Cindy learned that Dennis (her son's best friend) was a member of The MILF Club, a small group of his friends that share pictures and videos of MILF's. The price of a membership in this exclusive Club are pictures or a video of your mother nude or having sex (preferably having sex). Still horny from their recent sexual activities she talks Dennis into telling her about one of his mother's videos, in detail. As Dennis begins narrating the video of his mother having sex, Cindy begins acting out each detail with him in the hopes of fulfilling an Oedipus fantasy of him being with his mother. After changing positions several times (still following the events of the video) she finds herself kneeling between his legs and giving him a blowjob. Dennis then describes how the man in the video put both of his hands on the back of his mother's head and pulled her down until his dick in fully in her mouth and holds her head firmly in place. Cindy feels Dennis place his own hands on the back of her head and soon his dick is fully inside her mouth. With her head held firmly on his dick he says "...and then a second man walks in, kneels behind my mother and positions his hard dick at the entrance to her vulnerable pussy." - "WHAT!!!" Cindy screams in her head!
***WARNING*** This chapter is a bit long at 20 typed pages. But I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, Afternoon (Day 2)

As Dennis held her head down, with his dick buried in her mouth, Cindy started to panic. Images of a complete stranger climbing on to her son's bed behind her, thrusting his dick into her 'vulnerable' pussy, while Dennis held her mouth down on his own dick, ran through her mind. A mixture of fear and excitement raced through her as she tried to picture herself being taken by two men at the same time on her son's bed, both of their dicks thrusting into her, one from the front and one from behind. Despite the fear this image cause emotionally, her body responded otherwise. A shiver ran up her back as she tried to visualize what it would look like. As she continued to imagine the situation about to take place her fear began to lessen and a burning desire began to well up inside of her.

She pulled her head back against the pressure of his hands, sliding up his dick about an inch, and then slid her mouth back down. Another shiver ran up her back as she waited to feel the bed adjust to the stranger’s weight. Again she pulled back an inch or so before pushing her mouth back down his dick again. She heard Dennis moan slightly and the sound fueled her desire. Again she pulled back and got even further as she discovered his grip lessening, before thrusting her mouth down his dick again. As she began to anticipate the inevitable penetration from behind she once again tried to picture the scene about to take place on her son’s bed. As Dennis relaxed his grip on her head and she was now able to stroke his entire dick with her mouth another shiver race up her back. Again she was trying to imagine what the scene would look like when a sudden realization struck her like a physical slap to her face; she would know exactly what it looked like, because Dennis was recording it on his video camera!

With his grip on her head relaxed Cindy was able to turn her head enough to look at the TV hooked up to the video camera. On the TV she saw Dennis sitting naked on the headboard of her son's bed. She saw herself kneeling naked on her son's bed between his legs with his dick buried in her mouth. But there was no one behind her, or anywhere else in the room for that matter. Suddenly she felt a new mixture of emotions hit her - relief and disappointment. As she began to process this new realization she continued stroking his dick with her mouth. Slowly the emotions of relief and disappointment gave way to new emotion - confusion. And the fact that she was still high from the weed she had smoked earlier never crossed her mind as a contributor to the confusion she was feeling now.
So deep in thought was she that she hadn't realized her pace on his dick was beginning to slow, until she felt him raise her up off of him. Gently guiding her up until she was no longer resting on his legs he slid off the headboard to stand next to the bed. Dennis then took her hands and pulled her forward until they were resting on the headboard where he had just been sitting and she was bent over again. He took a couple of steps and as he climbed on to the bed behind her he continued his narration of the video, "Then a second man walks in, kneels behind my mother and positions his hard dick at the entrance to her vulnerable pussy."
She felt one of his hands grab her hip, and then she felt the head of his dick press against the entrance to her pussy. Her body began to tremble with anticipation. She felt him push forward just enough to allow the head of his dick slip between her pussy lips. A shiver shot up her back and she held her breath, waiting for him to shove it into her. As he held it just inside the entrance of her pussy she fought the urge to push back and impale herself on his dick. Her breathing deepened and she felt her breasts swaying beneath her body as another shiver shot up her spine and caused her to tremble. The trembling in turn caused her hips to move slightly and her pussy began rubbing on his dick, which in turn caused her tremble even more. "Dennis, please!" She cried out.

Dennis then grabbed her other hip, holding her firmly in place, and said, "Then the second man grabbed both of my mother’s hips and began to push his dick inside her.” Slowly, Dennis began to push his dick into Cindy.
Cindy inhaled sharply as she felt him slide easily into her pussy, “Ooohhh...” Once Dennis was completely inside of her she felt him slowly began to pull out again, “…Aaahhh…” Cindy gripped the headboard harder as her breathing began to quicken, “OOoohhhh…” Again she felt him pushed back into her. “…AAaahhhh…” Cindy’s grip on the headboard tightened as she felt her pending orgasm building. “…OOoohhh myyyy...” she moaned as his dick began to pull back out of her again. “…OOOoohhhh yesss...” Dennis pushed himself back into her a little faster this time. "...OOOoohhhh Dennis..." Cindy now had a white-knuckle grip on the headboard as Dennis pulled out of her again. Without hesitating he immediately shoved his dick back into her and Cindy came unglued! "...OOoohhh Dennis.....that's it babe.....AAAaahhh.....that's it.....OOOoohhh yeeesss...!" At this point Dennis began thrusting in and out of her without hesitating. Cindy cried out as she her orgasm hit her and she felt him begin slamming into her as hard as he did last night in her room. As her orgasm rolled through her she felt his desparate need and began pushing her ass back to meet him thrust for thrust. Her body was trembling as another wave of pleasure hit her again, smaller then the first but still enough to cause her to softly cry out again.

As she rode the last gentle wave of euphoria her body was on she felt Dennis begin to falter in his pace. Pushing her ass back with renewed vigor she began to coax him, "That's it darling...that's it...cum in me...cum in my pussy...that's it..." But after a few more minutes Dennis slowed down and finally stopped. As she knelt there, his hard dick still deep in her pussy, she listened to his panting. She could feel his chest heaving as it caused his hips to rock gently against her. As her breathing began slowed she asked, "Are you OK back there?"

She heard him take a deep breath and then, "Mrs. J...I'm just...exhausted..." he said between gasps of air. "...I'll shortly."

She felt his dick slide out of her and a small shiver course through her body. She had come to love the feeling of him sliding out of her after sex, but was disappointed he hadn't cum. She turned around and found him sitting with his legs on one side of the bed, leaning back with his hands on the bed behind him for support, and with his head thrown back and eyes closed. As she looked over his body she admired with his young physique. His lean body was glistening with sweat and still his hard dick was pointing upward along his tight stomach muscles. "Do you think you can cum yet?" She asked as her gaze returned to the hard dick that had given her so much pleasure lately.

