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My names Peter and I am cock hungry and a willing bottom.
Daniela was out of town for about a month, while her father was in hospital.
I was bored and horny, so I went to the gay gym I had recently joined up with; when it got dark.
I go at night, so I can go out dressed in my drag clothing and not be noticed; in the gym I would wear guys gear.
After my work out, I showered and dressed back in drag; and I was about to exit.
When I walked by a bunch of toilet cubicles, I heard a noise and noticed someone was in of them; 3 cubicles from me.
It sounded like he was jacking off, I thought I imagined it.
So I had a sticky beak, I stood on the pot next the cubicle to have a look.
I was now feeling horny, I was in a denim mini and concert tee, with my bra boobs and joggers; a long with my gym bag.
I almost giggled as he was jacking off in a cubicle, I went to my cock to see if it was hard too; it was and I gave it a few strokes.
It was then I slipped and hit the cubical wall; bracing the top edge of the cubicle.
He looked up at me, to see me focusing on his cock.
I then quickly jumped off the toilet seat and pulled down my skirt, and was about to flee; that’s when he grab me by the strap of my gym bag and yanked it.
It made me fall on my ass, and bang my back against the toilet pot; inside the cubicle I was in.
“Not so fast.” He said and squeezed inside the cubicle with me.
He shut the door behind him and he showed me his cock.
Getting on my knees, feeling horny; and he fed me his cock.
I took it without hesitation, it was already slicked up with precum; I didn’t care I have grown to love sucking cock now.
Five minutes passed, and he was still moaning but no closer to cumming.
I stopped and stood up, and stripped off my top revealing my face boobs; and took my skirt off revealing my cock in my tight panties.
I braced the toilet door, looking at his reaction; I was face to face and eye balling him.
I cocked my eyebrow.
“What are you waiting for? Fuck me.” I said to him, he grinned and got behind me.
He pulled down my knickers and stepped out of them; and he positioned my legs apart.
Jamming in his 7” inch cock, deep in my ass; I grimaced but smiled.
I let out a small scream as he bottomed out inside me; he stopped.
“Don’t stop now, fuck me.” I didn’t care right now if we were caught.
I was screaming and carrying on as he slammed into me time after time.
The door was being along with me.
Someone entered the change room, he kept fucking me but we were quieter.
Then not long after, the room filled with several noisy people.
We stopped briefly.
He sat on the toilet bowl, as someone entered the next cubicle and chatted to a friend of his.
I sat on his cock facing him, and guided his cock in the gaping hole of my asshole; once again.
Hugging him, I whispered in his ear.
I started bouncing on his cock ever so quietly, almost giggling; as this was real naughty.
Here I was getting fucked in a room of good knows who, hidden in a cubicle.
I kissed him and he froze, before kissing me back.
We then exchanged passionate kisses, while I was slowly grinded away on his cock.
Until I picked up the pace and I grind and bounced much harder and faster.
I know the mob that was in the change room must have known something was going on in the cubicle I was in.
I didn’t care, nor did my partner at the time.
Looking into his eyes I sensed he was getting ready to cum soon, so I grabbed my cock and started stroking it; as I continued to bounce up and down his cock.
Instead of him cumming, it was me who came; and all over his chest and stomach.
I was lost in the moment and cried out, that’s when I noticed the room had become quieter.
Scooping cum up with my fingers, I first tasted it; then used toilet paper to clean his chest.
“I think they’ve gone.” I said.
“Quiet.” He said and stood up of the toilet, and cradling me.
He held me up, with his cock still inside me; and fucked me hard in that position up against the toilet door.
I was being shaken by his hard fucking.
It hurt at times, but it was a good hurt.
He started grunting and groaning.
“I’m cumming, oh ah.” He yelled out.
“That’s it baby, cum in my ass.” I encouraged him on.
He came inside my ass, then turned me around and rested me upon the toilet set.
Letting out an exhausted sigh, he started to get dressed.
I started to jack off again while sitting on the bowl, watching him dress.
He watched me, smirked and left.
The door was wide open, as I continued jacking off.
I felt exhausted but still horny, and eventually sprayed cum on my shaved legs.
I showered again and dressed in my girly clothes and went home.
The next Friday night I decided to try my luck at a gay bar in the St: Kilda area.
After changing at home, I drove straight to the bar/ night club; I arrived at about 10pm.
Wearing a short black wrap around skirt, my boob bra, red silky blouse and black high heeled shoes; I walked in the venue with a swagger.
There was about 15 people inside drinking and playing pool; listening to tunes.
I walked to a booth, and pretended to adjust one of my heel straps.
The bait was taken; a guy almost immediately came up to me.
“Hi honey, you look hot.” He said.
I turned around to see who it was.
“I’m as hot as you want me to be.” I said smiling, and rubbed the bulge in his pants.
We then booth sat in the booth, and I unzipped his fly.
“Do you come here often?” he asked.
