Chapter 1

Most kids have no idea what they really want to do or be. Good thing, too—how many firemen, police officers, or cowboys do we really need? It’s very common to change one’s mind many times. For Jamie and Jordan, however, that idea never occurred to either of them. Once when Jamie was sixteen a senior football star seemed to be getting serious with her so when she came home after a date Jordan spoke to her about their future, “It looks like Jimmy is getting serious about you. If you want to change your mind about me I’ll understand.” Jamie set her jaw and, grabbing him by the shirt with both hands, pulled him close. “Do I look like a switch that turns on and off? Jimmy may think he’s serious about me but you’re the only one I care about and the only one I’d ever think about fucking. I’ve just been keeping up appearances like we discussed. In fact, I broke up with him tonight, not that we ever really had anything. Do you love me?” Intimidated, Jordan nodded, “I was afraid I was going to lose you.” Jamie rolled her eyes before continuing, “For a genius you can be really dense sometimes. Don’t you think I love you just as much as you love me? Never ask me such a stupid question again, OK?” Jordan gulped and nodded again. “Good,” Jamie finished, ”All the jerk did was make me hot for you so I hope you plan on fucking me silly tonight as soon as Mom and Dad go to sleep. Now kiss me.” Jordan leaned down (he was now two inches taller than Jamie) to initiate a long hot and wet kiss. He brushed against Jamie’s soft lips opening his mouth as he did. Jamie slid her tongue into Jordan’s mouth and, moving her hands from the front of his shirt to his back, embraced him tightly. Jamie loved kissing Jordan almost as much as she loved fucking him and taking that huge penis of his into her mouth. That was something else that had grown. It was now eight inches long and about two and one-half inches thick. They kissed and held each other until they heard their mother calling Jamie, “How was your date tonight, Jamie?” Jamie broke the kiss with a conspiratorial “Later!” and went to break the news that she had broken up with yet another boy. Jessie couldn’t understand why Jamie went through so many boys. Little did she realize Jamie had already found her true love—her own brother! Later that night Jamie stole into Jordan’s room. They had decided to use his bed exclusively while their parents were around because it would be impossible to justify the presence of semen on her sheets. Jordan was waiting and ready—naked, cock in his hand and the bed turned down. Jamie couldn’t wait. She climbed onto Jordan to “69” him. Jordan lay on his back tickling her clit with his tongue while he massaged her large firm breasts and teased her nipples between his fingers. Meanwhile, Jamie was doing her part. She licked Jordan’s massive phallus from tip to base and took one of his balls into her mouth to lick and suck. What she was giving and receiving was making her hot for fucking. In time she could take no more. She jumped up and reversed, slowly lowering herself onto Jordan’s oaken erection. Once she had bottomed out she leaned forward to kiss her brother. As their tongues intertwined Jamie was bucking wildly, anchored to the bed only by the cock penetrating her moist pussy. She rammed her clit into Jordan’s pubic bone with such force that she was actually hurting him, not that he would ever complain. After almost fifteen minutes of strenuous fucking she came—and, WOW, did she come hard! Had she not been kissing Jordan she might have screamed to show the power of her orgasm. Seconds later Jordan shot rope after rope after rope of hot semen into her. So copious was his flow that it ejected from her cunt with every stroke they made. Soon the bed was a sticky mess. As they came down from their high they lay together, holding and caressing each other until Jordan whispered, “Feel free to break up with another boy friend any time.” Jamie gave him a kidding jab in the ribs. “Thanks for fucking me silly,” she whispered just before kissing him and returning to her room, exhausted and ready for sleep.

Jordan had completed seventh and eighth grades in one year and was waltzing through high school in three years maintaining outstanding grades as he completed the normal four years in less than three by doubling up on math and science courses and taking the required program in English, Social Studies, and French. He would graduate as Valedictorian, while Jamie was a respectable 23rd in a class of almost three hundred. Jakob and Jessie couldn’t understand why Jordan turned down full scholarships from MIT, Harvard, and Cal Tech in favor of attending the State University, even though he had a full ride there, too. “Jamie and I want to go to school together, Dad,” Jordan explained. ‘State did pretty well by you, didn’t it?”

Chapter 2

Just as had been the case twenty years ago there weren’t enough dorm rooms to go around so Jordan was offered twelve hundred dollars monthly for off-campus room and board. Jakob and Jessie took their children to look for a place to live and found the same cottage where they had lived was available. The old farmer had passed away but his wife remembered the first couple to rent from them and was thrilled to be able to rent to their children. Together Jakob and Jordan had little difficulty moving their furniture into the cottage. Jamie had asked for a double bed, explaining, “It’s what I’m used to,” so they put her bed, desk, and bookcase into the bigger bedroom—the one Jakob and Jessie had enjoyed during their student years. Jordan was happy to take the small one, not that he planned to sleep there even once. About a week before classes were to begin Jordan and Jamie moved their belongings to the cottage in preparation for orientation. They hugged their parents, assuring them that everything would be fine and that they would help each other with everything—cooking, cleaning, classes, studying, and even with social activities like dances and parties, even though it was much more likely that Jamie would be involved because while she was eighteen, Jordan was only sixteen, much younger than any of the other university students. Jordan had his arm around Jamie as they waved good bye to their parents. “I love them,” Jamie told her brother, “but I’m glad to see them go.” She paused when Jordan turned to look at her. “After all that sweaty work I need a shower.” Jamie smiled as she led her brother into the bathroom. Their clothes fell to the floor as they undressed each other. Jamie was now five feet eight inches tall, weighing 120 pounds and measuring 35D-25-35. She still had that wonderful three-inch space between her legs that Jordan (and all the other boys) adored. It was topped by a thin strip of trimmed hair. She had light brown hair that hung straight to her shoulders, framing her blue eyes and high cheek bones. She was drop dead gorgeous—Playboy centerfold material! Jordan stood before her at six feet, 180 pounds. He had a strong body from years of working summers at one of the farms his father supervised. His hair still looked like straw with a perpetual cowlick that lots of girls found irresistible. Had they known what Jamie knew—about his huge cock—he would have had girls falling all over him. Jamie turned to kiss Jordan, stroking his flaccid penis as she did. Jordan cupped her ass cheeks, rubbing his fingers up and down her crack, a definite signal of what he wanted. Jamie pulled back from the kiss, saying, “I’d like you in there, too.”

