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The Moms Incident #2

It had been nine weeks since Ginger had introduced Vivian to her fuck buddies. Vivian had been coming over to Gingers several times a week for a fuck session as she called them. Terry Gingers son had been fucking Vivian at least five to ten times a week. After the sessions where both women had been fucked they would sit in the kitchen topless leaking cum from both orifices joking about walking bowel legged. Vivian no longer cried whenever she was ass fucked, she had become accustomed to it. Both women sat at the table drinking coffee, it appears they both had concerns.

Ginger finally spoke, “I’ve got so disturbing news this afternoon”. Vivian look puzzled, “What kind of news”? “Well Russell called a couple of hours ago”. “The merger is in progress and he will be coming home next week”. “Wow now that really sucks a big one”. “Yes Vivian it will change or completely eliminate our sessions”. Vivian adjusted herself in the chair”Do we have an alternative”? Ginger sat looking up at the ceiling “I’m not sure we do”. “The guys have a small apartment over on Locust Ave but it’s a studio”. “Not enough room for our sessions, that’s for sure”.

Vivian looked at Ginger “Well when it rains it pours I guess”. “This morning I discovered I’m pregnant”! Ginger eyes opened wide “You’re really pregnant”? “Yes and I’m certain it’s Terry’s”. “How can you be that certain”? “Terry’s been fucking me twice a session in the pussy”. “He always leaves a large deposit, like today”. She giggled, “But the other guys use my ass or I suck them off”. “Talk about when it rains it pours, wow”.

For the next twenty minutes they discussed the problem confronting them, they realized it was almost five so Vivian had to get home before her husband arrived.
Ginger walked with her to the bathroom, while she was changing she said “Look Vivian we’ll work all this out, but what are you going got do about the baby, and have you told Terry”? Vivian shook her head “Right now I’m confused, we’ll talk tomorrow”.

Friday the two women sat at a local eatery, they order drinks, before the drinks were brought Ginger asked Vivian. “So what are you going to do about your problem”? “Ginger I’m not really sure”. “If I have it I can convince me husband it’s his, but”. Ginger cut her off in mid sentence, “Are you fucken nuts”? “Look Viv you already have two kids, your husband doesn’t fuck you very often and besides all that Terry is way too young”. There drinks came they ordered, the waiter left. “Look Vivian there’s a clinic downtown that does these things the same day”. “You’ll be sore for a few days but that it”. While there at it they can tie your tubes so this doesn’t happen again”. Vivian looked shocked. “Vivian, don’t look at me with the deer in the headlights look”. “What I’m telling you is what I did”.
After a minute Vivian spoke, “So you had an abortion lately”? “Listen Viv with all the bare cock fucking we’ve been getting unless were on the pill this had to happen”. “Now they can flood me with cum it can’t do anything”. Lunch arrived; the waiter left Vivian asked “Can you get me the address”? “I’ll do better then that I’ll take you next week”. “Great let’s eat”.

Now the topic shifted gears to the Russell coming home issue. Ginger explained her plan. “I’m going to tell him I have a fuck buddy”. “If he doesn’t like it he can leave”. “Wow Ginger have you thought this through”? “Yes I have”, since he’s been in London I’ve had more great sex then my entire married life with him”. Vivian looked at Ginger in total disbelief. “Ginger what about your kids”? “They’ll be fine Vivian”.

The conversation stopped as they ate lunch. Lunch finished Ginger asked “Hey Vivian tomorrow night I heard they might have invited a friend of Deon’s”. “Frank told me the guys has a horse cock”, even bigger then Deon’s”. “Look Vivian, lets have a good time this weekend, fuck our brains out and Monday we’ll deal with your problem, OK”? “OK Ginger lets go I need to get a couple pair of panties”.

They paid for lunch and headed to the boutique. After a couple pf hours of shopping they agreed to talk either later Friday or Saturday before the party. When Ginger arrived home Terry was at the kitchen table with a soda and cookies. “Hi mom what’s up”? Nothing honey were all still on for Saturday”? “Yup”.

An hour later Ginger was heading to her bedroom as she passed Terry’s door she overheard a conversation he was having. Who ever he was talking to he was arguing with. “I don’t know I like there pussies the way they are, nice and tight”. “Well OK but just this once, then that’s it”. He ended the call and Ginger walked in. “What was that all about”? “Deon’s friend Dante has a huge cock”. “So”. “Well Frank invited him to come over Saturday night”. “So”. “I don’t want a huge black cock in my mom”! “Well honey Deon and Roy both fucked me and it was OK with you, so what’s the big deal”? “Mom his cock is huge”. “Honey lets wait to see, OK”?

