Concensual Incest And Inbreeding..
I'm so sorry, it wasn't supposed to be this way, why has god forsaken us? please forgive me....

{ 33 years earlier }

A friendly debate is being held a local college between the Atheist community and the Creationist community and right from the beggining the Atheists are winning. Father Flanigan tries his best to answer all the questions the Atheists throw at him until a young Atheist named Robert says " The story of Adam & Eve is impossible, if it's true then every person on Earth is cousins, according to the bible there was Adam and Eve and their 2 sons Cain and Abel but then who did Cain and Abel marry? ".

Father Flanigan tries to answer but is interupted by Robert who says " If the story is true then that means that Cain and Abel either married their sisters or their daughters " Robert then says " Medical science has proven that inbreeding causes massive retardation and physical deformities ". Father Flanigan says " But inside the garden of Eden Adam and Eve were perfect and immortal so their offspring would suffer no deformities " Robert says " But Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel after they were kicked out of the garden of Eden so they lost whatever protection the garden offered ".

Father Flanigan says " God would not allow these deformities, his love for us is so great that even if we are all the result of massive inbreeding his grace protected us from these deformities " Robert says " That's simply not true, there are countless cases of children who are born retarded because of incest " father Flanigan says " That's because their parents were sinners who either don't believe in God or they dissobeyed him and God punished them by making their children retarted " Robert is about to say something when the debate ends.

A few days later father Flanigan can't get Roberts statement out of his head and he thinks to himself why would God punish his faithful flock with retarded and deformed children if they practiced incest in his name?. After a few days of prayer and planning he sets his plan into motion and after Sunday mass he visits a Christian orphanage where he's given mass before and he sees 15 year old twins Jayden and Sonia and he says " I'm looking for 2 people to help me at my church and I think your both perfect for the job, I'll pay you for the work and you can both live in the church " Jayden and Sonia both agree and after talking to the other priests who run the orphanage and signing the release forms father Flanigan, Jayden and his twin sister Sonia head for Flanigans church.

After showing Jayden and Sonia their rooms he says " I have received a personal message from God and when you both turn 18 were are going to prove Gods love and power to the world ".then he says " You are going to be the new Adam and Eve and your offspring will prove all the Atheists wrong and that the faithful are blessed with Gods protection ". For 3 years Jayden and Sonia work and live at the church and when they both turn 18 father Flanigan says " It's time to prove Gods power to the world and after locking the church doors he says " I want you both to make love and conceive a child in front of the alter and cross so God can watch and bless your union ". Father Flanigan sits behind the alter and starts reading passages from the bible as Jayden and Sonia undress, Sonia is nervous but her brother says " This is part of Gods plan for us, to be the proof of his love, power and protection to the world " and he gives his twin sister a big hug.

His hands slide up and down her body and his rock hard pulsing cock rubs and pokes against her stomach, Sonia gets on her knees and places her brothers cock in her mouth and starts sucking it and fondling his balls but since their both virgins Jayden cums in her mouth. Sonia spits out his sperm and Jayden says " Father Flanigan I'm so sorry I couldn't stop myself " father Flanigan says " It's ok my son I understand your both virgins and you don't have any stamina yet but like they say practice makes perfect so well try again later " then Flanigan says " Sonia that is your brothers seed, a gift from god with the power to give to give to a baby, you shouldn't spit it out " Sonia looks at father Flanigan and says " I'm sorry father I'll do better next time ".

A few hours later when Jayden is rock hard again he and Sonia strip naked again and they stand in front of the alter and cross and hug eachother, father Flanigan sits behind the alter and starts reading passages again. Sonia gets on her knees and starts sucking her brothers cock again but being the second time he doesn't cum as fast and after a while he places his sister on her back and spreading her legs he starts to lick her pussy. Sonia moans loudly as she cums on her brothers face and father Flanigan says " That's ok Jayden don't let it bother you that's what happens when a woman orgasms " Jayden keeps licking his sisters cunt and he slides a finger into her virgin pussy wich causes Sonia some pain but father Flanigan says " It's ok Sonia, I know it hurts but remember that your doing this for God ".

Jayden positions himself between his sister legs so that his cock is a few inches away from his sisters wet pussy and he starts to push until his cock head penetrates his sisters pussy and she screams in pain as he takes her virginity, he slides his cock deep into her cunt and moans very loudly, father Flanigan says " Don't pull it out, keep it inside her, cum deep inside her this is what God wants " and Jayden cums deep into her womb and he falls ontop of her with his cock still inside her pussy making sure he shoots every last drop of sperm inside her. he finally gets off her and he says " When will we know if she's pregnant? " and father Flanigan says " If she misses her period then we'll know that she is with child ".

Father Flanigan says " Good work, that's enough for today well try again tomorrow and everyday after that to make sure she gets pregnant now go to your rooms and get some sleep but just remember you can do whatever you want when your alone together but you can only have vaginal sex in front of the alter and cross ". A few hours later Jayden enters his sister room and says " I would really like it if you sucked my cock again, it feels so good and I think it will help build up my stamina " they both strip naked and Sonia gets on her knees and starts sucking her brothers rock hard pulsing cock while Jayden puts one hand on the back of her head and he squeezes her tit with his other hand. She sucks his cock and Jayden says " Remember what father Flanigan said, my seed is a gift from God so don't spit it out you have to swallow every last drop " and after a while he moans loudly as he shoots loads of cum in her mouth and she swallows every drop. Jayden kisses her sister on the cheeck and gives her a big hug and he says " Thanks Eve that was amazing " Sonia laughs and says " Yes Adam it was fun and I'll see you at the alter tomorrow " and Jayden leaves her room.

The End

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Born enters his sister protection


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VERY rushed....
There was no punctuation in the scentences.

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Good, but a bit rushed. Slow it down and provide more details. Good start

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