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Group sex
Hotel swing.

There is a 25 acre strip of land that was owned by the late Mr Andrew Smith who left it to his son Mr Ryan Smith who is 23 years of age, In this land was Green fields and wooded areas, a lake and a ten bedrooms, three bathrooms, one wet room and two great living rooms and finely the kitchen. When Ryan's farther died and left him all of this after having money and everything he wanted to buy material wise he began to get bored and have nothing to fulfill his time with excitement. So after 6 months of having a house an idea came to him, to begin hosting swing party's and games at his house privately and after hosting 7 successful swing party's it became a monthly event and to one of these events he invited Natalie.

Natalie was a friend of one of the swing event supervisors called Rachel, Rachel was hired by Ryan to prepare the alcohol, theme of the party and to make it all run smoothly and not only that to join in. Natalie has always been excited when she has seen the photos or heard the stories from Rachel and has always had a passion to join in. However to get an invite to this party was hard and now she had one handed straight to by the host him self. With out a second to think she agreed and was sent the email with the date, time and location of the building and the password to enter the land. Now as the days began to get closer to the date Natalie began asking Rachel questions about what she had planned so she was prepared for the nights events. However Rachel let no information out and said it was all part of the even the mysteriousness and excitement. days had finally narrowed down to the day before the swing event and Natalie was so excited lying in her bed day dreaming about what could happen, she could feel her moist pussy lips begin to part as the excitement began to get her wet. Natalie slid her hand down her stomach and over her hairy mound and pressed two finger tips against her throbbing clit and began to do little circles. As soon as Natalie found the right rhythmic pattern with her fingers she pressed down harder making her pussy drip down her inner thighs and the circles began to get faster and faster, She could felt that familiar feeling of tingles in her feet which began to rise up and take over her body and as she forced her fingers down onto her now throbbing wet clit she could feel her pussy ready to erupt. And then.

Natalie's bedside phone rang right next to where she lying, getting a shock from this rude interruption but still feeling extremely horny Natalie returned her hand from between her hot legs and slipped the two used fingers into her mouth before picking up the phone and answering very politely " Hello Natalie speaking who is it ?" It was Rachel giving her the last details of the event. Natalie was instructed to were a Black laced bra, Black thong, Black fishnet stockings and a tar-tern mini skirt, of excepting the theme Natalie had her convocation with Rachel and after hanging up went straight to her wardrobe to hunt down what she needs and getting all excited once again. But by the time Natalie had finished preparing her Cloths it was late and she was tired so she went to sleep eagerly waiting for the morning. The sound of a buzzer went off and Natalie was awake as soon as it went and up she was and got ready to meet Rachel and get ready for What she has been aching for, for so long.

As Rachel and Natalie where getting ready Natalie kept on asking questions about what was going to happen who was going to be there how many people, But Rachel didn't let up and gave her nothing. Natalie found this furiously exciting and could already feel her pussy lips beginning to wetten, and since she was interrupted last night Natalie's swollen clit was in need of some attention. So Natalie had the idea to try and have Rachel help her out. As Natalie slid her fishnet stockings on and slipped into her mini skirt knowing she wasn't wearing any underwear she went over to Rachel who was lying on the bed and crawled over it pretending to look out of the window, Natalie made sure Rachel had a full view of her asshole and pussy lips. Rachel did of course see that perfect ass there in her face so Rachel sat up and told Natalie to stay still as Rachel ran her hands over Natalie's lightly tanned skin of her arse and down the back of legs, Then slowly back up and further across her back while perving on Natalie's toned back and waist. As Rachel's hands slid back down to Natalie's soft ass cheeks she could hear Natalie moaning so Rachel decided it was time for some fun and began to slide a finger down her ass and over her back entrance and then slipped into Natalie's already wet pussy, first Rachel just used one finger and pushing it knuckle deep into Natalie and then back out. After a few movements she could feel Natalie's pussy begin to drip down into Rachel's hand and so she used this to lube up Natalie's ass hole and then slowly slid a finger tip into the tight entrance, Feeling Natalie push back wanting it deeper into her back entrance Rachel withdrew back and then spanked her left ass cheek. " Stop being naughty and go and clean your self up!" Rachel said with an aggressive sexy order to her voice. Natalie climbed of the bed stripped back out of her cloths and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

