This story is not true and is just a dirty fantasy. I have never done anything like this or nor do I plan on it, just thinking about it gets me hard.
It all started while driving home one night when I was 16 through the small farming community. My parents were out of town and I had the house to myself. I saw the three brothers biking in the dark most likely heading home. It was summer and they were only wearing bathing suits. I pulled over and offered them a ride home in my truck. They were young, the oldest was 14 years old, the second was 12 and the youngest was 11 years old. It had just started to rain so they gladly accepted, threw their bikes in the back of my pickup and piled in the cab. The oldest said "thanks mister"; he wouldn't be thanking me for long.

I locked the door and sped off. I pulled out my gun and pointed at the 12 year old sitting next to me. I said "you boys are going to do what I say or I'll blow your head off." They looked at my hororfied their wet bodies starting to tremble, the oldest piped up and said "we'll do whatever you want please just don't hurt us." That would be a promise I wasn't willing to keep. I shock my head and said "do what I want and you'll still be alive in the morning, that's all I can promise."

I pulled into the driveway of my secluded house in the foothills of the community, there was no other house nearby and it was surrounded by woods for at least a mile in all directions. I pulled into my open garage and then shut it right behind me. I unlocked the door pointing my gun at the boys and told them "get out, and don't try to run the house is locked so you need a key to get out." They got out of the dimly lit garage. I flipped a light switch and the florescent lights flickered on.

This was the first good look I had gotten of the boys. They were all average height for their age. The two older boys looked more athletic with the youngest boy looking just average, kinda skinny, you could see his ribs and he didn't have much muscle. They all had brown hair and cute faces, no facial hair, the two older boys had a little bit of hair underneath their pits and on their legs. I pointed the gun at them again and opened the door to the house and led them to the basement which had no windows and only the one door out.

When I got into the basement I shut the electronic lock that could only be opened with a long code and a fingerprint scanner, there was no escape for these boys. The room was sparsely furnished, it had a king side bed, a wooden x with handcuffs on it, and a large wooden dining table. When we were all down there I asked the names of all the boys they answered from oldest to youngest, Brandon, Kyle, and Josh. I said "OK boys first things first, lets get you out of those wet bathing suits, starting with you". I point to Kyle. He looks at me with his green eyes and stands up from the bed where they were all sitting. He unties the strings of his board-shorts pulls apart the Velcro fly and then stands there shaking. "Come one, take it off you little bitch" I yell. He lets his shorts fall revealing a flaccid 2 inch cut cock. He had no hair around his cock, it appeared he shaved.

Next I told the Josh to stand up. I ordered Kyle to get on his knees and remove Josh's shorts. He knelt down in front of Kyle. He looked back up at me with his hands on his brothers shorts. I back handed him across the face; "do what I say bitch". He starts to untie his brothers shorts then pulls them down in one swift motion revealing his brothers 2 inch hard hairless cut cock. "Someones excited" I say. "Kyle open your mouth", he does and I force his mouth around his brothers hard cock. "Suck it" He begins sucking on his brothers young prick. His own cock still soft. I walk over and sit next to Brandon on the bed. He looks at me with a small tear in his eye and says "what are you going to do to me"?

"Nothing yet" I replied, "we're just getting started, just sit back and relax and watch your brothers enjoy themselves". Josh really looked like he was enjoying himself when suddenly he started to twitch, his whole body shook then he tensed up and thrust his cock forward. "Perfect" I say now switch spots, "Josh you suck off your brother, and don't you spit when he comes".

He looked at me confused and said "what do you mean when he comes".

I look back at him and say "you'll know". Kyle stands up and josh gets on his knees. Kyle is still soft. Josh opens his mouth, closes his eyes as tears start to fall and takes Kyle's entire cock in his mouth. It starts to get hard and by the time it is fully hard its 5 inches long. "Grab the back of his head and throat fuck him like you mean it" I yell. Kyle eagerly obeys this order and is soon throat fucking his little brother who is gagging for breath.

While this is happening I look at Brandon, his tight abs, perfect chest, I reach over and start rubbing him, he instinctively swipes my hand away. I back hand him across the face. I go back to rubbing his perfect body. My hand slowly slides down his shorts, where a small tent is being pitched. "Which boy do you want to fuck" I whisper in his ear "you're obviously enjoying watching your brothers".

He jumps away from me. "Fuck you sick pervert, I ain't fucking my brothers". At that very moment Kyle forces Josh the deepest he had been on his cock and thrusts forward releasing his cum down his throat. Josh struggles with swallowing Kyle's huge load only managing to swallow half before spitting out the rest.

I said "well, I'm taking the younger one, and you are going to fuck your brother or I'll blow your fucking head off, I'll go first you watch how its done,". I ordered the two younger boys to get on all fours on the bed. I approached the younger boy with lube and stuck a finger up his ass, he squealed and jumped away from me. I grabbed his hair and forced my finger all the way in. I started finger fucking him, he was grunting from all the pain. I pulled my finger all the way out and it was quickly replaced with my 7 inch cock sliding deep into him ass in one stroke. I begin pounding his ass. Tears are flowing down his face, his 11 year old ass can barely fit my huge throbbing cock. I get a good pace, I reach around and grab his cock and begin playing with it while I'm fucking him, he is soon hard as a rock and we orgasm at the same time filling his tight hole with my juice.

I look over at Brandon and tell him "take your pick, who are you fucking". He looks at me and says I'll take Kyle. He kneels behind Kyle and tells him he's sorry. His cock is still hard from watching me fuck his little brother and now hes jamming his cock into his other brother who screams out in agony as Brandon's 6 inch cock slides balls deep into his ass.

To be continued.

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2013-04-05 21:09:21
y'all motherfuckers need jesus

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2013-03-24 11:04:15
You're fantasy is dirtyyyy but i like itttttt ......


2011-11-19 20:58:57
This is really fucken hot.....u should write another of u and Brandon...................................................


2011-11-05 22:59:04
fuken nice hope u add more dialogue mmm


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Nothing like forced incest to bring me back to my childhood.

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