They stepped into the tub together. Once the water was warm enough they washed each other carefully, paying special attention to their genitals and Jamie’s ass. Jamie knelt, fondling Jordan’s huge erection in one hand and his heavy balls in the other. She had long ago mastered the knack of taking all of him into her mouth and throat. She looked up at her brother and, while maintaining eye contact, slowly licked around his cock head and tip, teasing him as she did. Gently she kissed it, causing it to throb in her hand. When she opened her mouth, Jordan moaned in anticipation of what was to come. It was only a second later that his cock disappeared into Jamie’s mouth. Jamie ran her tongue up and down the underside of his sensitive shaft. Jordan was weak in the knees so he had to steady himself against the shower wall. Jamie laughed, “Don’t tell me I’m getting to you already. I’m only beginning. Just you wait.” Jordan raised his eyes, knowing that Jamie was a girl of her word. He was in for something wonderful tonight. As Jamie continued to suck his cock she moistened several fingers and pushed them into his ass to rub his prostate. Jordan sank to his knees, no longer able to support himself on his legs. Jamie released him so she could stand over his head, her wet pussy only inches from his face. Jordan was a genius, but it didn’t take one to figure out what Jamie wanted. He reached up with his tongue to flick at her love tunnel and clit. Now it was Jamie’s turn. As Jordan licked her he pushed several fingers into her cunt and two more into her ass, preparing her for larger things later. Jamie needed more and she was out to get it. She moved Jordan to the floor of the tub before straddling his hips. She sank onto his cock as it stretched her pussy almost to what she believed must be her breaking point even though her pussy never did break. She rocked slowly in the cascading water, not eager for an orgasm for this was only a preliminary to the anal they had promised each other. Jamie reached up to shut off the water just as it began to turn cold. Carefully they rose and stepped from the tub. They dried each other slowly and sensually, taking time to nibble and lick at each other—ears, nipples, and navels among other things. Then Jamie led him to her bed. She kneeled at the end of the bed, lowering her head and spreading her knees, exposing her moist cunt and delectably tight ass to Jordan. He stepped behind her and slid directly into her hole, the same one he had just vacated. He fucked her very, very slowly. He wanted to heat her up, not make her cum, and he was successful. Jamie gyrated around his cock as Jordan drove her wild with desire. It was only seconds before her craving evolved to lustful need. Despite Jordan’s slow motions Jamie soon began to hump him furiously. This would never do. If not careful he would make Jamie cum much too soon, and while she was definitely multi-orgasmic, he wanted this to last. He lubed two fingers and inserted them into her ass, sliding them in and out, twisting them to relax her anus and spread the lubricant throughout. When he thought she was ready he pulled out of her pussy and repositioned behind her butt. There was a small hole remaining from the action of his fingers so that was where he aimed. Jamie was well accustomed to having Jordan in her ass so there was little delay and no pain with his entrance. His cock “popped” when the head slipped past her sphincter, just as it always did. Jamie pushed back, intent on spearing herself on his cock. They were too hot now to go slowly. They fucked each other hard and as fast as humanly possible. When Jordan reached between her legs to finger her cunt and tease her clit Jamie became so hot she was gushing juice from her pussy. A little twist of her clit brought her orgasm from deep within her rushing to the surface. She shook and trembled and shuddered and gyrated as she screamed at the top of her lungs releasing all her pent up frustrations of the past week. Being in close quarters with her parents had meant no touching, no sucking, and worst of all, no fucking. She fell into a twisted heap onto the bed, Jordan still firmly implanted in her butt. Patiently he waited for her to recover, moving his cock only enough to maintain his erection, taking time to gently kiss her neck and ears. Being young and in love Jamie was ready again in only minutes. She flipped over, rotating on his still erect organ. She slipped her legs over his shoulders, encouraging Jordan to lean forward, an action that forced his cock even deeper into her bowel. Jamie smiled at him, encouraging him to fuck her again. She pulled his lips to hers, penetrating his mouth with her tongue just as he had penetrated her ass with his massive prick. Jamie rocked her hips up as Jordan pushed into her. They quickly established a smooth rhythm—neither slow nor fast—but just enough to drive both of them crazy with yearning for each other. Gradually they increased their pace demanding from each other the ecstasy they both craved and needed. As their heat built together, so their orgasms began to find their way from deep within to the surface. Jamie clenched her ass at the same time Jordan fingered her G-spot, bringing them mutual and simultaneous rapture. Jamie convulsed wildly as Jordan shot rivers of cum into her intestine. So intense was his orgasm that it seemed he would never run out of semen. When he finally pulled from her butt it ran in rivers from the remaining gape. They were both dripping in sweat and cum and pussy juice. They laughed as Jordan pulled her from the bed with his hand in her ass to keep the cum from running all over the floor en route to the shower. Hopefully, the water would be warm again. Then they’d have to change the sheets if they ever hoped to sleep tonight.