The taxi has arrived and Rachel who was now dressed in a pencil skirt with red fishnet tights on, a white blouse with a red bra on with just a few buttons undone to show off her C cup breasts. She had also bought a smart black pair of glaces to complete the look and curled up long black hair. Natalie was wearing what she was ordered to and has left her long blonde hair loose, They both wore long black coats to hide there outfits and to protect them from the cold as they ran from the door in the rain to the taxi. They both got into the back and Rachel told the taxi drive the address and they where on there way, Natalie was once again beginning to get excited and started day dreaming about what was about to happen and kept biting her bottom lip in anticipation to how many people where going to be there. After a 45 min drive into the country side the taxi stopped at a great pair of gates, this is wear Rachel got out of the car with Natalie and then paid the taxi driver and began walking to a talk box on the wall. Taking the lead Rachel entered the password and the gates began to open and as they walked through they where met by a handsome young man in his mid 20's holding an umbrella and and the door to a car. They both ran over and jumped into the back seat, the car was started up and Natalie gripped the leaver seats and looked over to Rachel and just as Rachel spoke the car stopped and the words " Now the fun begins" where heard from Rachel's voice. They both got out and looked upon the size of the house but before Natalie could relies how amazing it was a young pale skinned petite woman dressed in nothing but hot pants took her by the hand and directed her into the building. Before Natalie could relies rachel had headed of and was entering a different door to which she was being brought through

Natalie was now standing in a room which was a changing room and she was welcomed by 3 females two of them being brunets wearing white stockings and a skirt with a matching white laced bra, the other was a blonde and was wearing the same as the other two. They came over and assured Natalie everything was OK it was time for some pampering and preparing before entering the fun time as one of them called it. And as one lent straight over and began to kiss Natalie the other two began undressing her carefully until she was completely naked, The two brunets took Natalie buy the hand as the blonde picked up Natalie's close and began to follow them. As she took each step Natalie felt the floor get wet and change texture, she was now inside a wet room and just after the next corner she could see a steaming hot tub and a glass of champagne there waiting.The two brunets carried on and then placed Natalie into the Hot tub and then walked over to a brown desk. Before Natalie could make out what they where doing the blonde had removed her clothing except for the stockings and got inside the tub and began massaging Natalie's back before sliding down her arms to hands. The two brunets had returned over to the hot tub with a razor, shaving cream clippers and Natalie looked up to see the girls smiling. " Everyone must be clean and looking there best " said the blonde and Natalie just smiled sipped some champagne and let the girls shave her mound and then re do her legs, The girls even clipped Natalie's toe nails aswell as drying her down and creamed her hole body.

Once they where done Natalie was took into a private room where she was given her close back and was told to get dressed and wait for the game play, Natalie being unsure what that meant began getting ready and once she had slipped her last stockings on the three girls had returned now wearing pvc stockings and bra and was showing off there smooth shaven pussy lips aswell as there pink nipples on there perfectly rounded breasts. Natalie smiled and walked forward thinking it was fun time but the door opened again and inside Rachel came holding 4 envelopes in her hand, Rachel then moved towards Natalie handed the envelopes over and told her to choose one. Natalie did with out saying a word and went to open it but before she could the girls surrounded her and one began kissing her while the other 2 began separated and knelt one in front of Natalie and the other from behind and began licking Natalie's holes with there hot wet tongues. Natalie began kissing the blonde girl harder as she felt a tongue slide across her clit and another against her arsehole. She could feel her orgasm already building up but before she could finally cum the girls stopped. Rachel had put the envelopes down and came over and blindfolded Natalie and then whispered " you have chosen night surprise " and with that The girls began guiding Natalie into another room and before Natalie could think where she was she was pushed over and with great satisfaction she landed on a bed.

