doing?" Lee said the best he could. April's mouth was on his again, only this time she had opened her lips and was pressing her tongue into his mouth, swirling it as he spoke.


A light slap hit his right cheek as he finished talking. April's tongue was licking the farthest part of his mouth now and coaxing his into moving into hers. April broke the kiss first. Resting her arms on her brother’s shoulders she looked deep into his eyes, the dark red of her hair falling over her face making a sexy contrast and to the paleness of her face.

"No talking when we kiss." April said as she flicked her head to move the hair from her face. Lee nodded. He was hers now, that kiss had sealed the deal as far as he was concerned, he wanted her now.

April knew what he wanted for she wanted the same thing; she pulled her hands off his shoulders and slid them down his chest and to the top of his jeans, pulling his belt towards her. Lee followed, his crotch pressed into hers. For the first time, April felt the bulge touch her, sending little waves up her spine, causing her pussy to become drenched, soaking her knickers. April pushed him back against the door once more, then swung them around so it was her who was against the door.

"Take off your clothes." she said sweetly. Lee just looked at his sister nervously. This was his first time and he wasn't sure what to expect. "Do it!" she said more firmly.

Lee pulled his top off before slowly pulling down his jeans. Standing back up he looked at his sister, his briefs tented out from his cock.

"All!" April exclaimed looking down.

Lee swallowed hard before grabbing the waistband and pulling them down to the floor before stepping out of them and standing back up to face his sister, naked.

April stepped forward and put her hands around her brother’s neck. Pressing her body close to his, she felt his cock angle up against her stomach. It was so erotic for her as she felt it pulse through her T-shirt. April stepped back and turned her brother around before pushing him to the bed. Turning him back around she sat him down on the bed and looked down on his cock.

It was stood about 6 inches up, twitching in anticipation at what was to come.

April smiled and reached for the bottom of her T-shirt. Grabbing it she immediately pulled it over her head, throwing it to the floor. Standing before her brother naked from the waist up made her heart beat faster than ever, and her pussy was wetter than ever.

Lee watched mesmerized by his sister’s massive breasts. They were so firm and her nipples were so hard. April shook her upper body to make her breasts wiggle and that brought a moan from Lee. Acting quickly April undid her jeans and slid them and her knickers down her sexy legs before kicking them off and standing back up to let her brother get a good look at her tight body.

Lee stared at her body taking in every little detail. The tiny freckles that were on her stomach and the little tuft of brown hair that stood above her pussy.

April could wait no longer. She leaned forward and pushed Lee back so he sat in the middle of the bed. Placing her legs on the bed she crawled on the bed with him. Standing, she placed one leg on each side of her brother’s body, and started to sit down until her pussy was just above his cock. She looked into Lee's eyes as she sat down feeling his cock slide deep into her pussy.

Stretching her legs as she went down more she got her brother fully in her. Her ass was resting on his thighs as she listened to him moan. April lifted her body up so his cock was out by 3 inches then slid back down, making Lee moan out loudly from his first experience of a woman. Smiling, April continued her movements tightening her inner muscles to grip her brother tight as she felt every little vain on his cock.

April slid her hands and arms around her brother’s back for support as she moved up and down on his cock. Bringing her mouth to his, she started kissing him all over the face, pressing her tongue into his mouth every time he moaned out.

Lee, although not experienced, was more than willing to follow her lead and soon began to move his pelvis in time with her to give her extra support and take a little of the strain off her thighs and legs. He also started to kiss her back, sliding his tongue around on hers as they moved, as one.

April was starting to moan, too, as her pleasure built. She laid her head back letting her hair fall over her shoulders and pressing out her massive breasts, which Lee took no time in moving to.

Slowly he took her left nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and gently kissing around it. "OooooHHHHHHH" April moaned as she first felt his lips on her sensitive nipple, she brought her head back forwards but made sure to keep her breasts pushed out for her brother who was loving the sensual up and down strokes from his sister as she sped up her movements on his cock.
Lee stopped licking his sister’s nipple and looked back up at her. She smiled and brought her face to his for a long, drawn out kiss, before flicking her hair away and hugging him tight to her, pressing her breast into him again as she rubbed her head against his and slowed her thrust slightly to make the feeling last longer for them both.

