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The Mom Incident the next week.

Ginger was at the mall shopping for underwear. It had been a week since Al and Frank had started staying over. She felt like a school girl again as she was getting sex two or three times a day. I’m really glad cum isn’t fattening as I would have gained five pounds already with all the blow jobs I’ve given. Her ass was constantly sore as she was being double penetrated every night. Her pussy was wet all the time as cum and regular sex was what it needed to stay that way.

Looking for sexy underwear took time and was expensive to say the least. After purchasing several item she headed towards the food court for a coffee. She was sitting at the exact table where she had first met Al when she noticed Vivian Towers. Viv as her friends called her was a taller woman, about five six she had small perky breasts 36B’s large nipples, blond short hair, a bubble butt and great hips.
“Hey Viv, over hear”. Vivian saw her and headed for the table. “How have you been Ginger”? “Actually fine, no better then fine great”! “Well I’m glad you are doing that well”. “Why not sit down and have a coffee”? “Yes I think I will”.

Vivian was perhaps four or five years younger then Ginger they talked about there children, touched on current local events and then discussed there husbands. Ginger told her about Russell going to London for his company to work on a very big merger they were planning. Vivian raised her eyebrows gave her a coy smile “I guess your smiling is because you’ve got a fuck buddy while he’s away, right”? “Is it that apparent”? “Damn right you have the look of very well fucked women my dear”.

The two laughed, Ginger asked about her husband William. “He’s the same dull, boring pain in the ass he’s been for the last fifteen years”. “These days between work, golf and the TV set even when he’s home we don’t talk”. “You must tell me how you met your fuck buddy, where, when, does he have a nice size cock and does he have a friend”?

Ginger took a deep breath, should I be sharing this kind of info with her? If I do now the circle will have expanded and I will be the one to be breaking our secret. No I’ll give her some info and see where it goes but very little. After all the guys will have to agree to fuck her before I tell her anything of importance. Besides lets see if the does he have a friend comment was just BS or for real.

“Well to begin with I met him hear”. “Really you met at this mall”? “Yes, it took me a couple of weeks to get together with him but when we finally hooked up it was magic”. “The getting together with him was hard because of my husband”. “Fate stepped in for me and now he and his friend and I are regular fuck buddies”. Vivian’s face had a look of disbelief. “You are really fucking both of them”? Yes, we not only fuck regularly but at the same time in the same bed”.

Now Vivian expression changed, she looked at Ginger with the look of you better not be shitting me girl. “So since you have two you might be willing to share right”? Ginger sat back in her chair and stared deep into her eyes. Ginger explained that the guys wanted a woman for all night; a quick fuck wasn’t interesting to them. She told Vivian how they wanted her to dress, how they spent all night in bed and the panty stained with cum thing. Finally Vivian spoke “Look Ginger let me work on this as its Friday afternoon William will be calling me later with his plans for the weekend, I’ll see if I can get away for the entire night”. Ginger smiled at her responding with “Well I’ve got to check to see if the guys want another participant in our bed”. They both laughed; made sure they had each others correct cell numbers and left the mall.

On the drive home she called her son Terry to discuss the happenings. Terry seemed very excited. “Mom you think she will really let us fuck her”? “Well I’m not sure just yet, an awful lot depends on her husband, kids and how horny she really is”. “Please tell the guys about this and when you get home we’ll see what if anything has developed”. She hadn’t been home ten minutes when the phone rang, it was Vivian. “Hi viv I didn’t expect to hear from you this quickly”. “Ginger, I’m as horny as hell”. “After our talk and seeing the look on your face I realized I wanted to get laid really bad”. “Vivian how are you planning to get away from your husband for a day or two”? “That’s easy I’ll tell him I’m going to see my cousin, they live five hours away and he doesn’t really care for her or her husband”.

Ginger now realized she was serious about this so she would have to work fast. “Vivian listen I just got home give me an hour to make some calls, I’ll call you back to let you know if it’s ok for this weekend or next”. “Ginger try to make it happen this weekend I really need it”! “I’ll call you back”.

She headed to her room to change before the guys got home. She started wondering how they will handle two horny bitches, I clean all three of there nut sacks dry every day without any help. Fixing her hair and putting on a little makeup she opened her bag and chose from her newly purchased garments a pair of frilly pink panties. Black heels her robe she was ready for them to get home. She sat in her kitchen wondering whether telling Vivian was a good idea or not. The back door opened and the guys came in. Ginger stood up opened her robe and cooed “Do you guys like the look”? All three smiled broadly at her. “Al grabbed her hand “Let us show you just how much we like the look”.