Natalie was feeling a bit worried but excited at the same time and before she could move to get comfortable she felt a gentle touch against her legs which began to open them, and as soon as Natalie's legs where open a wet tongue slid up against her clit. She felt it slowly slide from the top of clit and all the way down to back entrance and slowly back up before the lips sucked on Natalie's clit. Who ever it was sucked and licked on her clit so hard Natalie's orgasm was coming back with a vengeance and as her orgasm began to build and build she felt more gentle touchs guide her arms and legs into a star position where she was strapped down, But with out care as Natalie's tingles had now covered her hole body and she was about to come in this strangers face she could feel the tongue sliding faster and faster against her clit and soon she felt her pussy erupt with juices and she began to twitch as the tongue kept on tackling her clit again and again as she came. Natalie now breathing heavy and still twitching felt people moving around on the bed and another tongue went up against her clit this one not as wet as the other and began sliding it across Natalie's now dripping pussy. While this tongue worked she felt fingers slide inside her pussy and start running up against her g-spot and next a pair of lips where around her left then another around her right nipple. All of Natalie's turn on spots where being targeted and trying to control it she felt her pussy begin to flood with juices and she began squirting all over the tongue that was again still against her throbbing clit. As Natalie began to twitch more movement happened on the bed she could here the girls giggling and the blind fold was then removed.

Natalie could now see 2 girls soaking from there chin below and the other one was licking it of from them, As Natalie Watched she heard a door open on her left and as she turned her head she saw a muscle built tall man enter the room who was then followed by another three. All four men entered and the three girls licking each other didn't even flinch as if they didn't know they where there they just kept on licking each other. The men stood there holding there large shafts wanking over the girls playing with each other. As Natalie's attention was took back to the girls who where now taking it in turns between Natalie's legs she felt a tug on the back of her hair and a handsome Athletically built man was towering over to her and guiding his length towards her mouth. Quickly and eagerly Natalie opened her lips and took his head of his cock into her mouth and began rolling her tongue around the head. At first he knelt there with his hand still on the back of Natalie's head holding it up as she began to move back and forth sucking on his length, His cock was thick as she moved down she could feel her self begin to gag not half way down and spit began to shine along his shaft. Natalie then looked up and taking as much of his cock down her throat he could see in here eyes the strain of holding it there and he began to moan and hold her by her hair on his length. She began to pull back her head with a gasp of air as she did and as her lips slid along his length to his tip she could taste his salty pre-cum on her tongue and severing the taste and swallowing it before his cock left her mouth. As Natalie looked up to see the handsome man smiling down at her she was about to take his cock back inside her mouth before he redirected her to other her right shoulder to where another cock was this time forced into her mouth. This cock wasn't as thick and was easier to take down her throat. As Natalie tried to deep throat his hard shaft she could feel her throat fill up before she could en-take his entire length, As he released her head so Natalie could take a breathe she could see his long hard cock was at least 10 inches but before she could admire the size he was forcing it back down Natalie's throat and with short thrusts began fucking her throat. Taking as much as she could before gagging and gasping for air Natalie was released and then felt a sudden jult down and her legs where lifted into the air and opened. Looking down she saw two men one holding her legs open and the second had reached in slipped two fingers inside Natalie's dripping pussy and began forcing them up against her g-spot.

