Skipping classes from univercity leads to a hot afternoon
This story is fiction, there is no link between the people and events and any real people and events. This is just fantasy, enjoy.

Neil sipped the last of his coffee, savouring the flavour. He was also savouring the view of the three girls at the next table. He could see the prefect badges on their school uniforms. That meant they were in their final year at the local senior school. Which put them four years younger than he was. He also guessed they were doing the same as him; skipping class. He should have been at the university, studying physics. Instead he was having a coffee, while eyeing up the three fit birds next to him.

The first girl had long, dark curled hair. It was either a fantastic perm or the natural kind of curl that drove women wild with envy. Neil was willing to put money on it being natural. She was the tallest of the three, he had noticed as they had walked in. With long, shapely legs that her short skirt showed off well and a nice figure. Her face was stunningly beautiful, with a slight olive complexion and a slightly Romanesque look too it. A straight nose and chin, dark eyes, the kind of cheek bones that a photographer would have called a perfect structure. It had been her that had first caught his eye.

The girl sat next to her was shorter by a few inches. She hand long blonde hair down her back. With a pretty face, not stunning like her friend, but still very pretty. With the almost clichéd blue eyes, and full lips. She had a fuller figure, not fat, more like puppy fat. It was enough to round her figure. Giving her hips and breasts a nice shape. It gave her a nice old fashioned sex appeal rather than the more modern style. She wore trousers that clung nicely to her, showing off a very nice ass.

Opposite her was the last of the three. Of the three she was the least attractive, but that did not mean she was ugly. She was the shortest of the three by quiet a ways. Her figure was petite, almost waif like in appearance. From her short red hair, to her thin face with hazel eyes. Small breasts, thin hips and long slender legs. Neil had never really seen the appeal of the waif look, but somehow this girl seemed to pull it off. She was at least attractive with it, rather than sexy.

Neil looked down at his empty cup with a slightly sorrowful expression. Since the three had come in he had been taking his time over it. Just so he could enjoy the view from the table opposite. If the three girls had noticed him looking they had said nothing. He doubted they had, they had not stopped chatting since they sat down. Reluctantly Neil stood up and took his cup to the counter. He always cleaned up after himself, having been working in a pub for the last year to pay his way through university. Then he head out of the coffee shop into the main shopping centre. He looked down the main walkway and stopped. Heading up the centre, checking in each shop were two truant officers. He could see their badges written across the back of their coats as they turned to look in one shop. He glanced into the coffee shop to the three girls, who could not see the officers yet. For a second he wavered about getting involved. Then remembered getting caught by the truant officers when he skipped school. He had been in so much trouble with his parents. He turned and headed into the shop quickly, before the officers got any closer.

“I think you girls had better finish up quickly.” He said in a low voice to the three girls. They all started and looked round at him. “There’s a couple of truancy officers heading this way. As I’m guessing you haven’t a good reason for being here, I’d scoot if I were you.” The dark haired girl rose and took a quick look, then muttered a curse he was sure she should not know.

“Their covering both entrances now. If we try to leave they’ll see us.” She said in disgust.

“Shit, if I get caught I can kiss goodbye to skiing over Christmas.” The blonde said in a matching tone.

“What about the side entrance down that way.” Neil said too them, he was greeted by blank looks.

“What side entrance?” They all said at the same time.

“Passed the toilets, I think it’s supposed to be for staff as it brings you out on the back car park. But it’s unlocked so you can use it.”

“Can you show us, quick.” The dark haired girl said, glancing towards the officers. “Before they spot us.” Neil nodded quickly, the girls grabbed their bags and blazers. Following him as he lead them out of the other door to the coffee shop. They moved quickly until they reached the corridor that led to the toilets and were out of sight of the main thoroughfare. Neil pushed open the door at the end of the corridor accompanied by their surprised gasps.

“I never knew that was a exit.” The blonde said, her friends agreed with her.

“As I said I think it’s for staff mainly. But it’s convenient for reaching this car park.” He often parked on the back car park, as it was usually the only one with spaces. So he used the exit frequently. The dark haired girl turned to him.

“Thanks for warning us, and getting us out without getting caught.” Neil shrugged.

