"Do you hear the frog? 'Croak, croak.'"

A frog? Now this one will be interesting. I wait patiently for my hands to turn into flippers or my tongue to grow to several times my body length, but nothing happens. After several minutes of nothing but the gentle cooing of Kristie over the baby monitor, I decide that nothing is going to happen.

She did say that the technology is a work in progress. I guess that means they have yet to work out the transformations for everything on the dial. Or maybe it's just too hard right now to work out how to spawn as frogs and revert back. Either way I'm already getting antsy about trying something else.

This time I examine the wheel before making a selection. I don't want anything too large this time. I have no idea how a horse or cow would work out. But she did say that the initial discovery was an accident involving feline DNA. The thought of being a pussy cat is very enticing as I fondle the toy's knob. I make my decision and turn it to the cat.

But before I pull the knob, I remember that it is still set to male from my doggy-style transformation. Kristie said something about settings for gender so I look it over carefully. On the back side I find a small switch. Etched on each side are the symbols for male and female. I pop the little plastic button over to the female side and flip the device back around. With a pull of the knob the dial starts to spin.

"The cat goes, 'Meow. Meow.'"

Soon enough I see hairs start to grow on my palm again. The hairs are short just like before, but this time they are a chocolate brown color. It spreads out across my hand and wrist covering my extremity with soft brown fur. When the cascade reaches my wrist, it changes in a jagged line into a pure snowy white.

The white fur continues to propagate along my skin. It ripples along and covers me completely. Aside from my feet where the same irregular lines appear near my ankles and they become brown, every inch I see is covered with smooth white hairs. I spin on my feet trying to get a good look at myself.

My spinning brings my hair to my attention. I have no idea how I missed it before, but my normally blonde tresses are now the same color as my hands and feet. I grab at the flailing locks and find that the texture and length is still the same as my human normal hair, it just changed its color to match my fur. Weird.

The familiar itching distracts me from this new development. I twist my back to see the source of the sensation and watch a segmented bony structure emerge from the fur above my ass. It glides easily from my body until it stretches up long enough to reach my head. Once fully extended, it clothes itself rapidly in muscle, flesh, and fur.

My ears shift next. At first it feels like someone is yanking on the tips of my ears. Then the lobes melt away. I have to fight the inclination to reach up and stroke them in case they are still forming. But I desperately want to see what I look like when complete. Joshua is fussing a bit and the sound of Kristie singing softly drifts through the monitor.

I decide I have enough time to go check myself out and head over to the bathroom. The nearest one is under the stairs, but it is far from the usual tucked away bathrooms. The stairs themselves are wide enough to drive a monster truck up them and the restroom is similarly palatial. When I gaze at myself in the full length mirror I cannot believe my eyes.

The brown coloring splashes over my face like a mask and the tops of my now angular ears. My ears point out from underneath my hair and with a little effort I can wiggle them. My mouth had changed at some point when I wasn't paying attention. My nose too. It is now triangular and my mouth extends out slightly.

But the most striking change is my eyes. No longer the light green I'm used to, I stare at my reflection through clear blue irises. I gasp in fascination at the striking change. My eyes themselves have shifted slightly to become more angular against my face. Despite knowing exactly who I'm looking at, I barely recognize me.

From back in the living room I hear the howl of some kind of animal. Smiling I wonder just what creature Kristie has in store for me. The smile pulls at my mouth in an intriguing way and I stand and stare some more while making various faces.

After a minute or two I leave the bathroom in search of Kristie and some more fun. Out in the hallway, she advances on me from near the bottom of the stairs. She looks much like I imagine my canine form probably looked like from the outside. Except rather than the short black hair of a Doberman, she's covered in thick shaggy brown fur. The covering is so thick that it obscures her breasts completely which is the first time that has happened.

Her mouth extends out into a long muzzle and her tongue lolls out the side in what might be a playful manner in a domestic pup. But the lustful fire in her eyes betrays what she really wants to do with that tongue. I shiver in anticipation of what that long tongue could do to me. But even more so I think about what the cock already crawling up out of her sheathe could do for me.

I search my memory for what animals are on the See and Say and remember it has a coyote as well as a dog. This must be the coyote alteration. Not only does she look bigger and stronger than I felt as a Doberman, but there is something hungry almost feral about her movements that hits me low in the stomach. A large part of me is simply aching to be taken by the hairy beast in front of me.

