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Mom’s New ‘Girlfriend’ (she had a dick)

* __This mom had made a new close friend when a new neighbor lady moved in. Mom’s daughter knew a few things about the woman, but kept quiet. The young teen brother talked to his older sister about the woman. Sis carefully started telling him about what she knew about the woman……
__I’m Erick. I can’t ever tell this story to anyone I know,.…so… I guess I’ll tell it here.

My mom Mandy, just had me and my older sister Carla at home since dad left. Mom had dated a little until she met Cindy, the new neighbor lady. They became instantly close friends. I noticed after about a week, Cindy spent the night with mom. Teen girls do ’sleepovers’ , but my mom?

…..oh well, girls will be girls, I figured. I felt mom and Cindy both were both good looking women, and would both be going after guys. Mom stopped bringing guys she would date home. Strange...I thought. I talked to sis Carla privately one night. I wondered if she to had noticed mom’s change.

Carla and I were good buddies. She was 22 but lived at home to help with the rent and all. Carla was very sexy to me. We never did anything, ….well….not much anyway….well…we did a little….sometimes….anyway we talked.

She said I must keep all this quiet. Mom’s friends must not know this about Cindy.

Carla had heard about Cindy around town. She appeared to be into girls but she liked guys to. Maybe she was bi sexual I thought. I hadn’t found any guys who had sex with her, one guy said she wouldn’t let him feel her pussy.

I asked Carla if she thought mom was bi sexual or whatever they call it. She said no, that mom had always just liked guys. Carla and I both had heard moaning coming from mom’s room at night sometimes. I suggested we ’peek’ in on them the next time. In Carla’s room was a door between her and mom’s room. It was locked, but I knew where the key was. You couldn’t tell if it was locked or unlocked just by looking at it. Carla got all excited and said lets do it!

I snuck in mom’s bedroom, got the hidden key and unlocked the door. I tried it and it quietly opened. One late night Carla came in my room and got me to go watch mom with her. She said there had been quiet moaning going on. We knelt down and eased the door open a crack.

Carla and I stared at what we saw. I quietly closed the door. We whispered in the corner of Carla’s bedroom. (“…Cindy is a guy!.”) I said. Carla said: (“..No, she’s a girl with a dick!..”)

I had never seen my mom naked, and she was so hot looking. Cindy, an equally a hot looking woman was on top of her fucking mom. I was so shocked, but I also got instantly a big boner. Carla said she had never seen this and it was making her all hot to watch it. Carla looked at the huge tent in my boxers and smiled. She said: (…”I know what you going to do later Erick, your erection is huge.”..) She just had to reach out and feel it.

I said let’s go back and watch some more. Carla didn’t want to let go of my boner. She said: (“ Your going to need some help with this later, and I’m just the one to do it.”) Carla knew that I would get the message that she wanted to jack me and play later. I told her she had a deal.
When I was younger, Carla came home drunk on wine, her favorite. She came in my room and I happen to have a boner going under the covers. I tried to hide it but her hand just went for it. She crawled in bed with me and felt my boner. I remember her taking my hand and putting it up her dress and down in her panties. I had never felt a pussy with hair on it. She took my finger and pushed it in her pussy, in and out.

We ended up with her jacking me off and she had me rub in her pussy until she had a girl cum.


I loved feeling this horny and thought back about Erick and I…’playing sex’….

That night I jacked Erick off and he fingered me to a great orgasm, it was so hot. I remember the next morning I was still horny from doing that. Watching Erick shoot his cum up in the air as I jacked him off gave me the final push to have that super orgasm…..hmmmmm…I think I’d like to do that some more. I waited until mom was out real late one night and I went in Erick’s room. He was on his computer. I came up behind him and put my arms around him.

He jumped a little, as I began to feel his body. I had on my robe with no bra. I rubbed my big tits on his back and neck. I looked. There was his erection, tenting his shorts. I whispered: (“..time for bed, Erick.”) He didn’t say anything, but just stood up and sat on his bed. I pushed him back and took is short and boxers off over his erection. This time I didn’t lay beside him so we could play ’jack and finger’. I started jacking him but got my face close to his erection.

I pulled my robe wide open and took my panties off. I moved my pussy up on the bed and close to his face. He was breathing hard and slowly began to finger me. I leaned him over towards me and started kissing his erection. I could feel his finger in my pussy tremble. I lifted one leg up at the knee and scooted still closer to his face. I could feel his breath on my pubic hair.

I knew Erick had never licked a pussy, so I helped him. I reached down and pulled him by the back of the head and gently pushed his mouth right in my damp pussy. He caught on quick and removed his finger and then I felt a quivering tongue going up and down my slit.

