"Welcome home honey. It's about time you finished working."

I look guiltily at my unintentional lover before my eyes flit back to Kristie coming down the stairs. There is no rational reason to feel guilty considering what we were up to before he came home. Not to mention the fact that I thought he was Kristie during the act. But somehow getting caught with his cock in my pussy brings back memories of my mom catching me with my hand in the cookie jar.

"I have to admit watching your athletic display made me a little jealous, but I'll get over it."

Her eyes flicker down to her husband's crotch and I find myself following her gaze. His little soldier is sticking straight out like a kickstand. I remember how good it felt having it push into me and feel myself flush. But I also see a splash of blood evident on his tackle. Even more surprising I find he has his foreskin still attached to his cockhead.

I've never seen an uncircumcised man in person before and I find myself reaching out to touch it in a daze. My fingers send a shiver through his body which makes me giggle. But Kristie has come up from behind me and takes my hand in hers.

"Now, now. You've had your fun. It's my turn."

She uses her nails to trail along his shaft before returning to the tip. She kneels down and peels back the foreskin before gently licking his exposed head.

"I see you've felt firsthand the benefits of the transformation process."

She continues to stroke her husband in front of me interspersing little licks between words.

"I see John had the pleasure of taking your virginity this time, but don't worry. It will return the next time you change. Since the device works on DNA it tends to ignore little things like ruptured hymens and chunks of clipped off skin."

She pauses her explanation long enough to take his length into her throat before continuing.

"I finally had to give up on pierced ears after the first few changes. But it also removed that old scar on my thigh so I figure it's a fair trade-off. But the next time you change I get to take you before John here. Maybe then I'll forgive you for getting him all worked up with your hot body and then leaving him hanging."

I'm about to protest, but any further conversation is stopped by John pushing his member between Kristie's lips. I start feeling incredibly horny and intrusive as their sounds and motions become louder and more fervent.

Rather than getting in the middle of their moment, I return to the living room to find the See and Say on the table next to the baby monitor. First things first, I flip it around and change the settings to female before looking over the dial once more. I spin it around and around looking at all the images of happy animals.

I am just about to make a decision when the happy couple comes striding into the room. Kristie's still laughing and lapping up the sperm glistening on her tits. But when she sees me playing with the device she puts on her mom face that comes as a package with every birth.

"Oh no you don't. We are still working out what kind of effect these changes have on us, but it can't be good to have so many rapid changes one after another."

She reaches out for the toy. I know she's probably right. I certainly have absolutely no clue how the thing works much less what harm it might actually be doing. But I can't help but mess with my long-time friend. I grip the knob and wiggle it back and forth as if I'm going to pull it anyway.

Kristie lunges for it to try and stop me. Her hand wraps around mine and she grabs the plastic starter trying to keep it upright. But she startles me and in the ensuing scuffle we pull it down together.

"The horse says, 'Neigh. Neigh.'"

Kristie stares at me with a mixture of shock and genuine concern. My instinctive peevishness at being treated like a child evaporates as I realize I am acting like one. But there is no use for it now. The changes are already starting on us both. And for the first time yet it is something decidedly human. Both of our breasts swell up by two cup sizes.

Looking down I'm in shock at the size of the mammaries hanging off my chest. I never was large chested, but I like my reasonably sized jubblies and find it odd to have significantly more cleavage staring back at me than I'm used to. But unlike most silicone fakery, they still look as natural and perky as they did a moment before.

Kristie's similarly look amazingly beautiful, only larger. Although hers still have a light glaze of her husband's ejaculate. And it doesn't stop there. A small patch of brown hair emerges from her thigh and quickly spreads down and around her legs until we both look like we haven't shaved for decades.

Our feet start turning color as well. They get darker and darker until they are solid black. I look down the crevice of my breasts and watch as my toes melt back into my heels. My whole foot consolidates into a hoof and suddenly I look like a satyr.

I wait for my internals to rearrange, but instead I feel my ass growing. I turn my head and see my butt expanding out behind me. In fact my legs are growing too. Like a cheap firework snake my hairy flesh expands out in a perfect representation of itself. I feel suddenly dizzy and whip my head back to the front trying to stabilize myself. But I soon realize the reason the room is moving is because I'm getting taller.

By the time I turn around to inspect myself again, my legs are no longer expanding. I now have four distinct equine legs and before I can blink, my lower half fills out into a mare's body. I started out as a satyr and now I'm a centauress. I give myself a once over and despite the strangeness I like what I see. My flanks ripple with barely contained strength and my pale tail whips back and forth swatting imaginary flies.

