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“Brian!” Paula practically screamed at me up the stairs. I had taken apparently to long getting dressed for school, and it did not suit her days plans. This by the way would be fucking whatever Man she could find to get some money from. As I started down the stairs my mother stared at my 6 foot figure as I emerged fully clad in my normal school attire of a loose fitting tee with jeans and my black boots. “What the hell is wrong with you”, she asked with irritation in her voice,” you are going to make me late.” For what I thought your next fuck, I just shrugged off her next few angry rants while examining myself in the mirror next to our door, my jet black hair hung over my forehead, my 145 pound body, and my barely noticeable, in my loose jeans, 8 inch cock. As I came to, my mom was just finishing her ranting and we headed out the door.

Upon my arrival to school, like any other day I got breakfast and sat at my table. Sitting there was my close group of friends, Adrian, Julie, Kaylin, Brandon, and Jackson. We all looked and dressed the same, Julie was a 5’8 girl with a rather small B cup that did not fit her figure, she had brown hair with unnatural looking blonde streaks through it, she dated Adrian for around a few months now, so was rather new to the group. I had no interest in her, for two reasons, anyone my friends date turn into a no go, and she was sort of gothic. Adrian was the same build as me, give or take a few numbers, with slightly longer hair that exceeded his eyes. Brandon was our ginger, as we called him, he had hair that went down to around upper back and was around 6’5, tall for a ginger. Jackson was our random token black friend, he was a typical, or racist view of one, black person, weird greasy hair, and puffy lips and was very tall and skinny, easily taller than Brandon. Last but not least was Kaylin, She was just a few inches below me in height and was not one of those extremely skinny fuck once and they break girls, she was proportioned in all the right places and had long almost never ending blonde hair. Her most attractive feature, for most people were her D tits, but I always liked her for more than that, she always dated some douchebag.
After breakfast I started my routine day, started off with me and Adrian in Digital Electronics, Taught by Mr. Albridge. We literally did nothing in that class as it was so easy, I instead directed all my attention, and my growing boner to a girl behind me named Collette Jolson, she could not see me because of the massive over used dinosaur computers, but as she always wore a skirt I could see under the long tables which the computers sat. I saw some white lace panties, which made me twitch in my jeans; seeing my stares Adrian proceeded to badger me and say abnormally loud, “Well Brian what are you staring at,” this action solicited a quick leg closing from Collette and my disapproval towards Adrian. Who found the reaction on my face to be hilarious, next I had Psychology, which is where our story begins surprisingly.
Upon my arrival to psychology, I was greeted by a funny man wearing glasses and pocket protector. At the start of the lecture my teacher, Miss. Grooms, a stunning beauty with the features of an 18 year old although she was 30, said that today was a special day. We have a guest speaker, a local researcher for the university who specialized in psychology and was a Neurologist. He proceeded to lecture about what he called the “Limits of the Human Mind”, he stated that although consciously we have only ten percent of our brains use, when asleep, our minds can more than quintuple in capacity. As he droned on about how his theories base that so called “déjà vu” could be the mind predicting the future somehow thorough the connections to both the world and the universe. I found myself falling asleep as he was talking about the stages of sleep in which the mind is both conscious and un-conscious and we can access a hundred percent of it. At that point he decided to show an experiment in which he would put the class in a trance like state produced by endorphins in the blood stream when he stimulates the mind with a melody like tone. After he passed out the earplugs he explained that, we were all to wear them because direct listening to the tone can put a person un-conscious for a while. When he prompted us to put them in, all the students were putting them in except me in the back of the class dead to the world. As he started the music I drifted off to sleep, I soon found myself on a bridge of some sort, as I began walking; information was passing me by as if I was in a computer. As I kept walking I noticed the information getting faster and lengthier. The wind off the information hit me like waves of the sea, knocking me back and forth. As I did not notice the information seemed to be going at a rate I could not imagine, and the waves turned to showers of solid steel hitting me with full force. All of a sudden I was in a dark room; I heard voices in the background and a far off yelling. As I moved towards the yelling it was turned into a high pitched scream. Coming to I found myself on the floor of the classroom, the music had stopped and blood was on my hands, and seeping from my ear.
