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sexy dream become real life
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a sexual story which has some rough sex and should not be read by people not into that type of sex.

How I got here, I didn't know. I was in a dimly lit room. It was bare except for a small bed. A girl lay across it, her head hanging over one side, and her legs over the other. Her face was hidden behind a blindfold but her body looked tiny as the big man stood between her open legs. When his huge body bent over her, he covered her completely with his massive size. Before he had bent over her, I did see his cock and was surprised to see that it was larger than any cock I had ever seen. His cock was long and as big around as my wrist, it looked strangely misshapen. The huge head looked like a small fist. I gasped as that weird head neared her open pussy.

He pressed the head right between the soft folds of her waiting pussy I wasn't sure she could take one so big. She cried out, as I saw the head disappear into her little pussy. He quickly sank forwards sending it deeper into her. I watched, fascinated, as he pushed his whole cock into her, it disappeared with ease into her body.

He pulled back only leaving the head half out of her pussy then with a vicious, brutal shave he forced the entire misshapen cock back into her, she let out a shrill cry and her body convulsed before he withdrew it again only to ram it back in hard. Each time he buried his entire cock up to his balls into her. She looked limp as he continued to thrust his hips against her. She only lay there and moaned softly.

I wondered what pleasure if any he was giving her or if he and I were the only ones enjoying this. Yes. I was enjoying watching her being fucked; my pussy tingled as I wished he were fucking me.

Then he pulled all the way out, reached up, and grabbed her nipples. He gave them a twist and shoved his hard cock into her with greater force then before. She let out a loud scream, I saw her body stiffen, and her toes curl up, as she yelled, "Yes, fuck me like that."

He didn't release her nipples but pulled back out and rammed her again as he twisted them once more. Her whole body shook and he started doing that with a steady rhythm of thrusting and twisting for several more minutes. Each time she cried for more.

It was quite a long time before he was done, I thought he had fucked her longer then any guy had ever fucked me. Damm, she was lucky I thought. My pussy was soaking wet my nipples stuck out hard as rocks. As he withdrew, he gave her one more hard twist of her nipples, causing her to howl with pain or maybe pleasure I didn't know which. I caught a glimpse of his cock as it slid out of her pussy; it still looked long and semi-hard. Her pussy looked red and tender and wide open as their mixed juices oozed out to drip on the floor. Damm her pussy looked so used and mine was longing to be fucked.

He moved up to her head, her face still covered with the blindfold. All I could see was her mouth. He held his cock up to her lips and she began licking it. She licked it, her tongue sliding down it full length licking off all the mixed juices on it. I wondered what it tasted like; if only I could help her clean his cock, I would be happy. He forced it between her lips saying he wanted to fuck her mouth. Her mouth opened wide letting the big head push past her teeth and her lips closed over the thick shaft.

He held her head and this time fucked her mouth slowly and gently. He must have enjoyed it because when he pulled out his cock was a stiff as a steel pole erect and ready. He moved back between her legs, "This time I won't be as gentle as I was the last time," he said.

I heard her softly moan, "Fuck me with vengeance, thrust that cock in as vicious and brutal as you can, I'm here for you to use so use me." Her response surprised me but not him. He laughed, "I knew you were a slut, when you asked me to fuck you." She moaned back "Your slut, do what ever pleases you."

He gripped her nipples tightly and pressed his huge cock head against her open pussy. With a twist and a grunt, he roughly pushed it home, ramming his cock completely into her. Using more force then before, he slid it in and out of her with great rapidity, his back arched as he brutally hammered her pussy, over and over. He kept twisting and pulling her nipples, all the while he fucked her. She responded with loud moans of encouragement for him to continue fucking her like that. My legs felt weak as I watched.

He kept ramming her with great force sending his entire cock sliding deep into her effortlessly. He used her body for another twenty minutes like that before he pulled out. I had no idea that any man could fuck a girl for as long as he did, she looked limp and unconscious. She wasn't because when he walked over to her face her tongue sprang out ready to lick his cock again.

She was busy licking him as his hand moved and slapped her wet pussy with extreme force, her body arched and her legs snapped shut but her tongue relentlessly continued to lick his cock. A second man appeared and walked over to her, she must have sensed him, as he got close, her leg's spread wide open inviting him to fuck her. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast not lasting as long as the big man had but long enough to shot his load of cum deep into her. I watched as gobs of spent cum dripped out of her pussy when he pulled out.

He slapped her pussy again, just as hard as before and her legs snapped closed again. She was still licking and sucking the big mans stiff cock as a third man walked over. Her legs opened wide again and without a word he started to fuck her. This scene was repeated until ten guys had fucked her. He didn't slap her pussy after the last guy was done so her legs stayed open for me to see what it looked like now.

