Friday with the 'kids'.

Strawberry (Chap 7) Friday is the day to mow the lawn.

After spending my play date with Kelly I drive to work with a big grin on my face. What a day. A sixteen year old virgin who is super smart and beautiful is an exciting experience. Plus she waited until she met me to lose her virginity. It makes me feel extra special. On top of Kelly, add widowed mom Jenn and it may become a family dream. OMG, I may just end up with two homes full of women and an idea forms in the back of my mind. I have to sleep on it; my own little polygamy heaven. What is more exciting is when Kelly expresses her love; she is mature enough to mean it.

The other pre-teens may ‘love’ me for feeding their need for affection and showing them new sexual pleasures as their puberty kicks in; but it probably is not a long-term love. Of course if it last just through their early teen years it would be good enough for me. As I think about fucking Strawberry and Linda, there is something nagging me and I can’t put my finger on it. It reminds me to call Strawberry and tell her I’m stuck at work.

She whines a bit on the phone; but cheers up when I tell her to serve a very small glass of wine for each of the four of them. I remind her to be careful in the kitchen when she melts the cheese and to make sure the stove is turned off. Yes, my dad was a safety nut and it has stuck with me. Too many kids at home alone set fire to their houses either by accident or playing around. I tell her I will be home real late and I also send a text to Janet.

At work, I dig into my projects like crazy and sip an energy drink or two as the sun goes down outside. I remember I’m supposed to start my new job on Monday and move to the locked wing and my new office. It’s about 8 pm when I hear a knock on my door and my boss, Dori, comes in and sits down. Her dress slides up and shows a lot of nice legs and reminds me of my educational session with her. I still don’t know how she made me cum on command. She looks at my grin and says, “Ah, you must have liked it.”

I grin and nod and Dori tells me she has not had time to look for a replacement person for my current job. She chuckles and says, “No special job interviews for this position”. I just smile and she asks me whom I would consider to be a good candidate. Two names come to mind and we discuss the two employees. She tells me she will have a decision by Monday and will run it past me. Dori looks out the window and asks me to walk her to her car. “I forgot to pull it up to the door earlier,” she smiles.

At her car she gives me a hug and says, “Plan on working the old job on Monday and Tuesday to turn it over to the new person. On Wednesday your new office will be ready for you to move in”. She leans up and pulls my head to her and her tongue is in my mouth for half a minute. Before I can grab her ass and pull her to me she steps back and jumps into her car. “Tom, Wednesday’s lunch is at your apartment. Make sure your wine collection is up to date. We’ll have delivery,” she laughs. I can see her big smile as she waives and pulls away. More lessons for me on Wednesday afternoon, I’m sure. More than once, she said before. Good grief, what a way to get me side tracked as I keep working into the night.

As I pull into Janet’s driveway around 10 pm all the lights in the house are burning bright. I hope there is not a party going on; instead I see Strawberry and Janet are working hard. A vacuum blocks the way in the entry and I see a bucket in the middle of the kitchen. Janet is out of breath and huffs, “It was a good night to scrub the house. We are just finishing up. Look in the oven for your dinner”. When I go to give her a kiss she laughs and says, “I’m all nasty; later”. I wish she would not have used the word ‘nasty’ because my brain goes to a porn movie where the housewife got real nasty in the kitchen.

Strawberry is in the living room wrestling with a sheet; trying to fold it by herself. I help her fold the sheets and head to the basement to change. When I come back to the kitchen the cleaning tools have disappeared and I can hear the shower running in the master bathroom. Bachelor life does not seem so bad when one has only a few rooms and a good maid service. Strawberry tells me she is going to jump into the shower and will see me after I eat. I relax and eat my dinner from the warm plate in the oven. OK, there are no warm plates with food waiting in the bachelor apartment; or two naked females taking showers. It makes me grin at my sudden domestic life.

An hour later the house is dark and quiet and all three of us are in Janet’s king size bed. Strawberry is in between us talking about some real hard math test. It’s funny how we have turned the bed into a conversation place. I remind Janet I am taking Friday off to mow the lawn. She tells me to take Strawberry to school and we can all sleep an extra half hour. In the dim light Janet sees the sheet moving and she says, “Strawberry, he had a long day at work, give Tom a break. You need to go to your own bed anyway”. Her little hand has been playing with my cock under the sheet. She giggles and says, “Ok Mommy, but he has to tuck me in”.

Janet sighs and I can tell she is about to fall asleep, worn out by housework. “Don’t be long, Tom,” she says quietly. I let Strawberry lead the way up the steps and I tickle her naked ass as I admire its heart shape wiggling on the way up. In her bedroom I notice it’s not only real clean; but a new lamp is on the small table in the corner of the room. A weak bulb gives off rose colored light. Baby is trying for a romantic setting. Strawberry closes the door and takes my hand and pulls me to the bed. She kneels on the bed and we are almost face to face and she pulls me to her and we kiss tenderly. “Daddy please stay and I’ll be extra, extra good,” she whispers.

It breaks my heart because she is either really starved for affection or she is the best eleven year old actress I have seen. I imagine lots of real small girls have said it to their fathers when divorce happens and sex has nothing to do with it. Of course, my cock has no clue and when it jerks hard it hits Strawberry’s belly and she giggles. Her hand reaches for me and she strokes me gently while we kiss some more. “That’s my good Daddy,” she giggles. Oh, I see, she wants to turn the roles around a bit. I ask, “What does Strawberry want her Daddy to do?”

She whispers, “Brit licked my pussy this afternoon and I had a really good climax; but Baby really needs her Daddy’s big hard cock to make her really happy.” I chuckle and tell her, “I see you and Linda have been watching porn again”. Strawberry grins and says, “Yes Daddy, we have been so very bad. Do you have to spank me again?” Strawberry strokes me more urgently and I tell her, “Later you will get a good spanking. Now turn around.” Her eyes are in a question mark and she turns around and I push her head down so she ends up on her hands and knees.

Strawberry has seen the position before and spreads her legs for me to enter her from behind, doggy style. Her head is down on the sheet and her ass is in the air. The baby oil is on her night stand waiting for use. I put a few drops on my hand and massage her ass and pussy. She groans when my fingers dig into her pussy and ream her hard. A few minutes later my cock replaces the fingers and I slide into her nearly down to the root. I fuck her slowly but go into her pussy as deep as I can. I can see her grimace and hear her moan; it probably hurts a bit. I feel like telling her, “That’s what you get for being a little cock tease”. Instead I ease up a little and speed up the tempo. She moans, “Thanks, it was starting to hurt”.