"I was close Mrs. J...I just couldn't keep moving." He said as he tried to catch his breath.

"Well maybe I can help." She said. Scooting off the bed Cindy moved over between his legs with her arms resting on his thighs. She looked over her shoulder and saw her naked ass on the TV as she knelt down in front of him. She also saw Dennis above her looking right at the TV too. Satisfied she had his attention, and the attention of whomever else got to watch this, she turned her head back towards him and took his dick into her mouth. Slowly she slid it fully into her mouth and held it there for a second. She was immediately rewarded with the sound of his sharp intake of breath.

As she slid her mouth back up his dick she realized that she as becoming use to the taste her own pussy again. It had been a long time since she last tasted her own juices on a lover's body. Again she slid her mouth back down her dick. As she slid back up she reached over and wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of his dick. As her continued moving her mouth up and down on him she started really sucking on his dick as well as using tongue to rub the sensitive underside. Now she began stroking her two fingers wrapped around his dick up and down about an inch at a time. She listened to his breathing and realized she was having the desired affect on him. After several minutes she slid her mouth up his dick and began licking and sucking on just the head, at the same time she grabbed it's shaft and began jerking him off. When he looked down at her she leaned back and asked, "Is there something else I can do that will help?"

Dennis looked at her for a moment as she continued pumping her fist up and down his dick and said, "Can we change positions?" Cindy let go of his dick and sat back on her heels for moment, wondering what position he wanted to try next. Dennis then swung his legs around and scooted to the end of the bed. When his feet were back on the floor he looked over her for a moment then down at her.

Cindy just sat there looking at him, and then she looked over her shoulder and spotted the TV. A few seconds later she smiled to herself. "You little imp." She thought as she realized what he wanted. Smiling broadly she dropped to the floor on all fours and crawl around to the foot of the bed. She made great show of it as she arched her back, took long/slow strides that showed off the curves of her ass, and caused her breast sway. Once at the end of the bed she looked at herself on the TV again. ‘Yup, that's exactly what he wanted,’ she thought as she viewed her naked body from the side. She watched herself on the TV as she climbed up and reached for his dick again. She watched as Dennis spread his knees apart further to allow an unobstructed view of her breasts while she sucked his dick. ‘He really wants to show off for his buddies.’ she thought.

Grabbing his dick at the base she guided it into her mouth slid down it until it she had taken it all in. "He wants a show, well I'm give'm a show." She decided. Cindy started moved her mouth up his dick an inch or so before pushing back down again. Again she heard his sharp intake of breath as he leaned back and enjoyed feelings her mouth giving him. She got a good rhythm only moving in short strokes and alternated using her lips and tongue to put pressure on his dick.

She then slid her mouth up the length of his dick began licking and sucking on the head of his dick, while stroking the full length of his dick with her fist, like she did moments ago (it was a technique she was rather proud of). Again she was rewarded by another sharp intake of breath as well as his body stiffened slightly. Moments later she slid her hand down his dick until only her thumb and forefinger were wrapped around its base. Then her mouth slid down until her lips touched her fingers. She felt Dennis begin to breathe faster as her mouth began sliding all the way up his dick before sucking it back into her mouth again.

Cocking her head to the side slightly she watched her performance on the TV. As her head bobbed up and down she saw Dennis grab the side of the bed in a tight grip, before relaxing his fist slightly, and then gripping it again. Bringing her head up to the top of his dick she watched her fist stroking the length of his dick as saw the rise and fall of his chest as his breathing became faster and faster. She was fascinated by watching her actions and his reactions as if she were a spectator vs. an active participant. 'The best of both worlds.' she thought as she marveled at the sight. While watching her "performance" on the TV she suddenly noticed something and would have smiled if there wasn't a dick in her mouth.

Moving her other hand off his thigh she lowered it, then reached up and began fondling his balls. She watched as Dennis got a death grip on the side of the bed and arched his back. She began stroking his dick with her mouth even faster as he began to raise his hips slightly in time with her mouth. His breath was now coming in quick gasps and she knew he wouldn't last long. Suddenly a thought crossed her mind, a memory from years ago, and as she thought about it she also remembered the video camera. 'I'll give them something to masturbate to.' she decided.

Pulling her mouth completely off his dick she replaced it with her gripped hand and started stroking without missing a beat, then lowered her head. She saw his eyes open as he started to look down before she lost sight of the TV. With her hand still stroking his dick she lowered her body just a bit and moved forward. When she sucked one of his testicles into her mouth she felt his whole body stiffen.

"OH Shit!!!" She heard him cry out as she began licking the testicle in her warm mouth and her hand began pumping his dick as fast as she could. She felt his body begin to tremble and then his legs suddenly stiffened as she continued to suck his testicle and stroke his dick.

Suddenly his whole body stiffened and within seconds she felt something thick, wet and sticky fall on to her fingers, then on her up-turned cheek, and then on her wrist. Letting his testicle slip from her mouth she quickly brought her head up, all the while continuing to stroke his dick. She watched in fascination as the last spurts of cum came out of his dick, fell on her fingers and then dribbled down to his pubic hair. Suddenly remembering the camera she quickly leaned over, took his dick back into her mouth and began sucking the last bit cum from his dick. She continued sucking it until she felt it started soften, then she let it slip from her mouth. Acting on a naughty impulse she brought her hand up to her mouth and licked a bit of his cum off one of her fingers.

Then she stood up and surveyed the young man lying naked on her son's bed. As she admired his strong, young form she again remembered the camera, and with a sense of purpose she turned and walked towards it. As she got closer she watched on the TV as her image seemed to zoom in until only her hips, upper thighs and smoothly shaven pussy could be seen on the TV. She bent over until her breasts came into view, and then stood back up for a moment to admire her shaved pussy. Then she turned headed out of the room leaving Dennis lying on the bed completely spent.

After grabbing another quick shower Cindy felt amazingly refreshed and alive. She went back to her son's room wearing only her bath towel and found that Dennis was no longer t there. Dropping the towel she picked up and put on the dress she'd taken off earlier and got back cleaning her son's room. When she was finished she looked around and realized that Dennis had taken the video camera and his backpack with him. Picking up her towel she dropped it off in the laundry room went looking for her young stud.
She found him in the den sitting on the couch. As she walked in she heard a woman moan as if having sex. Looking towards the TV she spotted herself lying on her son's bed, naked, playing with her sex toy. She then spotted his video camera sitting on the TV with its cable running do the back. Walking over to the couch she sat down next to Dennis and watched for moment. Without taking her eyes of the TV she said, "I didn't think you'd be ready for more...stimulation this soon."