I’d gone 69 with a lot of guys, but there is nothing hotter that a teen’s first time to lick a warm pussy. I let him go at it as I jacked him and played with his balls. I jumped a little each time he licked right on my clit, to let him know I liked that. Soon he had me going but good. Now was time to put his erection all the way deep in my mouth and start jacking faster. I just knew I was going to be the one to give him his first blow job. I could hear him strain as he was hesitant about letting go his cum in my mouth…so I jacked faster. I fucked his tongue firm as he exploded in my mouth. We both moaned with ecstasy. He made me orgasm so good I sucked all his cum and swallow it all down. I loved to feel him and I both, squirm and moan.


Carla and I got on our knees close by the door and open it up just a crack. Carla just had to hold my boner. I had my arm around her and copped a feel of her big tit. Now mom was sitting on top of Cindy. They had soft music playing low as mom bounced up and down on her. They felt each others tits as their eyes were closed. Carla whispered in my ear: (“..this is making me very horny Erick, feel how wet my pussy is.”)

She took my hand and put it inside her robe and down her panties. Her pussy was warm and wet. I wasn’t sure how much more I could take of this. We looked again and now mom was sucking on Cindy’s dick, and moving her pussy around to put it on Cindy’s face. Mom and Cindy began to moan quietly. Carla and I froze with tense anticipation. Mom jacked faster as Cindy squirmed. Cindy gave out a moan and mom jolted as we watch Cindy’s cum flow out the sides of mom’s mouth. Cindy held mom’s hips as mom fucked her mouth.

Carla quietly closed the door, and stood up. She took me over to her bed and got on her back. She pulled me on top of her and held my boner and stroked it.

I had told Carla a long time ago I wanted to fuck her. She said no, but we can ’play’ sex. Now she was rubbing my boner on her pussy hair. It head of my dick was so sensitive I almost came….then she just guided it in her hot pussy. Her legs came up high and I held them. I guess she had changed her mind as I began to fuck her. She held me tight and pulled on me with each stroke. She moaned in my ear and muttered something. She felt so hot under me and she was panting her breath. She felt so damn good on my dick in her wet pussy. She put her hand over my mouth and started fucking real fast and as deep as I could go. I had to cum.

As I felt my big load shoot in her she began to thrash and muffled her own moan. Damn she could fuck good…….

I pushed my boner in deep as I kept cuming. She was squeezing my ribs hard as she squirmed. I thought I had lost my mind for a few minutes, it felt so good…….


Wow….that was so hot I’m still trembling inside. I lay with Erick still on top of me as we just enjoy a wonderful after glow of our first sex. I felt his back and squeezed my pussy on his erection. Watching mom and Cindy was the hottest thing I’d ever seen….my mind drifted…..I kept thinking about Cindy. I wondered what it be like to have sex with a woman with a dick. I began forming a cunning little plan just to find out……

I would wait until mom went out of town by herself, invite Cindy over and have a cozy little chat with her. I told Erick about my plan. First thing he said was: “Can I watch!”….I said: “Of course.”

Three weeks went by as Erick and I were having sex with each other, hotter than ever with mom and Cindy giving us horny making hot shows. Finally mom made plans to go out of town for 2 days. I called Cindy and invited her over for dinner in my sexiest voice. That got her attention right away.

After dinner I led her up to my room for a nice chat. We sat and talked and ended up laying on my bed side by side.

I got right to the point and told her I knew she had a dick, and I wanted to try it out. It took her aback and she said: “Why….a….where did you hear such a thing.” I got up, opened the door to mom’s bedroom showing her I could peek and see everything her and mom had been doing. I went ahead and explained about my brother and how we ’both’ watch them and that we were having a sexual affair together.

She was flustered and embarrassed. I laid on my bed and snuggled up to her. I could see she had an erection going. I reached over and turned my lamp to dim. I whispered: (“…would you like to have sex with a 22 year old girl?..”) I put my hand on her leg right next to her erection. She gasp and said: (“ ..what your mom and I do is very personal. You must promise me you‘ll never tell a living soul what you‘ve seen, ok?”)

She was very nervous, so I assured her this is all extremely private. I could see she was very turned on also. I turn her towards me and felt her dick. It was big and hard now. I slowly took her hand and put it up my skirt to feel my no panties pussy. She started getting really hyper and more turned on. I felt her fingers slip into my wet pussy. She went right for my G spot and massaged my clit just right. As she panted, I put my hand up her dress and there I felt it. A big dick, all erect and warm. I pulled her very tight panties down and stroked it …. we also began feeling our tits. This was a very different and a extremely erotic turn on.


