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A girl who has been raised by her brother, get curious.
January 23, 1996: She was born. My sister, Lilian. At first it was hard to adjust to my parents paying more attention to her, but I got used to it. I was five at the time, but I had started school and wasn't too concerned with anything at that time. Looking back, my parents always preferred my sister over me, but that didn't stop us from being close as we grew up together.

My name is Steven and I have medium toned skin, thanks to my mother's side of the family. I have brown eyes and unruly brownish hair. I was averaged sized and had not expected to get too tall because of my father's shorter stature.

By the time Lilian had started school, I was a bit protective of her. I was ten and she was only five, she was annoying sometimes, but I loved her. Mom and Dad were always at work when we were both in school. Dad owned a car dealership and mom was a nurse. Dad traveled throughout the country and mom had the night shift at the hospital. By the time I was fifteen, I had the responsibility for nightly babysitting Lilian. For two years, I made Lilian all her meals, cleaned her, bathed her, and cared for her. It was just another responsibility I had. After she'd be in bed, I would spend most of my nights online, searching websites and gaming on free sites. I help myself relieve some stress before bed and then I'd click off my screen and head to bed.

Chapter 1
So this is where my story begins, a few months after my seventeenth birthday, I was again at home watching Lilian. She had grown up to a cute twelve year old, her dark green eyes glimmered in the light from the television and she inherited Dad's light skin. I thought about practice today and how bummed I was that I got benched for the next three weeks. One detention and coach overreacted. I looked over at Lilian and her eyes were transfixed on the T.V., I figured she'd be entertained for awhile and decided to go shower. “Lilian, I'm heading upstairs, I'm gonna take a shower. Are you gonna be okay down here for a little while?” I asked her as I headed for the stairs. “I should be fine big brother, I mean I AM twelve.” She replied coyly. “Alright then.” I said with a laugh as I headed upstairs.

As I shut the door to the bathroom, I took a deep sigh. “I just need to relax.” I said to myself and started slipping off my clothes. I turned the water on and waited for the water temperature to stabilize before stepping in. I let the hot water roll down my body, soothing my sore muscles. I sat there enjoying the water and thinking about the day. Soon a small set of taps rang through the room. “Lilian? Is that you?” I yelled past the curtain. “I need to use the bathroom and Dad's stuff is all in the one downstairs.” Crap. I forgot Dad was renovating the downstairs bathroom to incorporate a shower. “Alright, come in, just hurry up.” I heard the door click open and the toilet lid hit the back of the bowl.

I continued showering as usual and somewhere around halfway through my shower I realized I never heard Lilian leave. I decided to poke my head out of the curtain and see if she was still in the bathroom. She was, and she was taking her clothes off. “Lilian! What are you doing?” I exclaimed. “You were taking too long and I need to shower before bed.” She said simply. “Lilian, you can't come in here with me.” I said, trying to sound stern. “But why not? You gave me baths when I was younger. What's the difference?” Lilian replied back. “Well, yes but I've always had my clothes on.” “So?” Lilian shot back at me. “Fine.” I gave in, opening up the curtain up so she could step in. I tried to finish my shower but Lilian interrupted me again. “Steven, can you wash me like you used to?” I stopped, “Lilian, don't you think you are a little old to have help cleaning yourself?” I asked. “You always were so gentle with me though big brother.” She had me, I gave it once again. “Fine.” I got down on my knees and grabbed the little fish shaped sponge that she always used.