She sees me reach for the baby oil again and when the first few drops hit her puckered ass, she says with alarm, “OMG Tom, you can’t fuck my ass, remember”. I do remember and tell her, “You can take a couple of finger tonight. I may just fuck your ass when I wear protection”. She inhales deeply and I think she just got a good scare. Rubbing my fingers all over her tightly shut pucker makes her squirm and moan. I take it easy on her and insert my middle finger just a tiny bit and play with her ass.

We both moan as I keep the tempo and I know I can last for a while longer. But she really needs to get off and go to sleep. I pull my fingers out of her sweet ass and hang on to her hips and try for effect, not speed. Leaning forward I reach under her and tweak her baby nipples and it does the job. Strawberry climaxes hard and yelps. Her hands claw her sheets and she breathes hard as she collapses on the bed. Her long hair is wild and her skin is wet with sweat just like me.

She rolls on her back and lifts her arms up. “I want to swallow my Daddy’s cum,” is all I have to hear and all is forgiven. I kneel over her chest and she pulls my cock to her mouth and accepts her special loads of Jizz on her outstretched tongue. Cum pools on her tongue and forms a little white puddle. When I finish shooting into her, she smiles and swallows. Her freckles and sparkling eyes look especially bright in the rose light. I cuddle her to me and watch as she falls asleep.

While I’m here I may as well take a quick shower. Before I finally leave her room, I make sure her alarm clock is set and I turn off the lamp.

In the basement, I check my e-mail and i-phone. When I look at the picture of Kelly and her mom on the beach, that nagging thought hits me. “Where is the little sister?” I say to myself and wonder if she will be at the house on Tuesday afternoon. A little while later, with Kelly and her mom still on my mind, I climb into bed next to Janet. I wonder if I should feel guilty like a cheating husband or maybe Janet can accept another female.

A different thought intrudes, tomorrow I have to cut the grass and I have not used a lawn mower since I was in junior high earning spending money. As I fall asleep I forget the mower and think of Strawberry.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. The irritating alarm wakes us up in the dark bedroom and Janet rolls over and hits the snooze. I really hate that alarm. At least we got the extra half hour of sleep and I needed it. I may as well crawl out while I’m awake and go shave and start breakfast. By habit I go up to Strawberry’s room and see her by the night light. She has kicked the sheet off again and lies on her side facing me. I kneel down and study her sleeping face and the sprinkle of freckles which makes me smile. Her pink nipples and a-cup tits are so inviting and this morning I can’t resist. I kiss her nipples and give them a little suck. As I’m about to stop Strawberry’s hand grabs my hair and pulls me back to her tit.

I suck them both gently and play with her boobs for a few minutes. When I try to pull back a second time she tries to hold me tighter and I grab her hand and pull it off my head. I move up to her mouth and kiss her and tell her, “Good morning baby. Mommy says ‘No playing’ in the morning before school”. She kisses me back, smiles and closes her eyes, “I’m asleep and just dreaming”. A quick look at her clock shows me she has ten more minutes and I disappear into the bathroom.

True to form, Strawberry appears at breakfast in a different colored outfit; today is ‘maroon’ day. Sitting around the table, Janet updates me on her garden tools in the shed out back. Later, when I back my truck out of the driveway, the backseat is full with three laundry bags of a week’s worth of my suits and Janet’s dresses going to the cleaners. Domestic bliss sure is a lot of work. Janet asked me also to do some laundry and I visualize the hampers in her and Strawberry’s bathrooms full of bras and panties. It is more domestic training for bachelor Tom. She probably has instructions posted over the washer and dryer on how to separate ‘delicates’ from other laundry. It makes me grin.

At the school the same teacher has bus duty and her face turns to a frown when she spots me. Well at least she remembers me and I wave at her. Strawberry grins and locks her lips to me hard and runs her tongue around inside my mouth and holds it for at least ten seconds. I slip my tongue into her mouth for just a second and her eyes pop open in surprise. We both giggle a bit before she jumps out. She repeats her mantra from the day before, “Bye Uncle Tommy,” as she walks past the crone. I laugh all the way out of the school’s driveway and then my phone chirps with a text message, “At work. R U coming for coff? Kelly”.

Hot coffee and hot Kelly is a good idea. I change my mind, hot Kelly and hot coffee is a better idea. In our state it’s illegal to text and drive, so I keep it short and send back, “10 min”. When I walk into the coffee shop, Kelly spots me and waives me to come to the employee door. She opens the door, lets me in and pushes me into the storage room and locks the door. “No lights in here baby,” she says and activates her phone. I pull mine out and turn it on also. Kelly hugs me and whispers, “I can’t believe how much I miss you. I want you tongue, …you know where.” So I kiss her lips and we French kiss for a minute. She giggles and I ask, “Where baby?” I want to hear her talk dirty and watch her blush.

She looks down and inhales hard, “On my pussy”. So I kiss her again and ask her, “And who is going to swallow all my cum?” Even in the dim light I can tell she is starting to blush when she says, “I am.” I kiss her again and Kelly figures out the reward system really quick. “Does that make Kelly a deep throating cum slut?” I ask her quietly. She looks at the floor and shakes her head ‘Yes”. I don’t kiss her and tell her, “Say it Kelly. Tell me what you’ll do only for me.” She looks me straight in the eye and says, “I’m going to be your deep throating cum slut.” Before I can even grin, her arms are around me tight and her lips are on me hard and we French kiss like crazy. Good grief, a little bit of sex talk sure has a big pay-off.

I would play with her tits except she has me in a hard embrace. The two phones turn off and we are in darkness holding each other. When our lips finally break apart, Kelly giggles and says, “Tom you are so bad”. I laugh and slide my hands down to her ass and caress it. “Look who is talking. You fixed me up with your mom for Tuesday,” I grin as I say it.

She giggles and tells me, “OMG, I heard her confirm her tennis class with the pro. Be at the house by 4 pm and I’ll make sure we’re ready”. I give her another reward kiss and think about her saying ‘we’.

“By the way, I guess the little girl in your beach pic is your sister. Where is she?” I ask. Kelly tells me she is away at a school camp for two more weeks. “You’ll like Katrina, she is a lot of fun,” Kelly says. Poor Kelly has no clue what a lot of fun with Uncle Tommy may mean for little Katrina; but mom comes first.