Lee was getting uncomfortable with April on his thighs so he carefully lifted her and knelt up. April followed him and made sure he was right before continuing to slide up and down on his cock. The new position was much better for them both. Lee was kneeling, leaning back on his thighs, with April's legs wide apart on either side of him, resting on the bed, making it much less of a struggle to push her body up. Now she increased the amount she let slip out and back in.

"Ooooohhhhhh aaaahhhh" she moaned as she felt Lee's cock slide out of her until just the head was left in then thrusting back down all the way taking the wet meat back inside her red-hot pussy.

Lee was caressing her back and shoulders as she became more violent with her movements. Pressing her mouth to his again in a passionate kiss before falling onto her hands that she put down on the bed to stop her falling completely onto her back and risk hurting her brother. "Ooooohhhh god aaaaahhhh yessssss!!!" she moaned as she continued sliding her brother’s cock into her pussy deep and hard.

In this position she had once more pushed out her breasts. Lee took full advantage and began stroking his palms across the smooth skin and hard nipples. April's mouth opened wide as she felt her brother’s hands on her breasts. The new sensation caused her to grind harder on his cock and throw her hair around wildly.
Pushing up again she quickly moved her hands off the bed and around her brother’s back holding him tight for support as she felt herself begin to fall backwards. She held him so tight and moved forwards so fast his cock thrust into her farther then ever before making her scream out in orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yessssssss!!! Hhhmmmmmmm!!!" she screamed as her juices flowed all over her brother’s cock and thighs, onto the sheets of his bed.

This new feeling was awesome to Lee. The feel of his sister cumming brought on renewed strength and a will to keep going.

April's orgasm had subsided somewhat and she had got back to her original grind determined to make Lee cum too. She leaned into him and pressing her breasts against his chest started kissing him. Not a violent kiss, a more sensual one but all the time she kept his cock moving in and out of herself with steady thrusts of her thighs and legs. April wrapped her arms around Lee's neck as she kissed him and pulled him back with her so they laid on the bed, she propped her right leg up and pushed her left out, Lee was now fully laid on her he was in control of the pace now.

"OOhhhhhh Lee aaahhhh this is hhmmmm your time yoouuuuuuuu aawwwwwww do what YOU want." April managed to get out through her moans as Lee began thrusting his hips hard back and forth into her.
"Ooohhhhh god April thank you aaaahhh." Lee moaned out as he put all his strength into a steady rhythm, pounding his hard, wet cock into his sister. She smiled as he spoke, happy that he was enjoying this so much.

April brought her right leg off the bed and wrapped it behind her brother’s ass pulling him in deeper to her center. Lee was moaning he was going to cum. He lifted himself up like a cobra ready to strike, pushing his cock deeply into his sister’s hot, wet, inviting pussy. April knew what was coming and quickly reached around with her left hand and grabbed Lee's ass, squeezing it and pulling him into her as deep as he could go, just as his balls tightened and his hot, thick cum shot out into her.

Lee moaned as the last little trickle seeped out into his sister. She had been smiling the whole time she felt his cum hitting her insides.

"Oh god that was good." April said as she let go of her brother who rolled off her to the side, still pressed against her tight body.

"Yea it was." Lee agreed.

"So you don't have any regrets about it? I mean your first time was with your own sister." April felt her brother’s hands lightly touch her right nipple, rolling it around between his fingers.

"Are you kidding? It was the best." Lee said as he kissed April's shoulder and nuzzled her ear making her giggle and squirm.

"Well anytime you want to you come and see me I think we will be able sort something out." April said as she sat up and got off the bed leaving Lee alone to get his strength back. She smiled, as she left "Don't forget the others will be back soon you better clean up your sheets you messy boy."

Lee nodded and watched her ass sway as she walked away naked. After she had gone he lay back and thought of what a life he had.


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stfu yafucking grammar nazis its great and oneof my top tens

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2012-07-12 04:09:24
stfu haters! it's a great story

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