A fantasy story of seduction.
Massage pt1 of 3

Dear Forum,
I am writing to tell about an evening I experienced recently. It was a Saturday, my girlfriend Amy and I were kicking back relaxing, just enjoying the day together. I am going to school to become a massage therapist, so the week days are crazy. This day, our friend Brittney was coming over to get a massage later in the day. Her and Amy have been my practice subjects, helping me learn hands on while going to school.
Massaging Brittney is always enjoyable, she is a sexy brunette, about 5'7, slender, long hair and some tattoos.. She also has one of the hottest asses I have seen. Brittney is also very playful, open minded with a great sense of adventure.
I have always found her sexy, even Amy agrees she is hot.
As the day progressed, Amy and I watched a movie in the living room. As the movie played, Amy reached over, running her hand up my leg, into my shorts, rubbing my cock. Her hand felt so good, slowly running her finger tips around the ridge of my head.
I started to get hard and Amy teased more, stroking lightly with her finger tips over my balls, then taking my shaft back into her hand, squeezing hard. By now, my cock was rock hard. Amy then took her hand from my cock, stood up and said she needed to run to the store.
As I tried to disagree and pull her back, she said for me to enjoy the panties she had left for me on the bed. She said she had been horny all morning and had gotten her panties nice and wet. She figured I would enjoy them while I stroked my cock.
Knowing how much I loved it when she teased me like this, I kissed her, wishing her a safe trip out. As she left, I went to find those sweet smelling panties. Mmm, Amy always smelled and tasted so good, so when she leaves me her panties, I love smelling them as I pump my cock with my hand.
Imagining her wet pussy on my mouth, smelling her cum, tasting her, imagining the way her clit feels on my tongue when I suck it into my mouth.. The cum on her panties was still slick and wet, naughty girl had snuck off for a few minutes and played with her pussy, cumming on her panties for me to enjoy..
As I stroked my cock, smelling those sweet panties, I worked my hand over my shaft, squeezing it, then pumping long strokes, fast, then slow, working my fingers over my head, wishing it was Amy's hand working my hard cock. Her panties smelled so good, I got lost in what I was doing, when suddenly there was a voice.
I thought Amy had forgotten something, or was coming back to catch me and watch. To my surprise, it was Brittney. As she began trying to apologize and turned to walk out, I said to her, not to go. Trying to put my cock back into my shorts, Brittney was just as embarassed as I was.
So we talked, agreed we would forget it and continue with the massage as planned. Then out of no where, Brittney asked, did you at least get to cum? As I told her no, she asked me, what was it you had up to your nose? I told her, they were Amy's wet panties from earlier. I told her Amy would leave me a surprise pair of wet panties as a teaser, something for me to enjoy while jacking off.
Brittney said she thought that was hot. She then said she felt bad I didn't get to cum and said sorry. Before I could explain, Brittney turned and walked out of the room, then into the bathroom. Figuring that was it, I went to get things ready for the massage.
Next thing I know, Brittney walks up, tells me I should finish, so I am relaxed as well for the massage. She told me there was something in the bathroom for me to enjoy. With a smile, she giggled and said I should enjoy it very much..
I went to the bathroom and when I walked in, on the counter was a red thong. I couldn't believe it, she had left me her panties to smell while I finished jerking off.. I was so turned on, bringing her wet panties to my nose..
Oh my, damn did she smell so good. I pulled my cock out, running her panties over my swollen head, then bringing them back to my nose to smell as I pumped my dick hard, enjoying what a naughty girl she was being.
When the door to the bathroom opened, I could see Brittney looking in, she said she wanted to watch me. I pumped my cock slower, showing her how hard I was, how swollen my head was, some pre cum dripping out, lubing my cock as I stroked it.
I remembered at that point, Amy would be back any time.. When I said something about it to Brittney, she said, well, better get to it then. I still couldn't believe how naughty she was being, but did as I was told and took her panties, brought them back to my nose, smelling her sweet smell on them as I worked my cock so hard, letting her see how I pumped it good and long.