One more reward kiss and my hands are still on her ass when someone bangs on the door, “Kelly, the line is getting long”. When she opens the door I notice her smeared lipstick and I tell her to go into the bathroom first and I will leave quietly. She pecks me on the cheek and says, “Love ya, see ya later”. I can’t wait until Tuesday and I totally forget my coffee.

After stopping at the laundry and the grocery store I finally get back home about 10 am, unload the truck and put the groceries away. After changing into work clothes, I tackle the storage shed and pull out the lawn mower and weed whacker. All the machines actually start without a whole lot of trouble and I use the weed whacker along the three foot high chain link fence separating Janet’s house from the neighbors. The fence looks like one to keep a small dog in the yard. When I crank up the noisy lawn mower I see some activity at the neighbor’s house.

I think the neighbor’s three little darling were sleeping late because I see Brit first and then Barb and Beth looking out an upper window. It looks like they are wearing night shirts. I chuckle to myself and remember Barb’s mouthing to me. I probably misunderstood what she said. About forty minutes later the back door opens and the three girls come into the backyard and run toward a large plastic pool. They turn on a water hose and let water run into the pool. I notice they do a good job of ignoring me as I mow near their fence. That’s not to say, they don’t put on a show for me.

First they line up in a row and Beth again looks at her house to make sure mom is not watching. Beth, Barb and Brit are lined up in a row and smile at me. They are topless; of course only Beth has any tits to speak of and like the other day she rubs her tits without thinking. The pink nipples and small areolas look wonderful in the full sunlight. Her long legs and arms glisten a bit and I imagine she has sunblock on her skin. Beth, like the other two, is not wearing a bikini bottom. She wears just normal pink, little girl underwear with a Panda on the front. She pulls her panties up and the front pulls between her pussy lips and creates a camel toe. I swallow and smile because these are probably old panties as tight as they can be on all three of them. The thin material will disappear if she gets it wet.

All three girls have blue eyes and they are focused on me. I lean over to turn the mower off and Beth shakes her head ‘No” and motions to the house. Ah, the noise of the mower may cover any conversation and giggling. Barb is next to Beth and she mimics her and rubs her flat chest. She is wearing little tight blue undies and she does not need to pull them up. They are already creased in her pussy with a big time camel toe. She giggles and motions toward Brit like it is a Vegas revue.

Of course, Brit has to be different. She wears pink undies with little bunnies on them. She turns around and strips her panties off and bends over with her hands on the ground. Her sweet little ass cheeks open wide and I can see her upside down slit and puckered hole. I swallow even harder and think about jumping the fence. Brit jumps into the pool and splashes water around loudly.

Beth moves away to keep from getting wet and holds up her five fingers and points at the lawn mower with the other hand and then slashes it across her throat. Ok, cut it off in five minutes is the message. I nod and keep on cutting the rest of the yard. About ten minutes later, I finish and put the mower and tools back into the shed. When I come out of the shed, I see naked Brit streaking toward Janet’s backdoor. Beth and Barb are splashing in the pool.

In the kitchen little Brit shouts proudly, “I’m first Tom. I get to fuck you all by myself”. I grin and tell her, “You can help me take a shower first”. Inside my head, I laugh at her because I think it’s like a little kid riding a bike the first time without training wheels, “all by myself”.

Meanwhile, little Brit looks like a drowned cat with her hair plastered to her head. A little puddle is forming on the floor and it’s a problem because Janet just cleaned last night. Standing next to me it hits me that I had guessed their heights totally wrong the other day. I don’t think any of them are barely over five feet tall; without getting a measure.

“Brit, run down to the basement and grab a towel and wait on me”, I tell her while I clean up the water puddle on the floor. When I get to the basement Brit is toweling her hair and naked body. I take the towel from her and have her stand on the second step so that we are more face to face. I kiss her gently and run my hands up and down her body with the towel. She giggles when I rub her pussy just a little. “Help me get undressed”, I ask her and watch as she unbuttons my shirt. I take it off and slip my shoes off also. Brit comes off the steps and works on my belt buckle. It gives her a bit of trouble but she has my pants off in minute.

Only my jockeys are left and Brit grins wide. She kneels down and pulls my jockeys down. My half hard cock nearly smacks her in the face and we both laugh. I tense my muscles and make my cock jump and Brit watches and giggles. I tell her, “Let’s get that shower first and Mr. Cock is all yours”. Brit says, “Ok” and it’s time for another lesson. “Brit baby, you can call me Uncle Tommy or Daddy; your choice”.

Brit is quiet for a half minute and then smiles and puts her hand on my cock. She strokes me twice and asks, “Do you like this, Daddy?”

“Oh yes baby, Daddy loves it.” I spread my arms wide and she jumps up and hugs me. Her girly legs go around my middle. My hands are on her ass and she kisses my lips until I stop her so I can see where I’m going as I head toward the stairs going up. I hold her with one hand and slide the other hand across her ass cheeks and let my middle finger glide between them. I think I can feel her little puckered hole and give it a bit of a push. Brit’s eyes are inches from mine and I can see them go wide and her mouth makes an ‘O’. She rocks her hips a bit and rubs her hole against my fingertip as we climb the stairs.

She holds on to me tight until I stand beside Strawberry’s bed; but her hips keep moving against my finger in little pelvic thrusts. I was going to dump her on the bed; however, she seems to be really getting off on having my finger stroking her hole. I may as well see if she is ready for more and push it into her hole about half an inch. Brit squeals into my ear softly and rocks a bit harder. “More, Brit?” I ask and she shakes her head ‘Yes’ and a minute later moans hard, “More Daddy, please”. She gets my whole finger up her hole and she squeals hard again. Her arms and legs squeeze me hard and we don’t move frozen like two statues.

Actually, I’m trying to remember if I had played with her ass before. With the three of them it’s already getting a bit fuzzy, especially since Brit and Barb are so competitive. On the other hand, I wonder if their little personal vibrators have visited the young asses; probably not.

The moment is too good to stop, so I hold little Brit tightly by her ass cheeks. Her blue eyes are in front of me and nearly closed. Her half wet hair streams down her face and shoulders. Her arms stay around my neck as her hips and pelvic rock away with my middle finger in her tight ass. Brit breathes harder and harder and she is surely building up to a climax. I thought I was teaching her; but she sure is showing me a new trick.

