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After getting tricked into the wrong room at a hotel and being fucked by another man, Debbie is consoled by Gail
Jeff started to give Debbie a raft of shit about cheating on him, and being a dirty cocksucker until Gail revealed herself standing by the door in a white terry cloth hotel bathrobe. “You didn’t seem to have a problem when I was sucking your cock Jeff, what’s the big deal with Debbie sucking Tom’s cock?” Jeff began to stammer a bit for words, but managed to blurt out, “but it’s different!” Gail said, “I know, she’s just not as accomplished as I am, and managed to get it all over her face. Here dear, let me help you out.” With that Gail waltzed over and sat down beside Debbie, held her in her arms, and began to wipe the cum off her face. Little circular swipes of her fingers around Debbie’s nose and mouth, and with Debbie’s mouth still partly open in amazement, Gail used the last swipe to deposit the remaining cum into her mouth. Using her other hand to close Debbie’s mouth around her finger, Gail ensured that Debbie swallowed the last of Tom’s load. Still in shock from the unfolding events, Debbie sat almost motionless naked on the bed in front of everyone.

Tom and Jeff stood silently watching the events unfold in front of them. With one tug on the bathrobe belt, Gail’s bathrobe opened, exposing her full tits and erect nipples to Debbie, and in almost the same motion, Gail lowered her head to begin licking the cum from Debbie’s tits. Slowly and seductively she licked, carefully brushing each nipple with her cum covered tongue, then moving her head up facing Debbie, she extended her cum coated tongue to Debbie, then swallowed the cum while staring into Debbie’s eyes. Debbie was having a tough time staying focused, as things went from strange to bizarre. At some point, Debbie realized that Gail was gently stroking her pussy, and almost instinctively spread her legs ever so slightly to allow Gail better access to her wet cunt. Gail seemed to look right through Debbie, as she leaned in towards Debbie and planted a deep wet kiss on her open lips. Debbie went along for the ride, and offered not real resistance to Gail’s advances. Noting no resistance, Gail’s tongue invaded Debbie’s mouth, and Gail’s fingers invaded Debbie’s cunt. Gail’s bathrobe fell off her shoulders, and Gail deftly extricated her arms from the bathrobe, leaving both women naked and in each others arms on the bed in front of their husbands.

Tom, not missing a beat, was getting another hard on, and approached the girl’s with his cock only inches from both of their mouths. Gail looked up at Tom, put her arm around his hips, and pulled his cock into her mouth. After taking a few strokes on his cock, she offered up his cock to Debbie. Debbie only opened her lips a little, but it was enough of an opening to force Tom’s cock into her mouth. Tom cupped his hand around the back of Debbie’s head, and began to face fuck her for the 2nd time that evening. Gail, sensing that Debbie’s mouth would be occupied for a while, worked herself down Debbie’s body to her pussy, forcefully spread her legs open, and planted her mouth on Debbie’s cunt. With Tom’s cock in Debbie’s mouth, and Gail’s tongue in Debbie’s cunt, Jeff was the odd man out. But with Gail on her knees between his wife’s legs, her gaping cunt was in full view, and that was about all the encouragement that Jeff needed. He got behind Gail, planted the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt, and rammed his cock deep inside Gail. Debbie was in slut heaven, and could feel herself going quickly down the road to yet another orgasm, only this time with a cock in her mouth, a woman’s tongue in her cunt, and her husband fucking the girl eating her cunt. Too bizarre, too bizarre…as Debbie began cumming, she couldn’t keep Tom’s cock in her mouth, and as Tom came, he shot his load all over Debbie’s face and hair. While fucking Gail was nice, face fucking Debbie seemed a little more fun. Tom pulled out of Gail, moved up to Debbie’s head, and forced Debbie’s mouth over the head of his cunt soaked cock and began face fucking her, just as Tom had moments ago. Jeff muttered at Debbie, “Do you taste Gail’s cunt you little cocksucker? Do you like the taste of her cunt? Hmm, I’ll bet you do.” He reached down and began pulling and tugging on Debbie’s nipples as he relentlessly fucked his wife’s face. All this time, Gail never stopped licking Debbie’s cunt, and she was cruising for another orgasm. As Debbie was approaching orgasm, Jeff looked down at his cum covered wife, and stated, “You don’t deserve to swallow this load, Gail is a much neater cocksucker, and won’t get it all over the place.” With that, he cupped his hand under Gail’s chin and pulled her face up to his cock. At the same time, he pushed down on the back of Debbie’s head, forcing it to the end of the bed, between Gail’s open legs. Gail took over and guided Debbie’s mouth to her pussy, pressing her cunt down on Debbie’s lips. Gail began to tug and pull on Debbie’s nipples, just as Jeff had done earlier. Debbie couldn’t get herself off, but the grinding of Gail’s pussy on her mouth, and the constant attention to her nipples was keeping her on the edge of an orgasm. As Jeff came deep in Gail’s mouth, Gail swallowed every drop that shot from his pulsing cock, then lowered her mouth onto Debbie’s sopping wet cunt, performing a 69 for the onlooking men in the room. Within moments, both women reached a grunting, moaning orgasm muffled only by the other’s cunt.

As Debbie and Gail rolled off each other, each had pussy juice smeared all over their faces, but Debbie’s face had lumps of Tom’s cum on her cheeks and stuck in her hair. Far from being the bitch that Judy had made her out to be, Debbie was quite a sexual performer, even though she is likely to only remember bits and parts of the evening. To make it a lasting impression for Debbie, Gail suggested that Debbie’s pussy should be shaved clean so it would be more fun tomorrow night. Tom and Jeff, readily agreed, and ran for the shaving kit in the bathroom. Since Debbie didn’t have a terribly thick bush, Gail was able to make short work of shaving her pussy. The men were mesmerized by the site, and watching Gail rub lotion over Debbie’s freshly shaved cunt had both men’s cocks standing at attention again. Then Gail grabbed Debbie’s hands and guided them down to her pussy, and began rubbing in the lotion with her hands. Gradually Gail guided Debbie’s fingers over her pussy lips, and made a few passes over her swollen clit, before concentrating Debbie’s fingers on her clit, and moving her captive fingers up and down her seeping slit. Debbie adjusted herself on the bed, increasing her reach, allowing Gail to push two of Debbie’s fingers into her cunt. Once Gail got the motion established with Debbie’s hand and fingers, Debbie seemed to know what was expected of her, and was bringing herself close to yet another orgasm. Sensing that Debbie was on remote control, Gail began massaging and caressing Debbie’s tits, sucking and biting her nipples keeping them rock hard. Debbie exploded into a massive orgasm, holding Gail’s face tight to her chest as her latest orgasm ripped through her body. Almost exhausted, Debbie’s eyes rolled back in her head, and with a deep exhale her entire body relaxed.

Tom and Jeff, tucked Gail and Debbie into bed, and went down to the bar for another drink to compare stories. Both knew damn well that Debbie would be in a state of shock when she woke up naked, in bed with Gail in the morning, but figured Gail would keep her in line…

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C4RIHl Last a few years has been to Ibiza, so met a person there whose style of presentation is very similar to yours. But, unfortunately, that person is too far from the Internet!...

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Zwfyz1 Author, Shoot yourself a knee..!!

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