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This is the same as the previous version, but in paragraph form for easier reading. This is my first story, so I will gladly accept constructive critcism, but no negative comments please. I had a long, edited, grammatically correct version with character deions, and a prelude, but due to technical glitches, this is the only version I have left. I just wanted some feedback before I bothered to retype the whole story. Fml.
Taylor, Carey, and I are all 15, and this is The Night:

     They made me cum 18 times. The first 11, I was active, or I was alert. For the rest, I just laid there and took it. In order:

1: Taylor caught me masturbating in the bathroom because her bathroom door doesn't lock. I turned around and started trying to put my dick back in my pants before she saw it, but was having trouble due to the fact that I hadn't cum yet, and I still had a boner. But before I knew it, Taylor had come up behind me, and grabbed my dick around my waist from behind, and started to jerk me off with her right hand. 

For about 2 seconds I resisted before I realized her intentions, then I just stood there in shock and pleasure because I couldn't believe that she was doing what she was doing. She kept pumping my shaft with her right hand, her fingers just barely able to close all the way around it, alternating between short, fast, pumping motions right below the head, and long strokes from the base to the tip of the head. 

While she was doing this, her left hand reached around and found my balls, and she was slowly, gently kneading and massaging them her fingers. After what felt like a minute of heaven, I started shooting off thick, ropy, potent strands of sperm, all over her bathroom floor and shower curtain. I was cumming a lot more than I had in a long time, I guess it was a combination of how incredibly hot the situation was, and the fact that I hadn't cum all week. 

That first time, I came about as quick as I did back when I was trying masturbation for the first time. That's how I knew it wasn't a dream, because in  even my sexiest of dreams, I never get to cum, and that time I came faster and harder than I knew that I was capable of. 

After I had finished cumming, which felt like forever, 
Taylor finally released my now limp dick with a giggle. She had kept pumping me hard throughout my entire orgasm, going even faster once I had started shooting, and not slowing down until she was sure she had milked out every drop.

 2: I was so high off my orgasm that I couldn't stand any longer, and I sat down hard on the closed toilet seat, slumped back against the back, my legs spread, my limp dick available for Taylor to clearly see. I was too dazed too bother trying to cover it up, and even if I wasn't, I doubt that I would have bothered trying. Taylor just stared at me, admiring the reaction at her work.

 "You sure came a lot," she said, noticing my cum all over the floor and shower curtain. "Just fucking great, I have to clean this up, my Grandma uses this bathroom." With that, she picked up a roll of toilet paper and started wiping my cum up. It took her a good 5 minutes and half a roll to finish the job. Once she finished wiping the last drops off the curtain, she took the used tissues and dropped them in the trashcan, since I was still slumped on the toilet, my legs still spread, and my dick still out. 

I had been watching her ass while she was bent over wiping up my cum, and I had expected to get another boner, since I would have paid money to get to watch her bend over for a while, and I was surprised to look down and see it still limp. 

I looked up and watched as she closed the door and pushed the dirty clothes hamper in front of it to prevent it from opening, walked to the cluttered sink counter, picked up a bottle of lotion, put it in the sink and turned on the hot water to run over it. Then she came over to between my spread legs, sat down on my right thigh, put her left hand on the back of my head, her other hand on the side of my face, put her face to mine, and kissed me full on the mouth.

 I was surprised, and had no kissing experience, so I let her take the lead. At first she just pressed her lips to mine, then she slipped her tongue in between my teeth and started exploring my mouth. She pushed my tongue to the bottom of my mouth and ran hers along the roof, and then she pushed hers as far back in my mouth as she could, then she swirled her tongue around mine a few times, and wound up underneath my tongue this time, where she proceeded to feel out the bottom of my mouth, and along the sides of my tongue, then she ran her tongue along the insides of my teeth, first the top, then the bottom, then she ran along the outsides of my teeth and my gums, and then she pushed the tip of her tongue against mine and ran all over my tongue again, then she pulled her tongue from my mouth and sucked on my bottom lip, then she put her face to the side of my head and licked all around and inside my ear, and then she sucked my earlobe in her mouth and nibbled on it, then she brought her mouth back to mine, and stuck her tongue in and moved it around a lot more aggressively than before, at first it tasted slightly of earwax, but that went away quickly. 