“If someone had helped me like this when I was in school I might not have got caught. And I’d have avoided a whole heap of trouble.” He said with a smile, she smiled back. Which had the effect of lighting up her whole face. Neil found himself wanting to prolong their contact for as long as he could. “You going to head home now, or back to school.” The three of them looked at each other.

“Well, none of us can go home. Our mom’s are there, and I don’t know about the others but I can’t be arsed with school today.” The red hair said, her friends nodded in agreement.

“The problem is where do we go, if there’s truancy cops here they’ll be all over town by now.” The dark haired girl said. Her friends shrugged, offering no options. Neil spotted a chance to spend more time with them and jumped on it.

“If you’re really stuck you can come back to my place. It’ll be empty all day, my flat mate is at uni then he is working straight after till about eight. We’ve got a stereo, TV. That’s if you want.” The three girls all looked at each other, obviously not sure about it. “There’s beer in the fridge as well.” Neil added, hoping to sweeten the idea. The blonde perked her ears up at that.

“Beer, umm well… We can’t just hang around here all day, I say yes.” She said, the red head agreed quickly. The dark haired girl considered for a few seconds. Neil found himself holding his breath. Finally she nodded her agreement, Neil gave a soft gasp of joy. He quickly led them to his car, before they had chance to change their minds. It was only a short journey from the shopping centre to his house. A standard semi detached two bed house. During the journey he found out the names of the three girls. The dark haired girl was named Sara, the blonde was Tina and the red head was Rachel.

They headed into his house, soon they had the TV set on the music channels. Tina reminded him that he had mentioned beer. When he told her it was in the fridge she went and fetched a four pack, one for each of them. At first the three were subdued, soon however then began to relax. After a couple of beers the four of them were chatting and flirting. Neil was enjoying himself having the three girls flirting with him like they were. He had no illusions that it meant anything more than just having fun. But it was always nice to have any fit girl flirt with you, let alone three of them. The rest of the morning flew by, soon it was lunch. Neil offered to go buy something from the chip shop down the road. The girls all said no, and vanished into the kitchen. Returning shortly after with lunches for all of them. Along with more beer.

By now the girls were totally relaxed, they had removed their blazers, undone their ties and pulled out their white blouses out of their dark blue skirts. Shortly after lunch Rachel began to dance to the music on the TV. After one song Tina and Sara joined her. Neil sat watching as the three fit girls danced in front of him. Gyrating sensuously to the music. As he watched he began to think that they were all dancing closer than was normal. Then he saw that Tina and Rachel were dancing right up against each other. Running their hands along each other’s back. Then, to his total amazement, the pair began to kiss. Not a soft kiss, oh no, this was a full on hard kiss. Their mouths pressed against each other, tongues pushing into their mouths. Tina pulling Rachel into her tight. Neil watched, his eyes wide with amazement. Then Sara wandered over to him. She caught his hands and pulled him to his feet. Began to dance next to him, rubbing her body against him. Neil was caught between disbelief, lust, and embarrassment. Sara slipped her arms around him, sliding her body along his. Lust won as Neil could not believe his luck. His body reacted rapidly, his cock becoming hard in his jeans. Over her shoulder he could see Tina and Rachel kissing, Tina had her hand up Rachel’s blouse.

Sara caught his face in her hands, pulling his mouth down to hers. Kissing him softly at first, then harder. Neil responded, kissing her back. He felt her lips open slightly, took the offer to push his tongue into her mouth. As they kissed she moulded herself into him. Curling her arms around his neck, wrapping one leg around his hip. He reached down to run his hand along her thigh. Feeling the shape of her muscles under the thin tights she was wearing. She murmured softly into his kiss as it grew deeper and harder. He pulled her into him, she rubbed herself against his groin. There was no way she could not feel his hard on. When she reached down to rub her fingers along it he knew she had felt it. She broke away from the kiss and smiled at him.

“That feels nice and hard.” She whispered to him.

“What do you expect having a sexy girl like you rubbing against me. And with your friends snogging each others face off.” Neil said, nodding towards the other two. Who by now were on the sofa touching and kissing each other hard.

“Well, we thought as you saved us we should pay you back. And as you seemed interested in us, what better way.” She told him, glancing down to see what she was doing as she began to undo his jeans.