I never expected this to happen. I’ve waited all my life for a woman like her mom, who will have sex with me. Now I have her daughter all ready for me to fuck too. I tell her the boundaries we must follow and then I’ll be fucking them both. My life of sex starvation is now coming to an end…in fact….I would love to give a blow job to that hot young brother of hers. Carla….get ready to be fucked by a horny woman.

I knew we had total privacy and all the time we needed. It was time to get naked. Wow she had big tits as I felt them good. We undressed each other hurriedly. She went straight for my dick. I turned her around and indulged in eating her hot pussy. She was very excited and licked everything around my dick and balls. I knew what she wanted next….. My dick in her.


Carla’s plan was working perfect. I quietly went in mom’s bedroom and eased the inner door open a crack. There they were all both naked. I watched as they turned and Cindy got on top of Carla. They were feeling each other tits and bodies. Carla squirmed as Cindy began to put that big dick of hers in Carla’s pussy. They began to both moan and fuck. My dick was rock hard. I had to wank watching them fuck.

It was awesome.


What an erotic turn on this was. To feel a sexy hot woman while she was fucking me. She knew all the right moves and we began to fuck hard and fast. I began to climax big and she knew it. I felt her shoot her hot cum in me and pump it in deep. I shook and held on to her butt cheeks. She had a lot of cum shooting in me as she moaned with me. We held each other tight and let the feeling go and go. I had to do something. I eased her wet dick out of my pussy and scooted down.

I had to suck on it. She squealed as I took her dick all the way in my mouth. She jerked with feeling and shot the last of her cum right in my mouth. That was the ultimate as we both moaned and trembled.


I couldn’t believe Carla had gone down on my dick for the final shots of cum. The feeling was beyond anything. This girl was beyond awesome…..


I watched Carla go down and suck Cindy’s dick. My dick shot my cum all over the door, I couldn’t help it….that was over the top for me.

Today, Carla and I lay in our separate beds at night. We listen for the moans to start from mom’s bedroom. I sneak into Carla’s bedroom. We watch and listen at the cracked door. When mom isn’t looking, Cindy will give the door the ’thumbs up’ sign, and continue. Carla and I get so hot we fuck like animals as Cindy and mom fuck, quietly moaning and squirming.

Cindy has given me many hot blow jobs. When mom is at work, Cindy or me sneak sex with Carla.

Late one night, Carla invited me into her bedroom. She ask me if I knew what a 3 some was…… I think my heart stopped. Her bedroom door slowly opened and here came Cindy, tiptoeing in. She had snuck out of mom’s bedroom. The girls began to get me and them all naked. They both started licking my dick in bed. Carla then laid down and put my dick in her, while…Cindy had turned so she suck Cindy’s dick. This was so different from any 3 some I knew about. Carla and I began to fuck hard and fast as I got a close up of Carla giving Cindy a blow job. Awesomely hot is all I can say. We all were panting as the girls quietly moaned. I watched Cindy squirm and shoot a blast of cum in Carla’s mouth, right in front of me. It make me cum hard as Carla held me tight and fucked me hard. We all panted and squirmed in awesome delight. I finally rolled off Carla to catch my breath. Cindy got on Carla and fuck her for a long time until they both came again. I was numb with ecstasy…..


I was weak from all the exciting and wonderful fucking and cuming. I managed to get up and tiptoed back into mom’s bedroom. I slipped into bed. Mom was lying there smiling and rubbing her pussy. I whispered: (…”did you see it all?”) She said:

(…”I sure did.”)


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"Mom's New Girlfriend (She Had A "Dick")" - Early Forties Sex Starved Single Mother Of Two, Mandy And Twenty-two Year Old Signle Sex Starved Daughter, Carla And Mid-Teenage Horny Son, Erick; And Mandy's "Faux Female" Transgendered (A Queer With A Dick And Chemically-enduced Tits), "Cindy".

The three family member/characters of mother Mandy, daughter Carla and teenaged son, Erick have been reduced to believing "Cindy" is a freak of nature, when in actuality "shim" is a transgendered man with a cock and balls feeding on chemically alternating drugs to become effiminate and grow boobs. What the fuck, though. It's all worthy of titillation and maybe an orgasm for some of the male (and even female) readers!


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"Mom's New Girlfriend (She Had A "Dick") - "She" is named "Cindy", a male commonly know as a 'shemale', a faux female, with such heavy queer tendencies to suck dicks and have cocks stuffed up his asshole, that the real male goes through medication of female enhancements that he grows tits, takes on more prominent girlie features, shaves his body and applies large doses of make-up, and voila!! We have a faux female shemale dick sucker! I really do have empathy for them but do not condone the end-product.

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