She heard him chuckle softly, and then say, "There’s no way I’d be ready again Mrs. J, I probably won't be ready to do it again for awhile. This last time was awesome, but it took a lot out of me...I'm exhausted. I just wanted to check out the video and see how it turned out." Dennis raised the camera's little remote and fast forwarded the video a bit. She remembered seeing Dennis use the remote earlier in her son's room while making this video, but something about it nagged her and she just couldn't put her finger on it.

Cindy turned to look at him and said, "Dennis, we need to talk about this video." Dennis stopped fast forwarding and looked at her. As she thought about how she wanted to phase what she wanted to say she heard his voice from the video describing his mother's sex tape. "Actually, we need to talk about that video first...pause it please."

Dennis looked at her funny, paused the camcorder and then turned to look at her. "We need to talk about THIS video or...?" He asked kind of hesitantly.

"Yes, we do need to talk about THIS video, but right now I'd like to discuss the video we're talking about on THIS video." She clarified.

" it." he replied, "What did you want to know?"

"Well, I guess I'm confused here..." she started, "...which one of the men you mentioned was your father, the first guy or the second?" She realized after she asked that it was a tacky question and she felt a little awkward for just coming out and asking it.

Dennis looked from her to the TV, and then looked back at her before answering, "Um, actually neither of them."

So surprised was she by his answer that she didn't even think about her next question, she just asked, "So where was your father the whole time this was happening?"
Without missing a beat Dennis answered, "He was probably working the camera." Cindy was so taken back by this answer, and the casual tone in which he said it that she was momentarily speechless. Dennis must have sensed this because he quickly answered her next question before she even knew how to phrase it. "They're swingers, you see, and as best I can tell they've been doing it for years."

Cindy sat for a moment not sure what to say to that. Then she asked, "And they're OK with you knowing?"

"Oh no, I'm pretty sure they don't know I know. I just kind of figured it out...then I came across the videos, and well that kind of confirmed it." He explained.

Cindy thought about that for a moment. Not sure what else to say she said, "Well that had to feel strange, discovering that about your parents."

"Actually we've always been a pretty open family about that kind of stuff, so it wasn't as weird as you might think." He replied.

Cindy felt she wasn't quite getting something so she asked, "How open can your family be for you not find that kind of thing a little weird, especially at your age? Hell, I'm MY age and I'm finding it a little unsettling." She said, but as she started thinking his description of one of the videos she found herself a little excited at the thought, again.

"I guess because my parents never really tried to hide things like sex or nudity from us." Dennis said, "I mean it's not like they had sex on the floor in front of us or anything, but they always answered questions about the subject whenever we'd come home from school
and ask. And since we were naturalist for much of my childhood nudity wasn't really an issue...well, at least until puberty." Dennis blushed slightly at the last statement.

"OK, I understand about being honest when it comes to answering a child's question about sex. But when you say naturalists are you talking about nudists?" She asked

"Well, ya, I guess. Naturalists is the PC term, especially amongst themselves, but nudists is the name most people know it by." Dennis said.

"So your family just, walks around the house naked all the time?" Cindy just asked, although she wasn't sure how else to put.

Dennis laughed for moment before answering, "That's what everyone asks me, but it's not quite like that...but sometimes it was I guess."

"Wait a minute; you said something about puberty, what happened then?" She asked as she became more curious about how this life style really worked.

"Well, that was about the time I started...looking at my sister, and my mother differently, I guess."

Cindy didn't have to think about that for long before she looked down at his crotch and then back up at him. "Oh." Was all she said, though she did smile at the thought.

She remembered several times when she had experienced that problem with her son. She recalled one occasion when she in the laundry room in her short bathrobe, digging through the dryer for a pair of clean panties when her son walked in. When she turned around he suddenly became very interested in something on one of the shelves behind him. And as she left the laundry room he had quickly turned away from her as she went out. At the moment she thought that was odd behavior, but since she was running late for work she didn't give it a second thought. It wasn't until she was back in her room and putting her panties on that she realized what had happened. She couldn't imagine how hard it must have been for Dennis in his home. 'Then again I guess I could imagine how 'hard' it was,' she thought playfully to herself.’ "So I guess that didn't end so well with your family, huh?" She asked.

Dennis shrugged and said, "My parents handled it pretty well, although my dad gave me several of "those talks" before we just kind of stopped practicing naturalism altogether. My sister still calls me a pervert when she comes home to visit though."

Cindy thought about that for a few moments. Coming back out of her musing she remembered her original reason for coming in to talk to Dennis. She looked at him and said, "Dennis, I'm not really sure how I feel about you sharing this video with your friends." She realized as she said this that it wasn't exactly true. The thought of several of his friends admiring her body enough to all sit around a TV or computer and masturbate to this video turned her on. But she still wasn't sure she could go through with allowing him to share it. "I trust you, but you have no idea how much trouble I could get into if a video of me were found in your possession. Especially if it was found during one of your, club activities."

Dennis looked down as he thought about what she said, and then said, "I understand Mrs. J. But you have to believe me that we take every precaution to make sure no one finds out."

"I sure you do Dennis, but I'd be the one taking all the risks. I'm sure you've heard of school teachers that have been convicted of doing just what I've done with you." She told him. "And the more people that know then more chances of it coming out."

"I's just that I thought about the game I wanted to try with you...," he began, "...and after this last time I was really hoping to record it, even if it was just for myself."

"Dennis I need you to promise me that you won't show anyone any videos of the videos of me without my permission...can you promise me that?" She looked directing at him when she asked this. "I won't ask you destroy them, but you can't share them with anyone unless I give you you promise?"

Dennis never took his eyes off her when he said, "Mrs. J, I promise not to show these videos, or any others I make to anyone until you tell me I can, I promise."

"Thank you." She said. They sat there quietly for a few moments when Cindy looked at him again and asked, "By the way, was that the end of the video you were telling me about."

"No, far from it actually. It goes on for a bit...and not to sound tacky, but my mom seems to really enjoy all the attention. I mean really enjoy it!" He said with a serious look on his face.

"With your father recording it the whole time?" Cindy looked back at the TV and saw herself frozen on the screen. After all the pleasure she had enjoyed recently at the hands of one man, the thought of two men pleasing her at the same time caused a shiver to race up her spine. Looking at the screen she remembered vividly the moment when Dennis described how one man was holding his mother's head to his lap, with his dick in her mouth, and how a second man came up behind her while she was on all fours started fucking her. And the whole time Dennis was holding her head in his lap, with his dick in her mouth, she both feared and hoped that any moment a stranger would come up behind her and take her the same way.

