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The boys are left alone
The boys lost all control, their normal morals went out the window, they were like starving rabid dogs kept from food for weeks then thrown a carcass, They ripped off there clothing even before they got to the bathroom, like a scene from a rom com their clothes where scattered all along the hallway, They had breached the taboo, and now they wanted to explore each other in every way possible, They knew they had all night to enjoy the pleasure of each others bodies, But like those rabid dogs they wanted it all now, They had been starved of each other for so long, at last all those dreams and fantasies could become reality and neither of them wanted to wait a minute longer to bring them to reality,

Scott was on cloud nine, in all those dreams and fantasies, He was always going to be the one to take things forward, He would seduce Ben, he would wank him then just before he came he would take his cock in his mouth and suck him to completion.
Never in Scott’s wildest imagination, did he ever consider that Ben would be the one who was the first to suck cock, Not only did he suck cock, but he swallowed Scott’s spunk like a hungry kitten with fresh cream.

Scott leaned in to turn the shower on, Ben’s arms wrapped around his body his stiff cock pushed against his brothers bum and he whispered in his ear;

“Forget the shower just now, let’s go to my bedroom”

Scott turned to face Ben, their cocks collided before their lips, they embraced each other tongues entwined, and almost as if it was some kind of sensual dance, they twisted and turned, pushing and pulling each other, as they got carried away in a frenzy of passion, before crashing on to Ben’s bed. The scene could never have been ed, Two boys, Two brothers, tumbled and turned, feeling, touching, exploring each other for the first time, led by natural instinct alone they kissed, licked and fondled each other, experiencing sensations and feelings they never knew existed, it was wild passion beyond their greatest expectations, they both played their part, guiding and teaching each other as they both discovered new sensations and erogenous zones, Neither brother could ever have imagined that they could have brought such intense pleasures to each other, Their only regret was that they had taken so long to discover it.

Scott gagged as he engulfed his brothers cock for the first time, He probably took an inch or so too much on his first attempt, causing his gag reflex to kick in and forcing him to withdraw for air, But his desire to return the pleasure he had experienced from Ben’s mouth drove him straight back on to his brothers cock, Scott had given a lot of thought to what a cock would taste and feel like in his mouth, He had saw enough blow jobs on internet porn clips, to know that it could not be that unpleasant, There was a slightly salty musky taste to Ben’s cock, But that was probably due to the fact that it had been covered in his cum only 15 minutes before it entered his mouth, But the smooth silky feeling of soft skin over the hardness of his cock was very pleasurable, He worked on Ben’s cock as if he was born with a penis in his mouth it felt totally natural, and the groans and moans of his younger brother told him that he was doing something right.

Hardly a word was spoken between them, there was lots of noises groans, grunts and moans, They did not need to speak, they just followed their natural instinct, that combined with what they had gleaned from hours and hours of porn watching as they stroked out wank after wank on a daily basis ensured they satisfied each other, So when Ben turned sixty nine on top of his brother, it seamed the most natural thing for Scott to do, his hands parted his brothers cheeks exposing his purplish rose bud hole, His tongue glided across the musky Minge, sending a wave of pleasure through Ben’s young body, Then as his brothers tongue broke through the tight ring it was almost more than Ben could bear he had been brought to a new high, He felt as if he was about to explode his load down his brothers chest but he never, it was almost as if the sensation of orgasm was suspended half way between his balls and his cock sending waves of pleasure to every nerve ending in his body without the relief of ejaculation, Ben could not describe the feeling but he knew he loved what was happening, He feasted on Scott’s cock as he pushed his ass harder against his brothers face almost smothering Scott, This was more intense than every fantasy he had ever dreamed multiplied by ten, Scott’s tongue hit something inside him and that was the final blow he released his mouth from Scott’s cock and let out an almost girlish scream, as the pressure in his balls exploded driving his second load and his most intense ever, to fly from his throbbing cock, Before Scott had realised what had happened, Bens spunk was running down his chest denying him the experience of a load filling his mouth, But Scott was not worried about that, He knew there was more a lot more to cum from where that load had came from.

Note from the author.
Hi guys thanks for reading this far, I know my grammar and punctuation are not great, I should have tried harder at school, But I was too busy lusting after my class mates to pay attention to lessons. I hope my stories reach the part they where intended for and get you off, Please feel free to leave comments here or contact me at Your comments give me the inspiration to keep writing.

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I want to be raped so damn badly...just fucked until my voice gives out and left...god I need it.

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2011-11-01 00:41:13
that was realy lust, next chapter please,

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OMG!!! amazing, seriously, i hope you write more :D so sexy ;)

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