I went out again, only to awake in the nurses office, my mother sitting in a chair without expression. I had apparently been sleeping with my hands supporting my head and a pencil in one hand, when I slipped from my hand the pencil pierced my upper earlobe. I had one hell of a headache and just wanted them to stop asking questions, when all of a sudden, I slapped my hands over my ears and everything stopped, and I heard nothing. When I looked up I saw that the nurse had stopped mid-sentence, her mouth still open, my mother had stopped while getting up and was stuck in an awkward sort of bent over position. At first I thought I was out again and was having a dream, but upon realization of my senses intact I realized this could not be a dream. I stood up and walked slowly around the room examining objects, my mother half up, a drop of water falling from a leaky sink, but most of all the rather hot 23 year old nurse staring at my old position at which I was sitting. I noticed her c cup breasts in a thin fabric dress that was stark white; you could see her nipples were hard in the cold room of the nurse’s office. I decided that if this is a dream, I may as well enjoy it. As I reached for a breast it was warm to the touch, I felt myself get hard almost instantly as I began to grope it and reach for the other, they were soft yet firm through the fabric. I began to unbutton the buttons leading down her torso, only to reveal a pink lacy bra adorned with a white bow in the center. As I unbuttoned further I found a matching pair of pick pantie-thongs. When all was unbuttoned the dress fell to the floor, I then proceeded to unhook her bra in the back to let it fall onto the floor with the dress, her breasts were perfect in every way, they weren’t my first to see by any means, but were the most beautiful, I felt each one and decided to get into a more comfortable position so I moved her over to the bed and sat her down. She had very small pink areolas and eraser sized nipples that were indeed hard. At this point I could not take it anymore and began to unzip my jeans to reveal my straining boner. I decided to waste no time and began to rub my boner in between her tits slowly while applying some soap from the nearby sink. As I felt a familiar churning I stopped immediately realizing I had not even got to the real prize. As I sank to my knees I laid her back on the bed and spread her legs. I sniffed her womanhood through her panties and was intoxicated by the aroma. Wanting to waste no time as I did not want this dream to end, I reached for a pair of scissors on the desk next to us, I cut up her panties at the waist and removed them, to see a perfectly shaven pussy the would bring a tear to any man’s eye, and it almost did. As I took my fingers and spread it I saw the pinkest pussy that ever did exist, I stuck my tongue out and my mouth was filled with the sweetest taste ever, it was also tangy in a good way and I could not restrain myself as I delved into her depths in search of treasure. After a few seconds of oral, I stuck a finger in and to my surprise I found a hymen, sitting in there untouched. I decided to help her with that, I got to my feet and lined up my dick, I dove in as hard as I could and burst through her vaginal barrier like wet toilet paper, I found myself experiencing the most pleasurable thing that I have ever experienced in my life, I slowly started to build up motion and getting used to this supreme tightness that was her pussy. I bent over at the same time and started to suck her nipples into my mouth. As I felt I would not last much longer I decided to pull out and try out her mouth, I forced myself down her throat with all the strength I could muster and came instantly shooting deep into her throat, at this point I was completely motionless, having experienced the best orgasm of my life. I realized that whatever left my touch or my body stayed motionless as I peered into her mouth and saw cum floating there. I got dressed and dressed her as well but left her bra and panties in my backpack next to my mom. I sat down in my only position and realized I had no idea how to start up time again, I decided to think back to when it stopped and remembered I had a headache and clasped my hands over my head, I then undid the nurses dress just enough to reveal her left breast to me and clapped my hands over my head. Time started and the nurse stopped her questions as the cum shot down her throat, and my mother stood all the way up. The nurse had a look of disgust on her face at the taste. She turned to the sink to go wash her mouth out and my mother spied her breast hanging out. She then proceeded to tell her and she ran out of the room with a look of severe embarrassment. My mother then proceeded to badger me over that she had to leave her “appointment” to come here. I had been given permission to go home and she decided to take me, in the car I thought quietly to myself as I figured that tomorrow was going to be a new day.

Thank you for reading the story is my first. Please leave any comments and suggestions below, all are appreciated and will make a second one if this one does well.

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2012-06-28 22:24:26
Right more for sure, and put two newlines between paragraphs plz, makes it so much easier to read.

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2012-01-02 02:14:11
WRITE MORE i wanna know what happens next

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2011-12-02 13:44:03
It would help the read if it was broke up a bit...


2011-11-19 03:31:43
Very promising and well done so far.

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2011-11-08 07:20:35
Good story, interested in how it will turn out...One thing that I do ask though is that if you could split up your paragraphs. ITs harder to read if you keep all the word so close.

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