Brit rocks steadily up and down and on each down move I push my finger into her as hard as possible. She moans, “Daddy, Daddy” as her climax hits with a giant shudder. Her arms squeeze my head and her lips lock to my mouth. If I sit down on the bed I could just slide her open ass hole right down on my hard cock and spear six inches into her. It is so tempting I really have to put my brain into gear not to do it. I have a better plan ready and she will get my cock into her ass in a little bit.

So I don’t sit down to avoid the temptation of my cock getting near her ass right now. I carry her into the bathroom and just hold her to me as she calms down. I have already dropped my shaving kit bag on the bed. It has a few surprises for Brit in it.

Brit grins and says, “Thank you Daddy” as I release her and let her stand up. She is still breathing hard and I reach into the cooler I had brought up earlier. I pour a glass of wine for Brit and me and we sip as she relaxes a bit.

I set the shower to a slow, warm setting. It feels like a gently warm rain falling on us. “Do you want me to wash you, Daddy?” she asks and squirts a gob of shampoo into her hands. Before I can answer, her little hands embrace my cock and shampoo it well. She strokes her hands up and down on my cock and then moves high on my chest and rubs me all over. “Don’t forget my balls”, I remind her and she grins and reaches for the sack. She plays with it for a few minutes and then lets the shower rinse me off.

Turning around I remind her to wash my back. She soaps my shoulders and back and then lets her hands glide over my buns. I bend over a bit and show her my rear view and Brit giggles. I’m fairly sure she has not imagined she would be washing my ass. “Use your hands, baby,” I encourage her and when she tentatively runs her fingers between my cheeks I tell her she is doing a great job. She goes for it and put her middle finger against my ass hole. I really don’t want to tell her to stop, so I wait to see how far she is willing to go on her own. She decides she doesn’t want to ream me. Good for me.

I turn around and use the shampoo to wash her body. Kneeling in front of her I play with her button tits and then wash her back. I’m ready to play, so I rinse us off and get us out of the shower and dried. Brit uses Strawberry’s hair dryer to finish her hair.

Back in the bedroom, I turn off the big light and let the rose colored lamp do its job. Brit lies on the bed and watches me take things out of my shaving kit. First comes a special lube which not only lubricates but also has a strong pain reliever. Second comes a box of condoms but it’s the padded handcuffs which make Brit gasp a loud, “No”. I tell her, “For later maybe”.

Time for another lesson for my Brit as I lie on my back and unwrap a condom. “Put this on your Daddy, Brit”. She smiles and takes the condom and handles it fairly well as she puts it on my cock head and slowly rolls it down while I hold my cock for her. She smiles as she finishes and I tell her she did a good job. “Now do it without using your hands,” I tell her and pull the condom off. Unwrapping a new condom I hold it to the tip of my cock and Brit looks confused. “You have to use your lips and tongue only”, I say and wait to see what she will do. She thinks for a few seconds and doesn’t say anything. Finally she leans over and puts her lips over the condom.

I can feel her lips and tongue pushing against the condom’s roll. Slowly it slides just a little over my cock head on one side. Brit feels it being uneven and uses her tongue to push it down on the other side. When the condom pops over my cock head, Brit sighs hard. She tightens her lips around my cock and pushes a bit. The condom unrolls a bit more and in about four minute she reaches her goal. My cock is deep in her mouth and I push her down a bit more with my hand until I feel her gag. “That’s a good girl, Brit. You really did a good job,” I tell her as I let her come off my cock and breathe.

Brit looks at me and says, “I never saw that on the computer. It’s weird.” I laugh and tell her guys really love girls who know this trick. So I tell her to get on her back and we’ll do some more new stuff. I put all the pillows behind her so she is reclining and can watch. Using the special lube I smooth some around her mons and down along the outer pussy lips. I put a big gob on my middle finger and Brit inhales hard because she knows where it is going. Right back up her little ass.

Rotating my finger around her puckered ass hole I work the lube into her skin and then drop a second big gob right onto her hole which has opened just a bit. My finger stokes into her ass as she watches. A minute later a second finger joins the first and I stretch her ass a bit more. Brit rocks her ass against my finger and tells me it feels ‘different’ from before. I explain the lube has medicine in it to help it not hurt.

“My Daddy would not hurt me”, she grins and it makes my cock twitch. Mr. Cock wants to investigate Brit’s ass really bad. We have one more thing to do before he gets the privilege. “Brit, stretch your legs and lift them as high as you can,” I ask her. As I expect, she stretches and lifts her legs up to her head. She grabs her thighs and gives them another tug and her feet are behind her head. When I grab the soft handcuffs she gives me a terrified look. "It's to help you keep your legs up”, I tell her and clamp the cuffs around her ankles.

When I step back, Brit is in a totally exposed view. Her legs are all the way back with her feet behind her head handcuffed together. Her pussy and ass are wide open on the edge of the bed. Because of the stack of pillows she can’t move anywhere. I line up my cock with her asshole and push my cock head into her. Brit yelps loudly and holds her thighs tight. Her eyes are closed tight. I hold still and let her get used to my cock head in her ass.

“Brit baby, open your eyes and watch,” I tell her. She opens her eyes and looks down and gasps. “OMG, you got it into my ass”, she says really quietly as she looks at the thick cock wanting to go deeper into her. “Here we go,” I tell her and push another inch into her. She moans and I can’t tell if it’s pain or pleasure. I wait a few more seconds and give her another push. Brit moans quietly and does not complain. It takes about five minutes and I’m almost all the way in her baby ass.

“You’re fucking me all by yourself, baby,” I tell her quietly with a chuckle. Brit smiles and rocks her ass a little. I tell her, “Ah, that feels nice. Fuck your Daddy like that”. I hold still and she rocks her hips a bit faster. Ok, it works for me and I let Brit rock her ass and set her own little fuck tempo.

Her blue eyes sparkle and her curly brown hair shakes as she rocks with a smile. Seems to me little Brit has taken to gentle ass fucking really quick. A small drop of sweat sits between her nipples and I reach down and rub it across her nearest nipple. Brit groans in pleasure and keeps rocking. “Daddy, do you want to fuck me now?” she asks a few minutes later and I tell her yes. I pull out of her about half way and push back into her all the way down. Brit smiles and says, “Oohh”. Oohh indeed. It’s a good thing I don’t have to confess she is the best ass fuck I have ever had. Not that I had many.

Brit Oohh’s every time I stroke into her and I keep it slow and gentle for about ten minutes. I don’t want to cum before she reaches a climax. Brit is getting near as her moaning and “Oohh’s” get louder and stronger. “Daddy, Daddy, do it hard, now, now”, she gasps and I push into her hard and fast. Her climax hits a few seconds later and I feel wet against my skin. We both look down and watch as she squirts a small stream of pussy juice onto my belly and cock.

