The carnage in the Mansion reaches a blood soaked climax as our two heroines exterminate every man in their path
The girl is on her back, legs in the air, now taking a pounding from her fifth stud. All of her partners have been well hung and skilled at using their massive tools. The girl has kept her high heels on, delighting in how much they help make her feel like a whore. She has been having frequent orgasms as she savors not only the sex she is experiencing, but also anticipates what is to follow. None of these guys has any clue what’s going to happen to them, she secretly thrills as her stud slams into her yet again. The thought of what she and the blonde have planned for all of these hung male animals makes her moan as yet another orgasm grips her body. Finally, yet another stud groans in ecstasy as he achieves climax. Yet another load of sperm is deposited deep in the girl’s pussy. Little does the stud realize that ejaculation has sealed his own doom. He has served his purpose on the planet and now he is completely expendable, just like all the others. Unsuspecting, he leaves the room, allowing the girl’s sixth stud to enter, and in due course, fulfill his purpose.

Finally, the last load is spilled into a welcoming female body. The blonde and the girl have each copulated with 10 different studs. The girl has remained submissively on her back through it all, taking a pounding from stud after stud. The blonde, for her part, has thrown herself into the sex with wild abandon, starting off on her back and then alternating with cowgirl and doggy style in an orgy of reckless fucking. Both women have experienced multiple orgasms. The sex has been good, but it is now time to experience even greater bliss.

The 20 studs are milling about in the front parlor of the Mansion, some pulling their clothes back on, some tapping beer when the two women reappear. They are back in their dresses and high heels. “Come on guys, the fun isn’t over! Everybody get naked again! We have more girls for you!” shouts the blonde. The studs, inspired by the prospect of getting more pussy, start stripping again. “Come on, guys! Take everything off!” the blonde exhorts them. “OK, these girls are really, really kinky! Even kinkier than we are, if you can believe that! They want us to put you in handcuffs before we take you to them!” continues the blonde. The now completely naked studs chorus their rowdy approval and the blonde and the girl start securing their hands behind their backs with plastic handcuffs. This is just too easy, thinks the blonde. The two women lead their studs to another of the Mansion’s drawing rooms. There are chairs lined up against one of the walls, and the handcuffed studs take their seats with some difficulty. The girl locks the door through which they had entered the room and facing them is another door. This door opens onto the kitchen, as the studs will soon find out. “All right, guys, we’re going to take you in two at a time,” announces the blonde. “Get ready! These girls are wild!” The blonde and the girl each select a handcuffed stud. The two men and two women disappear through the door to the kitchen, which closes behind them, leaving the other studs drooling in anticipation.

The blonde and the girl, with their two studs, stop in the middle of the kitchen. “OK, guys, get on your knees,” the blonde directs the studs. “What? Why?” queries one of the incredulous studs. “Like I said, these other girls are super, super kinky. They like submissive guys,” replies the blonde. The two bemused studs comply, getting on their knees side by side. Standing behind them, the blonde and the girl quickly slip out of their high heels. They will need to maintain a firm footing for the work they must now do. Swiftly, the nylon cords, one in the hands of the blonde, the other in the hands of the girl, are slipped over the heads of the two studs and are dropped down to their necks. The two women each bend a knee and place it up against the studs’ backs. Before either of the studs can react, both nooses are simultaneously given a quick jerk. The breath of both studs is momentarily choked off, but the nooses are just as quickly relaxed, leaving the studs gasping for air. “What the fuck?” sputters one of the studs in disbelief, while the other can only manage to gasp for breath. Barely allowing the studs time to recover, the women jerk the nooses tight again, and again relax them. Again, the studs gasp painfully, now alarmed that the erotic games have taken a sinister turn. A brief respite, and it is now time to finish off both studs. Slowly, mercilessly, the women tighten the nooses around the studs’ necks, pressing their knees into their victims’ backs. Held in place and upright, braced against the knees of the women who are slowly killing them, the studs gasp and wheeze as the pressure on their throats increases. As they lose the struggle to draw in oxygen, their chests heave and their lungs begin to ache. Slowly, painfully, the nooses begin to crush the studs’ tracheas. The gasping becomes more broken. The bodies convulse, shudder and then are still. For a long moment, the blonde and the girl hold the two strangled male bodies in position, braced upright against their knees. They then slowly lower the studs to the floor, bringing them to rest face down. Rolling the two bodies onto their backs, the blue, contorted faces tell a tale of unspeakable agony. Two more dead men. The women remove the cords from the studs’ throats; they will be used again. The deep, angry purpled ring around both studs’ throats bears eloquent testimony to the brutality of their deaths. The blonde puts her hands under the arms of one of the studs, and raises his corpse up to almost a sitting position. The girl grabs the stud’s feet, and the two women carry the lifeless male husk into the adjoining dining room. They lay the corpse on the floor, on its back, toes pointed at the ceiling. Soon, the second corpse is lying next to it. The women, still in their dresses, but now barefoot, shut the door to the dining room, and then re-enter the drawing room to select another pair of studs.

