Concensual Incest And Inbreeding..
Wanting to please father Flanigan who has been like a loving uncle to him all his life Cain agrees to sleep with his mother and give her a baby so later that night in front of the alter and cross where he was conceived Cain and his mother strip naked and start to hug. Cain has never seen a woman naked before so he examines his mothers body for a while before his mother gets on her knees and places her sons rock hard cock in front of her mouth and she says " Your father loves it when I do this " and she takes his cock into her mouth. Cain lets out a moan and says " I can see why this feels amazing ", knowing he won't last very long she takes his cock out of her mouth and lays on the ground with her legs spread wide open and she says " Come on my son make love to me ".

Cain gets between his mothers legs and she grabs his cock and guides it to her labia and she says " Now push it in " Cains cock enters his mothers pussy but his body starts to shake and he moans as he shoots loads of cum into his mothers vagina, she wraps her legs around his waist making sure he doesn't pull it out and she says " Yes my son that's right just stay there and let mommies pussy drink all your juice ". Father Flanigan watching this from behind the alter thinks to himself { If a boy is born from this union I will call him Abel } and then he says " Very good work Cain, you will do this every night until your mother is with child and if the child is born healthy then your sister Mary will carry your fathers baby ".

Cain fucks his mother every night for 2 weeks when she tells father Flanigan that she missed her period, father Flanigan is very pleased and he arranges to have several new nuns from another church move into his church and help Sonia with her pregnancy. Cain tells father Flanigan that he really liked having sex with his mother and would like to do it again and Flanigan says " I understand, you have known the pleasure of the flesh and you like it, that's not a sin but your mother is carrying your child and we must not risk the babies health so you may sleep with your sister Mary but you must not get her pregnant ". That night Cain enters his sisters room and tells her what father Flanigan had said, she says " Well if that is what father Flanigan wants then let’s not disappoint him " and they both strip naked.

Once their both naked Cain puts his sister on her knees and he puts his rock hard cock in her mouth and he says " You have to suck it, but don't bite it ". Mary starts sucking on her brothers cock when she notices that her pussy is getting a little wet so she starts rubbing it with one hand and squeezing her tits with her other hand. Cain looks down at his sister and says " It feels so good just like when mommy does it " and he puts on hand on the back of her head pushing more of his cock into her mouth.
After a while Cain lays his sister on her back and he spreads her legs and he starts to lick her wet pussy, Mary lets out a moan and says " That feels so good, don't stop ". Cain puts his sisters legs over his shoulders and he places his cock head at the entrance to his sisters virgin pussy and he starts to push, Mary screams " Ouch, it hurts so much " Cain says " I know it hurts but it's what God wants ".

Cain shoves his cock deep into his sisters cunt and starts to fuck her, he puts his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams as he pounds his sisters pussy. He fucks her harder, faster and deeper until his body starts to shake and he moans and shoots his loads deep into his sisters vagina, he quickly pulls it out and watches as his cum leaks out of his sisters pussy. Mary says " Weren't you supposed to pull it out of me before you came? " and Cain says " I know but it felt so good I couldn't stop myself, let's just pray to God you didn't get pregnant ". The months pass and Cain continues to fuck his sister every night making sure not to cum inside her, she tells him that she hasn't missed her periods so he thinks he did not impregnate her and they continue to enjoy their sex sessions wich they can only do after the nuns who are helping their mother with the baby go to sleep.

On the 9th month the nuns do everything their supposed to do and after several hours Sonia gives birth a deformed mongoloid baby boy, after the initial shock wears off they ask her who the father is and father Flanigan tells them that Sonia was gang raped so she has no idea who the father is. Father Flanigan thanks the nuns and says " I'll take care of the infant " before he sends them to another church. When their alone Sonia looks at father Flanigan and says " What happened? we are the faithful yet the baby was born deformed and retarted just like the Atheists said " father Flanigan says " It must be the Devil, he's trying to stop my plans to crush the world of science, I'll will preform an Exorcism and the baby will be normal ".

Later that night in front of the alter where the child was conceived and surrounded by his family father Flanigan preforms the Exorcism and when it ends they realize that the baby had died { due to the massive deformities inside his tiny little body }. They cry and mourn the passing of little Abel when Mary says " God has given us a second chance, I'm carrying Cains baby ", Jayden suggests that father Flanigan preform a second exorcism to make sure the Devil doesn't take this baby as well. Father Flanigan preforms the Exorcism on Mary and the child growing inside her and when he's finished he tells Jayden, Sonia, Cain and Mary that now there's no reason at all for the child to be born deformed and retarded.

They hear a knock at the front door of the church and when father Flanigan opens the doors of his church he sees some police officers with several of the nuns who helped Sonia deliver her babies, an officer hands him a warrant allowing them to search the church. The police find the dead body of little Abel and they take Jayden, Sonia, Cain, Mary and father Flanigan down to the police station where each one is placed in a different room and asked several questions. After several hours each detective tells each family member that an autopsy has proven that they practiced incest and that it was inbreeding that caused the death of the infant and one by one they all said that it was all part of father Flanigans plan to destroy the Atheists. After questioning father Flanigan and telling him that his little incest family had betrayed him he falls to his knees and putting his hands together he says " I'm so sorry, It wasn't supposed to be this way, why has God forsaken us, please forgive me "..


This will be my last story for the next 3 weeks, I'm going to Bangkok Thailand...

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2013-08-02 23:24:14
We have been brain washed for centuries and god does exist he live right next door to the easter bunny and around the corner from the tooth fairy and across the street is Santa clause

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2012-03-04 02:21:34
Well, I suppose the moral of this story is one we can all agree on; religion is for those that either are unable of unwilling to understand science.

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