A woman is kidnapped and forced to maintain sex with a parasite
A Snake Dependence

“Where am I?” I tried to speak but nothing came out.
My eyes focused and I saw two men in white doctor overcoats staring towards me as unkindly as could be with their narrowed eyelids and sharp teeth curling in a soundless snarl. They were talking about what to do with me. I tried to remain quiet.
Suddenly, I saw them making way for a taller, raven-haired man. He was dressed in black, in a shimmering silk suit. His dark hair was combed back. His eyes were an electric blue, and his skin looked tanned as if he spent most of his time outdoors. He was handsome but I instantly suppressed the desire that surged within me. There was something snakelike in those eyes. I shuddered.
“We’ll inject her with the hormone,” his hand dropped to my shoulder, squeezing the firm flesh of my upper arm. “We’ll use the two percent solution to speed up the process.”
“Wait” I begged, “there’s been a mistake.”
“Hold the host down,” said the leader.
“Look, my husband is a wealthy man,” I tried to negotiate but they ignored me. Then I cried out angrily, “You can’t do this to me!”
"We can and we have," he said. “People disappear all the time. Your story is in no way unique, but you are special – very special.”
Something about the way he said that gave me the chills. He opened a leather case and placed the contents of the case on a steel tray on the ground. It held two vials, cotton and a disposable syringe.
“What’s that,” I demanded to know. “What are you doing!?”
“Keep still!” He snapped.
He then nodded to the man who held me down. While I watched helpless, the unkind evil-eyed man cut my clothes off with a scalpel, exposing my flesh completely nude. The second man made a tiny incision in my abdomen and placed something inside.
“My associate has inserted an electrical device into your abdomen,” he said. “It’ll shock you only if you try to run away.” He smiled down at me.
“Wha–,” I glared at him with terror.
“But do not be afraid," he quickly added, “you’ll soon find yourself in full obedience with any demands we might have and then that electrical device will be unnecessary. You have no idea how lucky you are.” He smiled at me.
“Who are you people?” I whispered.
"You may call me Doctor,” he spoke softly. “Do you understand? Reply with ‘Yes, Doctor,’” he said.
“Yes, Doctor,” I shuddered trying to bide my time.
He crouched down beside me and disinfected my neck with cotton. He held the second vial upside down and inserted the long needle through the rubber diaphragm. He drew a transparent liquid into the syringe.
“What do you want from me?” I begged.
He replaced the second vial back into his case and looked at me as if I were a moron. “‘What do you want from me ‘Doctor’?’ Say it.”
“Please tell me what do you want from me Doctor?” I struggled not to cry.
“That’s better.” He patted me on the head. “I’m preparing you for harvest," he said.
“Harvest!” I cried. “Are you taking my organs?!”
“Shhhh!” He said. “No, it’s nothing like that.”
“Then what, Doctor?” I asked. “Ouch!” I cried, as the needle entered into my body, in the base of my head.
I tried to struggle to my feet. But the strong hands of the man above me, pressed me down.
I began to cry. After a few seconds the Doctor withdrew the needle from my flesh. The contents of the syringe were empty.
“Don’t get up,” he warned me.
"You’ve drugged me, Doctor," I wept.
"Not at all," he said deprecatingly “I just injected you with a hormone contained in the glands of a rare snake. It’s a saliva-based hormone which effectively acts as an aphrodisiac. The hormone released into your body is going to speed up the process of adjustment. Your body will be more receptive for the organism. You’ll get used to it.”
Abruptly I felt the hormone pulse through me. I doubted that I’d ever get used to this sensation. Not only did it feel frightening and uncomfortable but I began to notice some strange effects in my body. My heart pounded. My nipples were hard and way too sensitive, so much so that the cool air felt harsh. I felt a voracious lust for sexual decadence. I could feel the hot, slick juices running down my thighs.
“Ahhh, what’s happening,” I began to moan, uncontrollably. “Please stop!”
My breath became ragged and uneven as my body and mind joined in the most sexual need I’d ever felt in my entire life.
“Tie her up,” he ordered the other men while ignoring my pleas. “Get ready for the next stage.”
