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sorry it took a few days to have time to write again. comments and ratings appericiated.
I arrived home, the dildo was still shoved deep into my pussy and I was beyond wet. I was scared to death to go inside because I knew that my mom was going to say something about my situation. I took a deep breathe and walked into the house.

“how was work?” my mom smirked

“ok I guess” I meekly replied

“I bet it was a HARD day, huh?” she chuckled

“yeah pretty much, not that you would understand” I snapped

I walked into my room and shut the door. I needed a few minutes to collect my thoughts on how to tell her that in a week Brent was moving in. Before I had a chance to come back out she walked in and looked at me waiting for me to say something.

“have something to tell me?” she questioned

“kinda, I guess” I said as I glared at her

“well what is it?” she asked with the smile on her face like she already knew.

“in a week Brent is moving in” I stated

“oh really? So he can make you keep that cut full easier?” she laughed

“he wants out of where he lives now so he is coming here, that’s it” I replied

He had already told her and I was beyond embarrassed that she knew everything. What the hell was I going to do now?! My mom left my room but left the door wide open. I didn’t care right now I just wanted to lay back and rest. I went into my bathroom and slid my uniform off. I looked in the mirror at my aching pussy. It had taken such a beating lately. Dildos and eggs every day and night and then being fisted this morning, I was so sore! I realized though, the more I thought about what was being done to me the wetter I got. OH MY GOD, Brent is right I am a slut aren’t I? maybe I deserve this. I had always been a tease as a teenager, id flirt with any guy I thought was cute and took great pleasure in making them as hard as possible, all without touching them, then just walking away. It wasn’t hard to do, I mean I was well built even as a teenager. I was 5’9” by the time I was 14 and had a 36C chest by the time I was 16. I always had a perfect smile and soft skin. I had known I was a flirt then but realized how much of a tease I really was as I hit my early 20s.

I put on clean, dry panties and a long t-shirt and laid on my bed. I wanted to reach down and take out the dildo but knew I couldn’t especially since my mom knew what was going on now. it’s a good thing I left it in cause as I began to doze off I felt someone sit on my bed. It was my mom fuck! What the hell does she want now? Before I could say anything I felt my vibrator being shoved up my ass. I gasped at the intrustion and tried to pull away but she harshly shoved it the rest of the way in then pulled me onto my back. She took my third toy and shoved it in my pussy with the dildo as she laughed.

“he asked me if u had told me as soon as you got home about him moving in and when I told him you hadn’t he said he was going to make you put all 3 in, so I told him id do it for you and take the pic” my mother informed me still laughing.

She grabbed my phone and toke a picture of me spreading my legs and then used her phone and took a picture too. “your dad should enjoy this” she laughed at me.

I rolled over and began to cry. I was so humiliated, not only was a man I barely know controlling my pussy and ass but my mom knew and she was going to tell my dad now too! To make the humiliation worse I was getting wetter and she knew it. She knew I was becoming a total slut and I couldn’t stop it!

I didn’t leave my room that night, I was so sore I couldn’t sit, especially with 3 toys now shoved in my holes. Each time I started to fall asleep my mom would come in, almost as if she was waiting to wake me up and remind me I was full. She would work the toys in and out of me slowly, just enough to bother me then tell me to send a picture to Brent. This is how it went the whole night, slowly getting fucked by my mother then sending pictures to Brent. That is how he made sure I was doing what he wanted since he didn’t live there yet and our schedules for work were opposites and he couldn’t fuck me daily himself. Plus he loved making me suffer, the toys were a form of torture, knowing I was getting fucked in front of everyone and being powerless to stop it is a greater torture than a whipping any day!

For the next week things were about the same. I had at least the dildo in my pussy and usually it was all three toys filling both holes. If I went to work or to the store I had to have all 3 in me, fucking me in front of hundreds of people everyday. When I got home my mom would make sure they were in me before I went to my room to change so I couldn’t slide them in and take the picture. At least once a night my mom would come into my room and slowly fuck me. She would slide them out almost completely then shove them as deep as they could go as hard as possible. I hated every moment of it but my pussy would still become dripping wet every time.

By the time Brent started moving his stuff in I was relieved that he would be checking me and not my mom. I was in for a hell of a shock though. The day we moved his stuff I had all 3 in me as usual but he required me to wear a skirt and no panties. As I drove he would fuck my pussy with the dildo from the time we got into the car to till we got out, only stopping when I was ready to cum until it had passed then he would start again. I wasn’t allowed to cum without him in me, EVER! I had to learn to fight it and control it. We got everything moved on Tuesday and Wednesday we were going to relax at the house. I had taken 4 days off work to help him move. Tuesday night he took me to dinner, I had on a short black skirt that came down just below my ass and a low cut red shirt. Brent had taken rubber bands and wrapped them around my nipples before I put my bra on sand made me stuff the sides of my bra causing my 40DD breast to overflow the bra. As I walked I had a feeling you could see the vibrator in my ass and maybe even the dildo in my pussy as I had on no panties and no pantyhose. If you could see them, no one said a word to me.

