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Lisa wakes up in the morning on her bed naked not remembering getting into bed "wow I must have been real tired last night. I don't remember stripping at all". She lift her head, looks at the clock and lets her head plop back on her pillow. "Damn it's already 1:00 pm. I’m surprised my mom let me sleep in this late". She runs her hands through her hair. Her fingers get caught when she realized that she still has all that dried cum in her hair and all over her body. Quickly she gets up. Puts on her robe and runs over to the bathroom to take a shower. After a long shower she makes her way to her room to find her mother sitting on her bed. "Oh hi mom. What’s up?" her mom looks at her with a worried look on her face "Lisa we need to talk. Close the door and take a seat".

Lisa closes the door and prepares herself for a bitching about not staying out all night. Her mom turns sideways " Lisa I don't know how to start it so I’m just gonna start. Of course we won't tolerate you staying out all night with out even a call or something. This is a messed up world we live in and anything can happen although, I know you definitely weren't alone last night". Lisa at this point figures that someone told her about last night and she's about to get the third degree. " I'm not sure of where or who you we're with last night but when you came home you we're soaked in, well how should I put it. ummm, you know damn well what you we're covered in. I've been around the block a few times so I know what you've been up to".

Lisa drops her head as if to say ok you got me. Her mom sighs and softens up "look, the last things I want to do it give you a speech about what not to do. It would be totally hypocritical of me to do so. Let’s just say that I know EXACTALLY what you’re going through. I was extremely popular with the boys also".

Her mom's last statement really got her thinking "is she trying to trick me into a confession or was she serious". She found out soon enough when her mom continued "what I’m about to tell you is something that I have never told anyone and if I tell you, you have to promise that what is said here today stays between us till we both die". Lisa at this point is real attentive to her mom and agrees to her mother’s terms. "You see I too have had my fill of coming home with stuff on me. If fact more nights than not, I would often come home with the stuff of more than one person on me. I was quite the "party" girl back then. It wouldn't take the boys much to convince me of messing around. Often times there would be lots of boys around at the same time if you know what I mean".

Lisa nods her head acknowledging to her mom that she knows exactly what she means. "It seemed for a while that all I was doing was MEETING the boys, then go and meet some more boys only to leave them and go and meet some more boys. It was basically waking up. Meeting the boys after boys and then its time to go to sleep. Then wake up the next day and do it all over again. This went on for a while till my parents made me get a job. So you see I know what it's like to be popular with the boys".

Lisa sat in silence absorbing what she had just heard. She looked at her mom in a different way now. Not only as mom but also now as a sexual being and for the first time she realized that her mom is hot. She also realized that all this time that her mom is a slut just like her. “So let me get this straight mom, your telling me that you used to do gangbangs and pull trains?” Her mom looks at her dead in the eye “yup”. They both sit there staring at each other for a little while “so mom, how many gangbangs have you done?” Her mom rolls her eyes up thinking and mentally calculating “oh it’s been a while honey. I can’t remember exactly how many but it was a lot. Probably in the area of 30 I guess maybe 40”. Lisa’s jaw drops at her mom’s confession “holy shit mom that’s a lot. How many guys have you been with?” this question is a lot easier for her mom to answer “oh that’s easy its 438”.

Lisa is surprised at her mom’s response. Not at the amount of men she’s fucked but the fact that she answered the question with such pride “mom, you seem as though you’re proud of that fact”. Her mom lets herself fall back on the bed “It’s quite an accomplishment and I had a lot of fun doing it. You should never do something that your ashamed of or something that you feel you could become ashamed of. I did what I did and if I had to it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing”. Again Lisa is thrown back with her mom’s revelation and her total acceptance. “Does dad know about it?” her mom quickly sits up “ no, and it’s going to stay that way right?” Lisa shakes her head “like you said what we say in here stays in here. How did you manage to keep it from him? You know how people love to talk”. Her mom leans back on the bed again “that was the easy part. All you need to do is make sure that the guys you play with don’t know each other”. Lisa lays next to her mom “ what do you think dad would do if he ever found out?” Her mom grabs a pillow putting it under her head “he’d probably freak out at first but knowing him he’ll get turned on by it and want to hear all about it”.

