The story continues
This story is 100% fantasy. Its sick and demented. All characters are fake, I have never done anything like this before nor do I ever plan on it, it is just a fantasy. If you don't like the themes don't read it. For full enjoyment read part one first.

Now on to part two...

As Brandon balls deeped Kyle, Kyle tried to get away, which just made Brandon pull him back harder on to his stiff cock for a second balls deep thrust deep into his virgin ass hole. Kyle's cock was soft and flying back and forth as Brandon pounded his tight ass. With each thrust Kyle let out a deep moan of pain. Kyle's and Brandon's balls were bouncing against each other with each thrust. Out of nowhere Brandon starts smacking his brother's ass. He was really enjoying it. Brandon yelled "yeah, take it little boy bitch" as he pounded away his raw ass.

Brandon pulled his cock out of his brother's tight ass flipped him over onto his back and shoved his cock back in his ass. While he was fucking him he started stroking his Brother's cock. Now they were both hard, his hard 5 inch cock bouncing against his stomach Brandon thrust deep inside and grunted several times releasing a huge load inside the boys ass. He sat there for a second his cock getting soft in his brothers ass then he pulled it out with a pop. Cum and blood started to drip from Kyle's ass as he assumed the fetal position.

I looked at Brandon and said "what do you want to do next"?

He looked back and me and said "fuck my other brother of course". Josh looked scared, almost horrified. Brandon grabbed him and threw him on the bed on his back. Brandon's cock was again at full attention and soon slid deep into Josh's ass. Josh started crying and begged his brother to stop by Brandon kept shoving his cock deeper and deeper into the gaping hole I had left from fucking him earlier. Soon his cock was all the way in. He started a good rhythm of fucking and then told his brother to stroke his own dick he wanted him to enjoy being fucked. Josh complied crying the who time as his brother continued to fuck him not giving a shit about his brother's wishes.

While this was happening I went over to Kyle, crying on the corner of the bed still in the fetal position and began rubbing his back. I rolled him over on to his back. His eyes were red and he was still crying. I ran my hand up and down his beautiful body circling his small nipple, he had given up trying to fight it and just laid there and let me do with him as I pleased. My hand slid down his body over his perfect abs and then stopping right over his dick. I wrapped my thumb and index finger around his soft cock and slowly began sliding it up and down. He cock steadily got harder with ever stroke of my finger and soon he was back to his throbbing 5 inches of hardness. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and used my thumb to message the underside of his cock just below the head with my thumb. His eyes rolled back in his head. He was in complete ecstasy. I looked over and just caught Brandon cumming in Josh's ass. Now that he had fucked both of his Brothers he was worn out. He laid on his back next to Josh whose eyes were blood shot just like Kyle's.

I continued to play with Kyle's dick which was getting me hard. I straddled his body and rubbed our cocks together. His body jolted from this contact and he began thrusting his cock against mine. Brandon taking notice began doing the same thing to Josh. We were all grinding against someone else. Kyle began grinding faster and faster and then suddenly he stopped and shot 3 big strings of cum all over our cocks. This made me so hot and flustered and I came almost immediately after.

I laid down against Kyle and pressed my lips against his and surprisingly he kissed back. My tongue was soon down his throat as we made out both watching Brandon grind on Josh's cock. We knew it wouldn't be long before Brandon Blew his third load for the night all over his brother's cock. I watched intently waiting for it. Josh was dry cumming over and over again. Then suddenly Brandon blew his load. He slowed his grinding and laid his body down against his brother's.

I got up off the bed and grabbed Kyle by the hair and dragged him off the bed. He was on the ground screaming his brothers too worn out to try and help stop me as I began handcuffing him to the wooden x in the corner of the room. As soon as he was tied up I grabbed a cat of nine tail from off the wall. I rubbed the leather staps against his perfect body, then lifted and began flailing him focusing mainly on his stomach but also his nipples and upper thighs. His brothers were telling me to stop but I kept beating him. He was covered in bruises when I finally stopped. He had passed out from all the pain. His body hung limp on the x as I put his soft dick in my mouth. It got hard even though he was passed out. I took his dick out of my mouth and went over to the bed. I sat down and next to Josh and Brandon. They looked at my in horror wondering what I would do to them next.

To be continued.

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2011-11-25 00:17:05
wow..very nice storyy

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2011-11-05 09:36:40
i know u really dont like this kind of stuff but ur story was really great i love 2 see what he will do 2 the boys in part 3 ^_^

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