The moment they got to her bedroom the robe came off. “Ginger would you remove your panties for us”? Smiling at Al she said “My pleasure darling”. Down came the panties and the three boys started kissing and rubbing her. Al got down on the bed, “Ginger would you like to get on”? “I sure would”. Her pussy lips were moist and swollen in anticipation. Rubbing the cock head on her pussy lips made her even wetter, she pushed the cock in until she was impaled to the balls on it. He started slowly pushing it up into her. Leaning forward she felt a cock at her rear entrance, it was her son Terry. He pushed it in and kept pushing until he was deep in her bowels and the two cock heads touched the membrane. It was like tiny electric shocks going off in her pussy as they started a slow steady pumping motion. The pumping started to quicken, she was breathing very heavily. The shocks were becoming more intense with every thrust they made. She dug her fingers into Al shoulders moaned with pleasure and felt a jolt shoot from her pussy through to her ass my god she screamed “Fuck me”! Terry pushed his cock as deep as he could and held it there as he started gushing cum deep into her bowels. Al held on for about thirty second then pulled her hips tight against his cock and exploded. Spurt after spurt of hot cum flooded her pussy canal.

It took several minutes for there breathing to return to normal. Terry’s cock plopped out and she rolled off Al whose cock was limp. Frank got between her legs, his cock slipped easily into her wet sloppy cum filled cunt. Looking down into her eyes he said “Ginger I’m going to fuck you senseless”. She looked up at him, moaned her approval as his cock was already pumping her pussy deep and hard. He helped her get another great orgasm before she felt him push as deep as he could pulling him to her face she spread wider wrapped her legs around his ass. She moaned in his ear “I need your cum in me baby”. He came with such force it felt like cum was being shot out of him and up into her cervix. This caused her to climax again.

After several minutes of allowing there breathing to return to normal Frank rolled off and she grabbed her panties, slipping them on she smiled coyly. “Guys we should talk about something.

They went into the den and sat down. On there way to the den she got a towel as she was leaking cum, her panties were already soaked front and back so sitting on a towel would save the furniture. Frank grinned at her “You really look sexy with big wet stains in those panties Ginger”. “Thank you Frank you guys certainly have a lot of cum for me to show off”.

Ginger explained the meeting and conversation between her and Vivian early in the day. They all looked pleased but a bit perplexed. Ginger explained that as they all knew she was capable of servicing the three of them till there nut sacks were dry. There was no way she was giving up one or two of them to Vivian for even one night. They all seemed to appreciate that comment it proved she belonged to them mind and pussy and she was possessive of there cocks.

“Ginger baby is she really that hot to get laid”? “Frank I think she’d walk on hot coals for a good fucking”. Al looked at the other two “We need more cocks, but whom do we approach”? Terry scratched his head, his eyes twinkled “How about Deon, Roy and Willie”? Frank shot back. Deon and Roy are black and Willie is Hispanic”. Terry seemed puzzled by that remark, “So what, I’ve heard Deon has a nine inch dick”. “He does but keep in mind if this Vivian thing doesn’t work out they’ll all be fucking Ginger. Ginger response was “They will, for real”? “I’ve never had a nine inch dick in me”.

They continued to talk about the problem. Ginger got up tits swinging cum dribbling down her leg and got the phone to call for pizza. After she ordered she looked at the guys, “So do I tell her to come over Saturday evening to get fucked or what”? “Mom until we talk to the new guys don’t do anything”. “The only part of this is if she backs out or isn’t really into sex you’ve got six cocks to drain”. Now the reality of that statement hit home. She had never had a nine inch cock in her much less a nine inch black cock. While she was picturing the giant cock going all the way in her pussy her cell rang. Damn it Vivian.

She told the guys to keep very quiet just listen to the conversation. “Hi viv what’s up”? “Did you get any news yet”? “No I spoke with him about an hour ago so now he’s going to call me back”. “Is there a problem”? “Well viv honestly there might be”. “What kind of problem Ginger”? “He asked a lot of questions about you and your sex drive”. “Like what kind of questions”? “Well do you swallow”, do you enjoy your ass being fucked things like that”. “I really don’t enjoy swallowing cum but if I have too”. “Oh believe me you have to”. “Ok so I’ll swallow it. “I’m not sure about my ass as I’ve never had anyone want to use it, how was your first time”? “I cried all the while.”Then I had an orgasm that almost caused me to loss consciousness”. “I’ve been hooked ever since”. “Really”? “Yup”. “Well please let me know if he calls back, I really need a good fucking”. “Ok talk to you the minute I hear”.

The guys were all smiles as it seemed there minds were made up. Ginger looked around the room “Well now what”? Terry and Frank headed upstairs while Al sat with her. “Give it about an hour and call her, tell her the party’s on for Saturday and Sunday. Ginger called and made the arrangements with Vivian, she was going to be at Gingers by around one in the afternoon. When she was in the driveway she would call so Ginger could open the garage door to let her hide her car inside.