“Way to go baby; that’s very nice” I tell her before she gets embarrassed. She smiles shyly and says, “It just happened, Daddy”. I pull my cock out of her ass and tell her I’m glad to see she is a normal woman. When I say woman, she smiles wide. As I undo her handcuffs I tell her not to move for minute.

After I come out of the bathroom from a quick cleanup I tell Brit to practice putting the condom on me with her lips but without a condom. She giggles and sits up and opens her mouth for my cock. I push into her and let her suck my cock for a few minutes and then remind her my balls need some attention also. Brit plays with my balls for a few minutes and then pulls them to her mouth and licks them both. When I have enough I put my cock back into her mouth and push even harder toward her throat. Do I cum into her mouth or pussy?

“Brit, pull your legs up again”, I tell her and she stretches and has her ankles behind her head in a quick move. I stand in front of her and see her pink pussy wide open and wanting some cock. I’m still hard and I know I won’t last all that long as I push into her hard to the root. “Oohh Daddy, fuck my baby pussy”, she whispers to me and I fuck her with long hard strokes. Brit rocks her ass against me like an expert and a few minutes later I push into her as hard as I can and shoot my load.

“Daddy, daddy give me your cum”, Brit whispers as I lean over her. She reaches up and pulls me to her and we kiss hard as her legs fall down. She wraps them around me and holds me tight and I push into her several more times for the last rope of Jizz. Good grief, her Daddy talk has me rock hard and horny. I stay deep in her pussy twitching as hard as I can. “Good Daddy, do it for your favorite baby”, the little minx whispers in my ear and rocks her pelvic against my cock.

Brit hugs me hard and pushes her legs against my ass. “My very good Daddy,” she whispers with her mouth against my ear. My cock twitches deep inside her and she giggles. “Do it again Daddy,” she whispers and rocks her ass. Mr. Cock obliges and twitches hard and it makes us both giggle. What a nice way to end a fuck.

Brit’s little jealousy raises its head when she asks all innocently, “Do I have to send Barb in, or do you just want to fuck me again?”

A very careful answer is called for, “Brit baby, you know you are so very extra special. You have to keep it a secret just between you and me. You can’t tell anyone. So just get along with your sisters and share. Don’t act so competitive with Barb and be nice to Beth. She is trying to take care of all three of you.”

I pull her to me and we hug and lay on the bed, she thinks for a minute and says quietly, “Ok, just for my special Daddy.” We snuggle for a few more minutes until I take her downstairs and push her gently out the back door.

Good grief, I hope this does not bite me in the ass. Two more girls to go.

Ten minutes later, I had hardly finished straightening up in Strawberry’s room when I hear a little girl’s voice calling, “Tom, Tom” from below. Good grief, not another puddle in the kitchen, I hope; but when I get to the first floor I realize the voice is coming from the basement. I assume it’s Barb and she came through the basement door. When I get to the basement steps her smiling face looks up at me and she says, “Hi”. “Hi, to you too Barb”, I tell her and kneel down and hug and kiss her. She giggles when my tongue runs down her neck. Her damp hair rubs against me and washes my face.

Barb deserves a little teasing for mouthing at me to ‘fuck my ass”; so I ask her “What’s up?” while I look at her nearly transparent, wet panties with the terrific camel toe. The question catches her off guard and she turns bright red. “Ah, ah, Tom, can we play?” she stammers. Smiling at her I answer, “Sure, do you want to play cards?” She shakes her head ‘No” and looks down at the floor and my jockeys. “Tell me what you mean,” I ask. She looks down again and I pull her chin up so she looks at my eyes and I repeat, “Tell me”.

Barb says really quiet, “Play with my pussy, Tom”. “Ok, I can play with your pussy,” I answer and she grins. Then I ask, “Is that all?” She looks down again; but answers a bit quicker, “I’ll suck your cock”. “Oh, I like it when you suck my cock; what else?” I ask. Barb has finally figured out she has to tell me stuff and says, “You can fuck me”. I grin and tell it will be my pleasure to fuck her. “In your mouth or where?” is my next question.

Barb thinks a half minute and answer a bit shy again, “I want you to fuck my ass”. She grins and thinks she has answered everything. So I ask, “Why in your tiny little ass hole?” Barb looks at me and says, “I saw it on the internet”. Well there is my answer; nine year old Barb has been watching porn just like most of the older girls. “Who knows about you watching girls getting ass fucked?” I want to know. She giggles and says, “Brit and I have a lap top in our room, but she doesn’t know I do it”.

“OK Barb, I can fuck your little ass; but you have to swear not to tell Brit or anybody else. Plus you have to call me either Uncle Tommy or Daddy. Which one?” Her eyes get real big and she asks, “You want me to call you Daddy? It makes me think of our father”. I chuckle and tell her that is the whole idea, “You can think of me being your Daddy or you can pretend your Daddy is fucking your ass.”

I’m not sure which idea is more horrible to her because her face is totally blank with a shocked look for half a minute. Then she grins and says, “I guess you can be my Daddy, Tom.” I give her a hug and kiss and tell her I’m going to be an extra special secret Daddy. “Let’s get these wet panties off you, baby. Show your Daddy what delicious pussy you have for him”. Barb pulls her wet panties off and spreads her legs and pulls her pussy lips open and shows me her pink inside. Her slit opens and I can see her tiny black hole going into her body. Her pink pussy is damp, probably from the pool or maybe she is already a bit horny and ready for a cock.

“Oh Barb, Daddy loves your pussy,” I tell her. I stand up and strip my jockeys off and my half hard cock dangles in front of her face. She grins when I tell her, “Looks like Mr. Cock loves your pussy, too. How about a nice kiss?” She grabs my cock and lifts it up with one hand and runs her tongue down its underside like I had taught her before. Barb pulls my skin down gently and stokes me slowly alternating between stoking and running her tongue all over my cock.

Well, well; little Barb has learned some interesting things from watching porn. She opens her mouth and pops my cock head between her lips and massages me with her little tongue. It feels heavenly. If she keeps this up, we may never make it up to Strawberry’s bed before I shoot a load of Jizz down her throat. I adjust my stance and spread my legs to get more comfortable and watch Barb suck my cock. She gets several inches into her mouth before she gags and pulls me back out. “I’m sorry Daddy, you’re just so big,” she whines and it makes me grin. Yea, keep telling me how my big cock won’t go down your throat.