"Well he recorded it, the whole thing as best I can tell, but he didn't stay behind the camera the whole time." Dennis answered.

"Wait a minute, you mean your father joined in?" She asked suddenly. Cindy tried to imagine the scene Dennis had described with a third man walking it and getting involved. She got excited at the thought of three men pleasuring her at the same time. She got even more excited at the thought of three men using her for their own pleasure, at the same time.

"Oh ya! From what I've seen so far he's been in every video with my mom." Dennis said as a matter of fact. Then he added, "In fact, if we'd have kept going I don't know how we would have acted out the rest of the video. I'm only one guy!"

Cindy heard Dennis, but her mind was elsewhere at the moment. She kept trying to picture the video as Dennis described it, but she kept imagining it was her in the video. And she was in her son's room, on his bed, naked. She saw herself kneeling between Dennis' legs again with his dick in her mouth. And his father walks up behind her and starts fucking her from behind. Then a third person enters the room. She can't make out who it is, but he seems familiar. With a firm grip on her head Dennis lifts it up slowly and then pulls it back down on his dick. From behind she feels Dennis' father hands gripping her hips tightly as he pulls back, and then shoves his dick back into her pussy. These men are not trying to please her, but are using her body to please themselves. The person at the door moves into the room, he too wants to use for his own pleasure. He has wanted to use her for a long time now to satisfy his young, male urges. Her breathing quickens as Dennis continues to use mouth as his personal fuck toy. She feels her breathing deepen and her pulse quicken. The man behind her, father to the one in front, continues to use her pussy as his personal fuck hole, taking her as he pleases for his own amusement. Her breathing increased in pace she feels her breasts sway as her chest begins to heave. She tried to crane her neck to better see the person coming towards her, but Dennis holds her tightly as he continues to pull and push her mouth up and down on his dick.

As a soft moan escaped her lips Cindy snapped out of her daydream. Looking down she realized that her hand was now gently caressing herself pubic mound through her dress. Looking over she saw Dennis just watching her, a curious smile on his face. "Are you OK?" He asked.

Cindy took a deep breath to calm herself down. "Dennis, I want to see that video." Cindy said as she looked at image on the TV.

Dennis looked down and didn't say anything.

"Dennis?" Cindy looked at him.

Dennis looked up again and said, "Mrs. J, I'm not sure I can do that."

Cindy looked at the TV again. She thought about her daydream again. "Dennis I really need to see it, please." She asked again.

Still looking at her Dennis said, "Mrs. J, we setup rules for the club to protect not only its members, but also the mothers in the, collection. I kinda broke the rules just telling you about the club."

Cindy thought long and hard, and then she said, "Dennis, I don't want you to do this because we're having sex and you feel you have to. It wouldn't be fair of me to put you in that position. But I really want...I really need to see that video to the end." She paused for moment, then carefully continued, "So to be fair, to you and the club...I would be willing...willing to let you share a video, of me...with the club...if I can watch your mother's video, all of it."

She looked at Dennis and saw a look of wonder come over his face. He then asked, "You're really going to let me share a video of you with the club then, any video?"

She immediately answered, "No, not ANY video! The ones you've made so must promise me that you won't show to anyone! We'll have to make another video, one that doesn't show my face." She then asked, "Would that be OK with the club?"

"Mrs. J, I'm pretty sure the club would agree to that, I mean they're gonna go nuts when they see you! Usually everyone votes on a new member, that way if anyone knows the guy and he's an asshole, or they just don't want or trust him to see their part of the collection then we don't let him in." Dennis explained.

Cindy suddenly asked, "So am I really going to have to wait for a vote or something first, before I see your video?"

"No..." Dennis quickly answered, "...I'm really sure that the other members won't mind, especially since you won't be looking at the rest of the collection."

"So, you can get the video now?" She asked, feeling very eager to finally see the video.

Dennis suddenly looked down for a long moment. Cindy watched him closely and thought, 'He couldn't be thinking of holding out on me just to get more out of the deal, could he?' She then wondered, ‘What would he ask me to do to sweeten the pot just to make this happen.’ A shiver ran up her back at that very thought.

Dennis finally looked at her again and said, "The problem Mrs. J is that I can't access the collection alone..." Cindy looked back at the TV, but before she could ask her next question Dennis continued, "...even if I wanted to. You see, we have a safe we keep the collection in, and it takes a key and a combination. I know the combination, but I'd have to get a key from one of the other guys to open it. It's one of the safeguards to protect the collection."
Cindy listened as she continued looking at her naked image on the TV. "Where IS the safe Dennis?" She asked.

"It's at my house, in my room." He answered.

"So can you call someone and get a key, today?" She quickly asked, still looking at herself.

"I can't just GET a key Mrs. J...two or more members have to be present to access the collection, no exceptions...ever." He answered her. "And I'd have to tell them why I wanted into the safe...and they'd have to be present the whole time the video was out of the safe."

Despite her desperate need to see the video Cindy felt a momentary flush of relief and thought. 'Damn, they ARE serious about protecting their collection!' Without taking her eyes off the TV she asked, "But you can call somebody and arrange"

"I'll start calling people and see who I can come over!" He answered. Getting up Dennis pulled out his phone and said, "I need to go into the other room for a minute Mrs. J, sorry." And then he walked out of the den.

Cindy couldn't get the image of her on her son's bed, being used sexually by two men, with a third man approaching her to join in, out of her head. She looked to where Dennis had been sitting and saw his remote. Picking it up she started the video again. She watched the rest of her last encounter with Dennis unfold. By the time she reached the end she was caressing herself through her dress again.

As Cindy continued to lightly caress herself she heard Dennis walk into the den and stop. Looking up at him she smiled, but neither removed her hand from her lap nor stopped the gentle stroking of her fingers. "I really want to see that video, Dennis."

Dennis stood there a moment, then said, "I got a hold of one of the other members and he can meet us at my house, now if you like.”

Cindy jumped up off the couch and said, “Yes I WOULD like! I’ll be right down Dennis.” And out of the den she went. Straight to up the stairs and to her room she went and right into her closet. Pulling down her stash she darted in her bathroom and shut the door. Though she was still buzzing a little she wanted to be totally baked for what was likely to come next. She was horny as hell and about to enter the home of her young lover while his parents were gone. On top of that one of his young friends would be meeting them there. She had no idea what was going to happen, but just the thought of the possibilities caused a jolt of pleasure shooting up her spine.