Saturday at one ten Vivian called, Ginger opened the door she put the car in and both women went to the den. Vivian had on tight jeans a t shirt and boots. They sat and she asked Ginger “All I need for the next two days are panties, Garter belt, stockings and Heels right”? “That’s 100% correct”. Ginger told her the guys would be coming over around five so they had plenty of time to kill before they needed to get ready. They discussed how much sex Ginger had been getting during the last week. Vivian was getting wet thinking about it.

Ginger looked at her watch wow its 4:15 lets get ready; the party should be starting soon. They were getting dressed when Ginger open her bag and handed Vivian a joint. “What’s this for”? “It will help take the edge off us”. “I can understand me being nervous but you’ve fucked them several times”. “Tonight there will be a few new people so I thought we could both use these”. “Really” Ginger clicked her lighter as Vivian inhaled the joint to life. Twenty minutes later they were dressed or rather undressed to specifications. Both women were topless; Vivian was in red low cut boy shorts with a black garter belt and black stockings with black heels. Ginger had on a yellow thong with black garter belt black stockings and yellow heels. They were both stoned. Vivian looked in the full length mirror “Quite the look I must say”! “You know Ginger I’ve dressed for a lot of parties but never like this”. “You look great”, I hear them in the den are you ready”? “Ready and very wet so let’s go”.

They entered the den to Ginger’s surprise Deon and Roy were as black as coal. Willie was short but wide and all muscle. They all introduced themselves to each other and everyone got a fresh joint. Terry leaned over to Ginger whispering quietly he told her “Deon and Roy want you first”. “Al will be going with you or maybe it will be Willie were only sure about D and Roy”. By the time the joints were finished they were all talking about how tight Ginger pussy and ass were. She a moaner they heard someone say. Terry looked at Vivian “What about you viv, moan, scream or what”? Her response was “Well honey you will just have to find out for yourself”. Terry took her hand and gently tugged her towards the guest room with Al and Frank right behind.

The door closed Ginger smiled because she was stoned just asked “So who has nine inches”? “I do” replies Deon. “Would like to feel it in that tight pussy”? “I sure would just go slowly at first as I’ve never had a cock that big in me before”. The three headed to her bedroom.
They were on the bed and her tits were being sucked while Deon rubbed her clit through her panties. She was wet before they went in the bedroom so with stimulation now she was really wet. Deon asked her to remove her panties which she did with a smile handing them to Roy she said “Keep them close by as later I’ll need to put them on to keep the cum where you guys put it”. He got between her legs, she spread wide for him as the large purple head slipped past her swollen pussy lips. He worked the cock like an expert pushing it in then backing out a little so she could adjust to the size. As he finally gave one last push she realized he had pushed past her cervix. His cock felt wonderful deep in her pussy she knew this was going to be great. Willie got on her chest and feed her his substantial cock in her mouth. She gagged as he pushed it way down her throat. She could feel the giant cock moving in and out with a tempo building. The cock in her mouth was working at the same tempo. She felt her pussy start to tingle as if being shocked by electricity. She was moaning and thrashing her hips wildly as the climax continued until she felt the cock in her mouth fire a very large burst of cum into her mouth. She tried to swallow but it was way too much. The cock deep in her cunt stiffen, he pushed down deeper held still for a moment. Then she felt a river or cum flowing in he pussy. Moaning with pleasure she lay there as both cocks continued to empty cum into her.

Vivian had been sitting on the edge of the bed, Al was sucking her tits while Terry gave her pussy a fingering. She was really wet and it seemed like she was ready for an orgasm. Terry pulled her panties down and kept messaging her pussy lips, and clit. She yelled “I’m cumming”! The next thing he knew she was squirting all over. Terry pushed her down got between her legs; she spread wide and wrapped her legs around his ass. She pulled him close “Fuck me hard, please baby”! She just kept repeating it for a dozen times. Terry’s dick was balls deep in her; he was getting a good slow in and out motion. Frank put his cock to her lips; she hesitated for a moment saw the look on his face then opened her mouth wide and took over half the cock in her mouth. Terry pace quicken as did Franks. Frank grabbed her head and fired a good sized load of cum in her mouth, he pushed his cock in deep so she had no choice but to swallow the cum. She was feeling an orgasm coming up from her pussy like a bullet. It hit her she started moaning with a cock still in her mouth. Terry pushed as deep as he could and grunted as he shot a healthy load of cum in her pussy. Her eyes shot open when she realized he was cumming in her unprotected pussy. It felt so good it caused her to climax again. Her mouth free she screamed “Oh fuck yes”! They all lay there catching there breath. She had cum all over her face, as she attempted to wipe it off the boys pushed her hands away. Terry smiled “You look great with cum all over you, leave it there”. “Ok baby, if you want me too”.

