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*** 5 Years Later***

Where? Where the hell did the time go? 1 year out high school, and already drafted for a full season for OSU. I surprised my self and the nation at the time. ESPN called me the fastest rising football player of the decade. Wow... really what just happened?

I recall it all started at the end of softomore year in high school. I really got into my practice for football. It really helped me forget all about Abby. All thanks to Luben, whom I met up again at the end of that summer in a Macedonian Eastern Orthodox Church. I remember they were having a festival and I decided to go. I met up with him in the cathedral and I really op end my eyes. After that, well I almost felt nothing for Abby.

Sophomore year I met her. Haleigh. A new student. For England actually. She moved to Reynoldsburg during the summer. I noticed her sitting all by herself out in the courtyard on a dry, cold, October morning. She was in looking over her homework and was hunched over with her hoodie on so I couldn't see her face. I walked over to her and introduced myself. She looked up and the first thing I noticed was her face. So gentle, her eyes a beautiful blue, her lips a soft pink, and her hair was peaking out from the side. It was blond that went down to her shoulders. She smiled showing her perfect white teeth. She said hello in a crisp British accent. I sat down next to her and from that point on... we really connected. Sparks flew only in the first words we spoke to each other. Then 2 months later we were a couple. I really helped get her start with new friends. She joined that popular chearleading crowd and stayed there for the rest of high school.

We graduated in 2015. Me just with a diploma. Haleigh, Valedictorian. Luben never showed up that year. Rumors are he graduated. I have no idea where he is now.

Anyway, back to the present. My parents were so proud of me that I was drafted in. So much that they paid for a trip around the Europe for me and Haleigh right after graduation. We would spend three weeks in London, Paris, then Rome.

4:00 am- June 2nd

"What are we doing here?" Haleigh asked. "Our flight doesn't leave for another 2 hours." I sighed,

"Well, were supposed to be here 3 hours before an international flight." I looked at my watch. "But were here at the gate, with no one here, and with 2 hours left." Haleigh exhailed sharply and rested her head on my shoulder. I cherished her scent. Sweet cherries. It made me feel at home. I looked down at her. She pulled her coat out of her carry-on and pulled it over her. She soon fell asleep on my shoulder. I then became prepared to face the 2 hours of pure nothing ness. I put my hand in my pocket. I felt around for a small box. I felt a patch of felt and grabbed it. I pulled it out my pocket and opened it. 16 karat diamond set in sapphire. Haleigh's birthstone. I would sup rise her by after our last stop in Rome, we take a plane- not back to Columbus- but instead to Hawaii. There I would take her to the top of the cliffs of Princeville, under a full moon. There would be a nice table with dinner set up there. I would put the ring at the bottom of a champlain glass as I poured it in. I knew she was the one. I wanted her to say yes in the most romantic way. 'God Ima' genius!' I thought to myself.

I was deep in my thoughts about my proposal that I didn't realise that I was falling asleep. I saw blond hair. this wasn't twirly like Haleigh's. This hair was wavy. Pure blond with soft patches of brown. Who was this? What are they doing here?

I thought I saw skin. Then I realised it was skin. I could make out a nose, mouth, eyebrows... I saw an entire face. Two hand came up and pulled the hair back. This face I have seen before. The eyes were a perfect hazel, the lips were a soft pink. Who was this. I recognized them, but I still didn't know their name. I started shaking. I heard my name being called...

Then I jerked awake. Haleigh was shaking my shoulder telling me its time to go. I got up and took my baggage. We boareded the plane with only about 5 other people.

The flight was a breeze. Only an hour from Columbus to New York, where we connect to London.

We boareded out Boeing 777 from JFK Airport, New York, New York to London Heathrow. The flight was mostly a blur for me. The entire flight I was trying to make sense of the dream I had. Why did I have it? What did it mean? Who was that?

8:30 am-

I got up and yawned. Then I stretched and cracked any bones that I could. I looked back down at Haleigh. She was curled up in a ball sleeping on her seat. I sat back down and put my hand on her gentle face. I loved her so much. A lot of the time I wished I could just wrap her in my arms and protect her from the rest of the world. I kept looking at her for a few minutes before I got up to go to the bathroom. I found one that wasn't taken and I went in. I winked at myself in the mirror before I went on to do my business.

Once I finished. I started looking at myself in the mirror again. I loved my body. I wasn't crazy buff, i just had a distinct 6-pack and big biceps and abs. Then- just because I'm weird- I took my shirt off. I strated looking at my chest admiring it, flexing, and posing in the mirror.