After putting a bit of soap on the sponge, I started to wash her little arms, moving in slow circles up and across her little chest. I rubbed down her chest over her tiny nipples and down her stomach. I rubbed her legs with the sponge and then handed her the sponge, “Get your private spot, you need to make sure your always clean down there.” Lilian shook her head, “But brother...” She said in a pouty tone. “Lilian, I don't think I should touch you there..” Her eyes got a little watery and she sniffled. “You are so gentle though, and how am I supposed to know if I'm clean enough?” I couldn't resist her when she was sad like that. I put some soap in my hand, knowing the sponge would be too rough against her. I lathered the soap and sat down on the bottom of the tub. She sat down in between my legs and pushed herself back. Her soft skin lightly rubbing against me, making my member jump a bit. I shook my head and tried to ignore it as I started to clean between my little sisters legs. My fingers felt her little slit and I felt her body slightly tighten. I moved my hand gently, cleaning her softly, my hand dipped lower and cleaned her little bottom. My finger lightly touched her softly and I cleaned her quickly. I went to move my hand to wash off the soap and Lilian's hand caught my wrist. “I don't think I'm clean enough.” She said softly, moving her hand back down to her little sex. My finger slid between her little lips and cleaned inside her softly. A little gasp escaped her lips as my fingers rubbed her little clit. Lilian naturally moved her hips, her skin lightly rubbing me and I grew harder and longer. She held my hand where it was and rocked back and forth. She was enjoying it, soon her little body stiffened and then she slumped against me. “Big brother, you always make me feel the best.” Lilian snuggled against my chest as her hand dropped and lightly touched my member. She looked curious, “Steven, why are you all hard like that?” I thought a moment, “Well, uh, it's's my penis. It's what boys have. Like girls have vaginas, like what you have.” She wrapped her little hand around me and I moaned softly. “Bother? Are you okay?” I shook my head, “Yes, it just feels good when someone touches me like that.” Her little head turned and she rubbed a little more. Soon she wrapped both hands around it and she started rubbing faster. My eyes closed as I felt it coming, my legs tightened and soon long ropes of my cum hit Lilian and the tub around her. “What was that?” Lilian asked, “Well that's what happens when you rub a boy like that and they really like it.” With that she smiled and dipped two fingers into the cum that landed on her leg. She picked it up and before I could say anything, she stuck her fingers in her mouth. “It's a little salty.” She said before grabbing more with her fingers and brought it to her mouth. My member jumped again watching her eat my cum. There was a little drop of cum starting to slide off the tip of my half hard head, without hesitation Lilian licked the head taking the drop into her mouth.

I wasn't about to let her stop, I started getting hard again after she licked my head. “You are hard again brother, do you want me to do that again?” I knew I should have said no but I couldn't. “You can help me in a different way.” Her face twisted into a puzzled look. “You know how you lick and suck on popsicles?” Her head bobbed a yes and I continued, “You can do that with me too, just no biting.” “Really?” Lilian asked, still a bit puzzled. “Yes,” I got on my feet and stood in front of her. “Get on your knees sis” I said in a gentle tone and she slowly moved around to get on her knees. Her hand lightly grabbed me and her mouth lightly wrapped around the head, she sucked in softly. A shimmer ran through my body and she started to take me deeper in her mouth. I lightly grabbed the back of her head and moved it back and forth. Her little hand rubbed the end of my shaft as her mouth stayed wrapped around my head. I moaned and felt my body tighten, I decided against warning her and just let it come naturally. I moaned as my cum shot straight down her throat, filling her mouth and coming out the sides before she could swallow it all. Lilian pulled away and licked her lips. “Lilian, you made me feel great tonight. But I think you've had enough fun for tonight and we should get you to bed. Lilian smiled and rinsed herself off one last time before I shut off the water.

I dried her off and told her to go get dressed and that I would be in soon. She smiled and trotted off down the hallway and to her room. I dried off and walked to my room, after putting on a pair of pajama pants I walked to Lilian's room. She had gotten into bed so I walked over and tucked her in. I kissed her forehead, “Sleep well little sis.” “I love you big brother.” Lilian said softly. I smiled, “I love you too sis.” I clicked off her light and went back to my room. I was tired so I laid down and thought about today's events. Soon I drifted asleep for the night.

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2013-10-17 05:31:21
this is the gayest ever

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2012-07-10 18:48:16
This was a good story for your first attemp. Think about where you want the story to go and then led the readers to it, do not push them along. Again, this was a good story for your first attemp.

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2011-12-27 07:09:08
i thought its a great start cant wait to hear more

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2011-11-14 18:07:13
Redo the story with more detail. Got me really hard but not enough detail!

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2011-11-04 03:34:35
This story could have been amazing if you put more detail into the action. Actually the whole thing went by rather quick. If you redid it with more detail it could be really great. Keep at it.

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