Saturday Ginger and Vivian were getting ready for the party, it would start later then usual as Al and Frank had to work till six so the target was seven thirty. Both women had smoked two joints each before they heard talking and laughing from the den.

“Ginger we look like two whores dressed like this”. “I know, I frankly like the look when I’ve got cum leaking from every hole personally”. “You’re such a slut Ginger”. “So”. They headed off to meet the guys.

In the den they were handed fresh joints which they light up and started inhaling immediately. Deon introduced them to Dante. After some small talk about Vivian's ass getting accustomed to fucking and how nice and tight both of there pussies were, the atmosphere changed. Dante took Ginger’s hand “Would you like to come to bed with me Ginger? “Yes I would”. Heading towards the bedroom she realized Dante, Frank, Al and Terry were with them.

In her bedroom Dante kissed her full open mouth, his tongue went deep into her throat and her tongue in twined with his. She felt her tits being rubbed her nipples being sucked and her pussy being rubbed and a finger was in her ass. All these sensations were short circuiting her and she felt the burning between her legs growing. They laid her on the bed and the message continued without Dante’s tongue in her mouth. She moaned as a small orgasm racked her body. The guys now moved off as Dante got between her legs; he again kissed her with tongue. Now she felt pressure at her pussy lips, he worked the head up and down on her moist lips until finally they parted allowing the cock head access to her pussy canal. My god its huge was all she could think as he gently pushed it in. Moaning with delight she wiggled her ass in an up and down and then circular motion to allow the huge cock to get in. After five minutes she felt completely filled, “Baby how much more cock do you have”? “I’m only half way Ginger”. Looking down at the huge cock she realized the truth, it was only half way. With a quick push another third went in. The cock was past her cervix and deep in her womb. He held it steady in her. The feeling was electric, her hips started bucking up and down her ass rotating, she was moaning there was a climax coming which she had never felt before. “Ughhhhhhh! Fuck me”, she screamed the rock hard cock pushed a little deeper. “Screaming with pleasure and a little pain the orgasm hit her; she lost consciousness for a few seconds trembling with body spasms of pleasure, then there was a hot pressure as she felt cum blasted into her. The force of the cum coming out of his cock actually hurt it came out with suck force. Another spasm rocked her, screaming she collapsed. They both lay there for several minutes before Dante rolled off.

Ginger cuddled next to him; she was leaking cum. “Baby please let’s do this again soon”! Dante replies “Ok Ginger but I was hoping to get the whole thing in and you only took three quarters”. “I promise to try again tonight to get the whole thing in OK”? “OK we’ll see”. Her other fuck buddies got her on all fours for a double penetration fuck. She saw Dante leave the room.

Dante headed for Vivian’s room he stopped in the den for a couple of hits on his half smoked joint. He just sat there listening to Vivian moaning with delight as the guys fucked her. The pot made his dick rock hard and since he had cum once he wasn’t in any hurry for another disappointment. He sat there thinking if the bitch takes the whole thing she’s mine forever. From the guest room he heard a scream; well he thought they must have her well fucked by now. He figured cum is a great lubricant and after three cocks working the pussy a bit this may be the one. He thought sounds great in theory but I’ve been disappointed many times. Slowly he got out of the chair and headed for the guest room.

Vivian was laying on the bed spread eagle, it was apparent she had just been double penetrated as her pussy and ass were both leaking cum. The guys smiled and Roy said “She all lubed up for you man”!

Dante dropped his shorts, she gasped at the size of his cock, “Wow now that’s what I call a whopper”. Everyone laughed, Dante said “Ginger gave up at three quarters it’s your turn now”. Vivian took the giant in her hands, kissed the head and attempted to get the head in her mouth. Pulling back she licked the head with her tongue getting it really wet and tried again. The head went in but that was all she was capable of, if he ever wants a blow jobs this is the max limit she thought.
After a couple of kisses and tongue licking he pulled back and got between her legs. The head moved slowly up and down on her swollen wet, sloppy pussy lips. There was a pressure and it just slipped in. Looking up at him she cooed it feels wonderful honey, he started pushing deeper. Her well lubed cunt oozed cum around the large dick as it made it’s decent into her pussy. Half way in he looked at her and asked “How does it feel”? “I’m completely filled if you give me a moment to adjust I promise I’ll take more”. Her pussy muscles contracted around the large cock as if it was giving it a hand job. A minute or so passed spreading as wide as possible with her legs way up she yelled to the guys “Hold my legs as wide as you can”. Smiling she coaxed Dante “Push more in, please”. Dante decided to go for it; with a grunt he sunk balls deep into her pussy. Her eyes and mouth shot open, all she could do was grunt as an orgasm pushed its way up from her pussy like she had never experienced before. Screaming, she dug her nails into his shoulders pulling him close she whispered “Pump it baby”. He pumped her pussy balls deep for ten minutes she had at least five more orgasms, he finally gave one last deep push held it in and the experience of him flooding her pussy took her breath away. She lost conscious for a couple of moments, regaining her consciousness she realized he was still pumping cum into her, she had another orgasm.

