Concensual Incest And Inbreeding..
The next day after mass and everyone leaves the church father Flanigan say " Ok children it's time to prove those blasphemous Atheists wrong " and he locks the front door of the church and takes a seat behind the alter and starts reading passages from the bible as Jayden and Sonia already naked stand in front of the alter and cross and begin to hug and kiss each other. After hugging and kissing she gets on her knees and starts sucking her twin brothers cock, he let's out a moan and says " That feels so good " and he grabs the back of her head and pushes more of his cock into her mouth. She sucks his rock hard cock for a while before he gets her into doggy style position and getting on his knees behind her he starts licking her pussy, Sonia moans loudly as her brother licks her clitoris.

After eating her pussy he slides his rock hard pulsing cock into her vagina and starts to fuck her hard, fast and deep, Sonia lets out a huge moan as her brother pumps her cunt. Father Flanigan says " That's right my boy shoot your seed deep inside her and make her pregnant so we can prove that the faithful are blessed with Gods protection to the world ". Jayden fucks her harder, faster and deeper until his body starts to shake and he screams as he shoots loads of baby making sperm into his twin sisters pussy, he keeps his cock inside her making sure she takes his whole load until he finally pulls it out and he says " That one got you pregnant for sure Eve " Sonia smiles and says " I hope so Adam " father Flanigan laughs and says " Yes that's right you are the new Adam and Eve " then he says " And I'm the guardian angel who won't let the serpent enter our garden of Eden ".

Jayden fucks his twin sister every night in front of the alter and cross making sure he shoots his load deep into her vagina and after a month has passed Sonia tells father Flanigan that she missed her period. Father Flanigan says " Yes!! God has blessed you with a child, a child that will crush the Atheist sinners and prove that God loves the faithful ". Father Flanigan doesn't want Sonia going to a hospital so he gets some nuns who have helped deliver babies before to live in the church and help Sonia with anything and everything she needs. Father Flanigan doesn't tell the nuns who the father of the child is instead he says " Sonia was a troubled girl who made a lot of mistakes before she found Gods love and that even she doesn't know who the father of her child is ", Jayden and Sonia are told to say the same thing if the nuns asked any questions.

As the due date draws closer and closer father Flanigan talks to Jayden and Sonia and says " If it's a boy we'll call him Cain and if it's a girl then we'll call her Mary " then he says " After the baby is born and some time has passed you must conceive another child ". Finally the 9th month has come and Sonia starts to feel the contractions, the nuns do everything their supposed to do and after several hours Sonia gives birth to a healthy baby boy, father Flanigan sees the healthy baby boy and thinks to himself { This is proof that God protects the faithful, a healthy baby boy born from the union of a twin brother and sister }. The nuns stay for another month teaching Sonia everything she needs to know to raise a baby and at the end of the month father Flanigan thanks the nuns for all their help and good work before he sends them to another church.

Father Flanigan, Jayden and Sonia raise baby Cain in the church and when anyone else sees the baby father Flanigan says " The baby was left on the steps of the church and that he will be raised by his employees Jayden and Sonia until the baby is old enough to enter the orphanage ". 2 months after the birth of Cain Jayden and Sonia resume fucking in front of the alter and cross trying to conceive a brother or sister for Cain and after fucking her very night for 2 weeks and at the end of the month she misses her period.

Father Flanigan is very happy, his great experiment is working and soon he will have all the evidence he needs in order to prove both the Atheist community and Medical Science wrong. He gets some other nuns from another church to move into his church and help Sonia with everything she needs and just like the first nuns he tells them that Sonia used to be a prostitute before she found Jesus and she has no idea who the father is.

The months pass quickly and on the 9th month Sonia gives birth to a baby girl who appears healthy except for having a sixth finger on both hands. At father Flanigans request Sonia names the baby Mary and after a month of helping Sonia with her new baby the nuns leave Flanigans church. Father Flanigan decides that 2 children from the union of a twin brother and sister is enough and that the rest of his experiment lies with Cain and Mary so he tells Jayden and Sonia that they can continue to make love to each other but Jayden must not get her pregnant again.

The years pass quickly and Cain and Mary are home schooled by nuns from other churches who have no idea that Jayden and his twin sister are the parents of Cain and Mary. Some of the nuns realize that Cain is having a really hard time learning and they diagnose him as having A,D,D Attention Deficit Disorder and that Mary also has A,D,D and suffers from extremely weak vision in her left eye and very weak hearing in her left ear but Father Flanigan ignores this thinking to himself { this could have happened even if the parents weren’t blood related }.

The years pass quickly and despite their disabilities father Flanigan, Jayden, Sonia, Cain and Mary live as one big happy family. Cain and Mary are raised as Creationists and when they reach the age of puberty they are told of father Flanigans plan and it's revealed to them that their parents Jayden and Sonia are in fact twin siblings. When Cain turns 18 father Flanigan tells him that now he must take part in the experiment and that he must sleep with his mother and give her a baby, he says " If the baby is born healthy then I'll have all the proof I need to crush those blasphemous Atheists "…
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