Her pussy looked red and sore from the slaps, and wild open from all the fucking. Milky white foam ran in an unceasing stream from her pussy on to the floor. Looking at her nipples, I saw how hard and red they still looked probably from his treatment of them. I was breathing heavy from watching and I felt my nipples; they too were hard but not as popped out as hers were. Feeling my pussy, it was soaked but not open or used like hers so I slide two fingers into it and began to finger fuck myself, wishing I had a cock in it, fucking me.

I saw his hand start to move and knew what was next. I was right as a loud noise vibrated in the room when he slapped her pussy. It still didn't stop her from sucking his cock; it only caused her to let out a loud moan and her legs to close.

To my surprise, another man walked over to her, her legs sprang open before he reached her. I watched as ten more times, her pussy was slapped and then fucked. Each time she moaned closed her legs tight but always opened then for the next man, without being told to do so.

As the last man finished, he commented how well trained, she was. The big man smiled, "This slut knows her place and that's satisfying men." With that, he slapped her pussy again. I looked away and saw a long line of men waiting to use her.

Oh god, how many men would fuck her before the night was over, I asked myself.

The big man turn to look at me, "Anytime you want to know, just look me up," he said as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and pulled off her blindfold. I stepped back when I saw her face, the girl laying there smiled at me, and I found myself looking directly at my own face.

"Oh god, this is horrible, it must be a bad dream," I said.

"How can you call this a bad dream, it has been Fantastic, giving my body over to him for his pleasure," she murmured at me. "Its what you dream of doing, being spread open for men to use you, isn't it?"

I was shocked and felt ashamed, my pussy was soaking wet my nipples stood out wanting to be touched as I asked, "You liked it? Being fucked by so many men?"

"Yes," she said. "Don't say that it isn't the same for you, you want men to use you. After all, this is your dream; you really want a big stiff cock in your pussy. You would do anything for a cock as big as this and once he fucked you, you would be happy to do his bidding, even let other men fuck you if he wanted them too, just as long as it pleased him. Wouldn't you?

"Yes," I confessed, shyly admitting I wanted it.

The man turn back to her, slapped her pussy, her legs closed. Only to open again as a new man walked over to her. "How long will you keep this up?" I asked.

"I don't know, until you wake up I guess," she said before she sucked his cock down her throat."

I watched for what felt like hours before I woke up, in my bed alone.
I could smell the sweet odor of sex clinging to my sweaty body. My hands moved one to my breast the other to my pussy. My nipple's felt pointed and super hard. My other hand felt the sticky pool that had formed between my open legs. I looked at the clock it wasn't even midnight yet, I had been asleep for less then two hours. I tried to go back to sleep but I was too hot and horny for that. I played with myself but that didn't help, I wanted more then just my fingers in my wet pussy.

Getting up I went to my computer, pulled up my e-mails. I had been writing some short sex stories, mostly about my fantasies and posting them on the web. One guy, Mr. Big C as he called himself had been a fan and kept sending me e-mails. We talked in a private chat room often and he had sent some photos of his lower body. I had seen why he used the name Big C; his cock was huge, like the guy in my stories. I reread his e-mails, he wanted to meet me and help me fulfill my fantasies he said, and we both lived in the same city. I went on line to see if he was logged in, he was. As soon as I logged in, we went to the private chat room. I retold him my dream saying it was to be my next story and asked what he thought of it. He again offered to help fulfill my fantasies, why just write about it, live it first, then write about it, he said.

I didn't respond, fast enough for him. He told me he had the time, the place, and the friends if I was truly interested in doing it.

"When" I asked, "Tonight" he wrote.

I felt butterflies in my stomach, he was serious about it, and damm I was horny. I was thinking, one problem was he was a black guy I never did it with a black guy. I didn't really know him, only on line what if he was some kind of nut. That made me laugh, after my stories and that dream, which one of us was nuttier here, him or me, I though. While I was busy thinking I must have typed OK to his request because on the screen was his reply.

"Put on a dress, no underwear and meet me at Jim's bar. He gave me the address, be here as soon as possible. I'll be waiting." He had written before he logged off.

There I was, terribly horny, and with his request to meet him. What other possible recourse did I have but to meet him? I couldn't stop myself from thinking how good it would be with his big cock inside me. The bar was not in the best part of the city but it was a public place so I felt safe going there to meet him. I slipped on a dress and headed out the door.

I wondered if he would recognize me from the picture, I had sent him. I realized that wasn't a problem as I walked into the bar, I was the only white girl in the place; to be more precise I was the only girl in the place. The bar was filled with black men about thirty I think. I was extremely concerned this had been a mistake coming here but all I could think of was how bad my pussy wanted a cock in it, even if it was to be one of the black men here. I was here and ready to offer myself to him.

