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So this is part 2, I promise I'll use less scat but it'll still be in there. Also I forgot to say last I don't support Rape, pedophilia and most of the things I write here. Relax
I spend the next half an hour thinking how I would make us of the book some more, several ideas come to mind but I don’t act on them just yet, instead I just grope Sandra’s ass and kiss her. When my mother gets home, I immediately get up and drag Sandra with me. My mother has only just taken of her coat and I’m already on her, perhaps I should first give you a deion: She shorter then I am, has C cup tits, her pussy isn’t shaved, she’s slim and has a round ass, even after having a kid she still looks great. I grab her large melons from behind her and rub my dick between them. “Frank what are you doing stop!” She says. “Relax mom, I’ll make you feel better then dad does.” I react, thanks to my wonderful command skill she immediately reacts and lets my hands roam, I take her to the living room and tear of her top and bra, revealing her beautiful tits, I massage them and impale Sandra’s face on my cock again for now, this time I don’t have to order her around she just starts sucking my dick. I push my hand down my mother’s panties and feel a bush of hair. “Mom, this won’t do, if you want me to fuck you, you’ll have to lose the bush.” I say and pull my hand back, my mom gets up and goes to the bathroom, I sit down on the couch but keep Sandra on my dick, her raven haired head bobs up and down. I don’t feel like cumming right now so I push her down to the base of my cock and hold her there. “Don’t move, just stay there.” I command her, her mouth feels good on my dick I grab the remote of the television and turn it on.

It doesn’t last long though, since my mom comes back in the living room, her pussy smoothly shaven. I turn off the TV push Sandra away from my cock and get up. I walk over to mom and shove 3 fingers in her pussy at once to feel is she’s wet. “Alright mom, dad’s gonna be home any time soon when he does I want you to take him to your room, get him naked, tie him up and come get me, understood?” I command my mother. “Yes my dearest son, will you fuck me then?” She asks. “Perhaps.” I react and with that I let go of her pussy and go back to my room Sandra in tow.

Inside my room I bind Sandra’s hair in a pony tail so I can use it as a leash. “Frank, I really need to go to the bathroom.” She says. “Really, you little cunt? Here let me help.” I say and grab an empty bottle of coke and hold it under her. Apparently she had to go real bad because after only a second a yellow stream of urine sprouts from her pussy. Once she’s done I close the bottle and put it aside. “We’ll save that later.” I state. I grab Sandra’s face and shove my inflated dick in her mouth to take a piss, I piss so much in her mouth she can’t swallow it all, some of the piss spills out of her mouth, onto the ground and over my balls. Once I’m relieved I pull my dick out and tell her to crawl under my desk, I sit down on the chair and make her move her ass so I can fuck it. I just stuff my dick up her tinny girl but and grab an empty piece of paper and start writing down a plan on what to do with my dad. Now I don’t hate my father but he could get in the way so he needs to go and something sadistically in my head tells me I should make him suffer first, for no specific reason but fun. I write several pages full while I casually move my dick inside of Sandra’s small ass. After I’m done writing I figure I’ll just have to wait for my father to get home. So I get up from the chair again pull my cock from Sandra’s ass to see it’s covered in brown shit. “Bitch you made my dick dirty now you’ll clean it up!” I shout at her, She tries to move her mouth to my dick but I pull my dick away from her and slap her. “Not with your mouth I want to kiss that mouth tonight and I don’t want to taste my shit in your mouth.” I react I grab her tied up hair and stroke my dick several times until he’s clean again. Once it’s clean again I let go of her hair and kick her on my bed, I crawl on top of her and ram my entire cock up her pussy, I’m surprised at how wet Sandra is. “You like being used as a slut don’t you.” I say as I start moving in and out of her pussy. Her answer comes out in stutters. “Yes… I love being used… Fuck me… Master!” She shouts. Master I like that, I think I’ll have every girl call me that. I twist one of Sandra’s nipples turn around so she’s on top of me and lift her up so I get a nice view of her body. I grab her hair and untie it and pull it around my cock as I fuck her. Her head is jerks back every time I pull her ponytail. Sandra trashes around, both pain and pleasure ravishing through her body. I grab her tits with both hands and squeeze them hard as I blow my third load this day inside of Sandra. I pull my cock out Sandra’s used pussy as I hear the front door open up and my dad coming in.

So yeah as you might expect there will be gay in the next chapter and there will be gay in the future of this story, I know most of you people have an issue with scat but hey my story I choose how to continue it. I'll try to be more graphic in future chapters. Also if anyone has idea, perhaps I could put them in the story. Peace for now, bye

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2011-11-27 02:41:41
You have a weird fetish

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2011-11-16 21:57:58
lil younger girls might be good as well

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2011-11-04 22:16:44
well for a suggestion there is always the stupid ass bitch cheerleader that treats him like shit and wouldnt give him the time of day. Make it so she knows what is going on, remembers EVERYTHING and cant do anything but be a observer to her body willing submiting to his advances

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2011-11-03 15:39:31
great story i cant wait 2 see what will happen next(i dont mind if there'll a gay part in it,i love those 2)

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2011-11-03 00:52:09
idea......may b hav book alwways n hav them go bac 2 usual life..u knowing what u done n them 2 when u want them...kinda like dat like so far btw

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