My names Tasha im 21 im going to tell u bowt a special man who wos in my lyf from age of 13 until recently who i met offline on a chat site we both used. I wont name the site for legal reasons and if u dunt lyk my story just stop reading if its not to ur taste xx True Story,Incest, Older men/young bi girl Sub and Dom
I grew up with abuse from my uncles since i wos lil i wos confused i knew it wos wrong but at the same time it felt gud i never got fucked from any of them. My uncles wud do it at dif times sneak into my bedroom wif my lil sis on other bed i wud pretend to b sleeping as i felt my nightgoon slowly riding up my legs as my uncles fingers on my thighs gently seperating my lil legs apart as i felt his hot breath on my skin his tung licking all the way to my underage cunny, i hadnt felt any fing lyk this before so i didnt shout for my parents by now my uncle was licking my cunny and i wanted it to go on i knew he wos being careful trying not to wake me but i wos trying not to let him know i wos awake i didnt know wot i wud say to him or wot wud happen if he knew.
If felt my young body heating up as my bud started to tingle i wos trying to b still but i cudnt my body squirmed my legs started to close cos it felt so gud and my uncle wud open them again rub my bud fast wif his finger i wud here him pulling down his zipper and hear his breathing get faster i wanted to luk but i didnt turn round i fot wot wos going to happen to me now but i soon found owt he wos wanking off wile rubbing my 7 year old cunny when he finished he wud zip himself up and pull down my nighty again and leave. Thow it felt so gud i felt so bad inside and ashamed of letting him do that. This wos my first sexual expierence i remember so vividly.

Fings continued wif my uncles and to cut along part of the story short i ended up in care when i was 12. This wos to lead up to me meeting the most special guy ive ever met.

His names Jamie he wos scary exciting caring and fun i wos 13 he wos 32 we met on a chat site i soon became his teen sextoy and id willing do anyfing he wanted me to. I wud have my orders wot times to b online to keep him happy sexually and send him pics of me nawti ones that made me so happy sum 1 wanting me and sum 1 i cud keep happy he owned me my Master he taught me ow to b nawti wif him. We often chated bowt his fantasies wich became mine to and he went on to ask me if i knew wot a pedophile wos i told him no and he went on to explain he wos a pedo and wot he wos into, i didnt care al i knew wos i wanted him and i belonged to him now and to prove that i had to send him down a pair of my pantys which i obeyed rite away to do, he sent me sent me gifts and kept me online al the time, i fink he wos starting to lyk me for me i wos hoping he wos and i wos his favourit sub girl now and i had never bin happyer in my lyf.

Our fantasies were to find yunger girls rape them and cut them up drink thre blood.A year past im now 14 and totally madly in love with my pedo Master who now became my nawti daddy we had became closer and he had asked me to b his gf and asked me to marry him i wos stil in care so only 1 fing i cud do wos run away.Now is whare the fun part of my lyf began :o)

The love of my lyf my world my everyfing im 14 and living wif him as his sex slave gf his wife to b, im stil a virgin just the way Master wants me. he gave me my rules to live and obey by and has got me my own collor to enslave me for real.I wos stil afraid of Master Jamie as a slave girl shud b i saw the look in his eyes after he collored me and i knew he wos going to do sum of the scary fings he told me he wud do to me when we met, he grabbed me by the hair dragged me to a make shift dungoen room he had made ripped of my clothes and slapped me hard across the face for not stripping as soon as i got to his home my falt i shud have remembered to stupid stupid girl he tied my wrists to ropes that were on his walls and spread my legs wide open did the same to them i wos realy scared and had tears rollling down my cheek he just luked at me smirking and continued to wot he was doing he wos branding me tattooing his initals on my pussy which he had promised to do to me when we finally met so my young pussy is for him only. He wos geting me ready to take wots now rightfuly his my virginity. He untied and put leash back on me and made me crawl on al fours back to his sitting room i sat at his feet lyk a lil doggy awaiting my next orders from him as he turned on his pc and wos fixing his webcam for al to watch Master always sat naked as wos i now. I felt a strong tug on my lead and being forced in front of Masters legs and webcam and i wos ordered to suck his huge thick cock in front of people who wos watching us, i had only ever saw his cock when i wos being gud slave on chat for Master he sent me vids and pics of him. I knelt down in front of him teasing his cock wif my tung taking it slowly by my hand easing it in my mouth next min i knew he grabbed my head forcing his daddy cock deeper down my throat fucking my lil mouth hard calling me his slut dawta pulling my hair hard making his lil girl gag filling my mouth up with all his manly glory i started grabbing his balls remembering our sex chats i knew wot my Master lyked i wos squeezing his balls hard i heard Master moaning wif pleasure as he watched ovas watching him wif his 14 year old sex slave gf sucking of his 8 inch thick cock he exploded in my mouth pumping his hot cum down my throat he put his hand over my mouth to make sure i swallowed all his cum and eagerly licked his cock clean afterwards.

Later that evening Master let me sit on the couch with him cuddling me lovingly kissing me wif lil butterfly kisses after serving and obeying him so well all that day. He carried me off to his bed lay me down and gently stroked my hair from my face smiling at me kissing my lips he got more passionalty and his hand slowly tricked down my young underage body his kisses lowered down to my neck my supple lil breasts his wos teasing my nipples pinching them as his hand stroking my inner thigh making my body eagerly wanting him i knew i wos ready i wanted him so badly, his lips his tung found his way to my love bud his tung flickered fastly on me making my lil pussy so wet and tingly he stopped and turned me over i wos panting i wanted him to make me tingle more then his fingers stroking my back he wos soft and gentle with me he wos making my whole body feel pleasures ive never had before. feeling him lower down my back he started teasing my bum wif his fingers parting my cheeks his tung made its way inside my bum his fingers rubbing my virgin pussy i wos soaking wet i had never felt this amasing ever when he knew i wos wet enuf he turned me around again slipped his 8inches inside me he pushed hard broke my hymen he stroked my face kissing me making sure i wos ok he pulled out a lil only to push his whole 8 inches deeper inside me riding me slowly to start wif i wos already in a frenzy i wrapped my legs around him pulling him in me more thrusting on him begging him to fuck me harder omg his cock wos huge i cudnt get enuf i wanted more he tuk my wrists held them above my head luking at me pounding my pussy hard as he cud he shot his cum in my teen pussy and shot sum of it over my naked body he licked it from me and passionately kissed me passing his cum in my mouth and smilied at me and told me how much he loves me we both lay in each ovas arms all night til 8.30 am next morning when i had Masters coffee awaiting for him. (i remembered that as a rule from when we on chat i wosnt geting ova slap for forgeting Masters morning coffee hehe) Stayed Tuned for Chapter 2 My Master punishing his lil sex slave.

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