“I can’t think of one.” He said to her in a deep voice. She smiled up at him as she opened his jeans, reaching in to wrap her hand around him. “Oh shit,” he groaned at the feel of her fingers curled around him. She ran her hand along him, softly rubbing his cock.

“Is that good.” She whispered, he nodded. “I think I know something that’s better.” She added, then sank to her knees in front of him.

“Fuck me.” Neil gasped as she slipped her mouth around his cock. She sucked him into her, sliding her lips down him. Began to move along him, her lips tight around him. Sucking firmly on him as she moved her mouth up and down him. Neil moaned softly at the sensations her mouth was causing in him. She sucked hard on him then pulled her mouth back.

“I take it I was right about that being better.” She asked softly.

“Christ yes, but I don’t think I’ll last long if you do that.”

“Umm, all the better. Once you’ve cum you’ll be able to last longer when you fuck us.” Sara said, before running her tongue up the underside of his cock.

“Us?” He managed to gasp.

“Oh yes, the three of us want you. I just got to go first.” Neil looked down at her in total disbelief. The three of them wanted him to fuck them.

“Do you often say thanks like this.” He asked, she shook her head.

“Never had someone save us like you did.” She told him, “now about that not lasting long.” She added, as she slipped her mouth back over him. Neil groaned deeply as she sucked hard on him. Sliding her mouth along him, drawing him into her. Curling her tongue around him as she moved up and down. Sucking firmly on him, sliding faster along him. As he had told her it only took a short time for him to be on the edge of cumming.

“Shit, going to cum.” He gasped as he felt his balls tighten. Sara held him in her mouth, sucking hard on him. Drawing out his orgasm. With a moan of pleasure he came, pumping his cum into her mouth. She held herself still, taking his cum in her mouth. Waiting until he had emptied himself before swallowing slowly, letting him watch her as she did. Seeing her pretty face looking up at him as she swallowed his cum was one of the hottest sights he had ever had.

“Umm, that’s better.” She said to him as she licked her lips. She pushed herself up to stand in front of him. Leaning forwards to kiss him hard on the mouth. “I’m guessing you enjoyed that.”

“Oh yes.” He told her, as he did he heard a soft moan coming from the other side of the room. Glancing over he saw that Rachel was now naked, Tina nearly the same. Tina was licking and sucking on the red headed girls small, pert breasts. As she did the blonde girl was fingering her friend hard. It was Tina who was moaning softly, writhing slightly under her friend’s ministrations.

“Do they often do that.” Neil asked Sara who nodded in reply.

“They’ve been fucking each other on and off for over a year now. They’re waiting to finish school to come out together.” She told him, “Tina will want me to lick her out afterwards as well.“ Neil was shocked at her words. “Oh yes, I fuck them as well.“ As she spoke she began to undo her blouse. Neil instantly forgot about the two girls in the corner. His attention focused totally on the dark haired girl in front of him as she slowly undid her blouse. Neil began to breath fast, in anticipation of seeing what hinted at a perfect pair of breasts. He was not disappointed when she undid the blouse and slipped it off. Her breasts were perfect, round, pert, covered by a thin white bra. He licked his lips softly as Sara reached up to undo that bra, slipping the straps off her shoulders and letting it slip to the floor. Neil’s gaze focused on her breasts. They were perfect globes of flesh, each topped by a small pink nipple. Like the rest of her they had a slight olive complexion. He reached up to them with an almost unconscious motion. Softly cupping them, curling his fingers around them. Feeling their weight in his hands, the feel of their smooth firm flesh. With the two hard nipples pushing into his palms.

He lowered his head down to take one breast into it. Sara gave a soft moan, curling her arm around his neck. He sucked on the breast, drawing out the nipple. Licking his tongue over it. Savouring the feel of her breast in his mouth. Moving to do the same to the other breast, moving between them. Sara moaned softly, curling her fingers in his hair. Holding him to her, before gently pushing him downwards. Neil willingly accepted her wish. He sank down, pushing her skirt up. Hooking his fingers in her tights and panties he pulled them down. Sara stepped out of them, turning round to sit down in the chair behind them. She lifted her legs up, pulled down her skirt and opened them for him. Neil looked down at her exposed pussy, covered by a thin curl of black hair.