Chapter 3

The following morning they had a scheduled campus tour. They drove to campus in Jordan’s six year old Honda Civic. It had lots of miles on the odometer but still ran well and had a decent interior. Jamie was always after Jordan to spend some of the money he had earned when he wrote and sold two computer games, but so far he had refused telling her the Honda was fine. They ate lunch in the student union at the conclusion of their tour, Jamie eliciting plenty of attention from a group of boys. She dissuaded them by holding Jordan’s hand and kissing him several times. They had the afternoon free so they returned to their cottage where they did their laundry before they ran out of sheets. They climbed into Jamie’s bed just to hold each other, reveling at the touch of each other’s skin. Jamie couldn’t resist—her fingers found Jordan’s organ, swiftly bringing it to its maximum length and girth. “Uh, Jamie,” Jordan kidded her, “I thought there wasn’t going to be any sex until tonight.”

“Yeah, well, I’m weak when it comes to you. I can’t resist you.”

“I thought that was my line,” Jordan retorted.

“It is your line—but I’m borrowing it and from the look of what’s happening down here I don’t think you’re in a position to complain.”

“I’m not complaining,” Jordan replied with a dreamy smile on his face. “I just wanted to know the rules. So, I guess I can play with you, too.” Jamie shook her head, explaining that this was going to be strictly for him. Jordan pouted. He wasn’t one to take his pleasure without servicing his sister. Then it seemed a light bulb lit in his head and he smiled—he’d get even with her tonight. He’d make her cum until she couldn’t stand up. That’d teach her! Jamie, meanwhile, was still teasing Jordan, running her fingernails up and down his shaft, watching his cock twitch with the pleasure she was giving him. She was amazed watching the head turn from normal flesh color to a deep red as it engorged with blood. Jamie was often surprised that Jordan didn’t pass out considering how much blood was pouring into his huge erection. Gradually she initiated a slow stroking with both hands, twisting with both as she knew Jordan loved. Now that he was panting in anticipation Jamie turned to him, “OK, that’s enough.” Jordan almost choked until Jamie kissed him. “Would I do that to you, Sweetheart? You know I’d never tease you like that.” She kissed Jordan again forcing her tongue into his mouth and sucking his into hers. At the same time she ramped up her stroking, squeezing with her fingers. She moved one hand to cup and rub his balls. She could feel Jordan tense as his dick twitched several times. Jamie broke the kiss to move her mouth over the hole. She had just arrived there when the first of several strong eruptions of cum hit her tonsils. She sucked the viscous liquid into her stomach as she lowered her mouth to engulf his cock head. Again and again Jamie swallowed Jordan’s ejaculate until he was totally spent. Jamie cleaned his beloved cock with her tongue before she cuddled up next to Jordan. “Have I told you lately how much I love you, Jordan?” He just hugged her tightly as they rested until it was time to prepare their evening meal.

After dinner they showered together again before retiring to Jamie’s bed. Jordan was determined to take care of Jamie. He pushed her onto the bed and, lifting her legs over his shoulders, went down to lick her clit. He put two fingers from one hand into her cunt to stimulate her G-spot while he used two from the other to finger her ass, especially that thin membrane that separates pussy from bowel. Jamie arched her back, driving her hot cunt into Jordan’s mouth. When Jordan sucked her hard button into his mouth and nibbled with his teeth her resistance, what little there was, evaporated into a massive orgasm that claimed domain over her body. She expected Jordan to stop but he didn’t. He kept on fingering, licking, and nibbling, the net effect of which was to prolong the ecstasy. Jamie came and came and came, her body enduring one spasm after another. It went on for almost ten minutes before Jordan relented. He pulled his fingers from her crevices and climbed onto the bed to hold his lover while she finally regained control of her body. “J…J…Jordan,” Jamie finally gasped, “what was that all about?”

“I owed you from this afternoon.”

“Jordan, you almost killed me. I don’t think I can even walk. I’m so totally drained I can hardly move, but it was wonderful, and you’re wonderful, too.” Using almost all her remaining energy she pulled Jordan close for a tender kiss as he pulled the blankets over them and they fell into a deep rejuvenating sleep, still in a loving embrace.

The following day they took placement exams to determine if they could skip some of the lower level courses. They were both exempted from Freshman English and first year French. Jordan was also placed in an advanced math course. The following day they registered and paid part of Jamie’s tuition—that part not covered by her partial scholarship. Jordan went to the Bursar’s office to receive his $1200 monthly stipend for room and board. It was almost enough to provide for both of them. Once they had obtained their books and a couple of sweatshirts they headed home. During the day they had discussed whether to go to the Freshman Mixer. Neither of them wanted to get too familiar with other classmates but they didn’t want to be recluses either. Eventually, they agreed to go despite the misgivings they had about the reception Jamie would probably receive.

Chapter 4

The following evening they dressed for the mixer. Jordan wore a blue blazer with tan slacks, a blue oxford button-down shirt and a navy paisley tie, and brown penny loafers. He combed his hair but, as usual, couldn’t do anything with his cowlick. Jamie wore a form-fitting emerald green dress that came to mid-thigh and exposed her ample cleavage and showed her long slender legs to great advantage. Black pumps with four inch heels finished her ensemble. She was dressed to impress her classmates and make them all jealous of Jordan, for she planned to fall all over him, even if people knew he was her brother. Many eyes turned when they walked into the gymnasium. Jamie reached for and held Jordan’s hand, moving close to him to kiss his cheek. Jordan looked incredulous at Jamie’s open display of affection. “Do you think that’s smart?” he asked.
“I don’t care. Nobody here knows us, and, even if they do, I don’t care. Besides, is it wrong to give your brother a kiss on the cheek?” Jordan was often amazed by Jamie, admitting to himself that he would never completely understand her. When Jamie led him to dance, Jordan assumed the normal posture—his left arm extended, his right on her hip—but Jamie moved in close and, placing her head on his shoulder, put her arms around him, as though they were a couple instead of brother and sister. As the dance ended she whispered, “I love you, Darling!” Then, holding his hand again, she led him back toward their seats where Jordan offered to get them some Cokes. Before he could leave a girl approached and asked Jordan to dance. He looked at Jamie as if to ask her opinion. “Go ahead,” she commented, “enjoy yourself.” He followed the young woman noticing that she was extremely attractive. She looked to be a few inches shorter than Jamie and her body was fuller—curvier. She had large breasts, as big as Jamie’s—maybe even bigger. She had short black hair and the greenest eyes Jordan had ever seen. Her face was covered with freckles which made her really cute. She turned, moving closer to Jordan. It was a slow dance and Jordan was unsure of how to hold this beautiful woman. She solved the question by assuming the same position that Jamie had just vacated. She threw her arms around his neck, jamming her breasts into Jordan. He was startled when she began to grind her pussy into his groin, making his cock swell in his pants. “By the way, I’m Mandy. I’m going to major in English. How about you?”