He can’t be older than 19, the blonde thinks with satisfaction, as she throttles the life out of another kneeling, naked young stud in the kitchen. She glances at the girl, standing at her side, and similarly strangling another kneeling, unclad young male. I’m so proud of her, thinks the blonde. She hasn’t hesitated at all tonight, and she’s actually enjoying it. Working together makes it so much easier to kill more of them, the blonde reflects, as she listens with pleasure to the gasping of the two slowly dying studs. She feels her knee digging deeper into the stud’s back. Perfect. That way, I can get the noose even tighter. As she tightens the noose, she can feel its pressure gradually overwhelm the stud’s struggle to breathe, and she can feel the resistance of his body begin to break down. He knows he’s dying, the blonde thinks joyfully, and I want him to know it. And, he knows that he’s being killed by a woman, and I want him to know that, too. One last shuddering gasp, and the life another young human male is extinguished. She hears another death rattle, and has the satisfaction of knowing that the girl, too, has exterminated another man. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to keep from having an orgasm, thinks the blonde. Soon, there are two more bodies lying on the floor in the dining room, next to those of the first two studs.

The birthday boy is on his knees, naked, hands bound behind his back. He’s still feeling lightheaded and somewhat disoriented from the first two quick jerks on the rope around his neck. Trying now to catch his breath, he suddenly hears the voice of the blonde purring softly in his ear. “Happy birthday, sweetie,” she says as she begins to tighten the noose for the third and final time. The young stud still has trouble wrapping his mind around what’s happening to him, even as he feels the nylon cord begin to constrict his airway yet again. What the fuck is she doing, he asks himself as he feels the cord slowly tighten. The young stud tries to move his hands, but finds the effort to be completely fruitless. She put these handcuffs on so damn tight, he thinks. This has got to be some sort of joke, he tries to reassure himself, but he can feel the deep seated panic building as he struggles to gulp in another mouthful of air. This is starting to hurt. Not only is it hurting my neck, it’s actually getting painful to breathe. He starts feeling light headed again. He starts to feel as if he’s going to pass out, but he can feel something pressing into his back, soft and fleshy, yet with an underlying firmness to it, bracing him up and holding him in place as the cord gets tighter and tighter. The young stud’s lungs are no longer responding. He is now conscious of his own loud, spasmodic gasping. What’s she doing to me? he wonders, now in blind fear. His life flashes before his eyes. He fleetingly relives his first sexual encounter, at 15, and then all the other girls at high school, and 3 more here at college in just his first month, all easy conquests for a handsome blonde stud. And tonight, the best sex of my life, and now, what is she doing to me? She’s not going to loosen up on it this time, he realizes, as blind, helpless fear seizes hold of him. The pain in his throat is now unbearable as the cord slowly starts to collapse his windpipe. His chest heaves, and his oxygen starved lungs ache. He suddenly becomes conscious of the sound of agonized gasping next to him. They’re killing this other dude, too. I know him. He’s in one of my classes. Oh my god, what happened to all those other dudes? They just disappeared…The stud’s vision begins to narrow. It’s starting to get black. Can this really be death? I’m only 18. I can’t hear that dude next to me anymore. He’s quiet now. I can’t breathe. I …

The birthday boy’s eyes stare blankly ahead now. The blonde grimly holds him in place, braced up against her knee for a long moment. She looks down at the kneeling corpse. He was so young, she thinks joyfully. And I killed him on his birthday. Slowly, almost gently, she lowers the corpse face down to the floor and then rolls it on its back. Agony is etched on the young stud’s contorted features. Yes, he suffered. It was complete agony, and I made him suffer, the blonde thinks with satisfaction. The cord is removed from the tortured throat. Soon, the birthday boy’s glassy eyes are staring at the dining room ceiling. He is lying shoulder to shoulder with two other boys, only slightly older, all united in death. The blonde looks down at the once handsome face for one last time. “Happy birthday, sweetie,” she breathes, in her most seductive voice.

