I finally approach the boy who stares at me.
This is a semi true story. There is a boy in my World History class who's taken to stare at me a lot. He doesn't drool at all about it but he's cute as fuck so I wanted to write a fantasy of it. Let me know what you guys think :3. All people in this story, besides the teacher, are 15. All names have been changed as per usual. Enjoy.


"So the Mongols are like my favorite dynasty. Ghengis Khan is a total badass." Ms. Bunter said. I looked around me and people had their heads on their desks. This class is so boring, I thought to myself. Then I looked over to the clock to see what time it was. My eyes crossed paths with Jake's. Jake is 5 foot 6, about 120 lbs. He has luscious blonde hair and a smile that would make anyone melt. He was staring at me again, with a huge grin on his face. I knew he fantasized about me because whenever I get up to put the textbook back, he's right there grinning and staring. I even heard him once talking to James next to him about how he's nervous to approach me. So cute.

Anyway, I returned his gaze with my own. I don't know what he sees in me. I'm 5 foot 5, brown hair white skin and all around not the most attractive. Im decent I guess. About 5 minutes later the bell finally rang and I got up and approached him.

"Hey Jake. I've been noticing you've been staring at me a lot recently. What's up?" I asked, trying to make a joke out of it.

"Alex, you're hot as fuck. I know you stared at my boners last year in government and I know you want me in you." he said boldly.

I was unsure what to say. "Thanks I guess. So you're gay? It really doesn't show." I said.

"Neither does it for you. Meet me at the flagpole after school. I walk home you can chill with me." he said happily.

"Alright I'll be there!" I said excitedly. He slapped my ass for good measure.

During lunch I talked to my friend John about it. I'm out to him and he's extremely open to helping me out with anything. We've been friends forever. "So John Jake told me he finds me hot and to meet him at the flagpole after school. Should I do it or do you think it's a cruel set up?"

"I don't know man possibly. I'll stand back from a distance if anything funny happens I'll get you out of there. I can't let anything happen to you." he said. He may be straight but I know he cares about me deeply. He always makes me happy. Anyway I agreed and soon the bell rang for last period. Last period was Spanish. I was so distracted. We were discussing conjugating in past tense and all I could think about was Jake. It was hard for me to believe he found me cute. Ive had a crush on him since last year and I might just have my chance. I fell asleep. I had a dream about some movie I saw a month ago. I was awoken by the bell.

Holy shit, I thought to myself. This was really happening. I ran over to the front of the school and met with John. "No matter what happens, I'll be here. Just dont let him steal you from me." he jokingly said. I laughed and patted him on the shoulder. He planted a microphone on me and hid in a bush with a receiver. I walked to the flag pole and found Jake laying down there. I layed down next to him. "Hey." I said. "Oh hey Alex I didn't think you'd actually come." he responded.

"Why not? I really think you're cute too Jake." I flirted. "Good. So a year ago when I had that boner when you were sitting next to me. Do you know why I had that boner?" he asked. "No why?" I responded. "I imagined this very moment. Lying down in the grass next to you. I got hard because I imagined us kissing. I started staring at your dick and you started staring at mine. I knew this would happen." he said. "Wow that's adorable." I said, in awe. "Heh. Thanks." he said. He was starting to have a feminine flirty accent to his voice. "I want that too." I said. "Really?" he asked. "Really." I said. Jake climbed on top of me and kissed me. I was pretty surprised but I knew it was for real when I felt his hard dick through his pants on my chest. I kissed back. "Was that how you pictured it Jake?" I asked, extremely horny. "Even better. And it feels like you enjoyed that! Your dick is impaling my chest!" He said. I knocked him off and stood him up. Standing infront of eachother, I kissed him again, forcing tongue into his mouth. He responded with his tongue. I felt so horny and I knew he did too. I caressed his face with my hand and his hair with the other.

I knew people were staring, the buses hadn't even pulled out. But to me, it felt like me and Jake were the only people alive. "Cmon lets get on my bus we can have more fun at my place." I urged. He complied and we ran onto my bus. It was pulling out and thankfully the driver saw me. We got on and sat in an empty seat. We sent dirty texts to eachother because neither of us were openly gay so we couldnt kiss on the bus. About 15 minutes later we got off the bus and entered my house. "Sorry it's such a mess. Anyway there's a cute area out back." I instructed. In my backyard there's a large field with no trees and the hot summery sun beaming at us. We rolled around kissing eachother and I started kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear.

"God Alex you turn me on so much." he said. "I can make you feel great. Would you like that?" I said seductively. He moaned. "Oh god yes please!" he begged. I took off his shirt to reveal his sexy chest. Muscular and shaven. Just how I love them! I started licking his nipples and his harden got larger and larger. "How big is that thing!? It won't stop!" I exclaimed. He laughed. "Wanna find out?" he said. "Fuck yes!" I screamed. I got on my knees and he stood up infront of me. I pulled his pants down and was smacked in the face by the largest boner I have ever seen in my life. And Jesus Christ it was thick! As thick as a soda can! "Well well I didn't know you had such a huge friend down there!" I said.

"Oh just suck it already!" he moaned. I closed my eyes and pulled his boxers down. I grabbed his dick with my hand. I couldn't even wrap my hand around the whole thing!! "How the hell am I going to su-" I was stopped by a behemoth of meat being thrusted into my mouth. "Like that. Now show daddy what you're made of!" he said. I slowly let more into me. After about 6 inches, I hit my gag reflex. "Okayheres what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna thrust it all down your throat and you'll relax and breath. Got it?" he said. I nodded and opened my throat more as 3 more inches were forced in my mouth. I was to his trimmed hair with my mouth. I used one hand to rub his balls and the other to stroke his dick. I spit half of it out and started sucking. I worked in my tongue which made him full of ecstasy.

"Holy fuck are you sure you've never done this before? You're a natural!" he proudly complimented. I started going faster and deeper until my gag reflex was no more. "Shit. Shit. IM GONNA CUM ALEX!" Jake screamed. I spit his dick out and we jacked his dick together until a huge amount of cum landed on my face and in my mouth. I heard a car door close. "Fuck." I said under my breath. "No time to clean off." I stated. "No problem!" Jake assured. He got on his knees and licked his cum off my face. It tickled but I loved it. I hurriedly dressed him and we walked inside. Inside was John. "I heard everything." he said. Oh crap! I thought to myself. I never took off the microphone!

"John I..I..." I stammered. "Don't bother. I'm not upset. I want in."


Part 2 will come whenever I have time. This was getting too long to have sex in it too, so think of it as a teaser or like Harry Potter movie 7 and 7.5 ( Part 1 and Part 2 of Part 7). I'm not sure if I wanna turn this into anything but it's up to you guys. Enjoy.

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2013-12-15 01:50:24
am i a slut if i give my bf a bj b4 we even have our 1st kiss?

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2013-09-17 16:04:14
fantastically amazingly awesome write more please

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2012-07-31 23:07:58
I love your story but i was a little mad at the whole you hate history part because im a hostopry buff.

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2011-11-22 07:25:09
Eh... You had me going a little at the start but the story became extremely rushed and far-fetched.
Take your time to check your writing, try to be more descriptive.
A re-submitted version would surely do well, just take your time to expand your story a little more and proof read a lil, it wont hurt.


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2011-11-12 16:22:28
A bit unrealistic... As thick as a soda can? Ew. That'd probably break his jaw haha

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