7 minutes after we started, we finally broke apart, both of us were breathing hard, our faces flushed, then she grabbed me and hugged me for a minute, whispering in my ear that we were just getting started and that she was excited and wet. After all the kissing and that little comment I couldn't believe that I didn't have a raging boner. If she hadn't gotten me off so hard, I probably would have blown my load as soon as she sat in my lap with my dick out, but I was as limp as a could be. She looked down at my limp dick, then back at me. I started to apologize, but she cut me off saying, "It's not a problem, I'll have you stiff as a rock in a few minutes." 

With that, she got up, got the lotion from the sink and turned the water off, then said, more to herself than me, "Oh yeah, it's nice and warm now." She got a couple of towels from the closet, laid them down still-folded in between my still-spread legs for a cushion from the tile floor, got on her knees on the towels, and put her face right next to my dick. Then she set the bottle of lotion on the ground, brought her right hand up, and encircled my limp dick with it, and held it upright. With her left, she used her fingertip to slowly start rubbing around the head in a circle, round and round, very slowly and teasingly. After a few minutes of this, I felt blood start flowing back into my dick, till I was about 1/4 hard. She felt it to, and decided to change her motion. She was now using her thumb and forefinger to slowly pinch/rub the head up and down, going around it in a very slow circle, starting first with her fingers on the left and right sides of my dickhead, pulling/pinching upwards and together to the very tip of the tip, then pushing back down to the bottom of my head. 

Her nails weren't very long, but they were a longer than I kept mine, and I could feel them barely brushing/ scraping the the nerve endings, stimulating enough to get me to half mast. She started on the sides of my head, and finished with her thumb rubbing the "V" on the bottom of my dickhead, and her index finger rubbing the top. Up to this point it had been about 10 minutes, the whole while that she was teasing my dickhead, she was squeezing and releasing my shaft very slowly. Another minute of pinching with two fingers, and she started using all the fingers on her left hand, doing the same pinching and rotating motion except on 5 points instead of 2. She would push down with her fingers bent, so that her nails were gently raking the skin, until she got to the shaft. Then she would straighten her fingers so that she was rubbing me with the undersides of her fingers. 3 minutes later and I was 3/4 erect, when she said "It's hard enough." 

With that, she released my dick, picked up the bottle of lotion in her left hand, poured out a generous amount into her right hand, and then poured a few squirts right on my dick. The she set down the bottle of lotion, closed and squeezed her right hand to spread the lotion evenly on it, and grabbed my dick once more. I got hard as soon as she closed her lotion covered hand around my shaft. The she started pumping up and down, very long and slow strokes, from the bottom of her hand touching the tip of my dick, to it touching my light patch of pubes. With her left, she gently lifted and dropped my ballsack, pulled it down a ways then let it flop back into position, and rolled and squeezed it in her hand, going at about the same pace as her ther hand. 

The lotion was very warm, but not hot, and her hands were really soft and smooth, as opposed to my hand. Plus the angle she was rubbing at was on the opposite side of the way I rub it at, and that made it feel even better because those nerves weren't used to being stimulated as often. She kept the same slow pace for around 10 minutes, the she slowly sped up, until she was going faster than I do. I had started moaning at 7 minutes and I believe I was getting louder. 

Then, when I was 2-3 strokes from blowing my second load, she stopped. I looked down, angry and confused that she stopped when I was so close, but she just smiled at me. Then she got up, and told me to close my eyes, I do, and the next thing I know, I'm being hit in the face by her shirt and booty shorts. Before I can get the shirt off my face, however, I hear the shower curtain being opened and closed. I look up just in time to see her drop her bra and thong over the top of the curtain. Then I hear the shower being turned on. I can't believe that she would stop and take a shower when I was so close to cumming. My dick was still about to burst and it was still covered in warm lotion.

 Right when when I was about to grab my dick and finish the job, she said, "You better not cum before I get out of this shower, or your not going to be allowed to cum for the rest of the night." I freeze, my hand 2 inches from my cock, and I think, What a bitch. Then I think, Hang on, she didn't say I couldn't touch myself, she just said I couldn't cum. With that, I started stroking myself slowly, watching Taylor shower through the clouded, yet see-through curtain. I couldn't see any details, I could just see what she was doing. She was taking an extra sexy shower, with a lot more motion and bending over than I would imagine she did on a normal day. 