“So enough about me, what have you been up to? Am I right in my assumption about you?” Lisa at this point feels very comfortable about the question as if she could tell her anything at this point. “Yeah I’ve been busy, well at least for the past two weeks anyway”. Her mom is now very attentive to every word coming out of her daughter’s mouth “ so how many boys have you been with so far? Lisa all of a sudden doesn’t feel so comfortable anymore “ “well mom I’m not sure really”. Her mom rises again “LISA, how could you not know how many? It’s very important that you remember how many otherwise all of it is meaning less. If you keep track that it all becomes more real and your able to hold on to the memory. If you do something with no care if you remember it or not than what's the point. All we have after a while is our memories and the things that we’ve done and accomplished in life”. Lisa stares at her mom trying to figure out if its s trick or not but ends up giving into her “well I do know, its umm 95. There I said it”. Her mom seems to pay it no mind and moves onto the next question. “You’re using protection I hope. This day and age messing around could get you killed”. Lisa lowers her head “most of the time. Sometimes it just happens and well you know” her mom lifts her head by the chin “honey I do know that’s why I want you to be careful. Back when I was you age we didn’t have much to worry about but today it’s a lot different.

Hell back then I knew girls that had 95 in freshman year of high school, hell I passed 95 junior year of high school. I really kicked it up in college. I was over 300 just after sophomore year. Needless to say I was always invited to all the partied the guys threw as well as all of their games. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to glamorize what I did and in no way do I want you to follow my lead but I did what I did and I can’t take it back. Just make sure if you are going to do this stuff that you are careful. I would prefer it if you just got a boyfriend and left it at that”. They continued to talk for a while. Lisa mostly listened to her mother’s advice but in the end she knew that she would most likely follow in her moms footsteps and probably surpass her moms numbers. The way she was going 438 looks to be the number by the end of summer. She grins to herself at the thought. Her mom starts up again “anyway lets change the subject. Since you have started your new job its obvious that your not going to be able to go on our trip next week. So, no parties and no guys. Well at least try to keep them out of my house please. .

Lisa sits pondering her conversation with her mother. Not quite believing what her mother has just confided in her. She asks herself "why would my mom make such a confession. It had to be fake, but then again why I the world would she make it up unless she was trying to get something out of me. She never freaked out when I confessed so I guess it is true". Lisa glances at her phone and see's two missed text messages. She clicks on the first one. "Whas up babe? this is Tyrone. Jose says for you to be at the game tomorrow and be ready for lots of action. Should take only a couple hrs and he's going to give you a whole day for it. See you at noon, same park". She shrugs her shoulders "figured that was coming". She clicks next on her phone its from one of her girl friends jenny "hey, get you stuff together. There’s a party tonight and all the girls are going. I’ll call you around 5. ". This time she just closes the phone and falls back in her bed grabs the remote for the TV and starts clicking.

After watching TV for about an hour she grabs her phone and calls Steve. "Hey Steve, what cha doin". Steve a little surprised by the call "oh hi Lisa, I’m just chillin a bit. I start work at 4:00 today. Got to work tonight again" Lisa squints her eyes "if you don't want to see me just tell me and I’ll leave you alone just remember you asked me out". Now Steve is real flustered. "No no no, that not it at all. It’s my parents place and I have to be there when they can't be. That’s all" Lisa starts to laugh "I’m just playing with you, relax”. Steve starts to laugh "ha ha not funny. For a minute I thought you we're serious. What are you doing tomorrow afternoon around noon? Want to do lunch? Lisa sits quietly for a couple seconds "sorry I can't I have things I need to do. Why don't we meet up for a brunch or something around 10:30?" Steve quickly snaps back with a "sure thing I could pick you up" Lisa interrupts him "ah I’ll just meet you at oh uh how bout star bucks" Steve happy with his new date with Lisa "see ya at 10:30 tomorrow" Lisa sparks up "you got it" they hang up and she sits there with a smile on her face realizing for the first time that she enjoys talking to him and is looking forward to her meeting in the morning.

Lisa and her friends arrive at the party. Once in there she notices that most of the people there are the same people that we're at the last party. "Guess that’s the way that it goes". She walks over to where the drinks are being served. There she notices brad "oh great its minute man" she turns to leave before he notices her but "hey Lisa hold on a minute". Lisa reluctantly stops "yeah what’s up" brad quickly makes his way to her. In an already drunken slur "hey there toots. I saw you there and thought maybe you would like to have a little fun with me and my friends". Lisa gives him a sarcastic smile" I don't think so minute man". Brad gets instantly angry "well fuck you whore. You’ve probably got the loosest pussy in the state anyway". Lisa walks away, not even acknowledging his last comment. "What an asshole. I can't believe I wanted to date that prick.

