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So yeah, first story here tell my what you think, this is more of an intro then anything it'll get worse
Man this day is to fucking long, I need to get home, jack off. My dick is always jumping out of my pants. Perhaps I should first introduce myself: My name is Frank, I’m 6 feet and I weigh 220 lbs and no I’m not muscled I’m just fat. Don’t worry I’ll admit I’m fat, I’m 17 too and my dick is 7 inches long soft that’s the only big part about me. So anyway like I said I’m extremely horny, I jack of twice a day every day. The strangest thing is that it doesn’t matter how much I jerk of I keep shooting plenty of cum. So there I was the last hour of school, only 10 minutes on the clock horny as hell. I wasn’t really interested in what the teacher had to say, the teacher is a man so I don’t really care for him. Finally the bell rings, I’m one of the first people to get out of the class and outside the school. I do have friends at school but right now I just want to get home, I don’t live that far from my school just a 5 minutes’ walk. I cross the street and take a left turn, in my haste I fail to see the man walking around the corner.

I slam into the guy with great force, he falls down and I manage to stay up. He’s old, I estimate about 60, gray hair, a small beard, black suit and tie, can and a briefcase, the last 2 are on the ground next to him. “I’m sorry sir.” I apologize and help him up. I hand him his cane and note the knob on it, it’s in the shape of a demons head. “No problem son, say you look like a fine guy.” He says. “Thank you sir, but I should really get going, I need to get home.” I say, the old geezer is starting to annoy me. “Oh yes of course but first let me give you something.” He says, the man picks up his briefcase opens it and pulls out a simple black book. “Here, son just write whatever you desire in it, perhaps it will come through.” He says before pushing me out of the way and walking away. I open the book and see it’s empty, weird old fuck but at least he’s out of my way. I walk on until I reach my house, open the door and walk in. My parents aren’t home yet wonderful. I go to my room open up my laptop and open the movies folder. Inside are several perverted movies of young girls and boys being fucking and abused. These things might get me into trouble but my mom’ a cop, they would never suspect me. I pull out my large cock and start stroking it to the sights of a 10 year old girl with black hair being throat fucked. The girl in the movie gages and pukes all over the dick, I stroke my dick harder and massage my balls with my other hand. The girl is turned over and the man shoves his puke covered dick straight into her but hole, The girl screams and the man thrust deeper into her. A second man shows up and he pisses on the girls face, this sends me over the edge and I cum all over my hand. I close the video and look at the cum on my hand before wiping it off and cleaning up my dick. After I’m done I zip up my pants and go to the kitchen to get a snack.

In the kitchen I make a sandwich with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, normal mayonnaise from eggs and stuff you perverts. I go back to my room and turn on my television. Damn I forgot my coke, I get back and go back to the kitchen, when I come back I see the book the old man gave me. It does look nice, I take it with me and once I’m back in my room I lay down on my bed and look at the book. I open it and flip the pages, it’s completely blank, when I reach the first page I’m surprised there is something written on the cover:

Dear owner of the book
You have been granted the most wonderful book ever, the book that will fulfill your dreams, All you have to do is write your whishes in here and it will be done. There are no limitations to what this book can do, just be clear about what you want.
Dearest greetings S.

This got to be a joke, a book that grants wishes, yeah right sounds like some cheesy porn story. I grab my glass of coke and drink the last bit. Damn now the glass is empty, wait this is the best opportunity to see if this book is real. I doubt it but one can dream right? I grab a biro from my nightstand and write on the first page: I want my glass to be filled with coke. I look up at my glass and see it’s filled with a white powder. Damn it works, but it’s the wrong kind of coke. I pick up the glass and go to my window, in one quick move I empty the glass in the air and I go back to the book. “Alright let’s see what this thing can do.” I say to myself, first I fill my glass with the right kind of coke before I start thinking about what I could wish for. Of course several things come to mind, I immediately write down 2 things I want:

“I want to lose 88 pounds
I want a briefcase filled with 20 dollar bills on my desk”

These 2 things happen, I look at myself in the mirror and feel pleased, now for something a little more kinky. I look at my window, there she is the one girl I want to fuck above all others. Sandra, she’s 14, hasn’t really developed yet, is a real cock tease and looks so innocent, she has black hair to her but, she’s white and has freckles. Today she’s wearing a nice dress with flowers. I go back to the book and pick up my biro. This is gonna be hard.

“Sandra (my neighboring 14 year old girl) feels an unexplainable lust for me, her parents are fine with this and so are mine, no one will have a problem with what I do to my sexual partners and they are all completely loyal to and will do everything I say.”

So that has to take care if it if any problem appears I should be able to solve it. I wait for several minutes but nothing happens there seems to be a problem with what I wrote, I go back to the book.

“Sandra is really horny and feels like fucking me right now, from the moment she’s on my dick she’ll be my loyal sex slave and she will love it.”

This time it works because only a few minutes later Sandra is at my door, I open up pull her in and drag her to my bedroom, this is gonna be awesome. I tear off her dress and panties, I pull of my pants and thrust inside of Sandra, her pussy is tight and she’s clearly a virgin, her pussy is extremely tight around my huge cock but I don’t care, she starts crying and I lick up her salty tears. “This for being such a tease all these years!” I shout and slap Sandra, she starts crying even more. The sight of the sad girl under me is enough to make me cum and I do, I blow another massive load inside her pussy, Sandra shouts out in pain, I twist a nipple to add to her pain and thrust once again inside off her. After I’m done I roll of her and pull her on my chest. “Listen little slave, my cock is dirty, clean it up.” I command, Sandra doesn’t resist instead she just sinks down to her knees and starts sucking me of. While she’s doing that I grab the book again.

“Everyone I talk to will listen and obey my commands.
No one will care that Sandra now lives with me.”

Now that Sandra can stay with me, I’ll have a constant pussy to pound, but right now another need comes up. “Sandra get off the bed and kneel down.” I command, she lets go of my dick and does as I told her. “Open your mouth and take everything I give you.” I now say and spread my ass checks above her face, I first press a nice thick piece of shit from my ass right in her mouth, after I’m done shitting I turn around and see Sandra kept it in her mouth. I aim my cock at the shit filled mouth and piss in it, I miss several drops and the hit her hair, face and flat chest. Once that’s done I order her to swallow and then let her lick my asshole. Once it’s clean I take her back on my bed and shove my cock in her pussy, not to fuck her just to feel her tight slit some more.

End chapter 1, how was it? review please

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2016-06-20 21:33:49
wtf y would u add shit, have some limits

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-09 19:59:10
grammar a bit pour, sex scene too rushed, but very hot. to give the plot more depth, you might want to limit the book's power a bit, or present some problem the guy must overcome


2011-11-02 21:42:36
Good story!?!? It's a piece of garbage with bad grammar, bad spelling, and a ridiculously infantile imagination! A book? Better a fairy godturd!

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-02 15:01:03
Thanks for not including Scat in the tags...CUNT

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-01 11:04:28
Good start... lets see where your fantasy takers it... no scat... gross... but use those girls!... more details about whats happening

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