My fists clawed as I fought the driving hunger thundering through my body. My eyes widened, my cunt clenched with need.
These bastards were going to rape me, but little did I know their true intentions.
I watched as a crate was then brought forward. It opened from a lid. Inside it were various straps. They picked me up and gagged me. The gag was a red rubber ball. It tied behind my neck with two buckles. I was now gagged, my wrist shackled and my ankles snapped snugly about in steel anklets.
Adrenaline raced through my body leaving me in a heightened state of arousal. My cheeks felt flushed and my pupils dilated. My eyes glittered with hunger. My body trembled from sexual need. I felt a pain build inside me that would kill me. Not just the usual physical, sexual pain of excruciating arousal tearing through me, but the going out of your mind pain.
“She’s ready to receive the organism, Doctor” said the other man.
I screamed, tugging hard against my bonds, pulling unsuccessfully at my wrist.
“This is why we brought you here,” the Doctor opened his hand and held out the squirming form of a fat snakelike worm. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”
He stood there beside me, grinning, and used his hands to arouse the snake, letting me look and freak out.
“It’s called a Soma Snake–extremely rare and priceless. They’re found only in India. It’s asexual, but it needs a human host, preferably female. These hatchlings can only breed when they find a receptive host.”
“Ahhh!” The gag in my mouth stopped me from biting down on my tongue.
The hormone in my system was making me feel worse. Adrenaline pumped through my veins, making my insides tremble, my womb flexed with need. Fear and rage appeared to make it worse. It made the heat spread through my body like a fire I couldn’t control. My tongue felt swollen and dry.
“The effects are intense, bringing about illness and pain, which only goes away after orgasm is attained with the snake. Your body will soon become so helplessly addicted, that you’ll die without the Soma Snake. It can drive women insane with lust…”
He stroked my mons with his right hand while holding the Soma-Snake with his left. The Doctor’s finger massaged me gently and slowly at first, and then moved faster as my body responded. He slipped a long finger into the moist warmth, gently parting the plump outer lips until he found my clit bud. He fondled it once or twice, and then pinched it. Pleasure shuddered through me.
I moaned when he took away his hand.
“As you can witness the aphrodisiac is powerful and that’s only a two percent solution. The mucus they produce is highly prized, but the aphrodisiac isn’t its real value. It also increases the size of sexual organs, boosts fertility rates, increases sexual endurance and – best of all – reverses the aging process.
“You have no idea how people are willing to pay obscene amounts of money for a better orgasm, but they’ll sacrifice loved ones for rejuvenation! That’s where you come in,” he smiled. “Your husband paid me to rejuvenate him…”
‘My husband?!’ My eyes widened with astonishment!
“Surprised?” The Doctor smirked.
I looked at the hideous thing which squirmed and wriggled madly. It almost looked like a penis rather than a snake. The creature looked huge and I shuddered, repulsed by just looking at it.
The Doctor began to massage it, making the snake swell and stiffen in his hand. Although it had a revolting appearance the snake fascinated me.
The Soma-Snake, a deep pink, was bigger than I’d liked it to be. It had no eyes except for a mouth. The Doctor had every intention of shoving that creature into that portion of my anatomy. It scared the living hell out of me, but what scared me more was that I wanted it!!!
I screamed from behind the gag.
“You’ll going to make me a rich man!” I struggled madly as my legs were splayed wide open. “Your husband thanks you and I thank you.”
‘Oh my god…’I thought. ‘I’m going to die.’
“Oh look,” he laughed evilly and dropped the Soma Snake on my naked body. “It seems to like you!”
I felt the creature wiggling on my body. It was slippery and wrapped its long, muscular body around my leg. Fully six inches in length, the creature tightened upon me and then, just as quickly loosened its grasp.
The thing slithered in closer to my nether-lips. The thick, probing snake found its way in between my legs and caressing my thighs with its sleek muscular and rhythmic squirms. It used its thick, rock hard head to push against my cunt.
Suddenly my eyes widened in distress when a tiny point within the snake’s mouth pierced my thigh, injected me with some sort of substance, and then retreated back inside its mouth. My eyes widened. Panic and lust churned in my body, running through my veins, setting fire in my vagina. I was burning and insane with lust.