Vivian realized Al’s cock was rock hard, he lay down next to her, “Viv would you like to get on my cock”? “Yes I would Al very much”. Her pussy was sloppy wet from the fucking she had gotten so his cock slipped in easily. She pushed down until it was all the way in. Even though her pussy was sloppy wet her pussy muscles milked the cock slowly trying to get it to cum. She felt pressure at her ass hole. Terry was behind her, he pushed his well lubed hard dick in her ass. There was pain as she was a virgin back there till today; she started crying as it hurt. Terry went slowly but kept pushing deeper into her rectum. Then like a bolt of lightning she felt the two cocks get together in her separated by her anal membrane. She felt the pain but from deep in her womb there was a gigantic feeling of pleasure building. Both cock worked a slow rhythm, they kept the pace quickening until the cock in her ass pushed deep, twitched and for the first time in her life cum filled her bowels. It sent her over the edge moaning, screaming and wiggling her hips in passion. The cock in her pussy was pushed deep and a blast of cum flooded her unprotected pussy. The sensation of her pussy being flooded caused her to keep her orgasm going for what seemed like thirty seconds. The three collapsed totally drained.

They laid there for several minutes allowing the bodies to return to normal. Terry gave her a grin “You no longer have a virgin ass my dear, any regrets”? Looking into his eyes she replies “None sweetie”. Frank was standing over her looking down; they rolled her on her stomach. Franks well lubed cock went deep into her cum filled ass. She started crying again but pushed her ass up so he could get in deeper. He pumped her for ten minutes; it hurt like hell but at the same time felt good. She felt a sudden twinge between her legs, Frank pushed in deep and she felt cum flowing again into her bowels. Wiggling her ass to help him enjoy the pleasure she felt an orgasm take over her and she shook was pleasure.

Finally with all the cocks with her limp she asked, “Terry baby give me my panties so I don’t flood the bed with cum”. She wiggled into her panties, looked at the three limp cocks, crooked her head to the side and said “That was wonderful do you think later after you recharge we can do it again”? For sure was a unanimous reply.

They went back into the den where Ginger was with her three new friends. Ginger was standing by a table, her panties were soaked with cum and it was running down her leg. Vivian was leaking from both holes as well. Vivian called out, “Hey Ginger how are ya”? “Well I guess I’ll be walking funny for a few days but believe me it was worth it”. “I’m already walking funny, sore but feel great”. After Chinese dinner Deon looked at Al. “Is her pussy as tight as Gingers”? “Every bit as tight, you guys want a little”? “Yes we do”. As viv went with her three new companions Ginger yelled “See you in the morning. The door closed and Vivian’s panties were off. Deon laid down his nine inch cock rock hard, “Would you like to get on”? “Would I ever”. He pulled her deep; she couldn’t believe the size of the cock or the way it felt. Roy’s well lubed cock was at her ass hole as he pushed his large cock in she started to cry. She was sobbing as he pushed deep until the two cock heads touched. Crying moaning thrashing her ass like an animal as the heat between her legs boiled over she screamed with pleasure. The orgasm almost took her breath away. Roy pushed deep from behind while Deon sunk deep and they both exploded at the same time. Cum was flowing in both her orifices at the same time she burst out with another violent orgasm, All three collapsed, exhausted. Willie feed her his cock she licked the head like an ice cream cone. Liking, kissing and sucking for fifteen minutes. He was breathing heavily, he groaned, she placed the head between her lips and sucked. Spurt after spurt of cum shot into her mouth. His dick stopped spurting so she let it slip out. She opened her mouth wide to show them the full mouth full she had then closed her lips and swallowed.

Sunday morning the women sat in the kitchen drinking coffee. “Well Vivian how are you”? “My pussy is so sore I need lube just to walk, my ass will probably be sore and leaking cum for a week”. “I really want too get use a regular fucking schedule”. ”Do you think the guys liked me enough to want to fuck me again”? “Well Terry asked me if I thought you could get away a couple of days during the week for a couple of hours of fucking”. “That would be great, I love fucking them especially Terry”. Ginger they don’t use rubbers doesn’t that concern you”? “Yes but the regular fucking keeps clouding my good judgment”. “How did you like Deon”, especially the black nine inch cock”. ”Loved it”. “You got that right girl”. Both women heard noise from the bedrooms. Ginger stood up, “Its time for there good morning blow jobs before they leave”. Vivian smiled at her “I’m glad cum isn’t fattening”, and headed for the guys room.

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