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How love really is.
Hello, Cuddles here with a poem I wrote while back. Not erotic but still love oriented. The Babysitter will be done this weekend.

-True Face of Love-

Leaving you Dark and broken,
Thats a love Token,
Your Heart Slowly pains, begins to rake,
Love will bring you down and have your soul to take.
You are Given another Fake Smile,
You dont even know if you're the parent of their child.
Love Takes you nowhere but down,
Steals your Kingdom, takes away Your crown.
It simply just makes you feel like you're in Paradise,
Not letting you know you're just another Sacrifice.
Don't trust that fake belief,
Only Death will bring you slight relief.
Love has shown its true side,
Love has broken down your own Pride.
Love can bring you to a door,
Break down everything, bring you to war.

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2012-09-09 07:26:03
Poem 6, part1WOW! I loved Katy, William and Ninas dancing and Kirstys reinadg was AMAZING! How did you get Johnathan's shaking that good!? Year 2 have lots of fun. WELL DONE William, Katy, Kirsty, Johnathan and Nina!!!!! WELL DONE!From Williams big brother, Henry

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2012-05-18 00:30:05
Awesome lyrical ability!

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2012-04-07 18:44:13
you hav mi maried .mariage


2012-01-21 19:28:57
Cool poem. Too bad most poems don't fair so well on this site. I guess perverts just aren't poetic. Keep writing poems if you feel like doing it. If ratings to get people to read your stories is what you are after, give up the poems. They didn't like mine either.

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