This is so awesome, the girl exults, as she thrills in the sensual delight of feeling her bended knee press deeper into her new stud’s back, her vital flesh in contact with his slowly dying flesh. He’s starting to sweat, she realizes as she steadily draws tighter on the noose around his neck. She can feel the sweet wetness between her thighs, as her pussy responds to the sound of the stud’s broken gasping. The presence of another human male, being slowly strangled by the blonde, only enhances the girl’s pleasure. We’re killing them two at a time, and we’re making it as slow and agonizing as we can, the girl reflects with almost orgasmic joy. We have complete power over them, and there’s nothing they can do to save themselves. The blonde is so right; their lives mean absolutely nothing. Soon, there are two more young male corpses. “Let’s start piling them up,” the blonde says to the girl. They place the two new bodies on top of the dead studs already lined up in the dining room, thus starting a second layer of corpses. They both know that that this pyramid of flesh will only continue to grow.

“That’s right! Make him feel it!” the blonde, her voice dripping with cruelty, exhorts the girl. The stud that the girl is now strangling is gasping out loudly, his extreme suffering obvious. “I want you to feel it, too, baby,” the blonde whispers to her stud, as he grits his teeth in pain, and spasmodically gasps for breath. We’re getting good at this, the blonde thinks to herself proudly. This is just like an assembly line, two at a time, just process them like animals. But we’re still enjoying every sweet moment of it. Soon, a loud, rattling gasp from the girl’s stud, followed closely by a series of panting gasps from the blonde’s stud, followed by silence. Two more lives to feed the hunger of the eternal darkness, already gorged with so many other young human males.

I’m starting to sweat now, the girl realizes, as she slowly strangles yet another stud. We’re killing so many of them! she thinks joyfully, but this is hard work. Choking the life out of these big, strong studs and then carrying their bodies into the dining room isn’t easy, but it’s the most fucking fun I’ve ever had in my life! This one is struggling, the girl thinks to herself with pleasure, feeling the tension in the nylon cord. The more they struggle, the more pain they experience! The blonde has done her work well. Not only does her beautiful young friend feel no trace of pity for all the suffering she is inflicting, she rejoices when the pain and suffering is multiplied. The girl’s cruelty now equals that of the blonde. Soon, two more corpses join the pile in the dining room.

I’m fucked. I’m totally fucked, the hung, muscular, brown haired stud thinks to himself as the nylon cord continues to bite deeper into his throat. This bitch is really fucking going to kill me. This can’t be fucking real. I’m being killed by some blonde slut that I fucked about an hour ago. Kneeling next to him is another stud, being slowly done to death by the girl. The two studs are kneeling so close together that their shoulders touch. Out of the corner of his eye, the blonde’s stud can see his fellow victim, mouth wide open, head thrown slightly back, gasping desperately and painfully for air. It’s almost reassuring to feel the other stud shoulder to shoulder with him. At least I’m not dying alone. As the pressure on his throat increases, as his struggle to breathe becomes more painful, the stud focuses his thoughts on the boy who is dying with him. Come on, dude, fight! Fight! the stud silently encourages his fellow victim. I’ll hold out as long as you do. The hoarse, tortured gasping of the other stud tells him that his agony is intense. He’s going through the same thing I am, thinks the stud, startled by the sound of his own painful gasping. Keep fighting! the stud mentally cheers on his new found brother. If these bitches are going to kill us, let’s make them work for it! As the stud’s own agony increases, so does his determination. I’m not going before he does, the stud resolves. I’m staying with you, dude. The seconds seem like hours as every effort to breathe is sheer agony and as the stud’s vision starts to blur. I can’t hold out much longer, thinks the stud as he begins to slowly drift into the darkness. Suddenly, as if from a distance, he hears one final, agonized, choking gasp, and can feel a powerful shudder run through the other stud’s body. He can feel all of the straining tension in the body next to him disappear as the other stud’s body goes slack. The stud can now hear a rattling sound coming from deep within his chest. That’s me! he realizes in disbelief as the eternal darkness enfolds him, and hungrily consumes two more young lives. Soon, the stud is again shoulder to shoulder with his new friend, as their bodies are piled on top of the others, to start a third layer of corpses in the dining room.