Natalie lay back and gasped as he frigged her pussy and soon she could feel her juices running down his fingers and as she came the fingers withdrew from her entrance and the thick cock from the first guy was now back inside Natalie's mouth. She was now ready to be fucked and was keen to show it by reaching out with one hand and began tickling his cock while she sucked on it and with the free hand reached over to that long Cock and began wanking it, Loving every second of having them big cocks to play with she swapped there heads in her mouth sucking on there tips before placing the other in her mouth while still eagerly wanking them. Natalie had used all her focus on the cocks she didn't relies that one of the guys at her legs had moved in closer and she felt his thick cock spread her pussy lips as he entered her pussy. Taking the cock out of her mouth to moan as he began to slam his thick cock inside Natalie's pussy. She could feel her pussy tighten up around his cock as she felt him fill her up with his length. Thrust after trust came down harder and faster making her pussy stretch open and cum down his length as she came over his cock he didn't slow down he kept on slamming his meat inside Natalie making her legs twitch which then made the other guy pin her legs as he that thick cock was fucking her pussy. Natalie felt her orgasm now peak and her hips buck forward and she felt a powerful squirt and as she did she felt fingers rub against her clit which sent Natalie into a violent twitch. Now lying there she felt movement again on the bed and she was then lifted up and bung to the foot of the bed where she was then placed on her knees and the cock that had just been inside her pussy was pushed into Natalie's mouth, sucking her own cum thanking the big cock for such a good fuck. And as she did so she felt another guy approach her from behind and begin to push her lightly on her back signalling her to bend over. The guy in front had now got on his knees so as Natalie was now on her hands and knees his cock was there to take down her throat. As she took his length into her mouth a hard spank went across her ass cheeks and she felt a strong pair of hands grasp her hips and her pussy was filled with a second cock. He began slamming his cock in hard at first pulling her down against his cock by her hips to meet his thrusts. Feeling her g-spot being met with this force made Natalie's legs shake and he took this as a sign and with the same force began with speed slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. Another hard smack across her ass and as she took the cock out of her mouth another guy had come around to her front who took his turn filling her mouth and fucking her throat. Now having two men forcing the lengths inside her at speed Natalie's pussy was cumming already down her thighs and down the mans cock

A quick switch was made and the third guy slid his long cock inside her pussy and began his fast pace fuck into her and again Natalie's mouth was filled with her cum by another cock, Tasting her own pussy drove Natalie wild and she bucked back against his long length. As she did so she felt his cock twitch inside her and his hands grip her hips harder. Pulling the cock out of her mouth she begged the guy to cum inside her mouth let her taste his load. Natalie was then flipped upside down and he moved to her front and wanked his cock into Natalie's mouth and unloaded a huge white hot load into her mouth Which Natalie hungrily swallowed down. Before she could thank him The other three guys hand picked up Natalie And placed her back on the bed, One of them now climbing underneath her slid his cock inside her pussy and began pounding his cock inside her as fast as he could, as another cock entered her mouth the mixture of the other guys load and his pre-cum made he feel so naughty and loved its swallowing as much as she could before spitting on his cock and wanking it and taking his balls into her mouth. The guy under her began to tire and slow down as Natalie's orgasm began to rise but without moving from his position he pulled out of her pussy and she felth a thinner but longer cock fill his position and began fucking her. Taking turns fucking Natalie's pussy she came twice before the guy she was sucking on thought it was his turn and began fucking her doggy. Not being able to concentrate now as her legs where shaking holding her up she was flipped over by the guy nailing her from behind and was now legs spread on the bed taking his cock deep into her pussy and had now 2 guys wanking over her face. Knowing it was time for some more of there cum she licked her fingers and reached out to play with there balls the best she could as she was moaning of that cock pounding into her wet hole. She could feel the guys balls tighten up in her finger tips and they both began to moan as she opened her mouth and took jets of cum against her tongue feeling her mouth fill with cum but before she could swallow she was told to wait and she felt the cock pulse inside her pussy and he climbed up and she felt her first load his her tits before he began cumming inside her mouth now making three hot loads mix inside. Trying to swallow the thick load it took 2 attempts but she did Natalie looked at the guys who where now already leaving through the door they entered Rachel came over and sat next to Natalie and with one hot kiss Rachel took as much of the cum that was left in Natalie's mouth and then with a wink it was back to the hot tub.
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