Her eyes were glued to my cock, watching my hand stroke the shaft, then watching my finger tips slowly tease the head, the tip, then down under the shaft. I could feel my balls tightening, and I told Brittney I was close to cumming.
She walked closer, knelt in front of me and before I knew it, she pushed my hand away, taking my cock into her hand, then slipping it deep into her mouth.. Fuck, her mouth was so hot, she sucked my cock so deep, moaning on it, looking up at me while taking it deep into her throat, she sucked me like she was craving it.
As I started to cum, she pulled me into her, sucking my cock balls deep. I pumped my first thick load of hot cum into her throat, then another, then another as she pulled away some, taking load after hot load into her mouth, onto her tongue.. Then back into her throat.. Brittney sucked out every drop, pumping my balls and cock with her hand while sucking hard on the head.
Moaning and pulling my cock from her mouth, Brittney said, "yummy".
I couldn't believe what had just happened. Brittney stood up and leaned in, kissing me. Then she took her panties back, giggling, saying those belonged to her.. Then turned, pulled up her skirt, showing her tight ass as she pulled her panties on, slipping that thong between her sweet ass cheeks.
Damn she was so sexy.
We got ourselves together, went to the living room and got a drink. About five minutes later, Amy came home. Amy was surprised Brittney was there and asked how long she had been there.. Looking at me, knowing she had left me alone with panties and now Brittney was here.. Amy asked, honey did you get a chance to look at the thing I left for you? As I replied yes, I gave it all my attention, Brittney giggled some.
Amy suggested we hang out on the couch, and asked if we were still on for the massage. Agreeing, we all relaxed for awhile. Then Brittney and I went to the back room for her massage. Amy had some work to do for her job, so she stayed in the living room.
Once Brittney and I were in the room, she turned and kissed me again.. I kissed her back so passionately. Her tongue played with mine in my mouth, so softly. Her kiss was electric.
I pulled her closer, kissing her deeper as my hands roamed freely over her body. Hearing Amy in the other room, Brittney then pulled back, slipped off her clothes, leaving her thong on, she laid on the massage table.
Trying my best to be good, I oiled her up. Running my hands over her back, shoulders, neck, backs of her arms, then her legs… mm, her ass looked so good. I slowly massaged up her legs, working her thighs deep, kneading my fingers deep into her muscles. She moaned softly, lightly spreading her legs apart, I couldn't resist. I ran my finger tips over her pussy.
She was so wet, her panties were soaked through and as my fingers rubbed her clit through the wet material, she arched her ass up, pushing against my touch. I leaned in, kissed her ass and peeled her panties to the side..
Brittney asked me to please please finger her, she needed my fingers in her pussy so bad. Seeing such a pretty pink shaved pussy, so so wet, I slid my finger tip over her pussy, circled slowly at her tight hole, I slipped it in. She was so tight, I slowly worked my finger into her.
At that point, I leaned in, kissed her ass cheeks again before spreading her ass cheeks enough for me to lick her pink asshole.. Brittney loved this, pushing her ass into my face. I could hear her moaning for me to eat her ass.
She was loving it and so was I.. As my tongue slipped into her ass, she shook some, pushing back against my finger as I fucked her with it, long deep strokes into her. Brittney shook, cumming, and cumming hard. As she shook, I could see her white cum soaking my finger. I licked every drop off my fingers, then spread her ass again, licking lower to her pussy, tongue fucking her some, Brittney said she was cumming again.. That was so hot that she was so turned on. Making her cum two times made me want more. I loved her reactions to my touch, kisses and affection.
I went to her lips, kissing her again, this time with so much passion and energy in the kiss..
At that time, the massage time was over and Amy had knocked on the door. So, we ended the "massage".
To be continued:

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2014-03-09 22:45:15
On vacation in Mexico my husband had a young Latina give me a nude full-body massage...her slick hands all over me...well I. I didn't last long so I put her on the table and took off her bikini

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