"Awww, Conner!" my mom said.

"Mom!!" I replied.

"Oh sorry Conner! I just cant help the fact that my little boy is growing up!" I smiled. My mom had just saw me kiss the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, even though my cousin loves me.

I walked back into my room and I saw Jake sitting on my bed.

"Morning' Jake." I said to him

"I guess it was." He replied.

"Whats wrong you?"

"I saw a very disturbing show when I woke up. In fact, it was right outside our condo!" Once he said that, all of my blood drained from my body. I became a sickly pale, hollow of a person. I was truly speechless. I tried to utter something, but it all got stuck in my throat. Jake just got up with his arms crossed.

"Now how do you explain why you kissed that girl?" He asked. I tried to say something, but all I could utter was,

"Ugh- Uh- Ugh..."

"Ugh- Uh- Ugh... doesn't cut it." Jake replied. He started to move closer to me, and all of a sudden, he grabs my shirt by my collar and jerked me closer to his face. I was truly scared at that point. I was pretty lean, but Jake was so much stronger than me and could easily hurt me.

"Look here you little piece of shit, I give myself to you and you go off and cheat on me with some stank you just met? What gives you the authority to do that?!" He grunted. I started him right in his brown eyes. I saw the anger in them. Nothing could stop his anger. It was stronger than a raging bull. He lifted his fist up in the air and had it pointed straight towards me. I jerked my head back and cringed my face. I had one eye half open, and I was still looking in his eyes. I saw them soften and I could fell his grip on my shirt lessen to the point where he let go. He looked down,

"Go." He said. "I cant look at you right now."

I could just look at him, as he looked down, with his hair going every which way exept straight. His long light brown extended just past his ears, but down to the bottom his neck. His muscles making an obvious bulge from the rest of his arm with small bumps from his veins. He looking like a true God, but a sad one now. I sighed as he started to walk back to his bed. He plopped down and let out a big heave of air. I manned up at that point and I walking in after him.

"Look, Jake," I started

"At what?" He asked. "Huh? What its there to look at besides that girl you kissed? Fuck, how long have you known her?" I sighed,

"'Bout a day."

"A day?" He asked. I nodded. He sighed heavily as he put his hand over his face.

"Jake, I didn't know what to do alright? I'm still confused about this and, well everything."

"And spring break, the flight, and yesterday, didn't make any sense at all?"

"Well what was I supposed to do? She seduced me."

"Wow great excuse." I rolled my eyes and Jake got up.

"Conner," he pulled down his pants, revealing his massive cock. "this was yours. Now, its for who ever the hell wants this, cuz' I know a lot of more girls, or guys, who want this more than you." he pulled his pants back up and walked out of the room.

20 minutes later, our parents called in some sort of "work emergency" and left about an hour after that. That left Jake and I totally isolated in middle of paradise, with Jake of course being mad at me, only made things better!

The nest time I saw Jake was at around 8:00 am. I was walking down from my room to go outside when I heard a splash from the pool room. I peeked into the room to see Jake climb out of the pool. His entire body glistening, every hair in great detail, from his pits, to happy trail, to his legs, all making him look like a true man. One that I lost. I really then started to regret doing what I did.


After breakfast, I decided to go back to bed for a nap. I went into the bed room and saw Jake. He was asleep on his bed. I looked down at his pants. He was hard. His dick constricted by him shorts, and he didn't have a shirt on. I couldn't stop staring at his chest. His abs were simply beautiful. I couldn't help myself. I slowly bent over and started licking his chest. He started moving. I sprang back up, but he was just shifting places.

I slowly started to band over again. This time, I slowly started to slide his pants down. I stopped right before his dick showed. I bent over and started rubbing my face in his pubes. The smell of his dried cum on his dick was intoxicating. I pulled the rest of his pant down and his dick shoot out. I quickly changed positions to stuff it in my mouth, but a hand grabbed my hair and pulled me back. I stood up and looked down at Jake, who was awake.