“First time, was just checking it out.” I smiled, and started stroking his cock.
Then I leant over and put it in my mouth.
I sucked and ran my tongue along his cock and balls, as I was about to deep throat him; the bartender caught us.
“Take it to the toilets you fags.” He growled.
We scurried to the toilets and found a bench, 2 cubicles and I tray urinal.
My friend sat on the bench and I continued what I started and had his cock deep in my mouth.
I was lost in pleasing this guy; I didn’t notice we had a small audience.
Someone spread my legs apart and started rubbing my thigh near my hamstring, it startled me for a second and I almost stopped.
Then my skirt was flipped up and my knickers were sliding down my upper thigh, until they were down; to my boots then off.
I kept sucking this cock.
Freezing for breath moment, when someone started tonguing my asshole.
This made me purr.
When fingers were entered into my ass, I moaned; with cock in my mouth.
“Do you like getting fucked?” Someone spoke out.
I noticed from the corner of my eye that, there were three cocks out and stroking around me.
Continuing sucking, I nodded in approval; yes I like being fucked.
That’s all the invitation they needed, as I felt a guy try enter my asshole.
He held on to my hips as he breached my entrance, and he forced his way deep in my ass pussy; I continued sucking the cock in my mouth.
I was in a sort of heaven; this was my first double encounter as a TV bitch.
Thinking to myself, did they have rubbers on; but it was only brief thought.
I almost bite down in the cock in my mouth, when the guy fucking my ass; was fucking me hard deep and fast.
“Yeah that’s it, fuck the faggot, and fill that ass with cum.” Someone encouraged.
Fuck it hurt.
“Hurry, I want it next.” Someone else, fretted.
Not long after, the guy pounding my ass grunted and I felt his cock explode inside my assholes tunnel.
He slowed and pulled out, no sooner had he exited; I was invaded again.
These guys mustn’t be stayers as; next guy came in under 5 minutes; before he was replaced by someone who came almost instantly.
I was still sucking the same cock in my mouth, which started to ache; but he would cum.
My asshole was sore but gapping and it needed something inside it, I wriggled it a little as cold air blew inside.
The trio just laugh at me, and left the toilet.
A man past them, as they left.
He looked down at me and what I was doing, and the evidence of what had been done to me.
“Hmmm, you’ve been busy.” He said.
He went and had a pee, then when he returned, slid his cock in my cum; soaked sore ass.
It didn’t take him long to start brutalizing my ass, with what seemed a much larger cock than the others.
He was doing enough to start feeling it in my balls, all the time I was being face fucked by the same guy; I had been sucking off.
Then I tried to scream out in ecstasy as I blew my load; with a mind boggling orgasm.
I was semi spent, but my ordeal was not over; just because I had cum.
The guy face fucking me was more intense now.
I was in a dream of ecstasy now, when he held my face down to his groin and public hair; as he blew his cum down my throat.
Blacking out briefly, I didn’t realise someone was stroking my cock and finger tasting my cum soaked cock; hard again.
The cock in my mouth exited, and I rested my head on the bench; still taking a cock in the ass.
He was really pounding me, causing my body to shake; with each thrust.
I don’t know how big he was at the time, but he was the biggest I had ever had; and I loved it.
He knew it too.
The guy stroking me left, but my hand had snuck down and was slowly stroking my cock now; in rhythm with each thrust.
This guy was definitely a stayer, as another 10-15 past; he was still fucking me.
“Tell me, when you’re to cum again; I’ll time mine with yours.” He asked.
“Getting there, soon.” I whimpered.
This was new for me, never usually cumming twice within half an hour; but he was stimulating my insides enough that I will.
“I’m cumming I stammered, I can feel it.” I slurred.
All this time I was jacking myself off with a large cock in my ass, and I had rocked my ass in rhythm with his deep thrusts.
“Arghh, arghh.” I called out as I cum again.
He kept pumping into me, and while I was catching my breath in ecstasy; I felt his cock twitch.
Thrusting deep he pumped his load, I lay the in a daze and catching my breath again.
When I look up, I see a large set of a man; with a fat monster cock of about 8-9-10”inches getting dressed.
He helps me up and hugs me, then places me on the bench.
“If I wasn’t married, I’d take you home with me; but I do frequent this place every Friday.” He said.
“I might have to come here more often.” I said.
“Name’s Michael, called me Mike or Mick.” He said, and game me his phone number.
I look at the card with his number.
“If you’re looking to play, call me and if I’m free; we’ll play.” Mike said.
I pulled up my knickers and straighten my top, before cleaning my face up.
We left hand in hand, and he led me to my car; and we kissed me goodbye.
As I drove home, I realised I had lost 3 hours in the toilet.

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Hot story! I'm female and loving this series, kinda wishiing I had a cock too, lol, talk about the possibilities! Ohhh, to see my hubby get his virgin ass fucked and to see him suck cock......what a turn on!

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