He reached up to part her lips, letting him see inside her. Before lowering his mouth down onto her. Licking his tongue along her pussy. Then pushing it into her, tasting her flavour. It was as sensuous and dark as she was. A deep musky flavour, with a hint of lemon to it. Like a deep flavoured wine Neil savoured it. Licking inside her slowly, drawing out her taste onto his tongue. Then he began to licked deeper, faster in her. Pushing his tongue up inside her. Probing his tongue into her, licking avidly at her. Sara moaned low in her chest, a deep sound of pleasure. He felt her pushing herself up at him. Her fingers curled in his hair, pulling him into her pussy. He continued to lick at her, tasting her, loving her taste. Until he felt her writhing growing, felt her pulling him upwards. Knowing what she wanted he let her guide his tongue onto her clit.

“Oh yes Neil.” Sara gasped firmly as he ran his tongue over the small bud of nerves. He did it again, then again. Each time Sara gasped hard. Neil began to lick hard at her clit. Flicking his tongue over it in rapid movements. Pressing firmly against it as he did. Sara’s gasps became louder, sharper. She pushed herself up at him, writhing in the chair. Glancing up he could see her hear twisting from side to side. He reached one hand up to cup a breast. Rubbing his fingers over her hard nipple. Sara gave a deep moan of pleasure. She was close to cumming, he could sense it. He ran his hand down her body, sliding it down to push two fingers hard into her. At the same time licking rapidly over her clitoris. Sara jolted up in the chair gasping hard.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuucckkk.” She breathed repeatedly as her orgasm burst in her. Neil continued to push his fingers in to her, licking at her clit hard. She arched back into the chair, moaning loudly as she did. Neil continued to lick at her until she sank down into the chair with a deep breath in. Neil pushed himself up, looking at her face. Seeing the flush on her cheeks and neck.

“I’m guessing you enjoyed that.” He said in a direct copy of her words earlier. She nodded slowly, then reached for him.

“Now all I need is you in me.” She whispered to him. Neil was only too happy to oblige. He moved between her legs as she curled them around him. Positioning himself against her wet pussy. With a single thrust he entered her.

“Oh god yes.” Sara groaned into his neck as he entered her. Neil gasped as he felt her warm, tight pussy opening around him. He pulled out, then thrust back in. Enlisting a sharp gasp from Sara, that matched his own. Quickly he build up his tempo. Thrusting in and out of her hard, deep. Pushing into her as far as he could. Her pussy opening around him, taking him into it’s depths. He groaned deeply as she began to push back into him.

“Yes Neil, fuck me Neil.” Sara gasped up at him as he increased his speed. Thrusting in harder, faster. Taking her deeply with strong thrusts. He grabbed at her breasts, pawing at them as he thrust in and out. Firmly pressing his fingers into their perfectly round form. Sara moaned, arching her back to give him better access to her breasts. He lent down and began to suck on them hard. Taking as much of them into his mouth as he could. Thrusting in and out hard, deep. Fucking her as fully as he could. She was pushing back into him, her legs tight around him. She reached down to drag her nails down his back. Neil sucked in a sharp breath at the sensation, which brought him to the very edge of cumming.

“God, going to cum.” He said, as a warning and a request.

“Do it, cum in me Neil.” Sara said, giving him permission. With a low groan he thrust hard into her and came. Groaning as he emptied himself in her. Sara gave a sharp hiss as he came, running her fingers down his chest. “God yes,” she moaned almost to herself as he pumped his cum in her. She kept her legs wrapped tight around him, even after he had finished cumming. Only releasing him when Rachel spoke from behind them.

“Are you going to share Sara, or do you want to keep him to yourself.” The red head said, Sara gave a soft giggle as she released him.

“Sorry, was caught up in the moment there.” She said as Neil pulled back. He stood and turned round to find Rachel right behind him. She reached up to pull him down into a hard kiss. He felt her open her mouth to his tongue, he probed into her. Sliding his hands up her back, round to cup her small breasts. Feeling them pressing into his hand. Her nipples felt big, hard as the pushed into his palms. Her tongue curled around his, dancing with his tongue. She pulled him against her hard, rubbing her body over his. He pushed her backwards towards the wall. Rachel went with him, until they reached the wall. There they continued to kiss hard, running their hands over each others body.