The blonde and the girl slowly strangle two more studs. Like the girl, the blonde has begun to perspire from all the exertion of killing stud after stud and then depositing their bodies in the dining room. The blonde, however, is not exhausted; she is exhilarated. We’re killing every single last one of them. None of them are going to escape, the blonde exults. This is turning out to be way easier than I ever thought it would be. And best of all, we’re making their last minutes on earth as painful and agonizing as possible. We’re making every single one of them feel it, the blonde rejoices with lustful cruelty. Another pair of corpses is soon added to the heap of destroyed human flesh in the dining room.

Yet another pair of studs, on their knees, are slowly done to death. I’ve already had three orgasms, the girl thinks to herself in rapturous delight. It just feels so good killing them. This one was pretty good in bed, she thinks, as she throttles her stud, but that won’t save him. At least he got off one last time and all any of them care about is getting off. I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am, baby, the girl thinks as she savors the sound of the stud’s tortured gasping. You exist only for my pleasure, and ending your existence is my ultimate pleasure. Two more strangled young males only serve to multiply the pleasure of the two beautiful women.

“You’ll be with all of your other friends real soon.” These words, uttered by the blonde, are the final words the two studs ever hear. They are the last of the studs to be strangled in the kitchen. The pattern is inevitably played out, as the eternal blackness envelopes the two studs after they have been subjected to the most excruciating agony imaginable. Their corpses are piled on top of the third layer of dead bodies, forming the apex of a pyramid of extinct humanity. The two women look at twenty pairs of men’s feet lined up in neat rows, one row piled on top of another, toes pointed at the ceiling. They have done their work with extreme brutality and they have done it well.

Dawn is now breaking. The killing has been merciless and relentless, but now there will be a pause. The two women make a final round of the Mansion. They pass by all the rooms where their studs have been snuffed, but do not enter them. All is now silent; the women cannot hear even the faintest moan or groan coming from any of the rooms. Weary now from the night’s work, they climb together into bed in one of the Mansion’s large 2nd story bedrooms. Naked, they huddle close together, luxuriating in the feel of each other’s soft, warm female flesh. Soon, they have drifted off to a few hours of well earned sleep. Far below, in the unheated basement, huddle the 7 surviving young males. Naked, gagged, bound hand and foot, they are cold and hungry. None of these macho studs will admit it to himself, but they are all frightened. They have tried freeing each other from their plastic handcuffs, but all their efforts have been futile. They are still more fortunate than they know. They still draw breath, and while now existing in miserable conditions, they are all young, strong and healthy. Populating rooms throughout the Mansion are dozens of other young males now laying still and silent, their flesh already grown cold. They have all experienced death in the most brutal forms imaginable. They have been stabbed, strangled, suffocated and drowned, pitilessly exterminated simply because they were good looking, sexually potent young males. Blood saturated carpets slowly continue to absorb the red deluge released by slashed open bodies. In the dining room lies the pile of destroyed young male flesh, 20 strangled bodies heaped on top of each other, their now rigid toes pointing at the ceiling like a grotesque forest of dead flesh. On the bottom layer of this pyramid of death lies the corpse of the birthday boy. His individual identity obliterated along with his life, he is no longer a breathing, vital young man, but merely part of a huge mass of already decaying human flesh. Far below, another dozen young men bob grotesquely upright in their watery grave at the bottom of the pool. The two women have done their night’s work well.