She continues her way back to her friends to find out that they are nowhere to be found. She looks around and see's one of her friends going out side with a guy. She scans around and finds none of her other friends. It doesn't take long before a guy taps her on the shoulder "hey there don't I know you". Lisa turns to find one of the guys from the softball team standing there. Her heart drops thinking, "oh shit what is he doing here? Did he tell anyone?" all this goes through her head in a second when he speaks up " what’s the look for? No one here knows about the game". Lisa sighs, "What are you doing here? Aren’t you a little old to be hanging out here?" the guy laughs, " well actually I’m dropping someone off and I needed to take a piss. By the way I’m Paul. He extends his hand. Lisa shakes his hand " I’m Lisa". They both start to laugh knowing that it seems ridiculous to have the introductions after they have already had sex.

Lisa and Paul talk for a few minutes when Paul asks, "what are you doing later tonight. Want to hang out?" Lisa responds with "I thought I was gonna have a good time with the girls but they seem to be tied up with their boyfriends and guys. What did you have in mind?" Lisa gives him a coy smile "I’m having a few friends over for some drinks and thought" Lisa abruptly interrupts "you thought what? That I would just come over and be a toy for you guys tonight? Paul shifts in his shoes thinking that he has pissed her off. "Relax Paul, I’m just messing with you. Actually it doesn't sound like a bad idea if you think you can convince me into going. What did you have in mind? Paul lightens up and starts almost babbling since he's a little flustered by her frankness. " Uhhhh I thought we'd do a little drinking, maybe a little smoke then well I guess we could" Lisa stares at him while laughing inside knowing that she's really messing with his head "we could what... fuck? Is that what you trying to get at? Do you and your friends want to pass me around like a two bit whore? Is that what you want?" at this point Paul looses all confidence and is nearly about to turn and run.

"Lisa, I just thought we could hang out that’s all. I never suggested anything like that". Lisa gives him a tapping punch in the stomach " just messing with you Paul, but you still never answered my question. Do you want to use me like a two bit whore?" this time he figures what the hell. " It wasn't planned but now that you bring it up well... yeah, sure". Lisa grabs his hand "see how easy that was. Lets go. Being a whore tonight definitely sounds like more fun that hanging around here. The only thing you have to promise is that no one finds out. Is that clear?" Paul nods his head "crystal clear. Mums the word" Lisa continues, "Now make sure your friends keep their mouth shut too and I’ll do anything, and I do mean anything you guys want to do". Paul smiles as the head for the door "babe, you got a deal"

Lisa follows Paul down the interstate towards the other end of town. Lisa grabs her cell phone and sends her mom a text message "mom, I’m gonna stay by jenny's house tonight. I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon. We’re going shopping in the morning at the outlet mall. Lisa put the phone back in her purse and turns up the radio a bit. While driving she starts to think "I really wasn't planning on having any sex tonight since I’m going to be having lots of it at the game tomorrow but, Paul is cute and I did like his cock. I hope he doesn't have any troll friends. I hate those. They ruin the mood. I wonder how many there are going to be? I hope more than 2 but than again I hope they don't have a house full either. No sense in thinking about that now. There’s nothing I can do till I get there".

Sara Evans plays on the radio and Lisa sings along as they trek along the interstate. About 20 minutes into the drive she notices Paul putting on his right turn signal. A couple minutes later they arrive at an older country house with long gravel drive way and a huge two-story garage in the massive yard. There isn't a neighbor for at least 2 blocks. The drive way has 4 other cars in it. One looks to be on blocks. Another is under a tarp while the other two look like their driven daily.

As she gets in the house she notices it to be very clean and updated compared to the outside. She hears talking coming from one of the rooms to the right. They make their way into what turns out to be the entertainment room. There is a large plasma TV on the wall with speakers on either side. There is also a pool table, dart game, foosball table, air hockey table and a bar with backed stools around it. "Hey guys this is Lisa. She’s a hottie isn't she? She’s here to hang with us and if all goes well we're gonna fuck the whore till she passes out". The guys cheer. Lisa is a little thrown off and embarrassed by his introduction. In fact she is a little angry with him for making her feel this way but right before she starts to speak Paul tells the guys "ha guys. She’s just here to hang. She’s not a whore so be nice to her". Immediately Lisa calms down knowing that he was just busting the guy’s balls, even though she is there for that exact reason.

