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It started out by me making a plaster cast of my sister’s tiny budding breasts.
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Cement Breasts

When my sister Felicia was growing up I was fascinated with her breasts. I was a year older and she adored me so I took full advantage of that adoration to get my way with her.

At eleven she started to develop tiny bumps on her chest. I was able to talk her into letting me see them quite often by telling her that I was just inspecting them. I’m sure that she knew better but at least I got to see them. Then one day I asked her if I could make a plaster cast of her breasts and she eagerly let me.

It was a learning experience. The plaster slipped down her body when she stood up but it did better when she was on her back. Then adding strips of newspaper helped it form a rather nice chunk. A couple of weeks later I made a great cast of her upper body from her waist to her neck and shoulders. I dated it and put it in my closet.

The following month I asked her if I could make a cast of her pussy. Once again she let me. Now the first one came out really well but I wanted to play around with her pussy so I made a few more over the next few days. However, the first one was the one that I kept in my closet.

After that she let me cast her whole torso from her crotch to her neck and shoulders every three months. I got pretty good at it and made one of her ass and back too.

A couple of years later I had quite a collection of Felicia’s body casts when our mother asked us about them. There was no sense in lying to her so I told her the truth, which was that I was fascinated with my sister’s breasts and was capturing their growth in plaster.

Mom smiled and said that older men would pay good money for a cast of Felicia’s body. Hell, at thirteen she was really built nicely and all of the boys wanted to get into her pants. I could see how older men would too.

I started to work on making a full body cast from her feet to her neck and shoulders. Mom even helped us. From there I cast a cement body. I only had to grind a little around the seams. It took a while to make it stand up but a metal post down one leg and out her foot into a wooden base did the trick. With Mom’s help we colored the cement a flesh tone. That was the ticket.

Mom advertised it as art. A couple of guys came to the house to look at it. They liked it and asked Mom if she could make three more for them. They had some idea in mind that required four of Felicia’s body casts. Mom set a ridiculous price and they wrote her out a check immediately. Then they asked if she could make one of an older well-developed woman with much bigger breasts. Mom told them that she could.

That weekend I started making plaster casts of Mom’s body. We put Vaseline in her pubic hair to keep it from getting caught in the plaster but eventually we realized that she had to shave.

Mom certainly had the big breasts but when she laid down on her back they flattened out some, standing they drooped, but leaning forward they looked simply amazing. Without her pubic hair covering her pussy I realized something else…Mom had a rather large pussy. Her outer lips were really fat, her inner lips protruded, and her clit stuck out. Not only that but her pussy gapped open. It was the most incredible sight to behold.

I made four plaster body casts from her feet to her neck and shoulders. I made extra casts of her wonderful pussy and Mom never questioned me about it. When I asked her to lie back, lift her legs up, and hold them open for another cast…that she questioned. I told her that her pussy was a work of art itself. She just smiled and let me make two more casts.

When the men came to pick up their eight body casts they saw the one of Mom’s pussy and begged her to make four with legs for them. That was when Mom explained to them that she was not the artist but the model and that Felicia was the model for the younger version. The two men looked at me as if I was the luckiest kid in the world.

Three months later we were invited to the grand opening of their new restaurant. Mom and Felicia were treated like Princesses. We arrived in a stretch limousine and walked down a red carpet as if we were movie stars. We were seated near a stage but in a corner.

The meal was fantastic. Everyone had the same thing to eat but tiny portions. We started out with one coconut shrimp, then one fried broccoli, followed by a tablespoon of sauté’ spinach. After that we had three tiny portions of salads. Then we had an endless variety of meats, potatoes, rice, and vegetables to try. In the end we had four of the most incredible deserts to try.

An announcer would describe each course as it was delivered and devoured. He said that we had tried about half of what was on the menu.

In the end the man had Mom come up on the stage and then he had the waiters reveal her statues around the bar. There were wolf whistles, cheers, and plenty of applause.

The man whispered something to Mom and she nodded to him. He then called Felicia up on the stage and introduced her. Four waitresses then revealed her statues at the bathrooms and the entrance. The wolf whistles, cheers, and applause were thunderous to say the least. Felicia turned red and even Mom blushed. I was called up on stage and introduced as the artist.

Mom whispered to the man, “Where are the ones of me with my legs spread?”

The man said, “In the men’s room. Would you like to see them?”

Mom nodded her head.

Another man came up on the stage as we got off. He was the other partner and he introduced his chef, other staff members, and then the celebrities in the audience. The City Mayor, the Chief of Police, and several Judges were present. The State Governor, a Congressman, and a State Representative were introduced also.

By that time we had been ushered into the men’s restroom. Mom turned red and cried out, “Oh my fucking God!” I looked past her to see how my artwork had been used.