“We are going upstairs to Strawberry’s room,” I tell her and lift her up with my hands on her naked ass cheeks. She automatically wraps her arms and legs around me and puts her head against mine. I don’t want to play with her asshole yet, let it come later. My cock is between her belly and mine and rubs her as we climb the stairs. She grins as I bump and rub her against it. I sit on the edge of the bed and let her straddle my cock between her pussy lips. She rubs against it and grins. “Do you want to fuck my pussy first?” Barb asks; totally not shy anymore.

I chuckle and tell her there are a few things she has to show her Daddy first. I lay her on the bed and unpack the kit again. She recognized the small box and says, “Condoms”. Next comes the tube of lube and she looks at it and reads the label, “Lubrication”. I grin and say, “Correct”. My hand is in the kit and I watch her closely as the padded handcuffs come out. Barb looks very surprised and gasp, “Shit, are you going to cuff me?” I grin and tell her, “Of course, it’s part of your ass fucking”. Barb turn two shades paler and swallows hard. I think I have her total attention. It cracks me up.

“Ok Barb, the cuffs are not going to hurt. But first, I need to teach you some things”. Just like Brit, I have her roll the first condom onto my cock. She does it fairly quickly and tells me they had to do it in health class to a banana. And just like Brit she has a blank look on her face when I tell her to do it without using her hands. I laugh and tell her to use her mouth only. Barb holds the condom to my cock tip and dives right in. She uses her teeth to get it over my cock head and then her lips to unroll it down to the root. When she finishes she throws up her hands like an American football goal signal.

I’m impressed and tell her so. She grins and says, “Let me do it again, I bet I can do it faster”. The second time she wobbles a bit at the start but clamps her lips tight around my cock and unrolls the condom a lot faster than the first time. I laugh and tell her she wins the championship. She grins and cuddles to me and asks, “Am I better than Brit?” I tell her a gentleman does not kiss and tell and for her to stop being competitive with Brit. “Baby, you need to be your own woman and don’t worry about Brit every second,” I tell her. She grins and cuddles into me more, “Ok Daddy”.

We lie together for a few minutes and just snuggle and kiss before Barb chuckles and reaches for my cock, “How about Mr. Cock?” I tell her Mr. Cock wants to make her really happy and fuck her ass, “And your pretty pussy and your mouth, too.” She smiles and stretches her slender body to its full length. Her flawless skin is tanned except where her bikini lines are. Her pink button nipples stand up on her flat chest and I reach over and tweak them. She giggles some more and says, “Come on Mr. Cock”.

Good idea. I position her on the pillows so she can watch her ass getting fucked. I tell her to lift her legs up high and she also gets them up behind her head. I hold her ankles together and slap the handcuffs on her. Barb looks at me and says, “OMG, you were serious”. I explain it will let her keep her legs up and to hold on to her thighs. She watches closely as I lube her pussy. Barb sees me put a big gob of lube on my middle finger and she closes her eyes and grits her teeth. My middle finger runs around her asshole a few times and with a second big gob of lube it enters her butt. Barb whimpers hard as I stroke her ass. The whimpering gets louder when the second finger pushes deep into her tight ass.

Although I’m ready to pop her ass cherry, Barb does deserve a little ‘feel good’ treatment. Kneeling before her, I open her pussy lips wide with my fingers and attack the pink flesh with my tongue. Barb jumps when I spear into her middle and moans with pleasure, “Oh, yes, yes.” She rocks her ass against my tongue while I stroke her deeper and deeper. “Yes, yes” is Barb’s mantra as she gets tongue fucked for several minutes. I work up to her small clit and rub it also for a minute and it makes Barb grind her ass against my face. Little Barb is ready for her moment.

Standing up makes Barb look up into my face and wonder why I have stopped licking her pussy. When she looks down she sees Mr. Cock lining up with her asshole. She inhales hard and closes her eyes tight. Her hands clamp down on her thighs and I spear my cock head into her anal opening. She grabs me with her tight anal ring and squeezes my cock head hard. “Barb, try to relax,” I tell her as I watch her face. It takes several long seconds for Barb to exhale and seemingly to relax.

“That’s better, baby. Now rock your ass a little to see what it feels like,” I tell her and she rocks her ass against my cock. I give it a small push as she rocks against me and slide into her a little bit more. It must not be too painful because she does it again and again. A minute later, I’m deep in her ass and her cherry has been popped. It makes me grin, “Open your eyes Barb.” She looks down and sees what she surely feels; my cock deep in her ass. Her eyes and mouth both make a big ‘O’ before she smiles a bit. “OMG Daddy, I did it,” she chirps happily, “You are all the way in my ass.”

Well I’m glad she has a big smile on her face as I slowly stroke into her more and pound her ass a bit. Brit watches my cock gliding in and out; but the grimace on the down stroke lets me know she has a fair amount of pain also. I pull back and shorten my strokes and speed up the tempo. Barb rocks her ass hard and I can see sweat running down her flat chest. We fuck hard for a long time and I don’t want to waste a load of Jizz in her ass. “Barb baby, relax for a second,” I tell her as I pull out of her ass and strip off the condom. I run into the bathroom for a hot washcloth and clean up.

Barb has her eyes closed when I come back and line up to fuck her pussy. Unlike Brit, I leave her legs up high and handcuffed. She looks down and sees me push against her pussy lips and smiles, “Yes, yes.” I push into her slowly and ask, “Yes, yes what?” Barb understands the game and acts sheepish, “Daddy, fuck me with your big cock and cum in my pussy”. It makes my cock twitch hard and I chuckle, “Mr. Cock likes it also, Barb”. She grins wide and tells me, “I love Mr. Cock also, Daddy. Tell him to fill me up with hot cum.”

The little vixen is going to get her wish as I stroke into her extra deep. She moans hard and rocks against me with each down stroke. Sweat glistens on her chest and I can feel it running down my back as we fuck hard. It is a real fuck and hard as hell. Minutes later she screams as her climax hits and mine follows. Ropes and ropes of hot Jizz shoot into her tight pussy and I can feel her trying to clench my hard cock and milk it for more. I stay deep inside her as I jerk and jerk in an after effect from my cum.