"What’s your poison" Paul asks. "I’ll take a miller lite if you have one". Moments later he arrives with a beer "here ya go. Want to play some pool?" Lisa takes a swig of her beer "yeah why not. What’s the bet?" one of the guys yells out "if you lose you need to take two shots of jager and take off your jeans". Lisa grabs the stick "and if I win?" the guy answers with "we'll give you 50 bucks". Lisa’s eyes light up "your on chumps".

After a short game Lisa is standing in her panties with two shots in front of her "go ahead and down the shots girl" she immediately downs both shots. After chasing the shots with a swig of beer " double or nothing? Another guy jumps in on the betting "alright 100 if you win. If not you have to take 2 more shots and fuck yourself on the pool table with that beer bottle for 5 minutes. Bottom end first" the guy is smiling thinking there is no way she'll go through with the bet.” your on" is Lisa's only response.

Once again a few more minutes pass and Lisa has two more shots in front of her and one of the guys brings her a sealed beer bottle freshly washed "here ya go honey". She quickly downs the other two shots and proceeds to take her panties off tossing them in Paul's face. Lisa scoots herself ass first onto the pool table. Once she is on the table she lays back and spreads her legs wide. She starts to rub her pussy finding it to be very wet. So wet infact, that she doubts she'll need any kind of lube to get the bottle in. she grabs the bottle and starts to massage the bottle around her pussy entrance. As if she had been doing it all day she applies a little pressure to the end of the bottle and it slides all the way in. the guys clap and hoot.

So for the next 5 minutes Lisa lays on the table fucking herself with the bottle while listening to the guys say stuff like "I bet the slut can take a whiskey bottle in that pussy, that is one big pussy, think she can fist fuck? I think we're gonna have to fuck her ass cause her pussy is huge". Lisa hears this stuff but doesn't stop them because she enjoys the nasty talk.

After the 5 minutes are up she slowly pulls the bottle out of her pussy hearing a slight suction sound as it pops out. Her pussy hangs open almost the exact width of the bottle. "Holy shit, look at that sluts hole. It’s fucking huge. Lisa, why don't you see if you can fit this in to that big pussy of yours?" the guy hands her a bottle of absolute vodka. Lisa looks at the bottle not sure if she should try it. "I don't know. That bottle is pretty huge" from the other side of the room comes "well so is your pussy. Now like a good little whore, shove that fucking bottle in your huge cunt now".

Lisa gives him a dirty look but proceeds to try to get the bottle in her pussy. One of the guys appears with a bottle of lube "here, this should make it easier". After applying generous amounts of lube to the bottle, she gabs the thin neck and introduces the bottom of the bottle to her open pussy. She wiggles the bottle from side to side. She also pulls her pussy to the side to try and get the bottle in. after about a minute of trying she finally gets the base of the bottle in. as her pussy has never been this wide before is hurts her a little.

"Hold on a minute guys. This is really stretching me out". After a brief pause she continues to push the bottle in until she has half of the bottle in her pussy. "Wow I can’t believe you got that bottle in your fuck hole". Paul iterates with "why don't you let me work the bottle for you so you can lay back and get comfortable?" Lisa likes his idea even though she is not sure that she should let the guys fuck her with such a big object. She lies back as Paul grabs the bottle and slowly strokes it in and out of her pussy.

A couple of minutes of Paul pushing the bottle in and out of Lisa she starts to moan. At this point Paul picks up the pace. Lisa doesn't tell him to slow down so he goes faster. In no time at all Paul is ramming this absolute bottle in and out of her pussy. A couple of times he pulled the bottle all the way out leaving her pussy hanging open bigger than ever before in fact, the bottle is going all the way out and all the way in with out any resistance. The other guys see this and look for other things to shove in her pussy. While the guys are looking around Paul pulls the bottle out. He balls up his fist and shoves it all the way in her pussy. She moans loudly, not from pain but pleasure. His fist goes in with no problem at all. After a minute of this Paul gets brave and try's to maneuver more of his fingers in her pussy.

He manages to get four fingers and his fist in her. He rotates his hands around in a drilling motion trying to get both hands in her pussy. As he applies pressure to her pussy she arches her back moaning. She’s moaning partially in pain and pleasure. The guys are watching this with their jaws hanging open not quite believing that this little innocent looking chick is about to be double fisted. At this time Lisa is screaming, “you mother fucker!!!"