Neil ran his one hand down between her legs, rubbing at her pussy. Rachel moaned into their kiss. She broke away, leaning her head back against the wall. He could feel how wet she was, slipping a finger inside he felt her warmth. He pushed a second finger in, began to slide them deeply into her. Pushing them in and out of her hard. Rachel gasped, moaning deeply. She buried her face in his neck, gasping into him. He pushed his fingers deeply into her, sliding them in and out rapidly. Her moans grew harder, shriller. He felt her clinging to him.

Behind him he heard a soft sensual moan of pleasure. Glancing round he just had time to see Sara on her knees between Tina’s legs. The dark haired girl face was pressed into her friend’s pussy, obviously licking her out. From the moans of pleasure and the look on Tina’s face Sara was doing a good job. Then Rachel reached up to pull his head back round to face her.

“I want you in me now, I want to cum with your cock in me.” She told him, ordered him. Neil reached down to hook her legs, lifting her up. He guided himself into her, thrusting in hard. Rachel moaned sharply, wrapping her arms and legs around him. He began to thrust into her hard. Her pussy felt tighter than Sara’s had down. But was not as warm, nor felt as good a fit as Sara had. Still Neil was not complaining, having the chance to fuck this hot red head was more than he ever expected. He thrust in and out deeply, hard thrusts that buried him fully in her.

“Oh yes, yes, Neil fuck me yes.” Rachel moaned loudly, clinging tightly to him. Her face pressed to his neck, gasping hard. “Oh god, I’m close, oh fuck more, more.” She hissed, Neil gave her more. Ramming into her harder. Fucking her deeply, pushing his cock up inside her. After only a few seconds she was crying out. “Fuck, oh yes fuck, oh god cumming, cumming.” She cried, he felt her body jerking as her orgasm flashed through her. He added to it’s power by continuing to thrust into her hard. Pushing himself deep into her tight pussy.

Neil gasped deeply as he fought to keep up his pace. He felt her pushing down on him. Twisting her hips to thrust down into his thrusts. Burying his cock deeper in her. She kissed him hard on the mouth. He matched her kiss, pushing his tongue into her. Curling it around hers, in a snake like dance. His thrusts growing harder, faster. She was pushing back at him with matching speed. Both of them were gasping for breath, moaning in pleasure. Neil knew that he was building up to his orgasm. Groaning hard as he felt his body rushing towards it’s release.

“Cum Neil, cum in me.” Rachel gasped as his thrusts grew wilder. He grunted in reply, reaching the plateau before his release.

“Oh fuck Rachel.” He groaned as he plunged down into his orgasm.

“Yes, yes, cum Neil, cum.” She whispered as he pumped into her. Cumming hard, groaning as he emptied himself inside her. He held himself deep in her pussy until his orgasm had run it’s course. Then he carefully pulled back, lowering her gently down. She slide her legs down to gingerly take her weight, using the wall to hold herself up. Her face was lit up with her smile of sexual satisfaction. Neil smiled back, breathing hard as he recovered.

Behind him he heard a girl’s squeals of pleasure. He turned to see Tina in the throes of cumming. Sara licking hard at the blonde girl’s pussy as she came. The dark haired girl keeping up the pressure until Tina’s orgasm died. Finally Sara moved away, leaving Tina sprawled on the sofa. Neil moved over to her slowly, giving her chance to recover. She still had her blouse done up, only naked from the waist down. He knelt next to her, reaching up to undo the buttons. Removing it with slow movements. Then reaching under her to undo her bra. She pulled it off, dropping it to the floor. Her breasts were larger than Sara’s, but not the perfect globes of her friend. They hung down slightly, too large to retain their shape properly. Neil did not mind as he softly kneaded them with his fingers. Moulding the soft pink flesh with his hands. Rubbing over the large dark pink nipples. Rachel moaned softly, reached up to drag his mouth down to hers. Kissing him hard on the mouth. Pushing her tongue into his mouth, wrapping it firmly around his tongue. She reached down to run her hand over his cock. He quickly grew hard under her touch. She pulled his head back, looking him in the eyes.