We meet halfway and her arms wrap around me in a crushing hug. Her nose snuffles along my skin. After one deep breath, she starts licking my face. Her burning intensity flows into me through those licks and I find myself responding by rubbing my body against hers.

Her cock engorges between our bodies. And as it grows she zeroes in on my mouth and plunges into it. The warm tongue fills my oral cavity and makes me mash tighter against her chest. She abruptly turns us and slams me against the wall. I gasp at the sudden shock of impact.

She uses my distraction to break from our kiss. She grips my ass in her strong hands and lifts me up baring my furry breasts to her slavering muscle. My nipples leap up under her forceful licking without ever being touched. My back arches offering more of my flesh up to her advances. I can feel each individual hair move and flex under her tongue. Whenever they spring up to the open air the tension reverberates through my whole body. Saliva drips down my breasts. My heartbeat races and it feels as if she can taste my thudding heart with her tongue.

When she eventually reaches the apex of my breasts and licks one of my taut nipples, my orgasm rips through me. My legs tighten around her waist. One hand grabs the back of her head pulling her nose and teeth hard against my furry flesh. The other gropes out in space finding the bannister above my head and holding on for support.

My grip is so tight she cannot even switch breasts, but she can open wider. Her jaws ease open gently scraping me as the force of my orgasm pulls her muzzle over my bosom. The scraping teeth only send me higher spiraling out of control in orgasmic bliss. My limbs release and thankfully Kristie is there to hold me in her strong arms and lick my nipples alternating between right and left. Her intensity fluctuates pushing me further and further into incoherent lust.

Her ready cock rubs between the lips of my pussy as my body thrashes wildly back and forth. Intentional or not, in the small still conscious part of my brain I feel her maneuver my body up and down against her rod. My copious nectar covers her hardness with lubrication. And the meat rubbing against my clit further heightens my sensations.

Moving me lower, my lips spread over a wider bulge. Her knot is already inflated and she grinds it into my crotch. The bulbous protrusion slides over my clitoris and I finally cum so hard I lose all touch with my consciousness.

When my mind reconnects with the world I'm no longer moving, uncontrollably or otherwise. However, Kristie still holds me in her arms somewhat above the floor.

"Good, you're back with us. I wanted to make sure you were awake for this next bit."

Her voice sounds rough and gravelly. I wonder if that's how I sounded when I had a canine muzzle. That is the only thought I'm allowed before the fun starts anew. Quicker than I can blink, the hands on my ass pull me upward and switch to underneath my thighs without jostling me in the slightest. And with a deadlift that would do a champion bodybuilder proud, she continues the motion until my thighs rest on her shoulders.

Her hot breath caresses my enflamed crotch. I know what is coming and my heart skips a beat as my mind races ahead imagining the pleasures to come before she even touches me. Her maw opens wide and electric tingles arc through me. Her head moves forward the few inches between us and I mewl in anticipation.

Just the tip of her tongue digs a furrow between my outer lips. The first touch of her tongue is heaven. Heat radiates out from my pussy and fills me with lust. My back arches and I grip the railing behind me for balance. My legs tighten behind her head and mash her muzzle into me. Sharp teeth hold my belly and ass. Somehow she manages not to pierce my skin while still holding me steady with teeth and hands.

The slight pricks of her canines guide my orgasm onward, but she continues to merely tease my mound with the very tip of her tongue. The teasing is maddening and exhilarating. I tense and squeeze my thighs around her head silently begging her to fulfill my needs. The tongue moves like the ticking second hand of a clock. A slow drive upwards barely inside my labia and just as her tongue tickles the underside of my clitoris it disappears and reappears at the base again.

I begin counting the licks in an attempt to keep sane against the constant stimulation. Ten. Twenty. I lose count around twenty-six when her tongue slips higher and rubs hard against my clit. The subsequent eruption of pent up emotions tear through me. But after that single lick she resumes the almost casual licking.

Still riding the high from her accidental slip-up I scream out, "For Christ's sake . . ."

Whatever half-baked obscenity I was going to spew is driven from my throat. Before I can finish my incoherent thought, Kristie drives her tongue into me with the speed of a striking snake. The thick organ pushes its way into my body so easily someone might think my pussy had rolled out a red carpet for it.

