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Daisy is left in Donna's care. Donna uses a pepper smear.

** Donna is left in charge of Daisy and makes up a pepper smear for her. **

[Day 4 (Tuesday - later)]

The darkness in the room made it hard for Daisy to keep her balance. Every so often, she'd move or relax and get a shock from the metal cage. She was crying and afraid, the trip wasn't what she had intended at all. The Doctor was insane and she didn't understand what Peter had in mind. After all they'd been through together, she couldn't imagine he was crazy enough to go along with everything the Doctor had described.

The light came on and Daisy blinked her eyes. She was still alone, just her, the chair and the control box. The door opened and she saw Donna again. She shuddered. Donna was even more insane than the Doctor. She'd invented the entire story about Daisy being trapped in the States, nobody at home knowing to look for her, her job and apartment and assets all gone. The woman was unhinged. And dangerous.

"Tired?" she purred, stepping closer. "Your friend Peter isn't due back until tomorrow morning, did you know that?"

Daisy shook her head slightly, aware of the metal studs waiting just inches away to shock her if she moved too far.

"And the Doctor has left for the night," she walked around behind Daisy, moving slowly and deliberately. "He left me in charge. He left you in my care. What do you think of that?"

Daisy shuddered. Donna terrified her. She was cold, cruel, and completely without emotion. And now the two of them were alone. She was completely at this woman's mercy.

"I...this one...I think you will do what the Doctor has in mind," she said, attempting to compliment her.

Donna laughed. "Oh, you stupid little fuck!" She picked up the control box and turned off the current. "Get in here!" she called.

Two towering men dressed head to toe in black latex came into the room. They quickly undid the connections of the cage and swung the faceplate free. Donna motioned for them to leave and they did. She took Daisy by the hand and pulled her up. Daisy lost her balance, her body was exhausted and stiff from sitting. She fell to the floor. "Come along," Donna said without stopping.

She walked down the hall, Daisy stumbling along on her hands and knees. They got the end of the hallway and Donna unlocked a door and held it open, nudged Daisy through with her foot. Daisy looked up and froze. Sitting in a chair against the wall was Kira. The big woman was wearing a yellow housedress and had a big wide smile on her face. Daisy shuffled her feet, tried to crawl back through the door but Donna pushed her over and pulled it closed.

Daisy curled in a ball on the floor sobbing. Kira's drugs were possibly the only thing in the world she feared more than Donna. She couldn't take another dose, couldn't stand the blindness and helplessness and feeling all those things crawling on her flesh that weren't really there.

"Please, please, please..." she repeated, rocking back and forth, her knees pulled tightly against her chest.

Donna grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. "You pathetic little cunt." She pointed at Kira with her free hand. "You should be honored that a brilliant woman like Kira is even interested in you, is even talking to you. You are nothing, do you understand? Nothing." She pushed her head back down and Daisy curled into a ball again.

Donna went to an intercom and pressed the button. "Let's get this started," she said.

In just a few seconds, the door opened and a dozen men dressed in the same latex outfits filed into the room. Daisy watched them, noticed for the first time that the outfits opened at the crotch, that their cocks were hanging free, noticed that most of the men were black and that all of their cocks were thick and long. Most hung down to their knees.

"Genetically enhanced," Kira said, watching Daisy's eyes. "Another of my inventions."

Donna crouched down and grabbed Daisy's hair again. "You're staring at their cocks. You're ready to fuck them, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes, if I fuck them you'll protect me from Kira?"

Donna turned and looked at the big Russian woman. "Did you hear that? This piece of shit thinks she has to be protected from you." Kira walked across the room and stood towering over Daisy. "What do you want protection from, little pizda?" She reached into a pocket in the dress and took out a small case. Daisy panicked, her feet shuffling against the floor, trying to slide away, trembling. Four of the men quickly grabbed her and stood her up, holding her paralyzed while Kira opened the case in front of her face.

"You did not like my last one, did you?" she asked softly. Daisy muttered "no, no" and started sobbing. Kira took out the syringe and pointed it at Daisy. She pressed the tip against her cheek. Daisy stood frozen, terrified.

"This one is much, much worse. You will feel paranoia. Terror. And the only relief will come through pain. I've seen women pulling out their own fingernails to cause enough pain to distract them from the terror." She ran the needle along the side of Daisy's face. She ran it down her neck while Daisy shook and begged her for mercy. Kira looked at Donna. Donna stood up and waved her arm, indicating the men in the room.

"Fuck all of them and then we'll see," she said.

Daisy threw herself to her knees and started sucking the closest man's cock, raised her ass and opened her cheeks, inviting a cock to rape her asshole. She looked up at the man she was sucking and begged him to fuck her ass. He stepped around back of her and rammed himself deep. She felt herself ripped in half, wondered if he'd torn her, didn't care. She took another cock in her mouth and sucked deep, pushing herself to take it in her throat and not gag.

The men took turns pounding at her ass and mouth until she was dripping cum down her thighs and could barely see straight. When the last man was finished, Donna stood up and applauded. "Not bad, but then it's nothing for a whore like you, is it?" She motioned for Daisy to come closer. Daisy staggered across the room. Donna handed her a small jar. "Smear his deep inside your pussy and ass and we'll see about sending Kira home." She handed Daisy a dildo. "This will help you get it deep inside."

Daisy opened the jar and immediately smelled the pepper sauce. It was bright red and creamy. Donna nodded. "Cayenne, jabanero, vinegar, icy hot, and a few other chemicals just for good measure." Daisy dipped her fingers in it and smeared it up and down the sides of the dildo. Donna grabbed it from her. "Fucking stupid cunt!" She lathered it on, smearing it thick up and down every inch. Daisy took it back and squatted, pressed the thing against her pussy. In one quick motion, Donna put her left hand on Daisy's shoulder and with her right, helped Daisy shove it in deep and fast. Daisy gave a small yelp. Donna fucked it in and out a few times, then pulled it out -- Daisy's fingers still holding the base -- and shoved it up her ass. It only took a couple of seconds for the burning to start. In less than a minute, Daisy was waddling around the room, hands between her legs, knees pressed tight, moaning and crying and then screaming from the pain.

The men pulled on rubbers and started mounting her again, two at a time now, sometimes one in her cunt and one in her ass, sometimes both in the same hole. They fucked her savagely and she screamed from the burning fire inside her. Donna laughed and smeared the cream on the condoms before each of them took her, her insides felt like someone had shoved the sun up inside her.

When the men were tired of her, they carried her to Kira, holding her up under her shoulders. "Are you ready, you stupid fucking little whore?" Donna taunted. Daisy was too far gone to even answer, her world a red-hot river of pain. Kira picked up the needle and pressed it against Daisy's left nipple. Daisy pushed herself forward, impaling herself on the cool steel, anything but what was going on between her legs.

Donna reached for Kira's wrist and gently pulled her back. "Some other time. We have nothing to learn from her while she's in this state." Kira nodded and pulled the needle roughly out of Daisy's titty.

Daisy fell to her knees and clutched Kira's legs, begging her for the injection, anything to make the pain go away, anything. Kira kicked her off and went back to sit down on the bench. Donna just stood and stared at Daisy, writhing on the ground, her cunt and ass on fire, her eyes running with water, her body exhausted and fucked out.

"I own you. Never forget that. I own you."

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