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I get the power to change myself from male to female
Subject: My Fantasy 3

Don, Arnie and I had just arrived at Arnie's house. The door was no more
then closed when Arnie started helping me out of my cloths. I told them we
all should get undressed so immediately their cloths were on the floor. I
drop mine also and then stood their admiring their beautiful cocks. I
started rubbing my clit with my finger and pinching my nipples. Don and
Arnie took my hands and lead me into Arnie's bedroom. Arnie pulled the
sheet and blanket off the bed and they both jumped on and pulled me in with
them. I pushed one of my tits into Arnie's face and he began nibbling on
my nipple. Don pushed my legs apart and buried his face in my hot cunt. I
couldn't reach Don's cock so had to be content to play with just Arnie's.
Don was rapidly bringing me to orgasm with his tongue and fingers and Arnie
was helping with his work on my tits. I wanted hard meat in me so reached
down and grabbed Don by his hair and said stop licking and starting
fucking. He moved up and buried his hard cock all the way in me in one
hard push. Meanwhile Arnie was content as a little baby nursing at its
mother's breasts.

The next hour or so was very intense sex. Every time one of the guys
filled my cunny with cum, Don would lick me clean. He just plain loved the
taste of cum, mine and theirs. We were all just lying there, recuperating
from our sexual activity. I had been thinking that Don's love of cum might
mean he was a little more then just a guy-girl type of lover. Like maybe
he might just be into a little guy-guy stuff also but just hadn't done
anything about it. I moved so I could kiss him and took his cock in my
hand. Arnie started playing with my tits again so I stroked his cock also.
I could feel Don's hand on me only about 4 inches from Arnie's cock so I
took his hand and placed it on Arnie's cock. I wasn't surprised that there
was no big bad reaction from Don and apparently Arnie didn't care either.
I kept my hand on Don's for a bit as he started stroking the hard meat. I
continued kissing and playing with him for sometime. Finally Arnie started
to moan and Don climbed over me so he could take Arnie in his mouth. He
was giving Arnie a very professional blowjob just as Arnie blew. Don
continued sucking and swallowing until he had consumed the last bit of
Arnie's load.

After that Don became a wild man. He got down between my legs and licked
my cunny for a bit and then moved up and buried his hard cock in me. We
had a hard fast fuck before he filled my cunt with cum and pushed me over
the top also. Once again we just laid there in each other's arms. I was
tired and slightly sore and the guys were just as spent. I got up and
started to dress when Don rolled over and started playing with Arnie's cock
again. I just said bye and left the boys to play.

Subject: My Fantasy 4

The next week was very uneventful. All I did was go to school, work around
the house for Mom, study and mess around in chat rooms. I had met an older
guy that wanted to get together with me. After having such great fun with
Don and Arnie, my thoughts now turned to having sex as me. I really wanted
to taste a pussy and find out what turned Don on so much about licking
mine. Thursday night was chatting with daddywarbucks and telling him how
horny I was and he said he wanted to get together this weekend. I told him
I didn't have any place to meet and he told me about a park where we could
be alone. I told him OK I would meet him Saturday afternoon at 1 and I
would be wearing a Chicago Bears T shirt. He said wonderful and he would
be wearing a Bulls T.

Saturday about noon I headed for the park on my bike. I had a wind breaker
on and zipped up so he couldn't see my T until I knew who he was. I rode
thru the park like I knew where I was going until I spotted this single
guy, setting on a park bench, Bulls t for all to see. He was a black dude,
probably mid 50's. Well build, looked OK. My heart was pounding like
crazy. I rode by him a little ways, unzipped my jacket and headed back
towards him. He got a big smile on his face as he saw me approach. Hi
busyboy he said. Hi daddy I replied.

He looked around and seeing no one, told me to follow him. He headed down
a path towards the wooded area. About 20 yards in he moved off the path
and pushed some branches aside and we entered a little clearing. The weeds
were so beaten down that it was very evident this was a popular spot. He
opened his backpack and took out a blanket and spread it on the ground.