It is close to noon on Saturday when the blonde and the girl awake to face the new day. They shower, eat brunch and then dress for the second day’s festivities. The dresses have been put away for today. Both wear matching low-cut white blouses. Neither wears a bra, and they can feel their d cup titties straining to spill forth from their blouses. Both wear tight jeans, accentuating their beautifully rounded asses. The high heels remain; black for the blonde, red for the girl. The symbols of woman’s sexual superiority over man cannot be abandoned. The heels give further uplift and definition to the delectable female asses encased in the skin tight denim. The two women turn their thoughts to the 7 surviving studs in the basement. Their destruction is inevitable; nothing with a penis must be allowed to remain alive under the Mansion’s roof. “We are going to get them off first, aren’t we?” asks the girl. “It has to be done, “ the blonde reassures the girl. It was the only obligation they had to the studs; to bring them to orgasm before destroying them. “And their balls are going to be full, “ the blonde declares happily. Even as their owners languish in misery in the cold basement, 7 pairs of testicles have been busy. The 14 genetic factories have continued their work non-stop, each one producing thousands of new sperm cells every second. These new swimmers join the hundreds of millions that have already been produced and are awaiting release. Denied orgasm last night, the studs’ balls are already full. Seven protective pouches, each one dangling between a young man’s legs, grow fuller and heavier. Some of the studs begin to feel the uncomfortable ache of too large a load. All will welcome the release that the two women will provide them with.

Mid-afternoon, the studs hear the clomping of high heels on the basement stairs. The door opens, and the two women enter. “OK,” announces the blonde, “we’ll take off your gags, but have to promise to be good boys. Any screaming or yelling, and they go back in.” The gags are removed, and one of the studs asks, “what is this all about?” “We told you. It’s a Halloween party, and it’s not over yet, “ replies the blonde. The studs are still denied food, but the two women now offer them swigs of the ice cold bottled water that they hold up to their mouths like ministering angels of mercy. The parched studs accept the gulps of water gratefully, thankful for any relief from their ordeal. The blonde smiles inwardly; this small act of mercy and its acceptance, will help to ensure that the studs remain docile for the rest of their ordeal. “Where is everybody else?” one of the captives asks. “Oh, we took good care of your friends, and we’ll take good care of you, too” the blonde assures him as she and the girl exit the room.

Darkness has once again fallen when the women return to the basement. While the blonde holds her assault rifle at the ready, the girl removes the plastic handcuffs from each of the studs’ ankles, and helps them to their feet. The women allow the studs some time to stretch their cramped legs. “OK, guys, we’re taking you upstairs,” the blonde announces. “We’re really going to party!” The blonde leads the way up the stairs, followed by the seven naked studs, their hands still restrained behind their backs. Bringing up the rear, her assault rifle at the ready, is the girl. The blonde opens a door at the top of the stairs, and the studs file into the kitchen. Little do they know that in that very room only hours earlier, 20 other young men had been slowly and brutally strangled to death by these same two beautiful women. Hidden from view behind the closed door to the dining room only feet away, are the slowly decomposing corpses of the 20 young studs, heaped upon each other in a ghastly pile of flesh.

The blonde orders the studs to line up, and with two assault rifles trained on them, the boys readily comply. The blonde and the girl admiringly survey the muscular, well hung male specimens lined up in front of them. The studs, feasting their eyes on the two stunningly beautiful, well endowed women standing before them, cannot resist their carnal instincts. In spite of the ominous atmosphere in the room, penises begin to stiffen. The blonde picks up a large cut crystal bowl and holds it in both hands as the girl slowly and sensually licks her lips. “You guys are in for a real treat,” the blonde announces. “This little whore is going to suck all of you off!” The studs’ tools now begin to petrify into rock hard, full erections, as the girl slowly advances towards them, her high heels clicking on the kitchen floor.

Licking her lips, the girl locks eyes with the first stud in line, his massive tool rigidly erect. She drops to her knees and begins swirling the tip of the stud’s tool with her tongue. Precum begins to seep from the slit of the tantalized tool as the stud lets out a low groan of pleasure. The blonde stands behind the girl, holding the bowl. She is alert for any swift movement on the part of the other studs, but not overly concerned. All of the other boys, now themselves with straining erections, watch mesmerized as the first stud’s shaft disappears into the girl’s mouth. She massages the sperm swollen balls and can feel that this stud has a huge load to release. The girl thrusts her head up and down more rapidly on the stud’s tool, deep throating the massive member as her hand continues to caress the stud’s scrotal pouch. The stud groans deeply, and the girl backs her mouth off of his tool. Realizing that the stud is about to climax, the girl begins to vigorously yank his tool with her hand. The blonde moves in closer with the bowl, and stands next to the girl. The girl aims the stud’s tool as best she can at the bowl as she continues to vigorously jerk him off. The stud lets out another groan as a thick white jet of sperm blasts out of his penile slit, hitting the waiting bowl with an audible thump. The blob of thick white genetic matter at the bottom of the bowl is soon joined by another glob of sperm, this one not quite as thick as the first, as the stud’s tool spurts again. Another spurt deposits yet more sperm into the bowl. Twelve times the stud’s tool spits forth his love liquid, each spurt less copious and thinner than the last, until the final ball contraction propels out only watery droplets that spackle the sloping insides of the bowl. Determined to drain the stud of every last drop of his life product, the girl squeezes the still erect tool, milking out additional sperm not expelled by ejaculation. This additional semen also ends up in the bowl, adding even more sperm cells to the already thrashing millions upon millions that are vainly seeking a female cell to fertilize.