“I’m (gulp) Jordan,” he barely managed to say, “Computer Science.”

Looking down Mandy smiled and continued, “Ooooh…I’m so glad to see you’re enjoying the dance,” referring to his growing erection. Jordan turned red in embarrassment at his predicament. “There’s no reason to be embarrassed. You can’t see it but I’m enjoying it just as much.” Fortunately for Jordan, the music ended. He thanked her for the dance and returned to Jamie. Jamie had a big grin on her face when he approached. “Gee Jordan, looked like you had a really, really good time,” catching a glimpse of his stretching pants. Jordan excused himself to the rest room to give himself a chance to cool down. While he was gone Mandy approached Jamie asking,”Can I ask you a question? Are you two a couple, you know--going together? Have you known him very long?”

“Well,” Jamie replied, “to answer your questions, yes, I guess you could call us a couple and yes, I have known him a long time. I first met him on the day he was born.” Mandy didn’t know how to respond, but Jamie came to her rescue. “He’s my brother… but… he’s also my lover. Yup—incest… and it is incredible! I’m sure you felt his cock when you were dancing. You sure were grinding him hard enough, so let me tell you—it’s BIG!—and more important, he really knows how to use it.” Mandy was dumbstruck. She didn’t know what to say so, once again, Jamie rescued her, looking her up and down, “You know, I’ve never been too interested in being with a woman, but with you I might make an exception, and… you’d get to fuck Jordan, too. What do you say? Want to come home with us tonight?” Just then Jordan returned to find them together in conversation. Jamie turned to him, “C’mon Jordan we’re going home. Mandy’s joining us. She was so intrigued by your cock she decided she wants to sample it…and I’d like to sample her, too.” Jordan just shook his head—no, he would never understand Jamie.

It was about a ten minute ride in the Civic. Jordan drove, but Jamie and Mandy, not quite understanding what was happening, sat in the back. She was surprised when Jamie put a finger on her chin, turned her head, and kissed her, but she responded much more vigorously that she would have believed possible only a half hour ago. She loved the texture and softness of Jamie’s lips, and when Jamie pushed her tongue into her mouth she groaned aloud. Mandy’s eyes opened wide when Jamie moved her hand between her legs searching for her pussy, but she spread her legs as Jamie neared her cunt. She found Mandy’s panties soaking wet as she rubbed them into her pussy. Gingerly, she slid her hand under them to feel her bare pussy, rubbing through her curly hair to find her rock hard clitoris. Just a single touch resulted in Mandy pushing her hips forward, encouraging more and harder contact. Just then Jordan pulled up in front of the cottage. He helped Mandy out, so weak was she from Jamie’s assault. Jordan opened the door and stood aside to allow the women to enter. Jamie turned into the gracious hostess, showing Mandy their home. “This is our living room and that’s Jordan’s room. He studies there but he hasn’t ever slept there.” Grinning, she continued, “And I hope he never does. I love to have him close by. Did I mention we sleep in the nude? It’s so much more convenient that way, know what I mean? And over here is my room. It’s also the room where I was conceived. Our parents lived here while they were at State. Maybe, someday…but that’s in the future. Let’s tend to the present, shall we?” She took Mandy by the hand, leading her into the bedroom. Mandy followed, completely overwhelmed by the situation, but eagerly anticipating the pleasure to come. Mandy stood as Jordan and Jamie slowly removed her clothes. Jordan kissed her, taking time to fondle her pendulous double D breasts and tease her nipples. Then it was his turn, as Jamie removed his shoes, socks, and pants before moving up to pull open his tie and shirt. Finally, went his boxers already straining to contain his raging cock. Mandy gasped aloud when she finally saw it. “Well,” Jamie said as she quickly shed her dress, “did I exaggerate? Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Y…yes,” Mandy gulped, unable to take her eyes from Jordan’s magnificent penis. Jamie took the lead pushing Jordan onto the bed. She led Mandy to one side while she took the other. “Go ahead,” she instructed the awestruck woman, ‘you know you want to lick it. I’ll take this side.” Jamie licked Jordan’s tip before moving down his shaft. She mouthed it like an ear of corn. Tentatively, Mandy stuck out her tongue. “I’ve never done this before, “she confessed, “in fact… I’m a virgin. I’m so ashamed.” Jordan sat up and hugged her, rubbing her back to soothe her. “You know, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“That’s just it—I do want to. I’m just a little afraid. Your cock is so big. I’m afraid it’ll hurt me.”

“Well, if you’re a virgin it’s going to hurt the first time when your hymen is broken,” Jamie interrupted. “”I remember when Jordan and I first fucked—I had to trick him into it, remember, Jordan? I pulled myself up forcing his cock into me and it did hurt, but after a few minutes it was wonderful. That’s why we’ve done it more than thousand times and we never tire of it. I doubt we ever will.”

“A thousand times?” Mandy was incredulous. “How old were you when you started?”