“Fuck me hard Neil.” She grunted to him. “Ram that cock right into my cunt. I want you to take me as hard as you can.” She told him, each word almost snapped off in her need. Neil nodded, pulling her towards him.

“You want it hard, I’ll give it you hard. Now turn over, I’m going to do you from behind.” He said, his tone matching hers. Tina did as he said, turning over onto her front. Kneeling over the bottom seat of the sofa. She looked over her shoulder at him as he positioned himself behind her. He guided himself to her wet entrance. Reaching up to curl a hand over her shoulder he took a deep breath in. Then rammed up into as hard as he could.

“Oh fuck yes.” Tina gasped, arching her head back. He rammed in again and again, fucking her hard and deep. “Yes, like that, ram it into me.” She hissed back at him. He gripped her tightly, his fingers curled around her shoulder and hip. Began to ram in and out, fucking her hard and deep. Slamming his cock into her with each deep thrust.

“Oh god, harder, fuck my cunt harder.” Tina gasped, pushing back against him. Neil grunted in reply, slamming in hard. Pounding her tight pussy hard and fast.

“Is that what you want.” He grunted as he pounded her forcefully.

“Yes, fuck yes.” Tina replied in a shrill moan.

“My cock rammed into you.”

“Oh god, deep in my cunt. Fuck me hard, do it harder Neil. Fuck me harder.” Neil groaned as he fought to give her more. Ramming in at full force, slamming in and out. Her body rocking with each thrust. Her flesh rippling under his thrusts. She pushed herself up, arching her head back. Shrill moans coming from her throat.

“Yes, yes, so hard, Neil. Fuck yes I’m, oh god, FUCK!” With a squeal she came. Her body jolting with her orgasm. Neil grunted hard as he felt her jerking around him. “Oh don’t stop, Neil don’t stop.” She gasped hard as her orgasm ran through her. Neil did not, he grabbed under her to paw at her breasts. Pulling her back into him, ramming harder and harder into her. Pounding himself fully within her pussy.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes Neil, yes.” Tina groaned as he rammed up into her.

“Take it Tina, right up in you.” He grunted back as he rammed in again and again. The pressure building rapidly inside him. He grunted hard, his thrusts growing harder, wilder as his body build to another orgasm. “Here it comes, Tina, going to cum in your cunt.” He told her sharply as he reached the point of no return.

“Fuck yes Neil, right inside my cunt.” Tina groaned, pushing herself down on him. He buried himself totally inside her as he came. Groaning sharply at the pleasure flashing through him, Tina mewed in a shrill voice. Responding to his cum pumping into her. He held himself as far in her as he could for as long as he could. Even after he had emptied himself he remained buried in her. Finally his thighs began to cramp up and he had to pull back. Tina gave a soft gasp then twisted round to look at him. Smiling hard as she looked into his face.

“You know, I think you’re the first guy I’ve met who did that right. Most are too chicken to really go for it.” She said, gasping for breath between words.

“Between you three I’m so turned on I couldn’t do it any other way.” Neil replied, Tina nodded in reply. She glanced over to where Sara was sat by Rachel, the two girls fingering each other hard. Their mouths pressed tight against each other, tongues probing into each others mouth.

“When did you say your friend came home.” Tina asked.

“Not for a while, why.”

“Cos I think I’m going to want a second go in a bit. And I’m guessing the others will too.”

“We should certainly have chance before he gets back.” Tina smile widened at his words.

“We had better.” Neil heard Sara say. “Cos I want to ride you hard Neil.” She added.

“And I want you buried deep in my ass.” Rachel told him, he was surprised but nodded his agreement. What guy would not agree to fucking a girls ass if asked.

“Umm, that sounds like fun to me too.” Tina said with a lustful look at him.

“We’ll have plenty of time for me to fuck all of you again before he gets home. But I need a drink and a rest first.” The three girls laughed and nodded.

“That’s ok.” Sara said,” I think we can come up with something to keep ourselves entertained until then.” And she, Rachel and Tina began to do just that. As Neil watched the three girls fingering and kissing he knew it was not going to be long before he was ready for them again.


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