At the restaurant Brent requested a table and not a booth and sat next to me. He would reach down and start rubbing my clit or sliding the toys in and out making me squirm in my seat. He would tell me what a good slut I was being and that I would be rewarded tonight. A few time our waiter got quiet the show im sure, this young couple sitting there and the guy openly fucking the girl with a dildo under the table. Before we left the waiter turned and smiled at us and said no tip was necessary that we had already tipped him enough. Brent smiled and grabbed my ass shoving the vibrator deep and saying “you should make your girl do it sometime”

Brent fucked me all the way home with the dildo, he loved watching my squirm and knowing I couldn’t stop it. When we got back to the house he grabbed my hair and pulled me in the house, past my mom and shoved me to the bed leaving the door wide open. As he climbed on top of me holding my throat as tightly as he could he tugged at may skirt with the other hand then worked on my shirt. I could feel his dick growing harder through his pants, rubbing against the slit of my wet pussy. As he got my shirt of she smacked me full force across the face and told me not to move.

“Hey Chris come here a sec would ya?” Brent hollered

“sure no problem” my mom replied “whats up?” she looked over at me and began laughing

“watch the fucking slut while I find something to tie her down with, will ya” he chuckled

“no problem, I got hand cuffs if you want them. Her dad was a cop and gave me a set when I showed him what a slut she has become” she told him
“GREAT! Grab them really quick would ya” he asked

As my mom left the room Brent turned and gave me this evil smile. I knew whatever he was up to was going to hurt like hell and humiliate me but I would also cum so fucking hard. My mom returned with the handcuffs and Brent quickly slapped them around my wrist.

“if she moves even an inch just fuck her with her toys till I get back” he instructed her with a smile

“no problem” she grinned
“look at the fucking slut” she said to me as Brent left the room “handcuffed, stuffed and about to be tied up.”

I rolled my head from her which I shouldn’t have done because as soon as I had she grabbed the toys and brutally started fucking both of my holes. As she shove the dildo in my pussy she pulled the vibrator from my ass then plunged it back in as she yanked the dildo almost all the way out. When Brent walked back in he started laughing hystarically.

“stupid slut turned her head from me when I was talking to her” my mom informed him

*SMACK* “FUCKING SLUT! I told you not to move!” Brent scolded as he smacked my face again.

“hold her arms above her head would ya Chris?” Brent asked my mom. She happily complied as he tied a rope between the handcuffs to the frame of the bed.
“now hold this leg down” as he tied on leg to the corner of my king beds frame and then the other leg to the opposite side.
“thanks for your help. I’ll let ya know if I need you” he smiled and winked

My mom left the room but left the door open. I knew I was about to get used as a fuck toy and as much as I hated it I loved it too. I knew I deserved it for all the teasing I had done before. Brent to the small egg from my pussy, looked at it and just smiled. He grabbed my throat and forced the cum covered egg into my mouth. He then undressed himself, showing his fully hard cock. I almost laughed but didn’t dare, I suddenly understood why he made me were the toys and preferred anal and fisting over fucking. He was pretty small. Barely 4” and maybe a thick as my middle finger. As he climbed between my legs he began working the dildo in and out, I thought for sure he would take it out to fuck me but I was wrong, the next thing I felt was his dick sliding into my pussy with the dildo. I tried to scream but between him choking me and the egg in my mouth I couldn’t make a sound.

He started slowly, working my pussy till it was insanely wet. Then he began thrusting harder and deeper. His balls smacked the vibrator forcing it in with each thrust. I moaned and tried to scream, it hurt so much being stretched that bad but I couldn’t stop him, I couldn’t push him away. I wasn’t long before I felt him begin to shoot his load into my pussy. With one last hard thrust he emptied everything into me and pulled out. I hadn’t came yet and wanted to so badly it hurt.

Without a word Brent got up and walked to the bathroom, leaving me tied to the bed with the door wide open. He went in and took a long hot shower, then got dressed. I couldn’t move or say anything because I was still tied down with the egg in my mouth as well as the dildo in my pussy and vibrator in my ass. He walked into the living room and I could hear him and my mom talking and laughing but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. They were probably laughing at me and the fact I was just laying there naked and stuffed. It was well over an hour later before he came back in.

“hope you’re comfortable slut cause you aint getting up anytime soon” he laughed.

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