While not red, the abundant nectar from her constant teasing certainly eases her passage into my cunt. And after the buildup of what felt like a century's worth of teasing the first thrust puts me into sensory overload. My legs wrap around her so tight I can feel the motion of her neck against my thighs as she swallows my juices.

Feeling her enjoy the best my body has to offer makes me hungry for some vintage coyote spunk. Naturally I'm unsure how to achieve my goal hanging off her mouth in midair. Her tongue slips free and furiously assaults my aroused clitoris. The electric shocks from her tonguing set me off and my hands slip free of the banister. Thankfully her strong arms are there to support my torso when mine lose cohesion.

As I shake and twitch on the platform of her muscular hands sudden inspiration strikes. I have a plan. And before I can think twice about it, it's done. Which is great since there is no way in Hell I would have attempted it if I was thinking straight. I use her hands as a platform and while lifting my legs I spin my crotch around in her mouth. From the sting of pain I lost more than a few skin cells on her teeth for my trouble, but I achieve my goal.

I now rest facing down with her hands on my stomach and breasts. My knees rest comfortably behind her shoulders and I take a moment to catch my breath. This turns out to be a lot harder than it should be. Despite my unannounced acrobatics, Kristie never stops licking me like a starving kid with his first lollipop.

But I'm not done yet. With a quick flick of my arms, I knock hers aside and gravity takes care of the rest. I swing down on the fulcrum of my hips and bump into her belly. My lips collide with her knot giving her a kiss. To Kristie's credit the swinging of my weight only forces her back a step before she regains her balance.

I lick the huge knot right in front of my lips. If Kristie's reaction before has any translation to how it will feel having the giant ball inflate within me I can't wait. But first I need to deflate it the only way I know how.

I stick out my tongue and add a healthy coating of saliva to the giant flesh ball. By arching my back, I raise my lips up the length of her dick. The back of my tongue drags against her rod. Her body tenses and shivers against mine, but she never stops licking my cunt.

When I finally reach the tip of her cock I pause holding it between my lips. I gently flick the tip with my tongue. A growl rumbles deep in her chest and I know that my teasing is having the desired effect. On the other hand, I do not have nearly the amount of patience that she does. Relaxing my abs, I let gravity do all the work. Her pole spreads the lips of my mouth on the way down.

I slide all the way down to the knot and my lips kiss it from the top. I open as wide as I can, but the knot refuses to delve into my maw. It's disappointing, but it also makes me yearn to feel it spread my pussy wide. My mouth works instinctively, sucking and licking the embedded spear.

Using my arms and abs I work myself up and down her shaft. Every time I swallow her meat and kiss her knot she pauses just long enough to groan before renewing the assault on my nether region. Eventually I refrain from allowing her the reprieve of me releasing her from my hot mouth. Instead I let gravity do as it will and use my hands to fondle her knot and balls.

My new fur-lined fingers must feel amazing because her licking becomes erratic. And after a minute or two she releases my crotch and holds me up solely by the tight circle of her arms. I massage and stroke her delicate parts eager to taste her cum. Her panting and guttural growls guide my actions and before long her hips start humping into my hole.

Her ball sack tightens under my fingers warning me of the oncoming flood. She erupts like a volcano into my stretched throat. My muscles have to fight gravity to swallow any of her semen. And I lose most of the battle. Much of her sperm oozes out around our connection and drip down her knot. I let it pool in the cups of my hands and wait for her spurts to subside.

Once Mt. Penisvius stops hosing the villagers, I pull it out of my mouth and slurp up the excess from my hands. Even after I'm clean of all her leavings I'm still hungry. I quickly lick her deflating knot to glean as much as I can from her quivering flesh.

As soon as her knot is gone I imagine it inside me. Her cock is slowly easing back into her sheath so I see no reason to waste time. I wriggle out of her grip and drop towards the floor. Propping myself up in a handstand I let my legs fall into complete splits. Her balls tickle my belly-button in just the right place.

I turn to look into Kristie's eyes and purr, "Come on Big Boy, this pussy isn't going to fuck itself."