A big man walked over to me, without a word he lifted my dress and looked at my bare pussy. "Good, you did as I asked, and you came here willingly with the hope of fulfilling your fantasies. I will treat you in a fitting manner like your story girl. I plan to see that you get everything she did and maybe much more before the night is over. That is why you came isn't it?"

I never felt so afraid and embarrassed in my life nor so hot and horny. My need for his cock was extreme. I thought I would die, as I said, "Yes."

As soon as I answered, He yelled out, "This is a private party, lock the door."

I felt some relief but it was short lived, no one got up to leave and I heard the door being closed and bolted. "We are ready to party, now strip so my friends and I can see what you're offering us."

"Are all these men are your friends?" I asked. Looking around, what a mass of men, some looked to young to be here others looked to old for sex.

"Does it matter, they are all going to be friends of your pussy before we're done with you. Now strip or should I do it for you?" he snapped.

"No, I'll do it," I quickly said and started to unbutton my dress. Stripping in front of all these guys was embarrassing and I took my time about it, once my dress was unbuttoned, I let it fall to the dirty floor. Standing there nude, I felt ashamed letting men I didn't know see me that way. My shame didn't last long, Big C reached over and grabbed both my nipples, and he gave them a hard twist, forcing a loud moan from my lips. My legs felt weak but before I could fall, he forced a large finger up my wet pussy and held me up. Pushing me back to a table he had me lie over it, like the bed in my dream, my head hung over one side, and my legs over the other. He removed his finger and rubbed it on my lips, I didn't open my mouth so he twisted a nipple to make me comply. I licked his finger clean and my only reward was to have both my nipples squeezed and twisted very hard.

My nipples hurt like hell; it wasn't sexy like in my stories only painful. I cried, "Please don't do that it hurts just fuck me and let me go home."

He released my nipples, looked at them smiled and in a rough voice said, "I plan to fuck you as viciously and brutally as the man in your last story. Your here for me to use so if you don't enjoy it that's to bad, I will and so will my friends. You're a slut, my slut and I will do what ever pleases me." Then he reached up, grabbing her nipples again, holding them tightly he said, "Tell me you're my slut and you want me to use you."

His hands were holding my nipples in a vise like grip; I felt I had no choice so I answered him like my story girl would, "Yes, I'm your slut, do what ever pleases you, fuck me like in my stories."

God he did, he fucked me hard and with great ferocity before he turned me over to the other men. Like my story after each man, he slapped my pussy hard and during my being fucked, he twisted my nipples at his pleasure. Once I closed my legs after one guy was done without having it slapped. He ordered me to open my legs and slapped my pussy five times before letting the next guy fuck me. They all used me, some more then once, they fucked my pussy or ass which ever they wanted I was there for the taking. I sucked ever cock and his three times, as he used my pussy twice and my ass once. The fucking took hours before it was over and it ended only because the guys couldn't get hard anymore. My torment didn't end with the final fucking; no Big C took his time with my nipples and slapping my overused pussy. It was getting light when he finally was done with me. Putting my dress on was a job I hurt all over; even the soft material of the dress hurt my sore nipples as it moved over them. I couldn't close my legs my pussy was that sore. I cried all the way home, and more when I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror.

My nipples were swollen and so black and blue they looked like hell, my pussy was swollen and deep red. Three douches, two for my pussy, six aspirins, one cold shower, and a hot bath I still felt like hell. I found that fantasy and real life wasn't the same. All week I didn't wear a bra my nipples hurt too much for that. Ten days later I was feeling better my pussy looked fine my nipples were almost normal size and color now.

Two weeks later, I sat at my computer, pulled up my e-mails, one was from Mr. Big C I opened it. He didn't ask how I was, all he had done was send me a short note. "As he gave them a hard twist and shoved his cock into her with greater force then before. She let out a loud scream, her body stiffen, and her toes curl up, as she yelled out, for more, more, more. She was in luck, more men had come just to fuck her and use her slut body for their fun. See you tonight night, same place same rules."

After reading his note, I thought here was a real bastard, a real brute, just who did he think he was, telling me to come back to that bar and why was my pussy so wet and my nipples so pointed and hard?

It was only nine as I slipped on the same dress and headed out the door, no point in wasting time not with more men wanting me. I was about to spend the night being fucked and doing whatever Mr. Big C told me to do. My fantasy had become real I was his slut and would do anything he asked.

Fantasy and Real life can sometimes coexistent at the same time.
Descending into a confusing world of obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior can dominate your life but nothing that feels so good can be so bad, in a dream or in life.
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