Her cries fall on deaf ears as he continues to push both his hands deeper in her pussy. She tries to back away from him only to be stopped by one of the guys. Lisa cries in pain. Paul continues but is stopped by Lisa lifting her pelvis in a way that causes his hands to slip away from her. He gives in and settles for a single fist. He continues to punch away at her pussy till she starts to scream “HOLY SHIT I’M CUUUMMMMINGGG. Paul gives her a few more pushes before pulling his hand out of her extremely stretched and abused pussy.

Lisa lies there with her legs spread wide catching her breath and senses. “I need a breather guys”. One of the guys brings her over a cold beer “here take the edge off with this”. Quickly she downs the beer. A few minutes pass when one of the guys walks over to her with his cock out of his shorts “hey why don’t you suck on this to relax”. Of course Lisa does it with no hesitation. The rest of the guys see this and instantly strip and present their cocks to her. One of the guys reaches for her hips and pulls her into the doggy position, takes his already lubed cock and plunges into her ass.

Lisa lets out a little whimper but takes it like a champ. The sound of his hips slapping her ass fills the room “oh yeah you fucking slut. Take my thick cock in your ass. Its what you were built for. Taking cock after cock. Your useless unless you have a cock in you”. The guy continues his verbal humiliation of her while the guys cheer him on. With out saying a word, her pull out and rushes over to her face. Just as he reaches her face his cum shoots onto her hair and face almost getting the guy that is still getting his cock sucked “oh sorry dude” is the only thing said as he leaves making room for the remaining guys.

The rest of the evening goes off the same. The guys fuck her ass and cum on her face. The whole time saying the most humiliating and nasty things they could come up with. This continues till they all pass out which was around 3am.

Lisa is awakened by a light streaming through the blinds. She glances at the clock; it reads 9:00 am. Lisa collects her thoughts and makes her way to the bathroom. Without even looking she quickly sits for her morning piss. She sits with her head on her hands. As she runs her fingers through her hair she notices her fingers getting snagged and how stiff her hair is which can only mean one thing, cum and lots of it. Lisa quickly gets up after wiping herself to check herself out in the mirror. She looks and doesn’t see a pretty sight. She has dried cum all over her. Her eyeliner running down her face like a sad clown. Her hair matted and sticking straight up. As if on auto pilot Lisa reaches in the shower and turns on the water so she could wash away the filth of the previous evening.

15 minutes later Lisa is dressed and heading to the doorway when she is stopped buy Paul. “Hey there where are you off to. Lisa turns “oh good morning. I have to meet someone for brunch”. Paul walks directly at Lisa, “you have to let me get you once more before you leave” she smiles at him “seriously I do need to go. I don’t want to be late. “ahh come on it’ll be quick. I want to feel your pussy after its had some time to tighten up” Paul pulls out his hard cock from his shorts and begins stroking it in front of Lisa. “How about a quick blow will that keep you satisfied?” a smile crosses Paul’s face as Lisa drops to her knees. A few minutes pass and they hear footsteps. Next thing she knows she is surrounded by cocks. Not caring about nothing but the warm, juicy cock in her mouth Lisa settles in for what she presumes is going to be a morning gang fuck.

Ten minutes pass as we find Lisa on the couch getting fucked by everyone in the house again. This time they are a lot nicer to her. No one is badgering her with nasty names or comments. They are just fucking her nicely. One after the other the guy’s fuck her till one of the guys announces he’s gonna cum. Lisa immediately screams out “please don’t cum on me” the guy simply says “ok” then removes his condom. Sticks his bare cock in her pussy and fills her pussy up with his cum “what are you doing” Lisa screams to him. “ If we can’t cum on you we’re gonna cum in ya”. No sooner did he say that another one of the guys plows into her pussy and pumps away till he’s ready to cum and repeats the same process. He also removes the condom and cums in her pussy. This same thing happens till all the guys have deposited their cum in her pussy.

Lisa goes to get up and leave when one of the guys stops her. “woo where are you going. You can’t leave just yet” One of the guys grabs her purse and pulls out a tampon. “We need to plug you up first. After all you don’t to be leaking all of our cum all over the place during your morning meeting do you?” Lisa can’t believe what she has just done again only this time she is going to meet her potential boyfriend with the cum of six other men inside of her. The guys all give her a kiss goodbye and invite her back as soon as she can. Lisa simply replies with a “we’ll see” as she leaves to go to her car. On her way to meet Steve she can feel the cum sloshing away in her. After all that is a lot of cum. It’s a good thing she is on the pill or she would be in big trouble.
To be continued……………………

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