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SIt all began when I started highschool. My name is Chris and I am6"1"I have blue eyes a good tan. And one small thing I am gay. Now my first day started with arriving I was assigned a tour with this goth girl named eve. She was 5"9"she had green eyes black hair and a funny smile. As we arrived to lunch she asked me are you gay. I responded with yes now a jock over heard that. So as we walked by he grabbed my ass. Eve was so pissed she told him to go shove it. He said that was the plan. And i walked away eve was so pissed but got over it she gave me her number and said to text her in class.

Chris:hi eve

Go!!!!urself:hey teacher is a bitch huh

Chris:well I wouldn't say that

Go!!!!urself:well I have to go bye
School got out fast and I walked home. As I turned a corner the guy from th cafeteria jumped out. He started trying to grab me then a truck came and a jock hopped out telling him to back off I was his. The other guy from lunch He was as I saw cute he said to the guy from lunch his name was Jared to fuck off. Jared said to prove I was his so jack came up and started to make out with me while feeling everything. Jared got so pissed he left so it was just me and jack. He gave me a ride and was very quite. He was handsome he had brown hair grey eyes and a nice tan he was around6"3"and had thin lipsHe was nice and asked some questions. When we got to my house he asked to come in and see my house. I told him sure. As he came In he locked the door I turned and asked him why he did that. What u saw was he was taking off his clothes and he pulled me to my room and began to take my clothes off. Soon he was licking down my stomach and came to my 8" dick and started to luck up and down my shaft. To his happiness I then started to lick down to his 10"monster he started to ooze precum. I began to give him a blow job and he stopped me flipped me over and started rimming me. I felt his tounge go inside and then he pulled out his tounge and slowly slid in his dick. He started to pound me like crazy and was moaning and I was screaming his name he went in SCREAM. He went out MOAN. He was fucking my lights out and I was close
His dick tightened and he shot loads inside me and I couldnt hold it I came all over him. He then started to kiss me and rubbed all over me. He eventually left so I texted eve.

Chris:guess wat


Chris:you know jack well he had sex with me and he was making out with me and wat happened to ur name

Eve:I changed it and oh my god he screwed you

Chris:he was all over me licking and he started rimming me he told Jared I was his and frenched me

Eve: holy shit he must like you

Chris:I dnt know oh well bye

As I got dressed the next day I wore my tightest skinny jeans that really showed my butt and a white tee. As I walked in alot of people were starring but kept talking. A girl in my class came up looked at me up and down stopping at my ass. She seemed okay but a little mad. She finally spoke she said so jack screwed you huh. So I was like no who is jack. She then awnsered well he said he was your boyfriend. Where is he I stammered. He is behind you she said walking away. I turned saw jack and three of his friends coming up he came and embraced me then his friends started to look jealous and he stoppedThen Jack gave me his phone number then asked me if I liked last night. I said it was interesting he laughed and gave me a peck on the cheek. Hisfriends said to hurry he said he would catch me later and walked off. Then the same girl came up and said I guess you are huh. Turns out her name was Gemma she seemed ok and she said that I was a big gossip here. I looked at her she laughed saying since all the jocks wanted me. I was a little freaked out then the bell rang. I made my way to class as I sat down I got a note that said

Hey meet me in bathroom in fifteen mins
Love J

So i went thinking that is weird When he met me he seemed happy I walked in and he shoved me against the wall and began to kiss me he pulled off to breath and told me he loved me. I laughed and he frowned I explained I was happy so he got over it soon as I got back my teacher asked what took so long I said I threw up. She just went with it so I began to text eve

Chris:hey eve wats up

Eve:well I am laughing because of steroids

Chris:what the hell are you smoking

Eve:lots of shit bye

And then school ended I was walking when Jared came out of no where and said that I would be his soon and that he would get me. After that jack picked me up and drove me home and we repeated yesterday. As I lay on his chest I asked why me. He said that I was different and he just liked me so I went with it. Thinking my life was perfect I was in love I loved jack and I was happy
I thought for a while and then I was awakened to find myself alone oh well I thought I am still loved and this is how I got my first jock to go badSure it was pretty easy but I got it right

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2012-10-30 15:38:41
Really crap grammar

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2011-11-13 02:28:20
Generally, I like it. It's got a good story line. Can't wait to read more. x}

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