She ran her hands along her legs, sides, stomach, and chest for a while, really scrubbing the chest, and then she started washing her hair. I sighed, knowing that it would be a while, so I did what any man would do, and I picked up her used underwear. Her sexy leapard print bra was still warm, and her tiny thong had a damp spot on the crotch. So I wrapped her thoung around my cock, and continued stroking. 

I looked over and noticed that Taylor was done showering, and was sitting in the floor of the shower, just her upper body available for me to see. It was then that I became aware of a high pitched, continuous buzzing sound coming from the shower, and I could hear Taylor moaning softly. I thought, no way, this 15 year-old does not have a vibrator just laying around the shower, she shares it with her Grandma!

 Whatever the case, I suddenly stopped stroking, for I had been about to cum from hearing that sound and her moans. After about 5 minutes, she got up, turned off the buzzing sound, and finished showering. I thought, finally, I'll get to see her naked, but no such luck, because when she pulled back the curtain, I saw that she has a towel wrapped around her from chest to mid-thigh. She said, "God, I really needed that. I haven't taken a shower since this morning, I was nasty." She laughed when she saw what I was using her thong for, and said, "Wow, you're such a perv."

 With that, she sat down, her body and hair still really damp, and gave me another really long kiss, then she got back down between my knees, moved my hand, and finished stroking me off with her thong. After a minute, I finally blasted my second load of the night in her face, on her chest, in her hair, and on the towel she was wearing. 

3: She laughed and said, "Well, looks like I'll need another shower." With that, she got up, went to the shower, dropped her towel, and got in, too fast for me to see anything. She turned the water on, and proceeded to wash all the fresh cum off her chest, face, and out of her hair. Then she turned off the water, opened the curtain, and just stood there, with her hands on her hips, water dripping off her, letting me memorize the sight of her tits and bare pussy. 

My dick sprang to life at the site, and she just laughed, climbed out of the shower, came over, assumed her kneeling position, and started giving me my third handjob. This one was fast and hard, like my first one. All I could do was stare at her, naked, between my legs, jerking me off at an incredible pace, trying her hardest to make me cum, and after 5 minutes of hard pumping, she got what she wanted, except this time she aimed it towards her bare tits, soaking them in my cum.

4: She laughed, leaned down and gave my dick a quick peck on the tip, got up and dried off, wiping the cum off with the towel, along with the rest of the water from her still dripping body. Then she moved the hamper blocking the door, and walked out, telling me to hold on. She came back a few minutes later, wearing an outfit similar to the one she had before, a tight t-shirt, and booty shorts, yellow instead of the previous pink. Following her was Carey, who was smiling mischeviously. 

Carey proceeded to get on the towels Taylor had pit between my legs, grab my cock, and start jerking it as Taylor had done. She jerked hard for a few minutes, until I had a nice boner, then she used a towel to clean my dick of lotion, and she put her lips around the tip and started licking the head while she pumped the base. Taylor however, immediately pulled Carey's mouth off my dick, and said, "Woah there, we haven't gotten to blowjobs yet." Carey giggled and said, "Sorry, I'm just really horny." 

With that, she started pumping my dick really hard, while she asked Taylor if I could cum in her mouth. "Sure, but his cock can't touch your face." "Alright," Carey agreed. Upon hearing this little conversation, I felt my orgasm start, and sure enough, 30 seconds later, I was giving Carey what she wanted, a nice load aimed right at her open mouth. Only about 1/2 it went in her mouth, the rest splattered her face. But it was enough to give her a mouthful.

 5: She looked happy to  have gotten what she wanted. Carey looked at Taylor, and Taylor said, "You have a little somethin on your face." And they both laughed. Then Taylor went to Carey and scooped a touch off her cheek with her toungue and tasted it, and said, "Not bad, your cum is salty, and kinda sweet. I like it." With that, she started licking the cum off Carey's face, and Carey just let her lick like a dog. After Taylor got as much off as she could, she proceeded to begin making out with Carey, and it was crazy hot. 