“I was fourteen,” Jamie told her, “and Jordan was twelve.”

“Eleven,” Jordan corrected her. “Don’t worry,” he continued, “I’m not going to rape you. We’ll only do what you’re comfortable with, OK?” He looked into her eyes and that seemed to reassure her so he entered into a long sensual kiss. Their tongues dueled between their mouths. At the same time Jamie positioned herself between Mandy’s legs. She rubbed her pussy and when Mandy responded she leaned in to lick it. She had tasted herself many times both on her fingers and on Jordan’s cock. She found Mandy similar but not exactly the same, enjoying her musky tanginess. She moved further in pushing her tongue into Mandy’s tight tunnel. “This is a lot of fun—no wonder Jordan likes it so much,” she thought as she nibbled on Mandy’s clit. “Oh, God, fuck me please, Jordan. I don’t want to be a virgin. I don’t care how much it hurts, just fuck me, please,” Mandy begged.

“Uh…I don’t have any condoms. We never use them. Jamie’s on the pill and neither of us has ever fucked anyone else.”

“I have some in my purse,” said Mandy sheepishly. “I really wanted to get fucked. I’ve been praying for this.”

Jordan laid her on the bed carefully before moving between her legs, slipping on the condom as he did. It was a tight fit. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit moistening it with her lubricating juices. He rubbed the head against her until she was ready. He raised her legs as he lowered himself into her. He stopped when the head was buried, having as yet felt no resistance. She seemed to handle it well so he moved slowly into her another inch—then another—then another—without hitting her hymen. “I think I have good news for you,” he whispered to her, “I think you must have broken your hymen somehow. I’m in about five inches and I should have hit it a long time ago.” He pushed all the way in, pausing to look at her face. She was grimacing as he first entered, obviously anticipating pain, but now she smiled. “Wow, Jordan, I feel full all the way up to my stomach but it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s much better than I ever dreamed.”

“It’s about to get a lot better,” Jordan told her as he lifted her legs over his shoulders into a position that guaranteed he’d hit her G-spot with every thrust. “Jamie loves it like this.” He slowly pulled back before pushing into her again and again. Mandy began to rock her hips in an effort to meet him. Together they established a rhythm until Mandy asked, “Can we do it faster and harder? It feels great but I really want to cum… I need to so badly.” Jordan was always one to oblige so soon they were rutting like animals until Mandy tensed, holding her body rigid until she literally exploded with rapture. Jordan slowed but didn’t pull out until Jamie tapped on his shoulder and pointed to her ass. Losing the condom Jordan grabbed the KY as Mandy looked on fascinated. “You’re not going to fuck her ass?” she asked.

“You bet your ass he is,” Jamie replied. “Jordan always gives me an orgasm when we fuck, but there’s nothing like the ones I get when he’s in my ass.” Jamie lay next to Mandy lifting her legs to make her ass more accessible. Jordan rubbed the slick gel into her ass before lining his cock up with her anus. Just as he had hundreds of times before he pushed into her until the “pop” which startled Mandy. With Jamie’s legs on his shoulders Jordan thrust into her repeatedly. Jamie’s breathing was rapid and shallow as her orgasm neared. Jordan grabbed Mandy’s fingers and put it onto Jamie’s cunt. Mandy took the hint and rubbed her clit while Jordan fingered her. It hit Jamie hard, her hips jumping several inches into the air despite Jordan’s weight. His sister’s release triggered Jordan’s. He thrust wildly into her ass ejecting long thick ropes of hot white semen into her bowel. Exhausted, he pulled himself from her, lying between the two gorgeous women. He pulled them to him as they rested. “What time do you have to be back, Mandy?” he asked.

“They don’t have curfews any more, Jordan. I can stay all night if you want.”

“Leaning up on an elbow he asked, “What do you want, Mandy?”

“If I stay can we fuck some more?”

“We can fuck all night if you want. Well, not all night, but a lot.” Mandy decided to stay. It was a Friday night so…. As they rested Mandy started to giggle. “You know this is kind of like déjà vu for me. Well, not for me exactly, but my mother told me she met a girl at the Freshman Mixer and she wound up fucking her husband and eating her pussy. She also had her first anal with the husband. I remember she told me he had an unusual name—Jakob--with a “k” instead of a “c” and he had a really big cock—really big, like yours, Jordan. I can’t quite remember the wife’s name, though.” Jamie and Jordan looked at each other almost in shock. “Was the woman’s name, Jessie?” they asked simultaneously.

“Yeah, now that you’ve said it I remember, but how did you know?” Jamie and Jordan started to laugh and it was almost uncontrollable. It was several minutes before Jamie was able to explain. “Jakob and Jessie are our parents. Wow, I know Mom and Dad love sex but I never thought of Mom as a swinger.”

“That’s unbelievable. Wait ‘til I tell my Mom.”

“Mandy,” Jordan interrupted, “you have to be careful what you tell her. Our parents don’t know about us…you know… being involved sexually. We plan on telling them when we’re old enough that they can’t separate us. That would kill both of us.”

“Don’t worry…you can count on me. I’ll tell her we met and hung out, but that’s all. Uh… Jordan, think we could fuck again?”