Barb looks up at me in total shock, “OMG Tom, I can feel it in my belly. It’s really hot.” “Baby that’s because you are so pretty and you are my extra special girl. You made me so hot just for you,” I tell her and reach for the handcuff key. I take the cuffs off and roll her on top of me with my cock still buried in her pussy. I hold her to me tight and cuddle her as we relax. She smiles and kisses my face all over and wiggles her ass against my cock. A few minutes later, I ask her in a quiet voice, “So what about your first ass fuck?” She thinks about it for a few seconds and answers back, “Tom, it was Ok; but once is enough”. I chuckle and tell her, “I agree. Don’t do it until you are an adult and only if you really want to do it. Now let’s get into the shower.”

She giggles as she jumps off me and heads for the shower. She wiggles her small ass and looks over her shoulder and says, “My Daddy can fuck my pussy every day”. Good grief, we have to talk about this ‘every day’ idea. I follow her to the shower and notice a stream of white running down her legs. It makes me horny again.

It takes us a long time to finish in the shower because her pussy needed special attention to get all the cum out and then Barb showed me one more time how to put a condom on with her lips; no condom of course. Gentle warm water washes over us and we finally finish and dry off. Her blue panties are in the basement and when she puts them on she pulls them up tight in a fresh camel toe. She kisses me a couple of times more until I finally get her out the door.

Brit and Beth are laying on big towels soaking up sun. Brit turns her head and sees us by the basement door. She wags her finger at us and smirks. The little minx.

Fifteen minutes later there is a knock on the basement door and Beth comes in. She is the oldest of the three going on age eleven and she is more mature than her two younger siblings. I’m dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt and she seems to be surprised to see me with my clothes on. “Hi Beth, come on in,” I say while my eyes roam over her body. The smiling panda on her little panties makes me grin and she rubs her small tits without thinking about it. I turn around and go into my bedroom and sit on the bed and wait on her to come in.

It makes me grin because I realize when they are in a group they feed off each other and do things like playing strip Go Fish with Strawberry; but when they are alone they turn shy. Beth comes into my room and sits down on the bed next to me and I put my arm around her and kiss her cheek. I ask her, “So what have Brit and Barb told you about their afternoon adventure?” Beth shakes her head “No” and tells me, “They haven’t said one word. But they both have big grins on their faces; whatever you did to them must have been good”. I chuckle and think it depends if you like your virgin ass fuck.

“Tom can we talk?” she asks and I tell of course besides there are things I want to tell her too. “What’s on your mind, Beth,” I ask. She holds my hand and tells me she is afraid her mom will find out they are playing over here. I have to agree it is a problem and I ask why I have not seen her mom this afternoon. Beth tells me her mom had an appointment and she has to babysit Barb and Brit. I look at my watch and note is already mid-afternoon. “Have you girls had any lunch,” I ask and she shakes her head “No” again. Beth tells me she was supposed to fix sandwiches; but the time got away from her.

“Ok Beth, we can talk in the kitchen while I cook,” I say and pull her up. As she stands in front of me with a big smile on her face her boobs are right in front of my eyes. Cooking can wait for a minute and I pull her to me and nibble on her perky pink tits. Beth puts her arms around my head and holds me tight. Her little nipples are hard between my lips and when I suck them it feels like they are stretching a bit. I pull back and they appear to be a good bit longer, standing straight up and hard. Beth runs her hands over her boobs and rubs them. “You know, you do it all the time,” I tell her with a grin. She drops her hands to her sides and giggles and I give each nipple another kiss.

“Let’s go cook,” I tell her and lead her up the steps by the hand. As I fix the crackers and cheese snack which they like we talk about her mom and dad. Seems like he works long hours and is often out of town. Mom does charity work and is usually gone during the day and it is the reason they stay with Strawberry after school. I get the feeling neither parent is tuned into their kids. I ask Beth if she knows about her siblings watching porn. Her eyes go wide and she admits she has looked a bit but did not think her sisters did it. “Well one of them does for sure,” I tell her.

“Beth baby, there is another serious issue,” I say and explain besides getting caught we can’t do this all the time like Brit and Barb want. We have to limit it dramatically not just because of her parents but also Janet. She nods her head in understanding and I add, “Besides, Brit and Barb are really too young to be having sex. They need to be at least ten years old”. Amazing how Beth just meets my age limit and she grins in understanding. Her hands come up and rub her boobs again. When I stop talking and watch she gets self-conscious and giggles.

“Tweak your nipples for me, baby,” I ask and she takes them between her fingers and pulls gently. When she turns lose half a minute later they stand up hard again. Beth looks down and grins. “We are going to get side tracked from cooking,” I chuckle and give each nipple another kiss and quick suck. Beth giggles again as we go back to cooking. I tell her to put everything on trays and we will set it on the back deck for the ‘kids’. Beth tells me she feel like their mom sometimes because she has to get them ready for school in the morning and make sure they do their homework. “I understand fully, it’s not fair to put the job on you,” I say.

Beth takes the trays with food along with colas and sets them on the table outside. She calls Barb and Brit to come eat but first to put on t-shirts. Beth carries her tray down to the basement and I follow with mine. We eat and talk sitting on my bed and it is astounding how more mature she can be when she want. Of course, nibbling on her tits turns her back into a giggling pre-teen.

“I’m having a good time just talking, Tom,” she tells me after a while and I agree. I tell her I have to clean up Strawberry’s room and she tells me she will help. The smell of fresh sex still lingers in Strawberry’s room and Beth smirks and says, “The scene of the crime”. I laugh and wish she had not used those words. Beth spots the padded handcuffs on the bed and her eyes go big, “Did you cuff them?” I look at her and tell her, “Their ankles”. She is obviously confused and I just grin and say, “I’ll show you later.” We change the sheets and Beth carries all the dirty sheets and towels down to the laundry room. After the bathroom and bedroom are extra clean, I go down and check on the laundry.

Meanwhile, Beth is in the kitchen cleaning up from cooking and the trash from Brit and Barb. She tells Brit and Barb to go back into their house and play video games and not be around the pool without her. I can see who probably does the housework in their home because she works quick and efficiently. We have the whole place clean and she even separated all the different dirty laundry into little stacks. Beth runs into the laundry room and says, “Watch this.” She giggles and comes back wearing one of Janet’s bright red half bras. I tell her, “You will be that size in about three years”. She looks down at the large bra and says, “No way, Tom.” It makes me laugh.