This was the first time I had seen two people make out that passionately in person, let alone two hot 15 year old girls. They just kissed for awhile, swapping my cum between their mouths. After a few minutes, Carey proceeded to grab Taylor's tit, and Taylor started licking Carey's ear. Then Carey grabbed both of Taylor's breasts and started massaging them, and Taylor started licking down the side of Carey's face, and to her neck, where she left a hickey.  Then she started licking the front of Carey's neck, in that spot that's supposed to turn girls on, and I think it was working, because Carey started moaning. Then Carey lifted up Taylor's shirt, and Taylor stopped licking long enough to allow her to pull over her head, so that she was just sitting there in her bra, and Taylor then lifted Carey's cammy off her, so that they were both standing there in bras. 

Then they started kissing again, while they fondled each others breasts. Taylor's bra was the first to come off, and Carey immediately went down to suck and lick and nibble her nipples. Taylor just leaned her head back and brushed Carey's hair with the hand that wasn't supporting her. After a good 5 minutes on both nipples, Taylor started to repeat the process with Carey's breast, after removing the bra. Except a minute after she started, Carey let herself fall back till she was laying on the floor, and Taylors mouth never once left her nipple. She continued licking and sucking for a few more minutes. Then she stuck her hand down Carey's shorts, and I could only imagine what was going on. A minute later Carey started to orgasm, and there was a visible wet spot in her sorts, which was growing larger with Taylors rubbing. 

Carey kept climaxing, and Taylor rubbed her hard all the way through it, and kept rubbing while Carey was cooling down, and kept rubbing till Carey started moaning again, and started rubbing and fingering even harder once Carey began her second, more intense orgasm. Carey's body started shaking, and her eyes were half closed and she was moaning a lot louder than before, and after a few minutes of rubbing, she climaxed again, a lot harder and longer than before, and Taylor picked up her pace, and kept the pace, until Carey was through her 2nd orgasm, and again Taylor kept rubbing until Carey was starting her 3rd orgasm, at which point Taylor removed her dripping hand from Carey's soaked shorts, and started licking the pussy juices until her hand was clean, then she pulled Carey's booty shorts off and tossed them into the growing pile of discarded clothing, leaving her laying there in her nothing but her soaked playboy panties, which were then pulled off to join the shorts, so Carey was lying there with her legs spread, pussy facing me so that I got an excellent view.

 She had a darker pink pussy than Taylor's, and her clit was larger. Her whole crotch was soaked in her juices, and she was laying there twisting her nipple, waiting on Taylor to finish getting her off. Taylor was at her side, waiting for my sake so that I could have an unobstructed view of her friends pussy. Then she stuck her middle and ring fingers of her left hand in Carey's wet pussy, curled the fingers toward the ceiling, and started pulling up and pushing down really fast, stimulating her g-spot. After only a few minutes of this, Carey suddenly sat up and hugged Taylor, and kissed her, Taylor never slowing down, but speeding up as Carey started her 3rd orgasm. Taylor kept fingering until Carey hit her 4th orgasm, then stopped right before Carey started climaxing.

 Carey was too high off her orgasm to even pick her head up and look at Taylor, who was going to the shower, and came back with a rubber duck. Taylor said, "This is my favorite bathtoy," with a wink, and I wondered what she meant until I heard it start buzzing when Taylor pushed it's stomach. She pushed it a few more times and the buzzing kept getting louder, until it reached it's peak at a pretty loud buzzing. Taylor first brought it to me and pushed it against my dick to let me know how hard it was vibrating, then she went to Carey, sat down, and pushed the head up inside her pussy, so that it was stimulating her g-spot. 

She gasped when Taylor forced it in, then moaned after she felt the vibrations. Taylor left the duck wegded in her dripping pussy, while she leaned over and started sucking her nipples, and rubbing Carey's clit with her hand, and with that, Carey had her 4th orgasm, and Taylor kept rubbing her clit and sucking her tits until she went through her 5th orgasm. With that, she got up, pulled the vibrator out of Carey's pussy, and stuck it in her own, under her shorts. Then she came to me, closed my legs, and sat down astride them in nothing but booty shorts, with her crotch pushed against my dick, hard, so that I could feel the vibrator.

 She just sat there, the duck getting us both off at the same time. Her bare tits were right in my face so I sucked and licked and bit them until Taylor started her orgasm. When she did, I stuck my hand underneath her shorts, and started running it over her anus. She gasped, then giggled, then moaned as I rubbed my fingertip back and forth over it, and when she was almost there, I stuck half my finger in her asshole, and started tracing a tiny circle with it. This sent her over the top, and she came hard right there in my lap. 

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fantastic, keep going

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