One stud down, six more to go.The two women are now in front of the second stud, and the process is repeated. The second stud groans with pleasure as the beautiful, dark haired slut torments his rigid tool with her tongue. After bringing the stud to the threshold of orgasm with her mouth, the girl pushes him over the edge with vigorous jerking. Once again, sperm is propelled at high velocity into the waiting bowl, as a stud groans in appreciation of carnal release. The second stud’s milk of love combines with that of the first stud in a white gooey mess. The girl looks into the second stud’s eyes and says “I’ve got a big surprise for you later, baby,” before turning her oral attention to the third stud.

Another load is ejaculated into the bowl, and then another. As the two women approach the fifth stud, the blonde marvels at the massive volume of white fluid now contained in the crystal receptacle. “Wow, guys, that is a lot of sperm! Your balls were really working overtime!” A fifth flesh tool is subjected to the girl’s combined oral and manual assault until it spits its love lava, the first spurt arcing high into the air and then dropping down into the waiting bowl with an audible splash, as the tool’s owner moans with pleasure. Two more tools are sucked and yanked to orgasm, and two more loads are added to the sea of sperm. “Wow! Look at all this!” exclaims the blonde, triumphantly holding aloft the bowl filled with its precious white nectar. She sticks a finger into the bowl and stirs the white mass, alive with hundreds of millions of swimming, thrashing sperm cells, a true genetic cocktail composed of the raw material extracted from seven virile young males. Removing her sperm coated finger from the bowl, the blonde licks it off, and proclaims “Yummy!”

The girl now produces two large crystal wine goblets. Carefully, the blonde positions the bowl over the two goblets, and pours the elixir of love into each, measuring out equal portions for herself and the girl. The two women now turn to face the naked studs, and raise their sperm filled goblets to them in salute. Both ravishing sluts then raise the goblets to their lips, and the studs watch mesmerized as the white love potion, so recently weighing down their balls, disappears into the two beautiful mouths. “Holy fuck!” “Awesome!” “Cool!” Male voices chorus their approval. The goblets drained of their contents, the studs watch the neck muscles of both beauties contract, as the abundance of sperm is swallowed and dispatched to two waiting stomachs. The blonde and the girl then both stick out their tongues, displaying their empty mouths to assure the studs that every last drop of their genetic fluid has indeed been swallowed. “All gone!” the blonde proclaims. The women then swirl their fingers in the goblets, scooping up any stray globs of sperm and then licking them off their long, elegant digits. As the grand finale to this lustful exhibition, the blonde uses a silver spoon to scoop up all of the stray sperm remaining in the crystal bowl, and then feeds it to the girl as a special treat. Not a single drop of sperm wasted. If only old man Miller knew what his prize crystal and silver was being used for!

“OK, guys, now we’ve got a real big surprise for you!” calls out the blonde. She turns her back to the studs, opens a drawer at the kitchen counter and reaches for something inside. She quickly turns around with a movement so swift that the studs don’t have a chance to see what’s in her hand before she whips the object across the room at the first stud. The other boys, their attention focused on the blonde, suddenly hear a gasp of agony and turn to look at the first stud. They see him, his mouth open wide in pain and disbelief with a meat cleaver buried in his mid section. The stud gasps painfully several more times, making a supreme effort not to cry out, and takes several staggering steps forward. He sags to his knees, gasping, and then keels over onto his side. Now, almost curled into a fetal position, he sobs with agony as a stream of blood pours out of him and spreads across the kitchen floor.

