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Stepping up a gear
The brothers lay side by side regaining their breath, Scott was the first to speak;

“That was amazing Bro”

“Unbelievable, I have never came so much in my life, I cant believe that my ass could be so sensitive, No wonder all those guys in the gay pornos, love getting their ass fucked so much”

“Ah ha, so you check out gay porn as well, you little pervert” Scott said as he leaned in and kissed Ben on the shoulder.

“Scott I want you to teach me all you know about Gay sex, we have all night together; I want to try everything”

“We will have to learn together Ben, I have never done this with anyone else in my life”

They both looked at each other and smiled, as if by some magnetic attraction their lips moved towards each others and locked in a deep sensual kiss, these boys loved and wanted each other so much, they knew and trusted each other so much that it all just came naturally, They rolled around on the bed kissing and cuddling each other, exploring each others bodies with their tongues, Sucking, kissing and biting, both wanting to please the other, both experiencing new high’s and sensations, every touch, every feeling, every sensation, educating them on the pleasures of man on man sex, They learned together.

This was their night, their night of discovery, Never in their young lives had they felt so much as one, yea they had always been close, but this was a closeness that neither of them could have ever imagined, They both declared love for each other, but this was more than just brotherly love, this was more than lust, it was a love that only two lovers committed to each other in every way could share.

“Fuck me Scott, if your tongue inside me felt that good, then I cant wait to feel your cock inside me”

“Are you sure you want to go that far Ben? Don’t feel you have too, I don’t want to hurt you and spoil this for us, I would rather you fucked me first, Let me test how sore it will be, I am older I could take the pain better than you”

“Ok fine but no matter how sore it is, you must promise to fuck me, after I have done you”

“Ok, if you still want to after you have done me then I promise”

Both boys have watched enough porn to know that they needed some kind of lubrication, they discussed what they could use, they searched the medicine cabinet in the bathroom but could not find anything, Then Scott suggested that they use Mum’s Nivia Cream, that she used for moisturising, they went to her bedside cabinet to get the cream and found a tube of KY gel in the drawer beside her bed, They had both heard of KY being used as lubrication for anal penetration, they were both shocked to think that their parents could be having that kind of fun, they took the cream and headed back to Ben’s bedroom, on the way Scott had grabbed a towel from the bathroom, he had saw people in the clips using a towel to prevent bed staining, He wanted to make sure he did not leave any evidence of what him and his little brother had been up to while their parents were away.

Scott laid the towel out on Ben’s bed then crawled into a kneeling position, he had read that doggy position was the easiest and least painful when receiving anal penetration, He applied some KY to his finger, then began rubbing it around his hole, Scott had often fingered his hole in the bath, using soap as lubrication, He applied a little more and forced his finger threw his tight ring, he immediately pulled it out again and applied a more generous amount of KY to his finger and pushed it back inside himself, Ben gently pulled his brothers hand away and began fingering his Scott’s hole, first one finger then two, he could tell by the noises that Scott was making that he was enjoying the feeling of his fingers inside him, Ben knew it was time to replace his fingers with his cock.

“Are you ready to take me”

“Yea go for it, I think I am well opened up”

Ben lined up his cock head with his brothers glistening hole, then gently he pushed the head of his cock inside his brother, Scott let out a gasp as Bens cock entered him, it was not painful in anyway but it still took the breath away from him.

Ben held his cock head inside his brothers pouting hole, giving him time to get used to the feeling then after about 30 seconds he pushed in a little further, Scott felt the pain for the first time, it was not a violent pain, it was more like the pain you get when you hit the funny bone in your elbow, he let out a whimper causing Ben to withdraw his cock,

“No put it back in Ben, it is fine, it is ok”

Ben done as he was instructed, this time pushing in about 4 of his hard 5 inches, Scott moaned a little more, he could not deny that it hurt a little, but it also felt great at the same time, Ben staid still he let his brother take control, Scott pulled off Ben’s cock a little then pushed back again, be began rocking back and forth getting used to the feeling, then Ben automatically took over he began pushing his full length into his brother then pulling almost all the way out, Sometimes he pulled too far, and the head popped out to be pushed straight back in again.

They were fucking, the rhythm picked up, the moans from Scott got louder and more erotic, Ben pushed and pulled faster, enjoying the tightness of his brothers ring around his dick, the warmth inside him bathing his cock with what felt like warm juices,

Both boys got carried away, as their breathing and moans got faster and louder, as Ben’s balls slapped off his brothers ass, it all came to a massive climax, Scott’s ass tightened around Ben’s cock he could feel his brothers insides throb and shudder, then his own body went into spasm he pushed as far inside Scott as he could and for the third time in just over an hour he ejaculated spattering his brothers insides with his thick creamy boy cum.

Note from the author.
Hi guys thanks for reading this far, I know my grammar and punctuation are not great, I should have tried harder at school, But I was too busy lusting after my class mates to pay attention to lessons. I hope my stories reach the part they where intended for and get you off, Please feel free to leave comments here or contact me at Your comments give me the inspiration to keep writing. Most of my stories can be read with added pictures at my blog

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I think a part 7 would be a great idea. grammar aside, please do write another part.

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Isn't there any part 7 ???

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