Jamie jumped off the bed, returning a few minutes later with a hot wash cloth and some soap. “Always remember this—never put anything that’s been in your ass—or anyone else’s—into your pussy unless you enjoy having a raging infection. They do it in porn but they do all kinds of stuff to kill the bacteria in their asses.” Finished with her health lesson Jamie carefully washed Jordan’s cock with the soap and rinsed it clean with the cloth. Once she was sure she gave Mandy the go-ahead. “Sex is all about giving and taking,” she continued. “Most guys are takers but they don’t give much in return. Jordan, however, has never put his pleasure before mine. In return, I always put him before my pleasure. That’s one of the reasons we love to fuck each other so much and it’s one of the reasons we love each other so much. Jordan will take good care of you, so I suggest you start by taking good care of him.” Taking the suggestion to heart, Mandy sat up and leaned forward, first to fondle Jordan’s semi-soft cock and balls in her soft hands. Seeing him respond she leaned further to touch her tongue to the tip of Jordan’s cock. When it twitched she went even further, opening her mouth to engulf the entire head. She hadn’t the experience of Jamie so she couldn’t go much farther, but Jordan enjoyed it anyway. When his cock was throbbing he pulled Mandy on top of him, positioning her just above his cock. Remembering at the last minute to use another condom, he pulled her down onto his massive organ. Mandy admitted to herself—“I’ve never felt anything like this in my entire life. It’s fantastic.” As she bottomed out and began an instinctual rocking motion, Jordan signaled to Jamie, directing her to stand above him, her pussy even with Mandy’s mouth. He pulled Mandy’s head toward Jamie’s cunt. The sweet aroma enticed Mandy to give it a lick. Like Jamie she had often licked her fingers, tasting herself, but this was the first time she had eaten another woman’s pussy. She loved Jamie’s taste and dove into her cunt, licking and sucking vigorously as she humped away on Jordan’s cock. When Jordan reached up to massage her breasts and tease her nipples she couldn’t handle any more. Her body tensed, her eyes closed, her breathing was labored and rapid. She had never experienced an orgasm so intense. It reigned over her entire body and she would have fallen backwards, possibly hurting herself if Jamie had not held her. Jamie moved aside, allowing Mandy to fall onto Jordan’s chest. Jordan kept his still erect penis in her cunt, planning to go again once she had recovered. He caressed her head, running his fingers through her hair and kissing her tenderly. Before long she started to stir. Keeping his cock firmly planted in her he pulled her to her knees, planning to fuck her “doggie.” Jordan signaled Jamie who knew exactly what he wanted. Jamie lay on the bed, her cunt directly in front of Mandy’s face. Jamie wasn’t there for more than a second before Mandy dove into her pussy licking her labia all over until suddenly jamming her tongue deep into Jamie’s hot wet cunt. She fucked Jamie with her tongue turning her on just as Jordan was doing to her. When Mandy felt her orgasm approaching she turned her attention to Jamie’s clit, sucking it into her mouth. She and Jamie erupted in ecstasy at virtually the same instant, shaking all over the bed. Jordan kept thrusting, hampered by the condom, but eventually he shot his load over and over into the latex sheath. He carefully held it as he pulled out, remembering his health classes from middle school. He dumped the condom in the toilet, washed his cock, and returned to the women who lay totally drained on the bed. He squeezed between noticing the clock said 1:27. He pulled up the covers, wrapped his arms around them and joined them in sleep.

Chapter 5

Jordan woke the following morning to find Jamie and Mandy leaning on their elbows and looking down at him. “It’s about time you woke up. We need some more servicing, and we need it now, don’t we Mandy?” Jamie whispered, smiling as she did.”

“There are TWO of you, you know,” he replied, joking back at the two beautiful naked women. He cupped a heavy breast with each hand, gently massaging and rubbing a nipple with each thumb. Jamie closed her eyes the better to savor the sensations Jordan was giving her. He leaned up to kiss Jamie, teasing her tongue with his. Then he leaned the other way to kiss Mandy who met him with an open mouth and eager tongue. She attacked his mouth with hers while she assaulted his soft cock with her hands. She stroked him slowly, but he rapidly responded. Was this the timid virgin of last night? She had carefully listened to Jamie last night—she had decided that she would be a giver when it came to sex. She broke the kiss much to Jordan’s dismay and before he could react she leaned over him to lick his cock. Tentatively, she opened her mouth and covered the head. She found he could take as much as half of it into her mouth without gagging. She used her mouth and both small hands to stroke him to hardness. When she thought he was ready she looked at Jamie as if to ask who was going first. Jamie nodded, giving her the OK to proceed. She straddled Jordan, rubbing his cock into her slit. “Wait a minute,” Jordan told her. “Condom!”

“I feel so stupid,” Mandy explained. “I was so nervous last night I forgot I’m on the pill. I know you’re always supposed to use one with a new partner, but I was a virgin and after seeing you two together I’m sure you’ve been monogamous. Besides, I know it’s a lot better for you without the condom.”

“I always love it when Jordan shoots his load into me,” Jamie interrupted. “I can feel his hot juice coating my pussy. It feels so good.”

“OK, Jordan, Jamie says it feels great so I want to feel it, too.”

“Jamie also loves my cock in her ass, and, obviously, you mom enjoyed it, too. So—you want to try it?”

“Not just yet; maybe later if I don’t chicken out, that is. You’re so big I’m afraid it would really hurt.” Jordan dropped the subject and prepared to fuck Mandy’s tight love canal. She slowly and carefully lowered herself onto Jordan. Like Jamie she was thrilled to be stretched almost to the limit by Jordan’s massive cock. She took his hands, placing them on her nipples. “I love the way you play with them.” As they started a well coordinated movement guaranteed to end in a smashing climax he twisted and pinched first one nipple then the other. Mandy mouthed “ouch” but she was grinning when she did so Jordan assumed she loved it as much as Jamie did. Simultaneously they increased their tempo, signaling each other that an orgasm was nearing. Jordan, freed from the confines of the condom, tensed before shooting what felt like a pint of semen into Mandy. “Oh, God, Jamie, I can feel it. It’s so hot and it’s all over my pussy. It’s fantastic.” Jordan kept on thrusting while tickling her clit. He saw and felt Mandy grind into him really hard then she began to shudder. Jordan drove into her with even more speed and force, bringing her orgasm to fruition. Mandy screamed as she shook and trembled as the orgasm coursed through her body. Suddenly, it stopped and she collapsed onto Jordan. They were still at last, exhausted by the rigors of their sex. Jordan gently stroked her back until his cock softened and she rolled off. “Can I ask you guys a question? You don’t have to answer if you think it’s too personal. How did you get started? I mean, you can’t just go up to your brother or sister and say, ‘Let’s fuck,’ can you?”