The other studs are rooted to the spot with horror and disbelief. Is this really happening? The second stud hears the click of high heels moving towards him across the kitchen floor. It is the girl. Her eyes and those of the stud lock onto each other. He can see the glint of a small metallic object cradled in her hand, and his mind flashes back to the words she had spoken to him earlier. I’ve got a big surprise for you later, baby. The girl stops directly in front of the stud. The stud opens his mouth to speak to her, but before he can utter a word, the girl, with a pitiless gleam in her eye, slams the direct pull corkscrew straight into his navel. The stud throws his head back, opens his mouth wide, and bellows in full throated agony. The other studs, now in full realization of the horrific fate that awaits them, move forward as a group, searching for an escape route. The leveled assault rifle wielded by the blonde stops them in their tracks. The sharpened, jagged end of the corkscrew, thrust deep into the stud’s bowels, cruelly nicks and tears his intestines, causing excruciating, unimaginable pain. With the instrument of destruction buried to the hilt in the stud’s guts, the girl brutally twists the handle. The blonde, in ecstasy as she watches the stud’s agony, exhorts the girl, even as she cows the other studs with her assault rifle. “Yeah, twist it, baby!” The stud’s perforated intestines wrap themselves around the corkscrew, until after several twists, the girl begins to slowly pull back on the handle. The stud, no longer able to cry out, is only able to let out several agonized gasps as his eyes roll back in his head and the darkness begins to close in on him. The girl tugs on the corkscrew, pulling the stud’s ruined bowels with it, until she has almost pulled it back out of him. Letting go of the handle and stepping back, she allows the stud to fall forward, hitting the floor face down with a brutal thump. The blonde motions with her assault rifle for the other studs to get back into line. She then hands the rifle to the girl, quickly walks over to the counter and grabs an 8 inch carving knife. Clutching the knife, and with a determined tread, she now advances on the third stud, her high heels drumming out a cadence of doom for her helpless male prey.

The blonde puts one firm hand on one of the stud’s broad, bare shoulders and with her other hand slams the carving knife into his lower belly up to the hilt. The stud’s entire body shudders and he gasps with pain, but bravely he does not cry out as the blonde mercilessly twists the blade deep inside him, slashing his bowels to shreds. The blonde pulls the knife, dripping blood, out of her victim, and a red jet sprays from the mortally wounded stud, splattering the blonde’s hands, arms and white blouse. For a long moment the stud remains standing, but then slowly he sinks back onto his haunches. Now in a sitting position, he sobs and gasps in agony, until finally he almost gently flops over onto his side as the eternal darkness embraces him. The blonde walks back to the other side of the room, puts the blood stained knife on the counter and takes the assault rifle from the girl. It is now again the girl’s turn.

The girl selects a 10 inch butcher knife from the Mansion’s large inventory of cutlery and marches her way to the fourth stud. The stud locks eyes with her, desperately seeking any sign of pity, and finds none. The girl aims her thrust for the stud’s lower belly, and the deadly blade strikes home, carving a path through flesh and muscle until it finally bites into the stud’s vitals, slashing through his bowels. The stud throws his head back in agony, and lets out a gasp, but does not cry out. “Twist that knife, baby!” he can hear the blonde cry out with gleeful cruelty, and the girl complies, twisting the agent of death with a vengeful gusto. The circular motion of the blade plays diabolical havoc with the stud’s coiled up intestines, slashing them into numerous small segments. The stud lets out another, deeper gasp, and his body begins to sag forward. The girl pulls the blade out of her devastated victim, releasing a torrent of blood. The stud drops to his knees, panting rapidly, and then drops face forward onto the floor. The blackness embraces him as his body continues to pump its life blood out onto the kitchen floor, to eventually mingle with the stream of blood issuing from the corpse of the third stud lying next to him. The girl, now speckled with blood just like the blonde, walks back to the counter and lays the second bloody knife down next to the first.

The blonde now advances on the fifth stud. They’re not even trying to escape now, she marvels. They’re just letting us slaughter them like sheep. Even they know it’s hopeless. The blonde’s bloodlust is enflamed by hearing the labored breathing and gasping of the dying males already on the floor. She adds to their number by stopping in front of the fifth stud and plunging the 12 inch butcher knife into his lower abdomen. Once again, the slaughtered male does not cry out, but the blonde can tell that she is inflicting excruciating pain on him as she twists the foot long blade with lustful cruelty. Go ahead, be macho, she thinks to herself. But I know you’re feeling it, and that’s all that matters. The blade is pulled out, and another young male body, its insides demolished, hits the floor with a thud. A third bloody knife is placed on the kitchen counter.

