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two gay guys are about to have sex the second guy wants to take a shower before they

have sex the first guy saise go haid just dont jack off without me after the second guy has

been in there for fourty minutes the first guy is furious right before he goes to break the

door the second guy comes out the first guy sais I knew it you where jacking off in there

the second guy sais no I wasnt the first guy checks and theres cum all over the walls

I knew it you where jacking off the second guy sais no I wasnt I just farted

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2012-05-30 18:42:10
7 seconds? How abusrd. Do women really think we men are that shallow? I have never been *looks you up and down eyes wander mind wanders un certain je-ne-sais-quoi Qu'est-ce qui me vient e0 l'esprit? Lingerie frane7aise?* I'm sorry, what were you saying?


2006-01-06 08:22:02
Hey "What". Thou doust protest too much.


2005-09-10 00:14:07
Nothing like trying to figure out the joke, while trying to decipher poor grammar


2005-07-20 00:53:28
Haha, second guy there just got burned....


2005-06-11 01:10:51
Fucking queers are going to hell!!

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