Collapsing on her they were both breathing heavily for a couple of minutes at which point he removed his cock. It plopped out followed by a torrent of cum. The guys just stared, finally Frank ask her “Vivian are you all right”? “Frank in my entire life I’ve never been better”. The guys put her panties on her, now we’ll see the effect of a giant cock. Roy yelled “Vivian were going into the den are you guys coming”? “Give us a few minutes please Roy”. Vivian nuzzled her head under his chin “Baby you want me to lick our cock clean”? “I sure do”. She cleaned every last drop of cum of his cock balls and ass hole. She looked at him “Dante you can have this pussy any time you’d like from now on, please take my cell number”. “Vivian you are the first women who has taken the entire cock in her pussy, believe me we’ll be doing this often”. “Now let’s go to the den so everyone can see the mess I’ve made”.
“You got it baby”.

In the den they were all talking about Vivian’s pussy allowing the entire cock in, balls deep no less. Ginger stared at her in disbelief. Ginger had cum oozing out of her two holes; bit Vivian was actually dripping through her panties. Ginger asked “Girl you’re leaking like a faucet”. Vivian just smiled a content smile “So what, the way it got there justifies the leaking out”.

Dante looked at Ginger; she smiled and asked “Want to try one more time”? “Yes I most certainly do”. Ginger and Dante went to the bedroom followed by the entire room. They got on the bed; she quickly removed her panties and spread wide for him. He got between her legs and pushed his cock into her sloppy pussy. This time the head slipped in easily. Dante didn’t waste any time he just pushed the giant cock all the way in. Vivian who was watching told Al and Terry grab her ankle and keep her spread she can take it all. They grabbed her ankles and held her open he bottomed out deep in her pussy. She moaned, grunted and thrashed about as the first orgasm hit her like an electrical shock. As he started pumping her she felt herself cum almost every second or third push down. He pulled about half way out and rammed it home, she screamed as he held his cock as deep as he could get. Cum flowed from his like a faucet. Her pussy was soaked, she almost fainted as yet another violent orgasm hit her. He collapsed on her. The entire room cheered as Al said “See Dante you now have two women who can accommodate your cock, we told you they would”.

Were going into the den was the guys response and everyone left except Vivian. Both women licked his cock clean. Then Ginger asked “Would you take my cell number in case you need your nut sack emptied during the week”. Dante looked at both of them, he was grinning “We will all be in bed together very soon ladies. “Now I have to go so enjoy your fuck buddies”. “I’ll call both of you next week”. He got up kiss the both and headed to the den.

They women sat on the bed both had stupid smiles on there faces. Cum was leaking out of them, they had cum in there hair, on there faces the fact was they were covered in cum. “Vivian first thing Monday we need to handle the problem you’ve got, right”? “Yes we do, I just want that log in my pussy again”. “So do I darling but let’s not tell the guys what he said they may get jealous, we wouldn’t want to loose them either, right”? “Right they all need our TLC. They both laugh and headed for the den. In the hall Ginger said, “Vivian your walking funny”. Vivian’s reply was “So what so are you”. They were giggling like school girls as they entered the den.

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-25 01:33:45
Could you write them any more stupid? I mean, do you any women who actually talk or think like your characters? Or do you know anyone who had their tubes tied? Because you don't seem to have the faintest idea what is involved or how long recovery is. I doubt you've even been with a real woman either.

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-04 01:18:02
Good story. With all the fucking Ginger should get pregnant too preferably by her son Terry. Then both women's babies would have the same father. I agree that abortion is not an option and if the babies are black and the husbands can't accept that fact then divorse or separation should happen.

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-26 01:20:00
Good story. I disagree with the abortion aspect pf this story. If the women are so horny and their husbands are not able to adjust to the fact of their wive's having fuck buddies then they should leave their husbands and have constant orgies with their fuck buddies and have their babies. I have more than twenty babies around the us from 7 diferent women and nobody has complained. We've all just enjoyed the moment.

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-04 18:05:37
I have known women who have had abortions and they all regret it now, because they all believe they killed there child. Before they did it they were pro choice. Now they see it as a horrific choice.

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