Turning on the bathroom fan she pulled out her pipe, weed and lighter. Packing a good sized bowl she lit the pipe and took in a long hit. Holding it in she thought about what she was about to do and the possible outcomes. Exhaling, she took another long hit and held it like the first. The way she saw it, short of the police (or his parents) showing up this could be very interesting at the very least. At the very most it could be a night she would never forget.

A few minutes later she repacked and hid her stash, grabbed her wallet, slipped on her flip-flops, walked out of her room and down the stairs. She found Dennis had changed back into his street clothes and had his backpack with him. “Let’s go.” She said. Stepping into the kitchen she grabbed her car keys, Dennis watched her from the door. She walked across the kitchen, opened the door to the garage then turned to look at Dennis, “Are you coming?” she asked.

“Hell yes Mrs. J.” He said and walked to her.

“Good…” she said, tossing him her car keys, “…cause you’re driving.”

Climbing into the car Dennis started it up as Cindy hit the garage door opener. Once they backed out she closed it the same way, as Dennis started driving up the street. Cindy sat there trying not to think too hard about what was to come. She was already horny, and the weed only made that feeling stronger. And her goal was to view the actual video that had been described to her and put her in this state of arousal.

As they drove she almost jumped when she felt a hand on her thigh. Looking over at Dennis she saw that he was keeping his eyes on the road, but the grin on his face said his mind was elsewhere. Closing her eyes she slid over a bit and scooted her ass down the seat a little. Now his hand was resting right on her crotch with only her thin sundress between it and her pussy. She felt him reach down and grab the hem of her dress and then draw it up her thighs. When it reached her hips he brought it up her stomach until it caught on her ass. Raising her ass up, she let him slide it high enough so that her ass, thighs and pussy were completely exposed. As she sat back down his hand came to rest on her shaved pussy, but it didn’t rest long.

Her back arched as he slipped two fingers into her and began to slowly thrust them in and out of her as he drove. Looking at him again she saw that was still watching the road, but would occasionally glance at her. Smiling, she closed her eyes again and enjoyed his fingers. Her breath started coming harder as his fingers continued stroking her with ever increasing speed. She grabbed the arm rest on one side and dug her fingers into the seat on the other as she felt him trying to slip a third finger into her, causing a wave of pleasure to shoot through body. She couldn’t believe how fast he’d brought her to this state. ‘Damn I need to get fucked get!’ she thought as another wave pleasure moved through her. As she felt her body gearing up for a powerful orgasm his fingers suddenly pulled out of her. “Holy shit…” she gasped out as she opened her eyes to look at him. “…why are you stopping!”

“Um, because we’re here.” He said as he opened his door and got out of the car.

Cindy was trying to catch her breath as she watched him walk around the car to open her door. Dennis opened her door and held it for her. Sliding off the seat she stepped out of the car and then felt her dress slide back down into place. As they walked up the stairs to the front door she realized someone was waiting for them on the porch. The young man was about the age of Dennis and her son, nice looking and reasonably well built. She didn’t have to wonder if he had seen her dress up around her waist when she got out of the car, because his mouth was still hanging wide open. He quickly recovered when Dennis addressed him.

“Steve, this is…Mrs. J, and this is Steve Mrs. J.” Dennis introduced them.

Steve hesitated before taking her hand, but eventually he did and then said. “Nice to meet you, Mrs. J.”

Cindy was working hard to hold in a laugh. ‘He probably still has the image of my naked ass imprinted on his brain.’ She thought.

“Shall we go inside?” Dennis asked as he unlocked door and held it open for them.

Once inside Steve seem to have recovered a little from his initial shock. “Mrs. J, Dennis said something about, you wanting to submit a video to the collection?” He asked. “I didn’t believe him at first when he said he was bringing over a…um, woman…but, well here you are.”

Cocking her head to one side, Cindy asked, “Is that really what he said?”

“Actually…” Steve started, pausing to clear his throat, “…what he said was, he had a real MILF, um woman…that wanted to watch one of the videos, from the collection…one of the videos of his mother, to be exact. And that she said…that she would add of video of her own, to the collection…as payment. Or something like that.”

Cindy realized that Steve was trying to be smooth in an otherwise awkward situation. ‘Kudos to you, Steve.’ She thought. “Yes, I would REALLY like to see a particular video Dennis told me about.” She said. “And I’m willing to share a video of myself as payment, provided it doesn’t show my face.” Cindy noticed that Steve had looked at Dennis when she mentioned that he had told her about the video. Dennis was looking down at the moment. “Is that OK?” She asked.

“Well, that’s kind of difficult to say…Mrs. J.” Steve looked down himself for a moment. “Um, this isn’t really how the club works…” he looked up at her before continuing, “…I mean, we kind of have two issues now.”

“Would do you mean, two issues.” Cindy asked.

“Um, well first, only members can view the collection.” Steve said, “And second, well second we aren’t supposed to talk about the collection to anyone else.” He looked at Dennis at that point.

Cindy had been momentarily distracted thinking about Dennis recently fingering her, her flashing Steve when she got out of the car and the whole meet and greet thing. But now she was feeling the affects of her desire to view the video of Dennis’ mother’s sex tape again, and the possible frustration of not getting to see it. Suddenly feeling like her whole reason for existence (at least at this particular moment) was about to fall apart…Cindy asked. “What if I was to become a member? What if the video I give to the club was the cost of my membership instead of payment to just view one video?” She hoped that sounded right, but she wasn’t sure based on the looks she was getting from them. Both Dennis and Steve were just looking at her like she had said something they couldn’t comprehend. Then they looked at each other for a moment, before the both looked at the ground. If Cindy hadn’t been on the verge of a fit of frustration she might have found it comical.

“Um…Mrs. J, do you know what we do in the club?” Steve asked.

With his head still down Dennis answered, “Yes, she does.”

Steve shot him another hard glance before looking back at Cindy and asking, “Mrs. J…are you suggesting…” Cindy could see him thinking about how to say it. “…that you’d, um, participate in our, meetings?”

Cindy remembered when Dennis told her about the club’s ‘activities.’ She also remembered how excited she had gotten just imagining several of his friends gathered around and masturbating to a video of a woman her age. Now it was her turn to think for a moment, but then her reason for being here in the first place flashed through her mind and she said, “Yes, I will participate in them…when I can.”

Steve just looked at her for a long moment before looking down again. Then he looked up at her and then at Dennis and said, “Well there’s still the matter of Dennis telling you about the club…that’s a serious breach of the club rules…and the club will have to be told, and then decide what to do about it.”