One statue of Mom with her legs spread and up in the air had been turned into a drinking fountain. The other three had been turned into urinals. There was a funnel catch basin sticking out of Mom’s pussy.

Mom started laughing and said, “Now that is something that I have never tried.”

The man asked, “I take it you are not into water sports.”

Mom giggled and said, “I’ve never tried it but it sure looks like fun.”

Then the man in all seriousness said, “Some of our guests out there would pay good money to piss in your pussy for real. We have had several requests.”

All Mom said was, “Really! How much?”

The man said, “Two hundred for you and five hundred for your daughter.”

Mom then said in all seriousness, “You do know that Felicia is only thirteen and still a virgin, don’t you.”

The man said, “In that case I’m sure I can get two thousand for the first man and probably a thousand for the next six.”

I looked at Felicia and said, “That’s eight thousand dollars for your virginity and letting seven strangers piss in your pussy.”

Mom burst the bubble by saying, “No way! I’m not letting seven strange men fuck my daughter her first time out.”

The man asked, “Then what about her mother?”

Mom smiled and said, “I’ll take up to ten men but you have to make it two hundred and fifty dollars each. If they cum in me its double. I don’t mind being a human urinal but I’ll be damned if I’ll become a whore.”

The man said, “Okay, I’ll spread the word and see who bites. We will be closing in an hour and then after that we can get you started.”

Mom got some business cards from the restaurant entrance, wrote her name on them and then numbered them one through twelve. She told me to give one to each man that gave me the two hundred and fifty dollars to use her.

A few minutes later Mom gave me ten more cards with Felicia’s name on them and they were numbered one through ten. She said that for five hundred dollars they could pee in Felicia’s pussy while she held it open but no penetration or it would be rape.

It wasn’t long before I had sold all of the business cards. Some wanted to fuck Mom and then piss in Felicia. For that privilege they put out eight hundred and fifty dollars. Surprisingly it was the Governor, the Mayor, and a Supreme Court Justice that did both. I had to ask Mom if I could sell more tickets to piss in Felicia’s pussy. She let me sell ten more.

At closing a lot of men stuck around. One at a time they entered the men’s room. Most came out in just a few minutes. The beer was free to the guys that were going to piss and they really had to go when they got in there.

At the end of the night only the two owners were left. They had each bought a ticket to piss in my sister’s pussy and took me in with them. Felicia was clean and wet from a shower that was through a door that I hadn’t noticed earlier. Mom was clean and wet too. She had made sure that no one had fucked Felicia. My sister took her position on a padded bench. Her legs were spread on either side of the bench and her feet were touching the floor.

The two men looked at Mom and the one said, “We will give you three complete meals every week for a year if we can watch your son fuck your daughter. Then we get to wash his cum out of her by placing the head of our cocks right up tight against her opening and peeing.”

Mom looked at me and knew that I wanted to fuck both of them. She also knew that Felicia and I should loose our virginities to each other, so she said, “Okay.”

Seeing me naked with a hard-on was nothing new for Mom or Felicia. My sister smiled as I got closer to her. She was sweating when the head of my cock touched her opening just like those two men would be doing to her in a few minutes. Mom had given Felicia a dildo so I knew that I would fit inside her but I was not expecting her to coo and pant and try to pull me deeper inside her love tunnel. I had no idea that she could be so sexually aggressive.

Felicia said, “Seeing all of those nice cocks and feeling their warm liquid enter me was more than I could stand. I was Jilling off in the shower while I cleaned up.”

When I was all the way in her, we started a slow fucking motion that increased as we went. In a minute or two I was thrusting into her so hard that she was sliding across the bench. Finally I came in her. It was a lot of sperm too and into her unprotected womb. Then I pulled out.

The two men stood next to me. When I stepped back the first man placed the head of his cock right against her opening and started to pee. He flooded her uterus and washed out most of my cum. The other man took his place and finished the job. Felicia smiled at them and said, “Thank you for cleaning me out.”

They watched her take yet another shower and then get dressed before Mom took us home. I had a small fortune in my pocket.

We made it a point to eat at their restaurant late every Friday evening. Mom and Felicia would entertain a few men at closing. They continued to pay well to stick their cocks in my sister. The money we earned paid our way through college. Mom attended with us. Eventually we graduated together, Mom with a degree in Business Management, Felicia in Design Engineering, and me in Computer Technology.

With all of the influential people that we had met over the years, starting a business was easy. We knew bankers, politicians, and advertising executives. Our business was making and selling cement breasts. Most of our clients wanted them for their husbands, boyfriends, and lovers. Others we just paid and sold on the open market. That is how I met my wife. She answered our ad and after being with her naked for two and a half days I knew in my heart that I was falling in love with her. She had the most wonderful pussy that I had seen since my mothers. We manufactured a whole line of fuckable silicone rubber pussies for horny old men to jerk off in. Business was good, very good.

The End
Cement Breasts
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