I was really getting into looking at myself when I heard a knock at the door that was soft, but it still made me flinch. I heard a voice that was very familiar to me and that I loved so much.

"Jake?" it was Haleigh "Are you in there?"

"Yeah, its me." I replied. I opened the door and she came in. She giggled at the sight of my shirtless. I closed the door behind her and she said.

"What are you doing with your shirt off? Your so weird."

"What? Don't you like..." Then I flexed for her. I made my pecs dance and Haleigh laughed louder. Then we leaned in to kiss. It started out as a regular kiss but then it started getting hardcore. With us vigorously battling each others tongues. She was moaning in ecstasy. We were both ready. Ready for each other. I felt her hand on the side of my stomach. and mine were around her back. Without warning, I jerked her closer. She squealed in pleause.

I felt her bring her hands to my shorts and bring them and my boxers down both at the same time. My hard-on jumped straight out immediately. It hit Haleigh's pussy. That's when she broke our kiss and looked down.

"Someone looks happy to see me." She said. Then she kneeled down and slowly put my entire dick in her mouth." I let out a few moans of ecstasy. I never had a blowjob like this before. It was simply amazing. I felt my legs go weak so I sat down on the toilet as she continued. I loved the way she went up and down my dick, running her tounge up and down shaft. She stuffed my entire dick in her mouth only about 5 times before she stopped to take off all over clothes. Revealing her fucking huge tits and her tight hole. Then I realized that I have never seen her naked before. This was the first time we ever fucked.

She bent over to continue her blowjob, but I stopped her. I knew we had a limited amount of time and I wanted to make good use of it. I pulled her on top of me and I positioned heron top of my dick. I quickly dropped her on me, not thinking if I would break her or not. Luckily, I didn't and I wasn't concerned abut that t the moment.

"AHHH!" Haleigh screamed with pleasure. "Yea... ahhhhh... Jake keep going!" I did I started moving her up and down vigorously on my dick. Her tits rubbing against my chest. My ecstasy rose. I had to close my eyes. If I looked at her any longer I would cum inside her. How couldn't I? Her pussy was probably the tightest thing that I came into contact with.

"yeas, Jake, Jake, Jak- EEE! Ahhhh! Ugh Jake. I LOVE YOU!!"

"God, yes I love you too! Oh Haleigh, your amazing!!!"

We probably fucked only for 5 minutes before I took her off. I came on her back as we caught out breath.

We got the semen cleaned up and we went back to our seats and slept. Both very satisfied.


We landed at Heathrow at around 3 pm. London being in England and England being England... it was raining.

"Well here we are." I said after we got out luggage. We went to the exit. We hailed a cab and loaded it up. He took us to our hotel. There we checked in and dropped off our luggage.

"So what do you wanna do now?" I asked

"One thing." Haleigh responded. "Go to one place." She smiled at me. I leaned in and kissed her with as much passion as I could. We broke out kiss and I said.

"Anywhere you want baby." She smiled.

"The Book Corner." She said. And we were off.

The Book Corner. A GIANT book store on a corner street in center of London. 5 stories and over 300,000 Sq Ft of space.

The cab dropped us off right in front and we ran in out of the rain. The store was amazing. Rows of books upon books. In the center a giant round table with a sigh that says "Customer Service: above it. Elevators and starts...

"WOW!" I exclaimed.

"I know." She responded. "I used to come here all the time when my parents died." (She moved to the US after her parents dies to live with her uncle... Yes she is an orphan) "I got lost in the world of books... trying to forget what happened." Her voice started breaking and a tear went down her eye. I quickly wrapped her around my arms and rubbed her back. She quickly calmed down and we went into the store.

The entire store was coated in the sweet scent of coffee beans. The warm atmosphere inside while it being 40 degrees outside, really made the store have a nice, homey, feeling. Haleigh and I went to a more crowded park of the storie where she used to read books as a girl. Haleigh started running her fingers down a row until she stopped and smiled. She pulled out a book and opened it. I went over to her.

"Find something?" I asked

"Yea... this book." She said. "This is the one that really helped me when I lost my parents." She took a deep breath and when she ex hailed she was shaking. She slowly started sobbing. "I loved this book." I wrapped her in my arms again as she started sobbing in my chest. I rubbed her back to calm her down. She did and we sat down on a couch and started reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn."