Cindy’s desire to see the video was really starting to kick in as she kept seeing images flash through her mind of Dennis’ mother and three men. Then she suddenly had a thought, so she asked, “So how do you recruit members if you can’t talk about it, any of it?”

“Well, we get to know the guy, start chatting about pictures and videos, and then just kind of get a feel for whether the guy would be able, and willing to share MILF pictures and videos with the club. Then we mention the club and see if they’d like to join.”

Cindy thought for a moment. “Well that’s exactly what happened to us…” Cindy said, “…Dennis already knew me (‘true’ she thought), we talked about pictures and seeing “real” women naked (‘also true’), I can promise you that he got a “feel” for me (‘Oh so true’), then he mentioned the club, and now I’m willing to share a real MILF video with the club! What else is required?” She asked.

“Well, the club would have to have a meeting where they could…um…well they…” Steve looked at Dennis for obvious help.

“They will ‘test’ the material being offered, to see if it’s worthy to be added to the collection.” Dennis finished for Steve, then got red and looked at the floor. Steve nodded in agreement, but also turned a little red as he looked down at the floor.

“What do you mean by…” Cindy only had to think about it for a second and then “…OH!” Cindy suddenly got it. And then she felt herself go red, the mental image that thought caused added to her already heightened state of arousal. It only took her a moment to asked, “Steve, Dennis, what’s it going to take to see that video right NOW!

Steve thought for another moment, then looked at Dennis and then back at Cindy. “It will take a majority of the club to gather and…well, test the video…then a vote. I can call the some of the members, and we should be able to get a majority here shorty. Do you have a video with you to submit for…for testing?” He asked, starting to sound a little more confident.

“No…” Cindy lied, because she knew Dennis had his video camera with him. “…I will have to make one. Maybe,” she thought out loud, “…I can make it while I watch the video I came here to watch?” She looked hopefully at Steve.

Steve looked from her to Dennis, then back at her again. “Dennis, can I talk to you for a second?” He asked. “Please excuse us, Mrs. J.” He a Dennis walked across the room and quietly chatted. After a few minutes they walked back to her, with Steve stopping in front of Cindy. He said, “Mrs. J, if you are willing to make the video…” he paused for just a moment, “…in front of the club, then I think it would be OK for you to see one video of the collection before officially becoming a member.”

Cindy looked from Steve to Dennis and thought about the request. She was so close to her goal that she was willing to do almost anything. “How will we do this then?” She asked looking from one to the other of them.

The two boys looked at each other before Dennis suggested, “We could do it in the rec room? There’s a large screen TV and DVD player, as well as lots of places to sit. Come on.” Dennis turned and led them to the room. Cindy surveyed the room. Aside from the pool table, card table, mini bar and fire place, there was also a LARGE screen TV with a couch, two matching easy chairs and a coffee table. Dennis walked over and stopped by the couch, looked at the TV and then back at the Cindy. “Will this do?” He asked.

Cindy stepped closer and looked it over, then asked, “And where would I be?”

Steve cleared his throat, and then suggested, “You could lay on the coffee table.”

“And where will the members all be?” Cindy asked as she looked from the coffee table to the TV.

“We could sit on the couch and chairs here.” Steve said sounding hopeful.

Cindy walked around the couch and looked down at the coffee table. Then she spun around and lay down on it, looking up at the TV. Imagining the group gathered around her while she played with herself caused a shiver of pleasure to race up her spine. When she looked back she saw both boys were staring down at her, a grin on Dennis’ face and a look of wonder on Steve’s. Then she realized they were actually staring down at her crotch. Sitting up just enough to see what they were looking at she saw that her dress had ridden up as she lay down and her shaven pussy was peeking out. Although Dennis had seen her naked pussy already, this was likely the first time Steve had ever seen one in real life. Another shiver raced up her spine, and she took a sudden deep breath as she watched the look of wonder on his face.

“Steve, have you ever seen a woman naked before, up close like this?” She asked, not making any attempt to cover herself.

Blushing, Steve said, “No ma’am, not this close before.”

Cindy suddenly remembered by his use of the term “ma’am” that SHE actually had the control here, a fact that she had momentarily forgotten. Thinking for moment she asked, “What exactly do you have in mind for this video I’m to make?”

Steve and Dennis looked at each other, before Steve said, “Well, the preferred contribution to the collection is a video of someone’s…um, mother, having sex.” Steve blushed as he said this and Cindy again almost laughed at sight. The fact that Steve kept glancing down trying to catch a better glimpse of her pussy delighted to her to no end. The idea of a group of his friends soon doing the same gave her another jolt of pleasure. Taking a deep breath to calm herself she thought, ‘We need to get this going or I’m going to explode.’ She realized how horny this situation was making her and took another deep breath.

Cindy looked at the couch and chairs and decided to play the “adult” card. “Let’s me see if I
understand this process. Normally a prospective member brings you a ‘MILF’ video or pictures and the club then ‘tests’ them to decide if they’re worthy of the collection, correct?”

Steve answered, “Yes, that’s pretty much how we do it.”

Cindy continued, “Is the prospective member present during the ‘testing’?”

Again Steve answered her, “Yes he is. And if his stuff is added to the collection then he usually gets to pick the next video for the meeting.”

Cindy was still lying on the coffee table, now propped up on her elbows, but had not bothered adjusting her dress yet as she was enjoying the affect it was having the young men. “Is he naked during the ‘testing’?” She asked.

Both boys looked at her with a stunned look of shock. “What?” They almost said in unison.

“Is the boy whose video you’re ‘testing’ naked…sitting right here in the buff while you ‘test’ his offering to the club?”

Steve still had a look of stunned confusion, but Dennis started to grin. Without looking from Cindy’s face Steve said, “No, of course not. Why would he be naked, none of us are.”

Cindy looked away for a second as if she were considering something important. Then she looked back at Steve and said, “So let me get this straight. Normally the applicant sits in on the ‘testing’ fully clothed…but I’M going to be laying right here, completely naked, like some kind of ancient sacrifice, and on display for the Club’s viewing pleasure.” She paused a moment to let that settle in before continuing. “Well, then I think it would only be fair that if I have to be naked for the ‘testing’ then everyone participating should be equally naked.” She watched as they both looked as if they weren’t sure what to do or say. Sliding her hand over her stomach she grabbed her dress and slowly began pulling it upwards. When she saw their eyes get wider she stopped pulling. Again, Dennis got a big grin and Steve’s mouth dropped open.

Dennis answered this time, “Mrs. J, considering that our collection is the closest any of us has ever been to a naked woman, a real woman, I think everyone will find that condition more then fair.” Steve nodded eagerly, still staring down at her shaven pussy.