I turn my eyes to the front to find Kristie approach with the same look of concern she had before the transformation started.

"Honey? Are you ok?"

I make a quick mental inventory and find no aches or pains. In fact I feel great. Every cell feels alive and I have the sudden urge to go running out in the fields behind their house.

"Actually, I feel amazing," I respond.

Relief floods her face and she gives me a hug and a quick peck on the cheek.

"I was worried you might have some kind of adverse reaction to so many changes. But now we have something else to worry about. We might be stuck like this for a while."

"Wait. What are you talking about? Can't John just become a stallion and take care of us?"

"He could, if the device wasn't limited to only two changes at a time. The juice required to maintain the change with only two horse transformations taxes it enough. We can't risk adding a third. So I'm afraid we may have to upgrade the technology before we can change back."

"That's ridiculous; we don't need men to cum."

I circle Kristie's long body until I find myself at her ass. She starts to protest. Something about how it works. But I'm no longer listening. I wet my fingers with my tongue and gently feel around the curve of her ass. As I dip into her crack I feel the thick lips of her modified vagina. My wet finger slides in between her lips and her tail immediately arches up and out of the way.

She's no longer trying to talk and with the way clear I push my finger in to the knuckle. Her pussy opens a little wider and I take my time exploring her opening. Her pink flesh is burning hot to the touch and sublimely slick. And as I feel my way around her hole I find a harder button near the base of it.

From the way she reacts when my fingers press against it I assume that it's her new clitoris. I'm eager to push her onward. I bend down to her gash and lick up her dripping fluids. My lips lock around her clit and I lash it with my tongue. Kristie moans loudly and backs her ass into my face. I lick even harder driving her mad. Soon a torrent of juices pours over my face.

I fondle her quivering pussy and slowly lap up whatever nectar comes within range of my tongue. My fingers slide into her hot box one at a time. I want to fill her up so badly. I wish I have a stallion cock of my own, but I'm forced to use the next best thing.

By the time my fourth digit sinks into her cavity, her body is finishing up her orgasm. I use my free hand to stroke her clitoris keeping her riled up. I want her ready for my penetration. I fold my thumb in against my soaking fingers. My hand is like a blade poised at her entrance. I slowly ease it into her.

As soon as my wrist disappears inside her a stream of incoherent screams of lust erupt from her mouth. But they are quickly muffled. I look up to see John's bare arms wrapped around her torso. He must have silenced her with his mouth. But as more and more of me vanishes inside her the muffled sounds get louder from between their lips.

When the mouth of her pussy reaches my elbow, I splay my fingers out and caress her walls. Kristie finally goes silent as her orgasm overwhelms her. Her vagina ripples along my arm pulling me in. I pull my arm out against her strong muscles only to drive it back in. Kristie must have broken free of her orgasmic rigor because I can hear soft words exchange between her and her husband. Unfortunately the thick squelching sound of our flesh merging makes it impossible to divine what they are saying.

Soon after, John walks away from us and the only sound is Kristie's suckling pussy and her attempts to choke back her squeals. Forgetting about her husband I focus on getting her off and reversing the change that is wholly my fault.

I piston my arm in and out of her. I drive myself in deep and hold myself inside her filling her hole. I twist and turn as I pound her body. I open my hand as much as her tightness allows to stroke as much as I can and then collapse into a fist to give her raw power. Her whole body shakes and shivers with every touch.

I'm so intent on Kristie that I miss the fact that John had come up behind me. I do feel his fingers start rubbing along my lips. My tail arches up of its own volition and his hot breath coils around my entrance. His fingers melt into me and I give a little giddy yelp. But when his tongue licks my clitoris I realize why Kristie had such an amazing reaction. It feels five times as sensitive as my human bundle of nerves. Every lick sends wave after wave of tingling deliciousness pouring through me. After only a few licks I want him to continue for the rest of eternity.

I plant my hooves and shove back into his face. I wish I could bottle the pure bliss he gives me and keep it with me always. Even while my orgasm rapidly builds within me, I redouble my efforts on Kristie's love nub. If the sensations burning through her are even half of what I feel I'm going to make her cum like an atom bomb.

I can feel my mind going fuzzy and the edges of my vision grow hazy. I know my orgasm is approaching like a bullet, but I don't want to stop. Wrapping what little focus remains around my arm and hand I urge Kristie to give in and fall over the edge of bliss. I can feel the tension in her body as she approaches the precipice. And with one final flick of my finger she comes screaming into the night.

Just in time too, because half a second later, John's tongue brings me to my own orgasm. I dance forward running into Kristie and collapsing on her ass. The coarse hairs of her back rub my nipples encouraging my exploding pussy. Her passage twitches and trembles along my still embedded arm as I'm sure mine does the same.