"I told you," he said. "This doesn't belong to you anymore." He grabbed his dick and shoved it back in his shorts. He got up and got close to me he looked my face up in down. I could feel his breath on my mouth. He smiled a cocky, sly smile and left with out looking back. I fell on my bed and screaming in the pillow. I tried to fall asleep, but I could not no matter how hard I tried.


That night, I had a nightmare. I just remember seeing Jake, with someone else. I woke up in a total sweat, I looked down at my shirtless chest. It was soaked with sweat as my body depression on my bed was.

I got up before Jake woke up, and went to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and turned on the sink. I splashed water in my face a few times. I tuned the water off and just stood there, hunched over the sink. I brought my head up. I looked my refection in the mirror and thought, 'What am I going to do? Summer's amazing, but Jake is....' I got lost in all of the reasons I wanted Jake.

I washed off my face after looking in the mirror for about few minutes. I didn't go back out. I just paced in the small bathroom. I stopped to look out the window. The full moon was making the beach light up with peace the water was at high tide and was about 10 feet from the house, and between the house and water, I made out a figure. I quickly realized who it was... Summer. I bolted out the door, I stopped at the foot of my bed to put my shorts on. I didn't realize that Jake was awake and siting up until he asked what I was doing. I didn't bother to answer, I just threw my shorts on and bolted out the door. I could hear Jake get up behind me and start to chase after me. I ran faster than ever before. Out to the girl waiting outside. In the time it took me to realize that it was her from the window, to the time I ran outside... I made my decision.

"What do you mean this wont work?" Summer asked me. I sighed,

"Its just that we come from two different places. You told me your leaving next week, and there's no way we can communicate."

"What the hell are you taking about?" She exclaimed. "I gave you my phone number, I told you to add me on facebook and skype!"

"Why do you have to make things so complicated?" Then I kept giving her a hard time for about 5 minutes. She screamed loudly and stormed off. She looked back and yelled.

"Your crazy!"

"Does that mean I get a cookie?!" I replied. She screamed again and took off. I just started laughing so much that I started crying. I calmed down and started back toward the house. I got back in and locked the door behind me. I laid down on the couch, smiling and fell asleep.


The next day I Woke up at around 8:00 am. I got up, made a bowl of cereal, and sat watching television. I knew my parents were gone for work, but I heard thumping upstares. I recalled last night. Jake saw me go to Summer, but he didn't know that she hated me now. I quickly put my empty cereal bowl in the sink. I ran up stares and I could hear screams and moans, while the thumping got louder. I saw the door was cracked open just a little bit. I peeked through the door and saw Jake laying on the bed, and a boy, about our age, with hair like Jake but blonde, he was lean, but not buff with a 6 inch hard dick while he was going up and down on my cousins cock. I could only stare and this increasingly sexy, yet sad event.

I watched in disbelief as my cousin, whom I had sex with many times, was now fucking another. I watched to the end where the guy got off Jakes dick, but stayed in the same position. Jake was moaning very loudly as he came. He came on the guys stomach, and it went up to his chin.

I sat down, shaking, next to wall as they finished and just laid on the bed. I looked down at my dick. It was twitching. What I just saw, turned me on, but also ruined me.

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2014-11-16 05:09:38
Loved the whole story and I agree that Jake a Conner should get together again. The only other thing was the timing of Jake and the other boy is off. When did they meet, Wasn't it to early on the morning to find someone? I truly hope you will continue the story.

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2013-04-22 20:56:25
ok there is a big difference between Conner kissing some girl and Jake actually having sex with another guy. I think a kiss could be gotten over but the other couldn't ever be forgotten so the hurt wouldn't. Having said that, I cant stand unhappy endings either Biguy10, so I truly hope you can figure out a way to fix the story so the guys can end up together without that much emotional heart damage.


2011-11-08 01:54:37
wait..put them back together!!! or osmething another story pllzzzz

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that ending was sad

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How sad! Please get the boys back together!

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