Cindy suddenly sat up and placed her feet on the floor. She saw the look on Steve’s face transform from one of wonder to one of disappointment. Smiling, she slowly spread her legs until she felt her dress start sliding up her thighs. When a look of awe spread back over Steve’s face again, she asked, “Do you agree Steve?”

It took him a couple of moments to pry his eyes of the her now visible pussy, before he looked up and answered, “Yes ma’am, I think that’s more then fair!”

Cindy smiled broadly at the young man admiring her body with youthful enthusiasm, ‘Well at least part of my body anyways,’ she thought to herself. Suddenly her smile disappeared and she stood up. “Dennis, I need to run home, I forgot…something!” She said.

“What did you forget?” He asked, looking confused.

Cindy walked over and whispered something in his ear, and stood back and looked at him. Dennis thought for a moment then leaned in to whisper in her ear. When he stood back her eyes must have shown her own surprise, because he got a wide grin and then nodded to her. “Are you serious?” she asked. When he nodded his head again in response she then asked, “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Oh ya, I’m positive.” He responded.

Cindy felt a sudden rush of pleasure race up her back as she carefully thought about what he had just told her. “OK, let’s do it then.” She said and then started following him out of the den. Just before they reached the doorway she stopped and looked at Steve, who was just standing there watching them go. Cindy leaned in and whispered something else to Dennis.

He looked at her and said, “Sure, I can do that.”

With that Cindy walked back to Steve, slipped her dress up over her head, handed it to him and then asked, “Could you hold this for me?” Without waiting for a reply she turned and walked back to Dennis, leaving Steve just standing there with his mouth wide open. She could almost feel his eyes on her ass as she left. When she walked out of the Rec room she heard Dennis say, “I’ll be right back, and then we’ll set the room up.”


Cindy waited in the kitchen as the last of the members arrived and Dennis escorted them to the Rec room. Only two boys arrived making a total of four who would soon be watching her. Another shiver raced up her back as she envisioned what was about to happen. She listened as one of the newcomers’ voiced their doubts to their host.

“You are such a fucking liar, Dennis!” The one to arrive last said. “There is no fucking way you have a serious MILF somewhere in your house, just waiting for us to get naked before she comes in here, lays her naked ass down on this coffee table, and makes a video for us so she can join the club!” There was a brief pause before, “And you’re playing along with this bullshit Steve?”
“Dude, I was standing right here talking to her just before Don arrived. She took off that dress, handed it to me and walked out of the room, butt-ass naked. She’s hot, and she wants to do this so she can join the club! But her only rule was if she has to be naked in front of all of us, then we had to be naked too!” Steve answered. Then the new guy said, “Steve, if a hot MILF walks in here right now ready to make a naked video in front of us, then I will suck your dick!”

“Oh really?” Cindy said as she walked into the Rec room wearing a silk kimono style bathrobe. All eyes turned towards her and two mouths dropped wide open. She was really starting to enjoy this new found power she had over younger men. She saw that Dennis and Steve had stripped down and were only wearing bath towels around their waists. She also noticed that the room had been rearranged. The coffee table was now aligned long ways so that she when she laid down she’d be able to look right up at the TV. The couch had been moved so that it was parallel to the coffee table on one side, and the two chairs were on the opposite side. Soon, four young, naked men would be surrounding her as she herself lay naked on the coffee table. And the video camera was sitting on a tripod just under the wall-mounted TV, positioned to look down at her naked body as it recorder everything that happened.

When she was almost to the coffee table she looked at the guy who had spoken and said, “And as I much as I might find that an interesting sight, I doubt the rest of the group would enjoy watching it.” Reaching coffee table she turned to look at them all. The new comers still hadn’t picked their jaws off the floor, and Dennis had a huge grin on his face. Looking at each in turn she said, “I’ve been told that I have to submit a video to join The Club. Since I didn’t bring one with me I have agreed to make on here and now. Part of the agreement was that I’d allow you to watch me make the video, that way you would not have to wait to view it later, and I’d be able to view one video of the Collection now, before I’m voted in as a member. The only condition I have is that anyone who wants to sit and watch me make the video has to be as naked as I will be.” Not one of them even blinked, as far as she could tell, since she entered the room.

“Well gentlemen, who would like to stay and watch.” She watched as each of them looked at the others as if they weren’t sure what to do. ‘I guess they need some incentive.’ Cindy thought, and with that she undid the tie to the bathrobe and let it fall open. She knew exactly what they were seeing because she tested this move in front of mirror to see the affect herself. The robe fell open in front, they could see the sides of her breasts, and then had a clear path of flesh all the way down to her feet. But as the four sets of eyes roamed over her bare flesh not one went below her smoothly shaven pussy. Clearing her throat she said, “Gentlemen…?” Suddenly two towels flew off the bodies of two of her admirers and the clothes of the other two quickly followed. Soon she stood there admiring four naked young men, all in various states of arousal.

“Gentlemen, I have one more condition I have to ask of you before we begin…” she looked at each of them in turn before continuing, “…you must promise that no matter what happens here, no one…” glancing then at Dennis, “and I mean no one, is to touch me during this session. You may get as close to me as you’d like if you want to see better, but you must not touch me…does everyone agree to this?” As she finished four heads nodded eagerly. Then she slipped the bathrobe off her shoulders and let it slowly slide off her body to the floor. By the time it hit the floor she saw four hard dicks standing tall. Smiling she turned around and laid down on the coffee table. Sometime after she’d initially left the room Dennis or Steve had laid a blanket over the table and a set of pillows at the far end.

As she lay back and adjusted the pillows the TV came on, and it showed her naked body lying on the coffee table. Dennis walked over and adjusted the camera so that it only showed from just above her breasts all the way to the end of the table. As he finished Cindy heard groans of disappointment on both sides of her. Cindy thought for moment and then said, “Dennis, please readjust the camera to show all of me, I trust the club to protect my identity.” She was immediately rewarded with soft cheers all around her of, “Yes!” Before he sat down Dennis brought a small stool over with a black silk material folded on top and sat it down next to the coffee table. Then he resumed his place in front of one of the two chairs. As Cindy looked up she saw her image on the TV. There she was, lying naked on a blanket on the coffee table, with her head elevated by pillows, her legs hanging over the end with feet on the floor. Watching her image she slowly spread her legs until they were as wide as she could comfortably spread them. She heard a collective intake of several breaths around her that caused her to look to her right. The two new comers (she hadn’t heard their names yet) both had grabbed their dicks and were slowly stroking as they looked from the TV to her to the TV again. Looking to her left she saw Dennis and Steve doing the same thing. But Dennis was raising a remote and suddenly the TV image changed. Looking back up she saw Dennis’ mother lying on a blanket on the floor with her legs slightly bent upwards.