So you have never done anything with another guy he said. Yes I replied.
You are getting a virgin. What would you like to start with he asked. I
don't care I said. I'll do anything you want me to with one condition.
What's that he asked? I want a girl that likes to fuck. One that can
teach me how to make a girl really happy doing sex. How old would you like
this girl to be. I don't care really but maybe under 25. He said OK, he
had a girl in mind that would be just what I am looking for. With that, he
unzipped his pants and pulled out about 10 inches of black cock. Suck this
and make me cum and you've got your girl. My mouth was dry and I could
hardly breathe as I reached over and grasped his cock with my hand. He
lifted his hips up and pushed his pants down so his ball sac and cock were
completely exposed. I began slowly working his cock, stroking it up and
down feeling how hard and hot it was. This guy had a real cock. I moved
down and began licking the head and then the shaft. It was unreal how
really great it felt. Then when I was licking up and down the shaft he
told me to lick his ball sack and suck his balls. I did and he really
enjoyed it. Then I licked back up to the head and started taking him in my
mouth. I had learned how to swallow Don and Arnie's cocks but knew this
one was way too big to go down my throat. So for about 20 minutes I just
licked and sucked and stroked. Daddy seemed to be enjoying it because he
was just laying back and letting me do what I wanted. Pretty soon I had a
good rhythm going on his cock and he moaned don't stop, I'm about to cum.
I kept up what I was doing and then his first shot of cum hit my mouth.
Man what a mouthful. I didn't have time to enjoy it because he was giving
me stream after stream of cum. I swallowed and swallowed but couldn't keep
up as I felt it run down my chin. I kept sucking until there was no more
then licked his cock clean and sat up. My you have a load I told him. I
can't believe that that was your first blowjob, he replied. I said honest
it was. But I've watched a lot of porno films.

Daddy checked his cock and there was a little cum on the head of it so I
leaned over and licked it off. Then he zipped up his pants and started
folding up his blanket. I'll have Dora contact you in chat. Her nickname
is hotannie. She is a nice gal, very clean who just loves sex. You guys
can figure out where you are going to meet. And don't worry I know she
will show up.

Later in the week I was in the chat room and got a message that said Hi
there. I saw that it was hotannie. I kind of gulped and replied Hi. She
said she had heard from Daddy and that we should get together. I said yes
for sure I want to be your student. She typed LMAO. She said if I wanted
to I could come to her house unless I had somewhere I wanted to meet. I
said I didn't and asked where she lived. She told me and I realized that
she was only about 8 blocks or so from where I lived. I asked her when and
she said Saturday morning after 9. Her Mom would be at work and we would
have the place to ourselves for most of the day. I wanted to find out a
little more about her but she said I would have to wait until we were
together and that she had to leave now. We said our goodbyes and she left
the chat room.

Saturday morning about 9 I left my house and walked to hers. She lived in
a small bungalow type house, very well kept up and homey looking. I
knocked on the door about 915 and my heart was pounding as I waited for her
to answer. The door swung open and there before me was a beautiful black
girl, about 15 or so. Very nice body, very nice smile. She said Hi I'm
Dora. Hi I said, I'm Nick.

She ushered me into the living room and we sat on the sofa. How long have
you been chatting with daddy? She asked. Oh about a year I guess. Same
here she said, he is a really nice guy on the chat and also in person.
Yeah he is I said. I understand you two got together last week. Yes I
replied. He shoots a big load doesn't he she said, matter of factly. I
was really surprised she said it. A well yes he sure does. She kind of
smiled. Are you embarrassed to talk about this? I said yes, kind of. Well
don't be. I think sex is the best after school activity of all she
laughed. I started with my girl friend when I was 12, fucked my first guy
when I was 13 and have gone on from there. How about you. I told her that
I jacked off a lot but had never done anything until daddy. She told me he
said he couldn't believe that he was your first.