I lied on the couch first then Haleigh did. We got to chapter 3 before I had a flash back. I recalled when I was 4 years old. I was lieing on my mom and we were reading a book titled "The Follower." I loved that book. We don't know what happened to our copy, and because of that I have been searching for a copy ever since I lost it. I always asked my mom if we could grab a blanket and read it during a cold winter day.

I started wondering if the store might have had it.

"Baby?" I said


"Umm, I'm gonna go see if they have a book I've been looking for for a while."

"Ok, I'll be right here."

"Good, I wont be long." I kissed her and I got up. I started walking toward the help desk when I looked back at Haleigh. I smiled just at looking at her. I loved no one more than her. She was so sweet with everyone. A beautiful girl with a huge heart. Her slim body complimented her tight breasts nicely. I knew I was a very buff guy, but if I didn't have Haleigh, I would be weak. To weak to walk. I loved her and I wanted to be with her forever. She looked back up at me and smiled back. I mouthed 'I love you'. She chuckled and went back to her book and I continued toward the help desk.

I went up to one of the ladies at the computer and asked for the book. She told me to wait for a second as she took a call. I obliged and and leaned over the desk to wait.

I got the directions that led me to a more quiet section of the store. The aisle was agenst the far wall of the store. I slowly went along the wall reading each spine, until....
"The Follower by: Richard Thompson"
I smiled and reached for it. Then, right as I was about to grab the book, I cam into contact with a soft hand reaching for the same book. As soon as we touched, we both retracted our hands and look over at each other. It was a girl. She looked a lot like the girl from my dream. She was flowing blond hair with patched of brown, and hazelnut eyes- wait... HAZELNUT EYES?! I looked deep in them... deeper... deeper... until I realized it was Abby.

Every single memory with her came flooding back to me and stopped dead. Was it Abby? She had a tattoo of the Yin and Yang on her neck and a small nose stud. I was still in dought, but after looking into her eyes I knew it was her. After all of these years, I knew it was her. The same body, breasts and face. I knew It was Abby, when I saw a tiny birthmark on the tip of her nose.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She said. Her accent wasn't American anymore. She sounded like shes been living in England all her life. "Were you going to take the book?" I couldn't say anything. I was to taken by how beautiful she got. Her body really stayed the same since the last time I saw her. Regardless, she is still beautiful. "Hello?" She snapped her finger front of me and I snapped out of it.

"Oh-Ohoh, ummmm, no- no go ahead and take it." She slowly reached up and took it with out taking her eyes off of me.

"Ummm, have we by any chance met before?" She asked. I couldn't say anything. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her back, lift her off her feet and scream that it was me, Jake. I also could have boasted about my fame in the U.S, but all I could say was,

"I don't think so."

"Hmm, you look so familiar. Thanks for the book."

"Y-Your welcome." Then she left.

In only a few seconds all of the memories came flooding back to me. Our fist memory together, to the first time we made true love. All the way to when I saved her life and when I cheated on her with Summer. When I saw them all, something possessed me to follow her.

I followed her through out the store. She led me to a part of the store Where there were virtually no signs of life. She went into an aisle. I stopped and slipped into the aisle ring in front of that one. I pretended to look for a book and look casual, but I was really looking through the shelf at Abby. I couldn't help but look at her stunning beauty. I found myself going closer and closer to the shelf. I was so caught up in looking at her that I didn't notice her look back up at me and flinch in fright.

"What are you doing?!" She yelled. "Why are you stalking me?!" I panicked and started running as did she. We ran opposite ways. I looked back as I saw her running away from the section of the store. I had to run after her. I started sprinting, toward her. She looked back and saw me. She started running faster. I needed to think of something fast. I bolted into the next aisle and ran down to the other end. Then I turned to ward the way I was running and continued to sprint down. I started running faster and faster, faster than I had ever run before. Boy if only my coach would see me.

I finally was even with Abby. She was looking at me while I was running. I ran faster than her. I bolted back into the isle. And headed toward her. I thought I would run into her, but when I got to the other side I saw no one. I looked around. I saw a doorway that led to the main part of the store. I ran down it. Looking down each isle. I didn't see another person running my way. I hit who ever it was head on. I fell straight back in pain. No one else saw it. I was still in the section where life was scarce. I started rubbing my head. I felt a big bruise on my forehead under my hair. I heard a voice,

"Owww! Ohhh! I am so sorry, I didn't see you-" She stopped. I looked up and saw that it was....... Abby. Her eyes got wide. I jerked up and lunged toward her as she got up. I was about ready to wrap her in my arms, but then she jabbed my eyes. Then she moved to my side and flipped me over. I landed on my back... hard. I winced from pain. 'Someone learned karate' I thought as I was staring into florescent light when Abby leaned over me. I was staring into the face that I loved, cherished, missed and now, feared.