The woman lay on a plush blanket on the floor, her legs bent slightly at the knees and spread widely apart so that her neatly trimmed pussy was clearly visible. Her left hand was lightly pinching her one of her nipples while her right hand was rubbing over her pussy mound from the patch of hair above her clit, down over her pussy until her fingertips disappeared between her thighs.

Cindy reached up with one hand and began caress her nipple, with the other she started rubbing her smooth pussy mound. Just then the sound from the video was turned up and the woman’s soft moans could be heard.

The woman moaned softly as the fingers of her right hand made their way back up in her pussy and brushed over her clit again. Her back stiffen slightly before relaxing again. Again her fingers traced her labia downward and another soft moan escaped her lips. The fingers pinching her nipple start lifting it upward before letting it slip out of their grasp and bounce slightly against her breast. Again she grasped the nipple and started lightly twisting it before lifting it upward again, pulling her breast upward with it. Again she lets the nipple slip out her grasp and the nipple, breast and all fell back against her chest with a noticeable bounce.

Cindy began to twist her nipple and a ripple of pleasure shoots up her back. She hears the sudden into of breath and looks to her right. One of the new guys (the one who wasn’t arguing with Dennis and Steve when she walked in) had a hand towel over his dick, was moving his hand rapidly underneath it, and had a look on his face that could only mean one thing, “Show me!” she gasped out as she looked right at his lap. Hesitantly, he pulled the hand towel away from his lap and she watched him moving his fist up and down on his hard shaft, white spurts of cum still pumping out of the head and dripping down over his fingers. Looking into his eyes she focused on her clit and began rubbing as fast as she could. Suddenly she her breath caught as a spasm of pleasure shoot through and her back arched a little off the table. His eyes looked down at her pussy, but back into her eyes and he smiled broadly. After a few moments her back came down as the last little ripple moved up her spine. Looking back down at his dick she saw that his dick was now soft, but he was still pumping it. His fingers were now sticky with his own cum. When her breath slowed down enough she mouthed the words ‘thank you’ to him. She looked back up when heard the woman on the TV start moaning again. Looking up she was greeted with the woman having an orgasm.

The woman started moaning a little louder as she pushed her middle finger into her pussy. Again her back arched as she her finger thrust in and out of her. Her other hand pulled her breast up by the nipple again and began pulling and twisting the nipple harder. The look on her face began to change from one of pleasure to one of passion as her body began to tremble. Suddenly she thrust a second finger between her pussy lips and again her back came up off the blanket. As her two fingers began thrusting faster she back slowly lowered herself back on to the blanket, but her hips began to rock upwards in time with her fingers’ thrusting. Again and again her two finger thrust into her pussy and her moan of pleasure gave way to gasps and her hips continued her thrusting upward against her downward thrust fingers. Her gasps for air grew louder as her paced increased until she began to cries out in passion.

Cindy shoved a two fingers into her pussy as she heard the Dennis’ mother approaching another orgasm. Looking around she scanned the progress of the club members. When she came to Steve she saw that he was getting close. His hand was pumping faster and his breathing was coming almost as fast. He was looking directly at her and she watched as his chest began to heave with his effort to cum. “Show me!” She said when she was certain his was about to cum. Steve moved the towel away from his dick and kept pumping. Cindy tried to match his pace, but couldn’t quite move her hand as fast as him. Still, at the pace her hand was going she knew she’d cum again quickly. Suddenly Steve scooted his ass to the edge of the chair and was pumping even faster. With his chest heaving Cindy watched as his face began to strain with the effort of trying cum quickly. She looked from his face to his dick. Her own hand was moving even faster as she pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy. Steve starting gasping and she watched as his hand went from stroking his dick up and down to actually stroking in the direction of coffee table.

Suddenly his dick erupted and several spurts of white cum launched from its head and towards her thigh and hip. She watched as the first shot over her thighs to land somewhere near the couch. But the next two or three did hit her legs and thigh. At the same time she heard Dennis’ mother cried out in passion on the TV and her own body responded. “Ooohhh myy…” she cried out as an intense wave of passion suddenly coursed through her body! She shook with the sudden sexual feeling shaking her to her core. “Ooohhh yeesss…” she cried out again as another wave of passion ripped through her. Just then the other new comer leaped off the couch stood facing her with his fist pumping towards her head. Looking up at the dick pumping toward her she said, “Not…in my…face…please…” She felt another spasm building and knew she couldn’t stop herself, much less stop him. He just looked at her for a moment before turning and suddenly white jets of cum began to shoot of his dick and onto her body. She watched and felt spurt after spurt land in sticky drips from her thigh right up her body until the last one landed near her breast. As she felt yet another orgasm building she released her nipple, scooped up some of his sticky cum and began running it over her nipple. When she finally grasped it again and began to twist it, her ass came off the table as she felt overcome by passion rushing through her. “OOOHHH…AAAHHHH…” Again and again she cried out in passion as her hips thrust upward and her body began trembling uncontrollably. “ooohhhh…oohhh…” Her cries began to lessen as her ass finally stopped thrusting upward and her body slowly stopped trembling. Finally she laid still with her eyes closed as her breathing began to come in long, deep, relaxed draws.

She opened her eyes as a small tremor moved over her, an aftershock of pleasure, and she appeared to be alone. She half expected for them all to be gathered around her gazing down at her completely spent body. But all she saw was her own image on the TV, naked, spent, with odd sticky looking patches dotting her body. She didn’t hear the video turn off or the group leave the room, but there she was, alone on the TV screen. Smiling she was starting to really enjoy seeing herself from this view, it was different and somehow exciting. Another small tremor moved up her back as she felt the aftershock of her last orgasm once more. She laid there trying to think of everything that had led up to this moment, but gave up and just enjoyed the euphoric feelings sifting through her mind.

Then on the TV screen she saw them returning. Dressed only in towels they came to stand on either side of her. Looking up she saw smiles on their faces as they beamed down at her. Steve finally broke the silence, “Mrs. J, we’ve voted. You are now a member of the MILF Club.” She smiled as she watched their eyes roaming over her body and she felt a flush feeling course softly over her. Just then Dennis knelt down and whispered something to her. As she listened to his soft voice, her eyes looked from one to another of them. When Dennis was done he stood and waited for her.

Cindy looked up at them, their young bodies and their eager faces. Smiling she closed her eyes and said, “You may precede gentlemen.” She then felt their strong hands on her body.

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