Jordan laughed before replying, “I was in sixth grade and one day coming home from school Jamie saw I was crying. My balls were aching and I was too embarrassed to tell her but once we got home I did tell her. She wound up jerking me off which helped a lot and I helped her masturbate with my hand and tongue. After that we did something every afternoon before our mom came home from work. We kept trying new things until Jamie tricked me into fucking her. Actually, I wanted to something awful, but I was terrified I’d make her pregnant. Once we did it I thought I was in Heaven. After that we did it every afternoon until our parents went away for a conference for my dad’s work. We fucked non-stop for five days. That’s when I told Jamie how I wanted to be with her forever. I was so nervous and terrified she would reject me but she told me I was the only one for her, too. We’ve been committed to each other ever since. If anything I love her more now than I did then. We love the sex, but if we couldn’t ever do it again I’d still love her as much as I do now.” Jamie leaned across the bed to give Jordan a big hug and kiss. When she came up for air she said, “That goes double for me!”

They all took a shower, having a great time drying each other with the big fluffy towels Jessie had bought for them. Jordan offered to cook some hot dogs on their new grill. They sat outside in the bright September sun, enjoying the warmth as much as each other’s company. When the meal was over Jamie asked Mandy, “You ready to try anal now? If not, I have an itch in my butt that needs to be scratched.”

“I don’t know, Jamie. I’m kinda afraid that it will hurt.”

“Believe me… you’re much better off with someone who knows what he’s doing, like Jordan, than some kid who only wants to get off at your expense. Your mom did it with my dad and he has a bigger cock than Jordan has.”

“You’re kidding, bigger than Jordan?”

“Yes, and apparently your mom liked it. But you have to want it. If you don’t want it you won’t enjoy it.”

“Maybe if I watch you two again; will you show me how to do it?” Jamie looked at Jordan who nodded his agreement. She took his hand, leading him back to their bed. Mandy followed only a few steps behind. Once in the room Jamie started by stripping Jordan, stroking his growing cock in the process. Jordan kissed Jamie, removing her pants and thong. The remaining clothes joined the pile on the floor. Jamie kneeled on the side of the bed, her knees apart, her head on the bed. Jordan fingered her cunt, preparing her to be fucked. When she was thoroughly wet he pushed his cock into her hot tunnel. “I thought you were going to fuck her ass,” asked Mandy.

“All in due time,” replied Jordan, “I have to get her ready first. Even though we’ve done it hundreds of times I still have to prepare her.” He showed Mandy the tube of KY before applying a big dollop to his fingers. He continued to fuck Jamie while he pushed a finger into her. Jamie sighed from the rapture that lone digit gave her. When Jordan introduced a second, she groaned with the pleasure. Jordan showed Mandy how he twisted his fingers in her, spreading the KY and encouraging her anal muscles to relax. He removed his cock from her pussy. It was covered with her juices, but he still wiped it with the KY. “There’s no natural lube in the ass like there is in the vagina so we have to provide it. But it’s worth it ‘cause there’s loads of nerve endings in the anus,” Jordan explained.

“C’mon, Jordan, enough with the science lesson--fuck me!” Jordan moved his cock to Jamie’s butt. He pushed slowly as Jamie pushed back, forcing the big tool into her butt. It slid in with little difficulty until Jordan was balls deep in her. They moved together, the result of years of practice—faster and faster until Jordan reached between her legs to push two fingers into her dripping pussy. He rubbed her clit with his thumb until Jamie began to shake. Her orgasm had begun but it was going to get better—much better. Soon Jamie was bouncing all over the bed totally out of control so intense was its power. Finally, she collapsed drained but with a huge grin on her face. “Fuck, Jordan that was one of the best ever. Well, Mandy, what do you think? Want to try it now?

“I’m still a little scared but I think I’ll try it. Will you stop if I’m hurting?”

“Of course, Mandy,” Jordan replied, stroking Mandy’s arm to soothe her. He cleaned his hand on a towel before removing her clothes. He leaned in for a gentle kiss but Mandy was urgent in her need so soon it was hard and passionate—their lips pressing against each other forcefully and tongues dueling. Jordan laid her on the bed. “It might be better this way. You’ll be able to see everything I do.” He lubed his finger and rubbed it against her anus before slowly inserting it into her. Jamie kissed Mandy and pushed her fingers into her cunt. It was soaking wet, her juices running down her leg. Mandy was ecstatic in her rapture. When Jordan added a second finger to the first Mandy simply uttered, “Ooooooh, good. Really, really good!”
“I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” Jordan told her. “You’ll be ready for my cock soon.” He added more KY, twisting his fingers to massage her anal muscles. Eventually, he felt she was ready. He looked at Mandy who nodded imperceptibly, gritting her teeth in anticipation of a ton of pain. Jordan pushed slowly and carefully. Gradually his cock made headway into her butt. When he heard the “pop” he smiled, knowing the hardest part was over. “You can relax now,” he told Mandy, “the hardest part is over. My cock is in so all we have to do now is fuck and when you’re ready—watch out clit!” Mandy laughed, partly at Jordan’s lame joke and partly at her foolish fears—he hadn’t hurt her at all! There was some pressure, but nothing worse than a big bowel movement. She reached for Jordan, pulling him into a sensational kiss. As she did her legs moved up with Jordan pushing him deeper into her. She rocked her hips as Jordan thrust into her over and over. After almost five minutes of concentrated fucking Jamie penetrated Mandy’s cunt with three fingers, fucking her hard. With her mouth she nibbled at her clit and when she took a little bite Mandy screamed, not from pain but from the most sensational orgasm she had ever experienced. Never in her wildest imagination had she even believed such an orgasm possible. She shuddered and trembled all over the bed. Even Jordan’s weight could not contain her. It was several minutes before she quieted, lying still—relaxing at last and totally exhausted from her exertions. Jordan and Jamie looked at her and when she opened her eyes she grinned from ear to ear. “Oh, wow, I never….”