"Now, can you tell me why you were following me?" She asked.

"You don't recognize me?"

"I think I do..." I sighed and got back up

"Don't make me bring it back up..."

"Bring what?"

"Myrtle Beach... 2011..." I said. Her expression changed. She just stared at me with a blank expression in her pure hazel eyes.

"Jake?" She asked. I nodded. She just stared into my face, trying to make sure it was me. She lifted her hand and put it up to my face, rubbing my check. She soft, warm, skin making contact with my face sent chills through my body. The next thing I know, her has her lips planted on mine. Our body's sending out all of the passion we held all of these years. After a few seconds, she broke it and said,

"Jake... I love you. I should have forgiven you when I had the chance. I lost you again, but now I have you back and I want us to be together... for ever. Nothing can come between us." And we lived happily ever after.


I wish that's how it went! It really went something like this.

Abby had her hand on my cheek, feeling if really was me. She gasped silently and her mouth op end. After a few seconds, a smile came across her face and she retracted her hand toward the side. The next thing I knew,
*SMACK!!* She slapped me silly. my entire body moved to the side. I cupped my check with my hand to ease the stinging. I looked back at Abby, she was still smiling.

"What the fuck was that for?!" I yelled.

"That's for chasing me around the store, scaring me half to death!" She replied. "Why didn't you say it was you when I asked you?" The first answer that came to my mind was,

"How do you think I'm gonna react when run into my first love in a London bookstore?" She chuckled.

"Oh, Jake... you haven't changed a bit have you?" I couldn't help but smile to that.

"No I guess not... anyway what are you doing her?"

"Its a long story."

"Well I have time."

"Remember what happened? What I told you before I left?"

"Oh,my God, Abby. I We both know how sorry I was about that summer." She nodded.

"Its Ok, really. My roommate was from Serbia and we had everything in common. It really wasn't so bad. You cant tell I have changed can you?"

"Besides the accent, tattoo, nose... not really. Your still the same beautiful girl I remember."

"Oh, and I have a boyfriend." She said. Why I felt like falling to my knees and sobbing right at that moment, I don't know. I never thought I would hear those words come out of Abby's mouth. It almost felt like she plunged a butcher knife through my heart. I never had this feeling before... I knew I was in love with Haleigh, she may or may not have been in love with her boyfriend. Why did I feel this way?

"Really? Who is he?"

"His name, coincidentally is Jake, we met in French class, when I was all alone. Hes helped me through everything, so sweet, kind and a great lover...."

"Sure, rub it in my face I said." She chuckled.

"Well Jake, I have to go now. It was nice seeing you."

"You too, maybe we can met up for some coffee some time?"

"We'll see." She said then left. What happened next was a blur to me, I remember thinking, 'WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!'


I made my way back to the main part where I found Haleigh still lieing on the couch. I came up behind her and cupped her eyes with my hands.

"Guess who." I said. She laughed and turned around. I found out she was only on chapter 10 out of 35 in the book. I told her about the more quiet area of the store and she decided to go there. I stayed to get some coffee. I waited in line until I got up to the counter, I ordered and stepped to the right and watched as they made my iced coffee. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar tufted of blonde hair. I looked over and saw Abby on a higher chair at a higher table. She had coffee in front of her ans she was reading "A Tale of Two Cities." She didn't see me from behind her book, but I got my coffee, paid, and went over to her table. I pulled out the chair on the other side and sat down. I rested my arms on the table as Abby put the book down slightly to look at my face. 'Wow,' I thought 'Its amazing how much of a woman she become.' I loved the fact that she had her hair in a pony tail. It showed her beautiful tight skin and slim face.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"Well, you said we could have coffee sometime and, well look at that. We both have coffee and," I looked at my watch. "its sometime!" I said smiling. She rolled her eyes, but was still smiling. She put her book down and wrapped her arms.

"So what do you wanna talk about?"

"No much, really, just, whatev' you been up too?"

"Well, its nothing to being the most prominate football player of the decade."

"Oh, so you know about that?"