The pattern is repeated yet again as the girl shoves another 12 inch kitchen knife into the sixth stud’s lower belly, and twists it mercilessly. As she listens to the sweet music made by the stud’s painful gasps, she too, marvels at the stoic resignation the young men are displaying in meeting death. Not one of them is begging us for mercy! This arouses no pity in her heart, however. We have the power over them, and we can do whatever we want with them, she reflects with satisfaction as she pulls her gore saturated blade out of yet another human male. Soon, a fourth bloody knife joins the others on the counter.

There is now only one stud left. The blonde cannot suppress a cruel smirk as she advances deliberately towards him, and watches him turn pale as he stares at the biggest knife of all, a 15 inch butcher knife, held in her beautiful hand. She is even more pleased to see something else, something totally unexpected. The last stud is fully erect! Was he turned on by watching two gorgeous young women ruthlessly slaughter half a dozen young men? Was he strangely aroused by the prospect of meeting his own violent death at such beautiful hands? The blonde can only speculate as she stands in front of the naked, bound stud, her right hand clutching the oversize knife. Looking the stud straight in the eyes, she grips his erect phallus with her left hand and slowly starts stroking it. For a moment, there is silence as the two look deep into each other’s eyes. The stud then breaks the silence. “You fucking cunt,” he snarls defiantly. The blonde does not reply. Keeping hold of the stud’s rigid tool, she slams the 15 inch blade into his belly and instead of twisting the handle, she pulls it downward, ripping a long vertical slit into the stud’s abdomen. The stud lets out a gasp, but mastering himself, does not cry out. I won’t give her the satisfaction, he thinks to himself as he tries to block out the hellish pain that now sears his entire body. He feels the feminine hand release its grip on his still erect love organ, and with dimming vision, he can see his beautiful blonde angel of death pull the reddened blade out of him. Almost in slow motion, he watches the massive red jet shoot from his body, as he begins to feel a new sensation. It feels like my stomach is falling out, he thinks in bewilderment as his slashed bowels begin to uncoil and drop from the deep trench carved into him by the blonde. He starts to feels his entire body falling forward, and the eternal darkness enfolds him before his gutted shell hits the floor.

The reddened water swirls down the kitchen sink drain as the blonde and the girl wash the human blood off their hands. Their white blouses, saturated with gore, will have to be burned somewhere on the road after they leave the Mansion, to deprive the police of potential evidence. Five bloody knives are lined up on the kitchen counter. The kitchen floor is awash in blood, which continues to drain from the seven butchered young males. The studs now lay silent on the floor, their lives brutally extinguished. The two women have accomplished their goal. Everything with a penis has been exterminated.

The blonde and the girl begin to gather up all the discarded pairs of male underwear scattered around the Mansion. The women toss the battle trophies onto the floor near the main entrance, keeping careful count as they do so, and the multi-colored pile of briefs grows larger and larger. “None of these guys wore boxers, go figure,” casually remarks the blonde, tossing a blue pair of briefs onto the pile, their former owner now an anonymous corpse somewhere in the Mansion. The blonde notices two bright red pairs of briefs on the pile, and smiles as she thinks of the twins. “How many?” asks the blonde, once the last pair has joined the others on the heap. “Sixty two,” replies the girl. “Awesome!” exults the blonde. “This way the cops will know how many they have to look for.” The two women look at each other for a moment as the full realization of what they have accomplished begins to dawn on them. They have made a true demographic dent in the Tri-Cities area, exterminating 62 of the area’s most virile young men. Three families have lost all of their sons. All of this human devastation has been wreaked by their beautiful, elegant hands. Is there any limit to what they can accomplish? A hundred men? Two hundred? Only time will tell.

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i hope you are raped repeatedly. then when they chop of your sad excuse for a dick you cry like a new born bitch. if i met one of your made up cunts i would fuck them raw with my 12 inch dick and when they try to kill me i would let them wound me and then stand before her and kill her myself. last person that stabbed me got a broken wrist, elbow, knee cap, and after i had incapacitated them i curbstomped him. i have killed in my defence and will again.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks to all who have left positive comments. I'm working on ideas for Beautiful Stranger III, with an even greater number of victims, of course!

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Awesome conclusion. Thanks very much!

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