I was strapped still, my hips raised, thighs wide open for it, giving the snake access. The snake butted its head against my outer pussy lips and pushed harder against them. I let out a loud shriek when I felt the thick, hard head of the snake slid against the small slit until it found the opening to my vagina.
The thing pressed in and screwed its head around and around like a screwdriver. I barely had time to suck in a breath before I felt the thickness of its firm body pressing against my cunt. It then thrust forcibly inside my tight entrance. I screamed out at the pleasure and pain of its hard thrust as it burrowed deeply into me.
“Ahhhhh,” I cried as the wide, slimy head of the snake bore into my slit.
I cursed, brokenly, but I didn’t want it to stop. I was terrified now by the fierce spasms in my womb, the force of its thrusts, the escalating sensations exploding inside me.
I could feel the snake stretching me, the muscles of my cunt both protesting and welcoming the slippery intruder, clamping around it as the sounds of moist sucking flesh filled my mind. I felt too wet, too aroused. My juices gushed down my thighs, out of my cunt. The sharp bite I’d felt should’ve made me feel sick, should’ve had me in cardiac arrest, but it only augmented my pleasure.
My attention only centered only on the deep, hard thrusts of the Soma-Snake inside my gripping cunt. The agonizing pleasure seared through my body, stimulating nerve endings, taking my breath as the sensations stacked, one atop the other, sinking me with their force. It was just about too much to bear. I couldn’t move, I could only feel, and what I felt threatened to destroy my sanity.
My eyes rolled back as my first orgasm hit me and my voice murmured. My body stiffened violently against my restraints. I imagine to the outsider they’d think that I was having a seizure. My body was cover in a thin sheen of sweat and looked like I’d stepped out from a sauna.
I climaxed.
I couldn’t stop it and I didn’t want to. I just lay there with my legs wide open and let it do as it pleased, since I was helpless to prevent it.
I understood what he’d meant when the Doctor said that the Soma-Snake could drive women insane with lust, for there was simply no other way to describe the feeling of unbelievable euphoria.
I don't even know if I was even having an orgasm anymore, but my body was under enormous stress. The Soma-Snake refused to relent. Instead it picked up, and began to squirm even faster. Pushing deeper inside me with an inhuman speed, a puddle of my sexual juices pooled just under the crack of my ass.
Sparks arched to my cunt through my womb, crackling beneath my skin as it streaked through my body, flying me to higher planes of existence. The Soma-Snake was buried as far as I could take it. I lay there in and orgasmic delirium waited for it to fill my cunt. I felt so intoxicated I reasoned that at some point the orgasms would probably just kill me.
The Soma-Snake pushed headlong inside me driving me into a flight of ecstasy, its body screwing into me, filling me.
Suddenly, there was no more breath left in me to scream, or to cry. My eyes widened, my vision blurred. My cunt muscles clamped onto the Soma-Snake as I felt the abrupt change happening in it. It was as though the tip of the snake’s head began swelling, accommodating against a pack of nerves inside me, caressing, vibrating, until I peaked.
Suddenly the Snake began to swell and hiss. Its entire body curled upwards all the way up to my stomach making it slightly elliptical in shape…it almost looked as if I’d “grown” a penis between my legs. The Soma-Snake appeared to be as wide as a cucumber. The whole body undulated, pulsing with its own heartbeat and a drool of mucus oozed out of the head and into my cunt.
Deep, hard, the blasts of heated liquid shot into my tight entrance, triggering another shudder, another explosion which left me gasping, struggling for air.
I couldn’t think anymore. The last explosion that ripped through me was nearly brutal in its passion. I could only scream, could only let it have me while it pumped its juices.
I wanted to stay motionless, preventing the Soma-Snake from slipping out of my body but it was impossible. My cunt throbbed uncontrollably as my legs and arms twitched with strong spasms in bonds. Thankfully, the Soma-Snake was wedged deep enough to remain secure.
My last orgasm lasted for a long time, but I knew that it was far from over.
Then darkness took me.

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