Dora had rested her hand on my leg and was kind of pushing her tits against
my arm. When I looked at her as I was about to say something she pressed
her lips against mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues
danced and our hands moved. Mine to her nice firm tits, hers to my nice
firm cock. I was very evident that she was experienced. She undid my belt,
unzipped my pants and got my cock out in nothing flat with one hand. I was
helping her out of her t and bra and began nibbling her big, hard black
nipples. What all do you want to learn she asked. Everything that can
make a girl have the biggest orgasisms I replied. You really want to
please your sex partner don't you? Yes I replied. I want them to enjoy
sex with me as much as I do. With that she stood up and dropped the rest
of her cloths. She had such a body. Nice perky tits, nice ass and nicely
Trimmed pussy. I had examined mine in a mirror but hers was a lot
different. Her pussy lips stood out like two rows of little mountains.
The lips of her inner pussy were pink compared to the black of the outers.
Her clit was kind of a combo. She put two fingers in her pussy as she sort
of danced in front of me. Then put them to my lips and told me to lick and
suck them. The taste was soooo delicious. I wanted to bury my face in her
pussy like Don does to mine. Now I was beginning to see what Don liked so
much. Dora dropped to her knees between my legs and took my cock in her
hand. I'm going to make you cum so you will last longer when we start
fucking, OK? Oh yes I moaned as I laid back. I moaned really loud as I
felt her mouth take in my cock, all the way down her throat. I couldn't
believe what a blowjob I was receiving. It only took her about 3 minutes
and I was blasting the back of her mouth with cum. She continued to suck
and lick until I was thru shooting and my cock was soft as a baby's. Then
she moved up and sat on my lap and kissed me, letting my cum drizzle out of
her mouth into mine. Daddy said you liked the taste of his cum. MMMMMM
yes I replied. I was content to just set there with my arms around her and
hers around me. I asked her if she still had sex with girls and she
laughed and said OH Yes. And boys and my black lab. I said what? She
laughed again and said she was her black labs bitch. Wow I said, you
really are into sex aren't you. She said oh yes. We chatted some more and
told me that she got together with daddy a couple times a month and that he
put her in touch with guys and gals that she met about once a week. But
that I was the first she had invited to her home. She said daddy had told
her he was sure I wouldn't be a problem. She told me about spending the
night with guys and gals in motel rooms and with couples in their homes.
And the gang bang she had gotten paid a thousand bucks for. Ten guys paid
a hundred a piece. She said she had been completely fucked that day and
night. I couldn't believe ten guys but I knew I wanted to be Dora's friend
as Karla.

Dora was setting on my lap like giving me a lap dance and with the kissing
and talking about sex; I was hard again in just a few minutes. She smiled
and said ready to learn how to lick a cunt. I said Oh yes. She moved over
beside me and laid back and spread her legs. I couldn't wait to get
started on my feast. She said you won't have any trouble knowing what
pleases me because I am very vocal. You just do what you want and I know
you will make me happy. I spent a little time just gazing on her cunt.
Then I started running my tongue up and down the outside of her pussy lips.
A little love juice had escaped her love canal and was very tasty. Then I
began working up and down inside her lips at the opening of her cunt. She
was moving her pelvis around and into my face as I did this and then really
started reacting when I nibbled and flicked her clit with my tongue. She
put both hands behind my head and pushed my face into her cunt. I spread
her pussy with my fingers and continued my feast as she became very active
and started squirting juice into my mouth and on my face. Man did she
taste good.

I was so fucking hard my cock felt like an iron rod. I moved up on her and
she said oh yes yes fuck me!! Fuck my brains out. She took a hold of my
cock and placed the head at the opening of her cunt and we both pushed at
the same time, ramming my meat into her in one stroke. Unfortunately her
plan of making me last longer didn't work and in a few minutes I filled her
cunt with my cum. I just laid there on her for a few minutes and then slid
down to lick her cunt clean. When I was done I lay back on the floor and
she came down and sucked my cock dry.

She said I can't believe that was your first time. Any girl that doesn't
let you into her pants is crazy. And I want to get together with you again
sometime. That would be wonderful I replied.

Let me know what you think of my series and any idea's you have for further
chapters. itsbeenfun@yahoo dot com

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2012-03-29 23:55:13
like I said, a damn goos story and I hope he gets together again with Dora as Karli

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