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hey this is the 1st part of my story about how i paid for the computer technician to fix my laptop
this is only part one!

Every day after school i always rush to my bedroom to go on my laptop to watch porn, talk to guys online and read porn stories. After losing my virginity a year earlier to my sisters ex boyfriend (they broke up because she caught us both in bed) i hadn’t had much luck with guys. They were all too immature in my school and most were still virgins. I wanted an older bloke, one like the guys i talk to on porn sites. I am 17 years old, tall about 5 ft 7, slim- size 8 and have nice boobs- size 32 C. Don’t get me wrong, i get attention from guys in school, but none satisfy me like how adam (sisters Ex) used to, or the guys on porn sites i talk dirty with.

One day when i came back from school i went straight to my room and turned on my laptop, looking forwad to talking to his hot 28 year old guy i had been getting close to lately. I sat there dreaming about us having sex when i realised my laptop wasn’t working. I was devestated, i relied on my laptop so much and now i couldn’t use it. I sat there completely lost wondering what i was going to do now and how i was going to satisfy myself without the help of porn videos. I ran down stairs to find my mum but remembered her and dad were going to be out all night. There was no way i was going to spend a night home alone without watching porn or talking to my sexy older man.

I remembered not long ago my sister judy’s laptop broke and she rang up this company who send someone to fix it. I rummaged around in the phone book and eventually found the piece of paper with the number. I quickly phoned the company and requested someone to come over as soon as possible, the guy on the other end of the phone could hear the desperation in my voice so said he would come out personally in about 10 minutes because ever one else was out on a call. I was so happy i started jumping around in excitement. Knowing john the computer man was coming in ten minutes i ran up stairs, grabbed my laptop and got changed into a pair of little shorts and crop top because it was so hot.

When i heard the door bell go i ran down stairs, put my laptop on the table and let john in. Straight away i was shocked, i expected some short, fat geeky guy, but he was tall-about 6ft, muscly and good looking for his age (about 30) he laughed and said “were you expecting someone else” i laughed back and blushed “sorry, didn’t expect you to look the way you do”, he laughed again and looked me deep into my eyes and said “how did you expect me to look”. I blushed even more, looked at my feet (trying to hide how embarrassed i was and said “just alot different”. I invited him in and walked over to the table where my laptop was. He sat down at the table, opened up my laptop and started having a look, i stood behind him looking at his muscly back and arms feeling myself getting turned on and my knickers getting wet. “i will leave you to it for a bit” i said as i made my way upstairs knowing i had to sort out my horniness somehow. John shouted back “ i will give you a shout if i need some help".

i made my way to the bathroom, sat on the toilet seat and rummaged around to find something to satisfy me, the first thing i got hold of was my tooth brush. “this will do i thought”. I took off my shorts and knickers, noticing all the cum on my kinickers. I started by rubbing my clit and slit, getting myself wetter and wetter. I closed my eyes and imagined john and me having sex (i loved imagining having sex with people) i took my tooth brush and started rubbing the end with no bristles on my clit getting faster and faster. My breathe got faster and faster and i had to physically quieten myself because i didn’t want john hearing. I moved the tooth brush closer to my slit and plunged it inside. I groaned in delight, i started fucking myself, starting slowly but getting faster and faster until my legs started shaking and i could feel cum runnig down my thighs. Once i finished i cleaned up and thought how i wish i had something bigger and thicker inside me....something like johns cock. I pulled my shorts up but left my knickers on the bathroom floor because they were too wet.

I walked down the stairs quietly not wanting to disturb john. When i reached the last step i could hear his breath was very fast and loud, as i slowly pulled the curtain i could see he was still sat with his back to me looking at my laptop screen, breathing very heavily. I slowly made creeped closer and saw that he had got my laptop working and to my shock was looking at naked pictures of me. As shocked as i was it turned me on so much. He still didn’t realise i was behind him and i suddenly heard him grunting, i couldn’t believe it, he was wanking while looking at my pictures. This turned me on so much, i had seen many guys wanking but all were on webcam, seeing it in the flesh was 100% better and made my legs weak and pussy tingle in delight.

Im quiet and shy girl but all of a sudden i had enough confidence to creepy slowly behind him and whisper into his ear “thanks for fixing my laptop” in a seducative voice. Shocked john quickly spun round and i got a full view of his huge cock that had to be no less than 8 inches long. We stood there in silence for a few min, me watching his cock and him checking out my boobs under my tight crop top. John made the first move. He turned round, turned off my laptop and said “it was working fine, you just forgot to charge it” i laughed at, silly me. John pulled up his trousers and boxers and said “so that will be £20”. Oh shit, i forgot about the fact i had to pay, i didn’t have any money but i thought he wouldn’t mind as he had been looking at my pics. “sorry i don’t have any money i said as sexy as i could. “what the fuck” he shouted, “you expect me to leave with no money” he started to walk over to me, i was scared, i didn’t think he would react like this. He grabbed hold of my neck with one of huge hands and pushed me against the wall! I was shaking in both delight and fear. He whispered in my ear “im not leaving here without a payment bitch, how are you going to pay me if you have no money”. “i don’t know” i stammered. “well i know, your going to be my slave and let me do anything i want to you”. “yes of course...” i smiled, knowing how much i loved having kinky sex with adam. “call me sir bitch” john shouted, while tightening his grip round my throat. “yes sir” i gasped feeling turned on by the pain.

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2013-10-25 15:11:59
LuaQ8H I appreciate you sharing this blog.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...


2011-11-06 05:45:11
I had a similar experience when in high school.I was being tutored in both math and biology.After a number of sessions in which my folks paid Bob..........................he and I got together thereafter for oral sex.

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