The orgasm is so intense I feel like my entire horse half is one huge raw nerve being stroked in just the right way. And my body responds like a singing angel. My free hand grabs and scratches Kristie's side as I thrash out the best orgasm of my life. And as it subsides I melt against her with little soft giggles bubbling from my mouth as my mind goes blissfully blank.

I'm roused by a hard something prodding at my entrance. At first I think the object is John using his fist for me. But if he is the source, he must be using a fully clenched fist from the size of the tool. As my mind tries to work out what is pressing against my lips, it pops inside. My eyes roll back into my head as I accommodate the intrusion.

I have to know what it is, so I turn my head. My eyes find John behind my ass. But he is holding something long and black. Looking beyond us I see my purse sitting in the doorway. The facts click into place and I realize the pole he's shoving into me is the toy I've never used.

He forces a few more inches into me and I understand that the dildo is going to get some use tonight. I pull my arm out of Kristie with a wet sound. She moans softly but otherwise doesn't seem to notice the change. I made my move just in time. With a solid grunt, John drives the entire length of horse cock into my tight crevice.

My torso flops onto Kristie's ass as my brain fights my nerves for control of my body. I take slow deep breaths and try to center myself despite the lightning strikes of joy arcing through me. The wondrous penis starts to slide out of me and I try to reach back and grab it. However, my limbs are not really responding as they should. Around the time I work out how to raise my head up off of the horse in front of me, John slams the cock home again driving me back onto Kristie.

This sequence repeats a few times before I get it through my sex addled brain that John is in complete control of the magnificent toy. And my sexual pleasure is at his mercy. Thankfully he is extremely merciful. He constantly fights the muscles of my cave to plow into me with the virgin dildo.

The only pauses he grants are when he shoves it in all the way. But that is only to expose my clitoris to his fingers, tongue, and lips. My whole body vibrates with the attention and I can feel my orgasm building like a tidal wave. I remember the bulbous mushroom shaped head of my toy and thinking about it spreading my pussy wide open sends shivers down my spine.

I hug Kristie tight rubbing my nipples against her rough hair. I start moving with John's thrusts forcing the toy deeper. The surge of heat suffuses my body. The time between pulse of flaring heat and cool down shortens until I'm a raging fireball of need. And finally the dam breaks.

I scream into Kristie's flank when my orgasm hits. Hearing my muffled cries, John sinks the toy into me completely and locks his lips around my hard clit. He sucks and licks driving me wild. I'm sure my nectar is flowing even around the horse sized plug. And it's probably coating him completely. But right now I would not care if he suffocates in my fluids as long as he keeps sucking me.

Kristie moves out from under me and my torso collapses like a marionette with cut strings. But her strong arms lift me up in an embrace and she meets my lips in a kiss. Unable to contain myself, I shower her with kisses, nips, and licks. I suck her tongue into me and then quickly shove mine into her as if I want to show her how amazing her husband has been to me. But in reality I'm too far gone in orgasmic splendor to work out a tangible motive in my head. The world narrows down to just three bodies and a massive toy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I come back to my senses I'm still kissing Kristie, and none too gently either. But as my sentience returns, I wind down my tongue and gradually let her go. I turn to see John standing off to the side fiddling with the See and Say which is somewhat surprising for two reasons. Number one, now that normal sensory impulses are returning I can feel the giant phallus still stuck in my hole. And number two, why the hell does he find that device more interesting than two beautiful centaurs making out?

That's when it hits me that we are both still half-breeds. This realization helps me wake the rest of the way up. As if she read my mind, or made a very logical guess, Kristie starts explaining again.


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Yes!!!!! Amazing

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"Walk Like An Animal IV: Horse Sense - Angela and Kristie - (Female Friends)

There's too much detail about how the bodies of the transposed animals fit and melds and rubs against, and lays this way or that way, in turn making it very difficut in the reader's mind tofigure our what the writer is wanting to convey. If, IF, the total human changed one hundred percent into the animal it would not be necessary to offer so much detail, and understanding how each animal aligns up with the partner would be much easier to grasp.

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"Walk Like An Animal IV: Horse Sense - Angela and Kristie - (Female Friends)

There's too much detail about how the bodies of the transposed animals fit and melds and rubs against, and lays this way or that way, in turn making it very difficut in the reader's mind tofigure our what the writer is wanting to convey. If, IF, the total human changed one hundred percent into the animal it would not be necessary to offer so much detail, and understanding how each animal aligns up with the partner would be much easier to grasp.

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