Back in the basement, I strip off my shirt and shorts and sit on the bed. Beth stands in front of me and turns shy again. “Come on baby, let’s get your panties off,” I tell her and strip her. I pull her to me again and tell her to straddle my legs. She straddles me facing toward me and my cock rubs against her pussy. I lean forward and kiss her nipples again and Beth lets out a little moan. “What would you like to do, Beth,” I ask her quietly. She turns my wrist up and looks at my watch, “Strawberry should have been here about twenty minutes ago,” she worries. I tell her that she is staying in school until Janet picks her up. “We have plenty of time, baby,” I grin.

She has a worried look on her face and tells me she saw on the internet some very young girls getting pregnant, “I don’t want to get pregnant”. I tell her she is probably too young; but I won’t cum in her pussy without protection. She giggles and says in a whisper, “Is it Ok if we don’t fuck, I want you to teach me how to suck cock better.” Of course it makes Mr. Cock twitch real hard and slap her pussy several times. She giggles and I tell her, “Mr. Cock really wants to show you how to suck cock”. She giggles again and slides off my lap and kneels in front of my spread legs.

Beth lifts my cock up and looks at it closely and slowly pulls the skin back and studies my cock head. It is turning red slowly as she handles it. “What feel real good, Tom,” she asks and I explain about running her tongue down the underside and playing with my balls. “When you put it in your mouth, try not to hold it with your hands because it takes the feeling away,” I explain. I tell her when she is ready we will go to step 2; deep throating and swallowing.

Beth grins and licks the underside of my cock down to my balls. It sends a hot tingle right up to my brain and makes me twitch hard. She giggles again and then does it again. By the third time her tongue has me moaning as she runs it up and down. Beth watches me carefully and opens her mouth wide and pulls just the cock head in and tickles me with her tongue. She presses her tip against my opening and runs her tongue up and down. I can’t help but to push my cock against her face but she moves back with the pressure and locks her teeth on the rim behind my cock head. Holy smokes, I may turn her into a world champ cock sucker yet.

She slides my cock deep into her mouth and I give her some pointers about pressure and what feel good. Her head pistons up and down and her hand is on my balls. Good grief she may get me off in just a few minutes. “Baby slow down and try to go deeper, you still have about two inches to go,” I encourage her and put my hand on her head. Beth inhales deep through her nose and pushes forward with her throat stretched out just like I told her. I can feel my cock head pounding against her throat and stretching it. I feel Beth choking a bit but she doesn’t back up. Suddenly I slip the last two inches into her and I know I’m down her throat.

Holy shit, I’m deep in my ten year old babe’s throat and near cuming. Beth has her arms around my waist and holds me tight while I try to relax with the pressure on my cock head. I slowly count to sixty and pull back hard before she faints. Beth gulps air and grins at me. “OMG baby, that’s awesome,” I praise her. I think about rolling her on her back and face fucking her full blast; but it can wait till next time. Beth looks up and asks, “More?” I grin and tell her of course; but warn her I’m close to cuming and if she doesn’t want it down her throat to tell me now.

Instead she opens wide again, leans way forward so her throat stretches in a straight line and sucks me down her throat. I slowly move forward and back about two inches and fuck her throat. When I pull back she breathes through her nose and we have a very nice slow throat fucking pace. I only last a few minutes and warn her, “Beth baby, I’m cuming now.” She jerks hard as the first blast of Jizz shoot down her throat. Beth recovers and pulls herself against me and forces her throat open as I shoot a few more loads down her throat. She waits and waits and I can feel her swallowing and I finally pull her back so she can breathe. That’s when she surprises me.

She scrambles back up in my lap and my wet cock rocks against her pussy. However, Beth throws her arms around my head and tells me, “Thanks Tom.” Before I can answer, her cum covered tongue is in my mouth and she works me in a frenzy. I can taste cum on her tongue as she runs it all around inside my mouth and we French kiss. It takes her a couple of minutes to calm down and lean back from me and breathe hard. She grins from ear to ear and says it again, “Thanks Tom.” OK, I have no clue; is she thanking me for the lesson or a throat full of hot Jizz.

I have to know, “What are you thanking me for?” I whisper into her ear and love her answer. She turns to me and says, “I love how you taste, I wish you had it by the quart”. It makes me laugh and I hug her to me and tell her I agree. She giggles some more and says, “Are you going to show me the handcuffs?”

A mouth full of hot cum has sure changed her attitude and I love it. So I help her get in position and put the handcuffs around her ankles. Compared to her sisters, her longer legs look much sexier lifted straight up and shackled. Her pussy is damp and the asshole is closed tight. I put a drop of lube on my fingers and massage the flesh around her pussy lips. She moans a little as my fingers play near her velvet prize. Beth needs her own climax to finish her day and I start by gently kissing her pussy for several minutes before spreading her open with my fingers. When my tongue dives into her she is already hot and rocks against me.

I can feel moisture seeping from her and look at her pink pussy. A faint stream of moisture seeps from her and her small clit is bright red. Her entry is a dark small tunnel and needs exploring with my tongue. I stretch Beth’s pussy a bit wider and sink my tongue down her entry as far as I can. Vibrating my tongue and working her with the tip makes Beth twitch and moan. Oh yes, a tongue fuck may make her real happy.

She rocks her ass as I keep at it for several minutes before attacking her clit. Beth tries to reach my head but can’t get passed her legs easily. She rocks harder and groans hard as my tongue works her red clit. “OMG, don’t stop,” she repeats over and over and I decide to help her reach her apex. I suck her clit into my mouth and work tongue magic on it. It only takes a minute and Beth screams and jerks as her whole body shakes. Wetness hits my mouth and she streams pussy juice for me to drink. I lap her up until she stops.

I pull her legs down and take the cuffs off and pull her to me for a cuddle. Beth whimpers into my shoulder as she clings to me after her climax. She shakes like she is cold and I cover us with a blanket and hold her. A few minutes later she puts her face to mine and kisses me hard. “Tom, I can’t stop, we have to figure out a way for you to do me again”. I think about it and whisper to her we will work on it; just her and not the two ‘kids’. It makes her giggle. I roll her on her back and kiss her nipples again and suck them a bit harder. I think I’m falling in love with sucking her less than a-cup tits. It’s weird when you think about it because I have Janet’s giant tits readily available.

Beth pushes her chest up and sighs, “I love you Tom.” “Oh baby, you are the best,” I tell her and then realize I have to send her home. I tell her I’m sorry she has to go home. She looks at my watch and agrees, “I better check what the ‘kids’ are doing.” We both laugh and I watch her pull her panties on.

At the door we kiss one last time and I send her home.

Good grief, it was actually hard to do.

The taste of her sweet pussy is still in my mouth.

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