"Jake, even though I consider myself to be English, I don't live under a rock." I loved the way she talked. She lost her teenage girl tang and replaced it with a British accent.

As I looked into her eyes, I could see everything we've been through. All of the love we made, the times we shared together... the sadness I caused, the loneliness she went though to after our break-up. I could also see all of the relief that her friends gave her and the love she found with her new boy friend. I could imagine her in the arms of her lover. It made me smile to know that she was happy, yet at the same time, I got a very depressed feeling about that sight. I knew I had Haleigh, and I was happy for Abby, but I could not get this feeling out of my way.

"Really though," I said. "What plans do you have for life."

"Same ones as I had when I last time I saw you, become a world renown veterinarian."

"You always did have a way with animals."

"And you were the only one I couldn't tame."

"OOWHO." I uttered. "But, who was the one who said, 'Jake... your the best lover in the world!'?"

"The girl who was faking it it." I heard a guy snicker behind me. I didn't bother to turn around, but I could see out of the corner of my eye the man buring his face in his book.

"Well what about you?" She asked. "Besides being a great football player, what up?"

"Well, the only reason I'm here is that my parents, who were so proud of me that I was drafted into OSU, paid for a trip all around Europe."

"And what did you pay them?" She asked. I gave her, I gave her a confused look. "You gave them, deep financial trouble for what, a few years?"

"Do you really have to bring that up?" I asked with my mood changing. Even though we closed the business to open a bakery- witch I had nothing to do with- and we were doing well. None the less, it was a very hard time after Myrtle Beach. All because of me.

"Yes I do Jake. Do you know why?" I shook my head "Because I still had connection with my friends in Reynoldsburg. They told me everything, and by everything I mean they know you flirted with other girls."

"Just because I have friends that are girls who give me hugs, and I go out as friends with, is flirting?"

"Yes it is, because I know you had sex with them." I tried to say something, but I couldn't, she was right again. "You did that, while I wouldent give guys the time of day." I sighed, holding my coffee with both of my hands. I looked down and and then up after a few seconds.

"Thatsss... exactly why, I risked my life to save you from that guy that night." I piped up. "That's also why after you broke up with me, I almost drown myself." I heard the guy behind me cough, obnoxiously. I turned around to see who it was, but he buried his head in his book again. I sighed quickly and turned back to Abby. "That's also why, I was on my knees for 72 hours, praying while you were in the hospital."

"Not all 72. What did you do for 3?" She asked I stopped dead. It was the time I fucked Summer. "The fact that you did it less than 10 feet away from me, while is in a coma... then saying you love me and I'm the only woman in your life... Jake that hurt me in a lot of ways."

We just started at each other. I could tell she was fighting back tears. She hesitated for a second, and said,

"But, all's' well now. I graduated with honors, have a boyfriend who is gonna' purpose any day now-"

That was all I heard. After 'purpose any day now' my heart sank. I tried to wrap my brain around this. The girl I loved as a teenager, whom I made love with multiple times, the one I planned to spend all of my life with, now getting married to another man. I knew I was in love with Haleigh, but Abby was my first love, the one I will never forget, the one that made me feel whole, the one that was now with another.

I saw fingers snapping in my face.

"Jake?" Abby said. I snapped out of it.

"Huh? What? Oh, damn, sorry."

"Uuuhuuu. Ok, well," She looked at her watch. " I have to go Jake." She got up from her chair, picked up her book, put them in her bag and put it around her shoulder. She stopped after that and looked at me. "It was nice seeing you."

"You too." I responded. She hesitated for about a second and then went forward and wrapped one arm around me. I savored that hug. Her fumes were intoxicating, and unchanged.

We let go after about a few seconds and said good-bye. I watched her put her coat on as she went out the door to hail a cab. I smiled and grabbed my coffee as I got up.

I was walking down passed the customer service desk and turned down the aisle that led to the area of the bookstore I led Haleigh to. As I was about to turn down it, I ran into Haleigh. She had a confused and sad expression. I picked up on this immediately.

"Haleigh, whats wrong?" I asked

"I saw you." She responded. "With that girl. Who what that?" I smiled and wrapped her around my arms, I looked at her face and her beautiful hair, straight from the roots and then later going into gentle twirls. I looked deep into her blue eyes.

"Hayliegh," I started. "She was just a family friend." Then I leaned down and kissed her.

We broke our kiss. Haleigh just stared at me for a few seconds, then she smiled. I smiled back and we went back to the quiet area of the store.

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