She has to visibly shake off the onset of post ejaculation lethargy, but her cock is already reversing direction. She grabs my ankles to steady my body and bends over my crotch. She has to release her hold on one of my legs. I watch her grip her turgid pole and guide it down to my wet cunt.

I turn away, wanting the initial penetration to be a surprise. The tip slips in against my lips and wedges in place. With her tool in place she reaches out to grip my ankle again and bends over completely until I hear her head thump against the staircase. My tail rubs against her chest urging her onward.

Her cock wriggles and pulses right at the entrance of my box. My heart rate speeds up as I anticipate her first thrust. But even my knowledge of it coming does not prepare me. Once she moves her body into position her hips slam into me like a hammer to an anvil. Dear gods it is amazing. Despite the extended preparations or maybe because of her massive size, her plunging meat fills me to the brim. Every inch strokes my insides filling me with liquid pleasure.

In spite of the extreme tightness wrapped around her pole, with her strong hips and pressure from my hands pushing me up into her, it only takes one thrust to achieve full penetration. We both take a moment to rest coupled so deep her hips kiss mine. But she only gives me a brief respite before humping in earnest.

It takes all the strength in my arms to keep my head off the floor under her frenzied stabbing. She slams into me again and again. She howls like the coyote she is and lets my legs go. Her hands grip my hips and pull me up to meet her thrusts. My knees curl back and grip her hips adding my strength to the connection.

Our limbs act in concert pulling us together repeatedly and my arms finally give out as my orgasm builds. The blood rushing to my head adds spice to the usual orgasmic sensations. But Kristie keeps me from hitting the ground. Soon enough I feel an additional thickness growing in my pussy. Her cock buries itself in me and can no longer escape.

The knot gluts itself on our lust and expands within me. I finally understand why Kristie loved it so much. The sense of being totally fulfilled surges through me. And the knot applies constant pressure to my g-spot. My orgasm hits me so hard I lose my grip on reality. I'm vaguely aware of her speed increasing, her cock digging deeply into my cavity, and the knot pleasantly burrowing through my flesh.

The first jets of sperm snap me back to the moment. My legs constrict pulling me up against her as hard as my muscles allow. The coyote's gift flows deep into my womb. Rather than fighting gravity for my prize, this time gravity gives me what I need so badly. Continuous spurts fill me with liquid love.

When her balls are finally empty we collapse in a jumble of limbs. Her body curls around behind mine as her penis shrinks back into her sheath. Her furry arm coils around me gently stroking my jugs. I slip into a half-asleep sex coma and cuddle against Kristie's chest. Our fur evaporates until the bare skin of my back is in contact with her bare chest.

The remaining coyote semen dribbles out of my human cunt. I find myself still purring softly like a kitty even after I turn back. I feel her fingers grope my ass. And something else. The blunt head of a cock nestles in amongst the dripping cum. She must not have changed back like I did. Her hand grips my waist, but it certainly feels like skin and not fur.

But what most certainly is a penis knifes in between my lips and bursts through my hymen en route to my womb. I gasp more out of shock than pain. The feeling of my cherry breaking is unmistakable, but I know damn well I haven't had one for years. The lingering sensations tell a different story as the cock continues to lazily pump in and out.

Come to think of it when I nailed Kristie as a dog she somehow had a hymen even though that probably would have caused problems for Joshua's birth. My brain tries sluggishly to work out what I'm sure is an important point. But the gentle fucking is just so damn distracting.

My eyes blink open and I see Kristie staring down at me over the railing. This seems odd since we're having sex.

"It looks like you two are having fun," she says.

I look over my shoulder and find John, Kristie's husband, still pumping away. His eyes are shut tight, but he opens them after hearing Kristie. When he sees me looking back at him his hips finally stop moving. His penis slowly slides out of my pussy.

He moves away from my back and quietly exclaims, "Well shit."


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I the amazing thing ever you have true talent


2014-03-04 22:46:54
"Walk Like An Animal III: Dogs and Cats Living Together" - Angela and Kristie - (Female Friends)

It would be the Eighth Wonder of The World if there was the possibility of an animal that could impregnate a human female, without any science-fiction gadetry!! Maybe an ape or chimpanze or marmot.

Another idea is having a trained elephant that would fuck a female pussy with its proboscis; maybe even enduce an enema while its nose is ensconsed up into her cervix!

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