“Didn’t I tell you?” Jamie chimed in, leaning over to give Jordan a kiss on the cheek. “Great work, Sweetheart.”

“Yeah,” Mandy joined in, “really great work and you didn’t even cum yet so I guess you can go for more, but not with me. I don’t think I could even sit up right now, but I will roll over and make some room for you.” Just then the phone rang. Checking Caller ID, Jamie whispered, “It’s Mom!”

Putting her on speaker, Jamie started, “Hi, Mom, how are you and Dad holding up without us? What are we doing? Just lying around getting ready for classes on Monday. Hey, guess what? We were at the Freshman Mixer last night and we met a girl whose mother knew you—Sandy Nichols.” They could hear their mother gagging and they giggled silently in response. “Are you all right, Mom? Sounded like you were choking.” They chatted for a few minutes while Jordan mischievously tickled Jamie’s clit. In revenge she squeezed his cock, but all that did was make it hard. Eventually the conversation ended and Jamie turned to her brother, “Seems a shame to waste such a magnificent hard-on. Go clean it up and let’s fuck.” Turning to Mandy she said, “I’ve almost slipped about Jordan and me maybe a thousand times and I know Jordan maybe a thousand times more, but somehow we’ve managed to keep our relationship a secret for more than four years. We’re more than half way there. We’ll tell them during our senior year when we’ll be too old for them to do anything. Then when we graduate we’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Johannson. At least, that’s the plan. Jordan is really good at planning—almost as good as he is at fucking.” They shared a laugh just as Jordan returned, his cock shining clean and standing at attention. He seemed confused until Jamie wiggled a finger at him, summoning him to yet another fucking.

Chapter 6

The three lovers fucked and sucked their way through the weekend until it was time to Mandy to return to the dorm on Sunday evening, the last day of freedom before classes would begin. She had phoned her roommate to let her know she was visiting friends and would return soon. Jamie drove her back to campus, returning quickly to Jordan. “So, Jordan, did you enjoy yourself over the past three days?”

“Yes, of course, but I have more than enough fun with you. I really don’t need anyone else.”

“Well, didn’t you think she was hot? I did.”

“Sure, she’s so hot it’s a miracle she was still a virgin, but she’s not in the same league as you and she never will be. You’re not just hot—you’re smoking!”

“Oh, Jordan, you do say the sweetest things. Let’s go to bed.”

Jordan raised his eyebrows, knowing it was nowhere near time to sleep and he had fucked maybe thirty times over the weekend. “Oh, well,” he thought, “I guess I can handle one more—any sacrifice for Jamie.” He rose from the couch and followed Jamie into the bedroom. Jamie had a gleam in her eye. “I saved something special for you, Jordan. Climb onto the bed and close your eyes.” Jordan sat on the bed while Jamie pushed him up to the headboard. She held his hands together until Jordan heard the metallic click. When he looked up he was handcuffed to the bed. “Now I’m going to have my way with you,” she whispered to her brother.

“Don’t you have your way with me every day?” Jordan asked chuckling.

“Yes, but this is different. I like the idea that you’re helpless—at my mercy. You know…like I’m a pirate and you’re my captive—Arrggh!” Jordan almost laughed his head off until Jamie grabbed his cock and looked straight into his eyes. Now she meant business. She teased Jordan, running her fingers up and down and all around, watching it grow under her touch, watching the arteries pulse and the head turn reddish purple while it doubled in size. She lowered her mouth to tease it further with her tongue and, while she did, she lubed up a slender vibrator for Jordan’s ass. She lifted his leg to increase her access to his butt then she slid it completely into him, his anus completely closing behind it. Jamie smiled as Jordan squirmed under the influence of the vibe. She continued to stroke his cock as she stood on the bed, putting her pussy in front of his mouth. The combined action on his cock and in his ass was getting Jordan’s attention so he lunged for Jamie’s tasty pussy. He pushed his lips against her labia and sucked her whole pussy into his mouth. Her clit pushed against his teeth, stimulating her—increasing her desire and turning it to lustful need. Jamie growled as Jordan continued to suck her cunt into his mouth. Pulling back Jamie sunk onto Jordan’s cock, growling again to signal the level of her lust. With Jordan’s movements limited Jamie compensated by grinding her clit into him with fervor. Had anyone been able to watch them they would have thought Jamie possessed, so actively was she working Jordan’s cock. Exhausted Jordan may have been but he wasn’t dead. He reacted to Jamie just as any male would—he turned on fast! His cock was being bent into several different directions every second, or so it seemed. Jamie was dripping wet but the friction she was creating was extreme. There was no way Jordan or any other male could resist such an onslaught. He groaned loudly as he blew his load into Jamie’s cunt with force. Even in her throes of rapture she could feel Jordan erupt within her. The sensation of the hot white semen flooding her made her close to achieving her own orgasm. When Jordan leaned forward to kiss her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth she could take no more. Jamie’s body shook wildly, seeming to thrash in several directions at the same time. It went on for several minutes until she sunk onto Jordan’s chest, wrapping her arms around his neck. She unshackled her lover, climbed under the blanket snuggling with her brother/lover as they eagerly anticipated the beginning of their college careers.

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